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>meme dust

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Oh shit

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If you rub that stuff on your girls squish mitt it swells up like a loaf and gets mad tight bro.

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like you have any clue what a vagina looks like or how it works

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Do you not know what nutritional yeast is?

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You literally don't actually need yeast for baking. It just creates gluten which is extremely bad for your body (gluten is literally just edible poison in carb form).
You can simply use baking soda or baking powder instead.

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well, send e a pic of your drivers licence so I can see, pussy.

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Can someone explain what the fuck is actually going on in this thread.

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/ck/ is being contrarian and denying the basic fact that yeast is only propped up by the yeast industry and that people have been baking bread for thousands of years without it.

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Nigga I don't care about some unleavened bread from 3000 years ago. I want my bread to be FULLY leavened.

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/ck/ is being /ck/

yeast leavened breads are as old as bread itself., but of course there are anti gluten memers, and vegan memers and everyone is baitposting.

only people with celiacs are gluten sensitive, everyone else is just a hipster faggot.

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>Nigga I don't care about some unleavened bread from 3000 years ago. I want my bread to be FULLY leavened.

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Man dis guy so mad he tryna soy meme on me. Shit son atleast pretend you aint seethin with rage over there.

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I thought OP was referring to nutritional yeast, something that a lot of vegans use, but accidentally fucked up because he’s a newfag

But it’s just a dumb bait thread

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Are you too impatient to wait for you bread to fully rise?

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tag yourself I'm the guy holding the American flag wearing bicycle gear

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if you can get a hold of pic related, DO IT. practically doubles your loaf size

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just add semen if you need to activate your dough

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collared shit on the top left side is closest.

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>squish mitt

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I see lots of bread recipes calling for bread improver. This has got to be the memest meme.

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inb4 anyone takes this bait seriously. letting a flour and water mixture sit for a while will let wild yeasts (and bacteria) grow which leavens bread. it's called sourdough. it has a lot more flavor but can take weeks or month to fully develop and then you have to keep feeding it fresh flour to not let the yeast and bacteria die. it's just not as convenient as dry yeast.

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>practically doubles your loaf size
I already struggle with constipation, this sounds awful.

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>letting a flour and water mixture sit for a while will let wild yeasts (and bacteria) grow which leavens bread.

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>for traditional recipes, use liquids at 120-130 degrees
>for bread machines, use liquids at 80 degrees
wtf why

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Bread machines exploded at temperture higher then 100F

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>nutritional yeast
This is literally a oxymoron

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is everything meme food now

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No just yeast, bacon and avacados

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He's right about activated dry yeast being a meme though. My bread leavens just fine without it.

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>bread improver

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If you need to buy "activated dry yeast" to bake then you aren't a real baker.

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>no argument

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To add to that most professional bakers use the dry active stuff also for consistency. As the sourdough starter changes throughout the year and location , basically whatever the wild yeast strain that is best adapted to the environment will be the one that dominates the sourdough and affects it's flavor. Sourdough starter taken from NYC to LA will eventually become local LA yeasts and the yeasts that thrive in the hot summer months aren't as competitive in the cold winter months. The changes can affect the rise and taste of your bread so instead of adjusting week to week with longer/shorter proof times and different flour blends bakers just use the dry active.

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Ham wallet

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Thats no driving license, that is the id card for poors people canteen

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gut locker

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active dry yeast contains a higher proportion of dead yeast cells when compared to instant yeast, so instant yeast is preferred to produce a faster rising dough. i've heard bakers say that the dead yeast cells in dry active yeast negatively affects the flavor of the bread, but i bet they're overthinking it.

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