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So is Tofu any good? I always see it as an option at Japanese restaurants. Been curious if it's worth trying or if it's just a meme.

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Yes... I actually chose fried tofu over steak in some Asian dishes. Marinading, smoking, or frying is a yes!

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Tastes like nothing but is a sponge for whatever you cook it in however once you start eating it you realize mankind wasn't meant to eat such things.

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I prefer edamame. Tofu has no fiber.

But tastewise, yes it's good. It will enhance whatever you eat it with. Eat it slowly and with other food in the same spoonful.

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>I prefer edamame.

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How does preferring edamame make me a soyboy? Wouldn't I also be a soyboy if I preferred tofu?

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Tofu can be amazing, but if you get the wrong kind it can be possibly the worst food ever

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I didn't say that, you're putting words in my mouth. I was simply agreeing with your post.

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Tofu itself has no noticeable taste, it all depend on the sauce or soup they use. That say, tofu is highly nutritious.

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>tofu is highly nutritious.
t. Soybean farmer
Corn has better nutritional value btw

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I wouldn't say it's good, it's like egg white, soft or firm depending on which kind you get. The texture is okay in miso soup, but that's all I really like with it.

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Why don't you just try it? It's not like it's super expensive or anything.

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it's a cheap, healthy filling used mostly in soups in Japan. In a traditional Japanese breakfast you might get a chunk of tofu with some kind of sauce drizzled on top.

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It's great for filling up soups without actually having to prepare anything because the tofu will taste the exact same. Just drop that shit in and let it cook.

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No. Chinese & Japanese people have different taste in food to us. They enjoy slimy, gelatinous, etc, things.
So sea cucumber or congealed pork fat are delicacies in China.
They're just not things that people in the west normally enjoy.

There's also this false notion in the west that Tofu is healthy, or is a substitute for meat. The most famous tofu dish in China, Mapo Tofu, is extremely unhealthy as it's loaded with oil, and has meat in it.

Fried tofu is good though. It puffs up and changes texture, becoming more like bread than like jello. I think it's an enormous waste of time to fry it yourself. You can buy packets of fried tofu from asian supermarkets, and if you live with a big Chinese diaspora, you might have a local 'tofu shop' that fries its own, which will be fresher. I do and I buy it often. It's great whole in curries, soups, or sliced up in fried dishes, amazing in fried rice, anything really. Looks like pic related, and other kinds.

Fuck Japanese treatment of tofu.
Fuck. Tofu. Normally.

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It depends how hungry I am to try something new.
I don't like wasting food

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>a food prepared by coagulating soy milk

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Edamame is literally soybeans you retarded ass buttfucker

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Soy is a useless ingredient invented because poor Chinese farmers couldnst afford meat. It’s essentially useless aside for protein filler.

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>healthy protein
>useless ingredient

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Shit protein. It’s not even a complete protein like superior meats.

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They sell packs of these at the dollar store so I was thinking of trying it. Any reccommended dishes? I'll just google the recipes.

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>trusting the government on nutrition

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I love it a lot. Great food and soaks up flavors. Satiates as well.

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>/pol/ tells me what to eat

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start with agedashi tofu as a starting point

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I tried a tofu recipe once that involved putting them in a bag with bread crumbs, salt, etc. and for some reason it barely stuck. Was still good though.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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tofu when it isn't fried basically has no flavor, but it's actually pretty tasty fried
suggestions: buy some extra-firm tofu and then either:
press it for a few hours to dry further, dice and pan fry, then add it to a thai curry or
make mapo tofu, but only if you have access to real sichuan peppercorns
both are delicious

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Guys, let's say I switch out the meat in my diet with Tofu, is that bad or good for me?

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tofu is only good with loads and loads of taste makers, natural it isn't worth it

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Bad idea.

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Shit bait.

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You could say that about meat. How often is meat cooked and eaten by itself?

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If you try western tofu and expect it to be a substitute for meat, you're going to be severely disappointed. If you try decent Asian tofu (I buy mine at the local chink store, they produce it on their premises), you'll have a much better time. It should taste somewhat tart and like actualy soy cheese (which regular tofu usually doesn't remind you of).

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Make Mapo Tofu, this recipe is pretty good.
I think making the sichuan oil is unnecessary, but definitely toast and crush them up to add as garnish.

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>buying tofu at the dollar store
Enjoy your botulism.

Just marinade it (soy sauce, sriracha, mirin, ricewine vinegar, garlic, ginger), preferrably overnight. If you have firm tofu, fry or deep fry it after marinading (either breaded or plain), if you have silken tofu, throw into soup / stew or make a dessert.

- stir fry with tofu
- breaded tofu schnitzel
- silken tofu chocolate pudding

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So tofu is just an additive and not the main ingredient of a dish?

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I love it in spicy korean stews and it tastes alright raw with some pepper and soy sauce drizzled on. I would eat it more, but I'm afraid of the estrogen.

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You want to dry it out with a tea towel if you're frying it. For ma po tofu and miso and other wetter dishes it's fine to just drain it. To use it like a meat substitute you want it as dry as possible so the texture is very nice when cooked

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Flavorless liberal bullshit

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>A has more nutritional value than B
>B therefore has 0 nutritional value
>t. Retarded Cornholer

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>liberal bullshit
it's food, anon

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what the fuck is this even? vaginas?

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Miso soup is great. I had a sweet and sour style grilled tofu and it was good. Different firmnesses for different dishes, I always liked it softer.

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Oh yes correct, gelatin is missing tryptophan
The horror!!!

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Thread makes me crave some warm dou hua in ginger & palm sugar syrup

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I do that all the time. I am no spices faggot that needs sambal on everything lol. If you think meat natural is bad, you only had bad meat.

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>bragging that you don't know how to cook

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I fucking love inari, it should be a breakfast or dessert staple everywhere.

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>meat natural
SEAmonkey detected

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>cant know nuffin
Jump in the closest fryer.

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You can't digest corn. Corn isn't a legitimate food imo.

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It has no flavor on its own but acts as a pretty decent means of soaking in marinades or spices. My sister made a side dish of tofurkey for Thanksgiving last year and it turned out pretty good, 7/10 would eat again.

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Eating soy endangers the /pol/tard species.
Think of the /pol/tards, they can't even reproduce.

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>squeeze water out of tofu
>throw in dry nonstick pan on medium heat, break apart with spatula
>cook, stir occasionally until it starts to brown
>add some garlic/ginger powder
>make a mixture of rice vinegar, soy sauce, a squirt of honey,
>pour it in, let the tofu soak it up

An excellent "lazy" recipe which requires only one pan and minimal effort.

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>You can't digest corn
You can if it's cooked, brainlet.

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Mapo tofu is great, probably my favourite comfort food.

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>squeeze the water out
Is that the same as "pressing" the tofu? You just sandwich it between some towels and lay something kind of heavy on to, right?

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no wonder japs are weak ball-less manginas who don't shoot up their work place and wageslavery system.
it's all that estrogen in soy they eat and BPA causing estrogen in all their vending machines.
makes them docile weak cattle ready for harvest.

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It desperately needs something to go with it, it's a lot like white rice in that regard

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I've only cooked tofu once but yeah that's what I did.

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>dry nonstick pan
>break apart with spatula
Are you trying to create crumbles or something? Why not do it on the cutting board?

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How can you be this wrong with so much passion?

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tofu is great when fried to get a good texture and properly seasoned.

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So is tofu

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It’s like a giant, thick rectangle of egg whites if instead of actual egg whites it was some sketchy imitation egg whites you got at a canned food drive.

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The thing that bugs me about tofu is the texture, no matter what it feels like I'm eating wet tissue paper.
"firm" tofu is just as mushy and non firm tofu will fall to pieces if you look at it hard enough.

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>Mfw the grocery store sushi man never makes fucking inari

I have had it maybe once the past year, he made it. I don't go to the grocery every day though, I buy like 2-3 days worth of supplies at a time

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you probably drink cows milk by the gallon

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You can get canned tofu packets and make it yourself, they're pretty nice. I'm sure fresh is better but probably hard to find outside Japan.

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>no noticeable taste
It tastes like soy. It's a mild, but distinct flavor.

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People who say "there is no taste" are stupid tongue.
Do not talk about Japanese food.

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Fried tofu is great. It's pretty good marinated, too. But normal tofu on its own is gross.

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Meatards have zero taste - if it isn't salty, savory and sweet like fast food, it's "tasteless".
Fucking tastelets

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don't do it anon

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Completely unethical.

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Except its not, idiot

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I prefer tempeh

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inari is literally more pleb than chicken & avocado sushi. It's just sweet + bland. if you order it, or especially like it, just know that you're a joke

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castrate yourself beta nu-male

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