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Found this old cup of creme fraiche in the back of my fridge.
I'm gonna eat it.

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I mean, it's 4 months overdue, but it looks and smells alright..

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dude clean your fridge more often ... I have seen some bad stuff in mine but fifteen year old food, WTF how is that even possible. Open it and take pics.

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It has been nice knowing you all.

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Ooops, I thought it said from 2003 ....

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I assume that would've exploded by now.

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more like creme olde

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I tried, but I just can't eat anymore.
Taste was still pretty good. Very creamy.
I want to have "died a creamy death" as epitaph.
Let people guess what that meant.
Alright, nothing more spectacular so far. I'll just wait till I'm gone.

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Wait you just straight up ate plain creme fraiche?

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Sour dairy products easily go months past expiration dates as long as they weren't contaminated with dirty utensils. It's a form of food preservation on top of being refrigerated. As long as there's no mold or bad smell it's fine.

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For science, of course.

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>creme stale

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