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Going to an asian food shop for the first time tomorrow. Anything I should look for?

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Look for some instant pho. It beats the pants off instant ramen. Also, they usually have weird canned fish varieties.

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The exit.

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japanese? chinese? korean? vietnamese? filipino? thai? indian?

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Based. Will OP ever recover?

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>that pic

jesus, how many variations of soi sauce do you need?

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It’s usually a catch all in the US since all the chinamen come from all over Asia.

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My favorite dessert

>non californifags

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The only soy sauce worth a damn in that pic is the 無料ポルノ児童ポルノ

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>being proud of living in the worst state in the union

I’m from there btw.

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grandma sauce

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Dried shrimp, dried shittakes, seaweed sheets if you like to make rice.

Pea leaves, palm sugar, fresh noodles.

Stay away from the sweets area. Try not to buy stuff made in china.

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Silver Swan Soy Sauce (Flip, cheap but good)
Chinese Black Vinegar
Dried Kombu
Korean ramen (seems to be the best)
Chinese peppercorns
Bonito flakes
Kim Chee
Banana Ketchup

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You don't need all that fancy gook shit. La choy soy sauce and other La Choy sauces or Annie Chung's stuff is fine. There's really no difference.

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>La choy soy sauce

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Century eggs. They are great with rice.

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Virgin Boy Eggs are better. And no, you can't make them yourself.

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Grape Calpico. Unusually great drink.

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I have and do make my own Virgin Boy Eggs from scratch.

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The urine needs to sourced from prepubescent boys, Nikki, not just virgins.

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Mix them into congee with some pork

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I'm half Korean. They know it. They hate me.

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Thats not that much. I see other sauces mixed in. We have a huge "international" market here and they have a full 40ft aisle dedicated to nothing but soy sauce. Once you consider 3 or 4 sizes of 5 or 6 brands of 7 or 8 varieties from 9 or 10 countries you can see how it adds up.

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Do these places usually have taro powder/tea or should I just order it online?

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This. It's literally the only soy sauce I use now. Kikkoman and La Choy are basically liquid shit in comparison.

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The OG energy drink

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Not so fast, buddy.

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Famous House brand Taiwanese Apple Milk
it's bad for you but tastes nice

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Get some Jimmy's sate sauce. Great with rice, noodles, stir fry, soup, or even on eggs for breakfast. Super potent flavour a jar lasts for ages.

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The banana one is fucking amazing too. Ever tried the mango flavor? Thinking about picking one of those next time.

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my nigger with a hard r! i love those too, i've never seen that apple one though, only banana and mango. and that's in fucking china too. not taiwan part of it though.

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>soi sauce
Are you so dumb you can't even spell soy sauce?

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I'm not really into bananas, but I've always wanted to try the mango flavour too

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I don't remember all the flavors my local store has but I'll buy one of each this week. I reckon it'd be hard to go wrong with mango.

Got this last week and it's alright, they're quite thick and I find the filling to be a bit too dry with the wafer but they're very nice dipped in coffee.

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I bought the papaya milk one as a joke with a friend, we ended up drinking it all as the taste was really nice.

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Some boards filter soy -> onion, but that'd end up being confusing here.

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