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Which one does /ck/ prefer?

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>inb4 grind your own from a block

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pecorino romano every time.

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>he buys (((pre-grated cheese)))

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is that a ray romano limited edition?

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Grana Padano as a block.
There's nothing better than freshly grinded cheese.

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>buying powdery bullshit mixed with literal sawdust

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stop eating fucking sawdust.

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i bet you also eat pasta

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do amerilols really put sawdust on their pasta?

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it's not sawdust. saying that it is is a lie.

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(this message brought to you by kraft foods marketing division)

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Absolute trash tier. Why even bother trying to eat cheese at this point? Just make breadcrumbs to serve on top of your pasta like Italian peasants would do.

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Uneducated or poor people shit.

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if you cant afford the real thing please just use the cheapest cheddar you can find instead, dont buy sawdust anons

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The shaky cheese.

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4 me, its 4C, the only edible pre-grate.

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>not buying the real thing

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That wasn't the question. Also I'm not putting actual good parmesan on my ballsack pizza.

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Same brand plus Romano is noice

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Why? After you buy one piece it lasts forever.

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Jesus Christ, you mean buy an entire wheel? That's just supremely impractical, especially if you just want parmesan and red pepper flake on your local pizza delivery joint. Good parm/peccorino is delicious, but the storage is a bitch, the price is a bitch, and honestly some cheap vacuum-packed sargento works just about as well for daily applications.

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No just 1/6 - 1/8 is enough

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>parmesan cheese is sawdust

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They put sawdust in pre-grated cheese so it doesn't stick together. Check the ingredients next time for cellulose.


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There's a difference in "poor man's spaghetti" night, and actually cooking. Grow up.

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Aren't those like 80% wood pulp (labeled as cellulose) by volume?

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Just read the ingredients, numbnuts. It's not a conspiracy.

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the basis of cooking is starting with good ingredients you amerilard

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Most shaker cheeses are 4-8%, which is still kinda bullshit

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I think there's something good to be said of a person who can make something good with sub par ingredients.

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Julia Child and Jacques Pepin?

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I prefer fumunda cheese. It's the classy choice.

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You can make a fine meal with generic store-brand stuff from Aldi or Save A Lot even if you're not fucking Emeril Lagasse

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We only do that for stupid foreigners that pay for it then we laugh at you while making bank.

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what's the appeal of buying the powdered stuff versus this?

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>american parmesan cheese


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>furriners eat pasta in 'murrica
Anon I....

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None. Go buy real cheese

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The real kind you fucking peasant.

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let's see the ingredients m8

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