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>foods that taste amazing in your mind
>take a bite
Post 'em, /ck/. I'll start.

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That variety of mango isn't the best. It's mostly grown for supermarkets where shipping and shelf life concerns take a priority. Try a honey/Ataulfo mango if you can find them, it's so different and so much better that it might as well be a totally different fruit.

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I agree, was mushy and just bleh.

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I'll check it out, thanks anon

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Every once in a while you land that juicy one and you fall for the trap again

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fancy cheese with rinds

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What are you talking about, aged cheese is among the richest and deepest flavours commoners can enjoy on the regular

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Mango Hi-chews taste like what my expectation for mangos are.

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maybe my pallet is ruined, you decide. i am specifically thinking of an experience with a gruyere, which i found bland and overly salty. eating the rind was like deciding to eat the orange peel with the orange, unpleasant.

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pallet in question

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If you don't get totally erect while eating these you are a certified gaylord

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Looks like fantasy mana, costs $6 a pop, tastes blander than >>10934257

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Thanks for the advice pal.

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I have to agree with this. I bought one and added it to my habanero fermented peppers and thought it would be the best batch and it's far worse than the carrot/tomato/garlic I made from the same plant. Really disappointing.

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macarons blow HARD doesnt matter if you go buy Laduree ones they still suck huge dick

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For me it's the McChicken.

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I don't agree, every time I get duck at a gook restaurant, it's amazing. If you don't like the fat i could understand how you don't like it though.

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Every time I go to the store during the summer, I check out the mangoes, but they are almost never ideal. That perfect mango is worth it, tho.

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You guys have NO taste if you think Nilla Wafers are crap

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>tfw gonna feast with 6 big mangoes tomorrow

you nags dont know shit. or your mangoes are shit.

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What if i like to put chili powder on my mango? Do i eat these plain?

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Mango is just a vehicle for Taijin lime seasoning.

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diet yogurt always looks better than it really is.

there's always decadent looking fruit or desserts on the packaging. and i keep falling for that shit.

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Some things just don't hold up well to "healthification" and dairy is definitely one of them.

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There are way better varieties that never make it to the store. If you live in florida near mango growing region you probably already know about the wonders of these varieties. You can special order them (as long as you dont live in california). Sweet tart, orange sherbert, lemon zest, carrie are just a few of the amazing varieties.

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I cant stand low fat sour cream, cream cheese, or yogurt but somehow skim milk tastes best for me

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Okay, mutant.

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I watch a lot of Anaheim Ducks games and they're always fucking advertising this shit. It looks like the goddamned best thing ever. There's only one in Vegas that I know of, and whenever I try to give it another chance, it's quite possibly the worst fast food I've ever had.

The same thing goes for Weinerschnitzel, but probably because I never feel like stepping up and getting anything good, and go for like their 5 for 5 deals or whatever when I actually really just want a good chili cheese dog.

Instead I eat 5 chili dogs and throw up in the morning like 7/10 times.

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Pic related.

When i saw the commercial for the cake i thought it looked like the most delicious food ever. When i had it i was utterly disappointed.

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Well fuck a duck. I had the exact same experience.

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I tired these as a kid after seeing Harold & Kumar and they tasted like shit.

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Anon, that looks disgusting

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my nigga. there isnt a single more overrated fruit. the only thing leeches are good for is to pretend theyre eyeballs on halloween

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I don't know what it is, in just a few years protein heavy dairy products have become really good tasting in Finland. Protein pudding tastes like an actual thing, except has like 1:10 ratio of calories to protein, as opposed to the usual 1:30 or 1:40.

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are they ripe enough?
A fully ripened mango is probably the sweetest food I can think of

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what is this?

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Got all excited to try turkish delight when i was kid. Ended up spitting it out the first time i tried it. Fucking gross dude.

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sweer potato

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fucking mexican told my parents that soursop cures cancer, now they keep going to the spic side of town to buy them

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Try it with salt and black pepper.
It's delicious.
At least i like it.

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it's like those "random objects that look delicious" things except edible, but the texture and consistency mess with me and I've never met a flavor of it I liked either

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There's a lot of not great mass produced cheese that is sold as meme names like gruyere. Cheese is one of those things where you really get what you pay for.

T. Cheese maker

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Probably the most disappointing food I've ever eaten

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I think ultra-filtered milk is pretty good. Unfortunately the brand I get is also ultra-pasteurized and has lactase added to it so it's not nearly as good as it could be.

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God honey mangos make me so hard. What are the best mangoes you’ve had?

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Fucking disgusting, why do these shit gif recipes always involve cheese and cream and layers of cancerous death

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Fucking Mac and Cheese. I don't know how they fucking do it but it looks so good and then when I take a spoonful I get bland mushy stuff with a ghost of a taste of cheese.

How the fuck is it done so poorly so often? Does cheese lose all its flavor when melted?

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you'd expect some extreme sweetness and sour taste because it looks like a designed sweet rather than a fruit

it is just watery

it is great
like what did you expect from icecream that is just layered with chocolate

boyscout balls

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Dude its mac and cheese what were you expecting
I mean i agree these vidoes are sickening but the cheese does belong here at least

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Things taste stronger when they're warmer. Cheese that's sat out of the fridge for half an hour will smell and taste stronger than straight from the package.
It's mostly people using elbow macaroni, over cooking it, and not knowing how to make a cheese sauce/and or not baking it with enough cheese and breadcrumbs to get browned on top

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Yeah, fuck macarons. Terribly, overly sweet. Only had a lime one once that was kinda okay.
But they just look so tasty.

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>cutting crust off of pansy-ass white bread
>worst variety of ham
>measuring 5 tbsp of milk
>french toasting a melt

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oh but its so much worse than just bland with mangos. Seems like about 1 out of 3 mangoes will go bad without changing on the outside. You grab it, cut it open and see this a web of black gunk thru the mango. Something to do with a tree fungus that gets into the fruit while its still attached.

buying mangos feels like buying a shitty lottery ticket where the big win is 5 dollars.

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pls stop

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And that's it.

Basically, every webm that I have extracted from /ck/ has been a let down in some way, but sure as fuck looked like a good idea.

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itt: smokers belittling delicate flavors they'll never taste because they refuse to admit they lost the sense of taste years ago

>> No.10938255

You really tried all that nonsense?

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what an autistic post

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That's because you're left with lactose and milk-protein solution once you've skimmed away all the fat. Thickeners and sweeteners only go so far in salvaging bland, watery milk/yogurt

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It has to be sweet tart. Depending on how ripe it is it can very tartbut as it ripens it gets sweeter and sweeter. The major flavor is a very comolex sweetness some describe it as cola syrup.

>> No.10940939

Not in that quantity.

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gotta go with salmonberries

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CheeseCake is great you pleb

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Take that back you dirty whore.

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you and your parents are retarded. sorry they have cancer tho.

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i imagined it to be like an entire cow made of prime rib - tender, fatty, roasts nicely.

ordered veal parm at a "nice" italian place and got some pounded-to-shit thin slices of overcooked mystery meat breaded to hell and drenched in sauce.

didn't even finish it.

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Came here to post this.

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>gobs of ketchup slathered over everything

>> No.10942434

Tried one the other day the first time. Tastes like hand soap.

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that little bastard looks smug af

>> No.10942457

>I dont know how to pick out mangos
Look for more orange than red, red is just sun burns.

t. A guy who picks out mangos everyday

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Moar mango tips plz.

>> No.10942724

in don't think you can beat honey mangoes p

>> No.10942731

ugh. who came up with this abomination?

>> No.10942748

the flesh will give slightly when gently squeezed with your fingertips.

>> No.10942749

I've never had one but to me they look dry as fuck.

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>1:10 ratio of calories to protein
protein is calories, though
do you mean fat to protein

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dragon fruit

>> No.10942783

Love me some 'go 'za

>> No.10942795

Presumably they just throw whey protein powder in. For general health I'd say even a sip can make more claims to being healthy than a high protein dairy product though. Most non-vegans eat plenty of protein.

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won't be so smug when I eat his fucking face

>> No.10942816

Eh, I like them.
>$0.50 dollars each
Damn near cleaned the bin out.
The fuck mango did you eat?

>> No.10942821

...what the fuck is that even supposed to be?

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>> No.10942849

>$0.50 dollars
Would you please kill yourself

>> No.10942880

It probably wasn't really veal they served you.

>> No.10942884

okay, you write a 'c, cent mark without looking up how to

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1g protein per 10 calories i.e. 40% of the calories are from protein.

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This type of mango seems to be better for eating while still green. Tastes amazing with salt, lemon and a few drops of Worcestershire.

>> No.10943057

>mushy white bread that starts to tear off mid assembling
>ketchup as base sauce
>shitty, overcooked scrambled eggs
>muh bacon
one the worst ones I've seen by far

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Anything I really liked as a kid, especially sugary shit like pic related

>> No.10944346

An essential part in good banana pudding, but yeah, they're pretty bland otherwise.

>> No.10944349

the fuck nibba

>> No.10944367

It's actually very hard to find a good mango unfortunately. But whenyou do anon, damn it's top tier

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Duck breasts are good, everything else is terrible. I have an issue with goose, because literally every part of it tastes like a barn on a hot summer's day.
Also pic related, every time I crave apples and see a nice red (green ones like Granny Smith too, but Boskoop is still good in my opinion) one they taste like nothing and wax. The only ones with flavour are the ones you grow yourself.

>> No.10944610

Why do peeled lychees look like testicles?

>> No.10944616

I hate it
I hate it so much
Dragonfruit look so fucking tasty, like the other anons said either a very satisfying sour or sweet taste, but all you get is disappointment.

>> No.10944621

still better than a chicago deep dish imo

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This shit right here, my mother loves it for some reason and I cannot understand why.
Fondant, no idea what it's called in english, leo.org says fudge, but fudge is soft/liquid chocolate in my experience and not soft/liquid sugar.
Whether it's for easter or christmas, there's these shitty things in relevant shapes like eggs and stars, and they taste like nothing but pure white sugar.

>> No.10944673

in english we call it fondant

>> No.10944803

Oh no you have retarded taste

>> No.10944819

More likely frozen patties. My mom used to buy them. They are alright but obviously not great.

>> No.10944962

someone took the time to record and post this video? Is it purposeful? Did the person know that everyone would think these are horrible "recipes".

>> No.10945258

>Red Apples
You're probably eating Red """"""""""""""""""Delicious"""""""""""""""""""""""". They are anything but.

Grab yourself a good old Gala or a juicy Ambrosia next time.

>> No.10945572

Miami anon here, I’m definitely going to look into them. I don’t know much about mangos because I’m allergic to them, but a great deal of my close family loves them. I’m thinking I can give them some honey mangos.

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I work produce in a grocery store and we got a shipment of honey mangoes this morning. I've never had a mango before and decided to try one after this post and I wanted to thank you. It was delicious.

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This isn't a fucking webm thread, it's a "Things you thought would be good but weren't" thread.

Obvious answer. Tastes like a bland potato.

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