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Any anons able to set me up with some good recommendations? My nearest supermarket's meatless section is *tiny*

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Try Walmart you dumb rabbit-food eating roastie.

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>rabbit-food eating
What can I say? Rabbits have good taste in food.

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I'm sure you would eat alfalfa and clover and shit lmao vegans have no taste or standards for food. You should all be relegated to a general thread on /an/.

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I don't know what you're talking about, all our grocery stores have cloned the organic bs isle from Food Green or whatever the fuck that west coast faggot place is called.

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it's all about shoplifting from the organic food stores. Well, I used to. Then I started feeling like it was too risky to keep doing indefinitely.

it was so easy, though. I could just walk out the front door, no problem.

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The only alt meats I use are beyond burgers and tofurkey
Cheese, your choice
JUST mayo if you're into that

Tofu/tempeh learn to cook it it

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I like how you're not being helpful at all, but you thought you were.

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Oh, I'm sorry.
Move out

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OP here, >>10957054 wasn't me. I appreciate the suggestions in >>10957049, I'm just not sure where I can get the stuff reliably!

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>JUST mayo

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Beans rice oranges corn tomatoes apples pasta sushi bread peamilk bananas preserves hummus oats berries nuts veggiestock couscous raisins plantmilk avocados soups tortillas noodles peanutbutter pickled-veggies beer broccoli jackfruit pumpkins potatoes(sweet) seitan seeds quinoa miso bouillon capers mushrooms mayo kimchi tahini

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>double digit IQ pleb thinks selectively picking and choosing causes based on convenience is altruism

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>nice meme arrows sheep

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You eat penis. Literally.

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Notice me OP senpai

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you now realize vegan threads multiply when the western hemisphere is asleep
do with this information what you wil

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This is true. Are you suggesting the Russians are actively shilling for veganism so Americans become weak soybois?

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>t. CNN

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