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This is not a joke.
>be me
>really tired of either cooking or have gf cook and can't eat it. I know she is annoyed when I don't eat her food but it is really that bad.
>for the last week cook new dishes
>she comments on how nice they all are
>every time I tell her it is because I actually followed a recipe so it's not hard
>be today
>mention in the morning about the new dishes I made all week and how she enjoyed then and how it's just followarecipe0.01
>she said she got the hint
>be tonight
>oh nice she is following a recipe
>yesssssss good food when?
>she cooks good quality steak and prawns
>she uses 2 minute noodles in the dish
Now I am the bad guy for cooking something I actually want to eat after being at work all day. Thankfully I don't live her. I can't live this way.
You gf/wife cooking nightmares thread?

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My girlfriend asked me if I wanted a breakfast sandwich once. What she brought me once an unseasoned fried egg on plain white toast with some of those shitty pre packaged fried onions on top.
She has also said to me several times that she doesn't see why she needs to season her food.

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Oh damn.
What does she say about the bettor flavours in your cooking/eating out or she just doesn't get it?
My gf admits it all tastes better, but yeah, it is like fighting the aids early 80's style. I am losing this fight and the will to fight.

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She always tells me how good the things I make her are. She's just got pretty barrow horizons as far as food and cooking go. I've been trying to open her up to new things which has been pretty successful so far. I think she's a little to disorganized to ever really be good at cooking though, and she tries to take to many shortcuts.

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in b4 that wife beating "do with this information what you will" copypasta

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I do like the part where he asks her what she wants to do after the beating.

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You will only get hate here anon. You have a hole to stick it in. You will only get hate.
Try going over to /adv/. You will get half hate half advice from virgins.
What I'm saying is that 4chan can't help you.

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I like the part where she learns

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what are 2 minute noodles and how are they different from normal noodles

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They're the same, but snobs like to pretend they're worse.

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my fiancé always wants to buy fad recipe books when she can get the recipes for free online. I allowed her to buy 2 before i stopped her from doing that shit because she would do one or two recipes herself, then complain about not having enough time, recipe difficulty, etc. and i would go back to cooking.

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Nigga, my GF can't even turn the stove on.

I was annoyed at start and even thought it was BS when she told me that every time she goes close to cooking she hurts herself.

Well turns out to be true, even if i am cooking and she is just near something goes wrong, not even joking - a dropped knife a handle on hot pan with oil.

If she is around accidents happen, I rearly make mistakes on my own cause i worked as a kitchen staff for awhile.

She cleans ths kitchen and dishes so its okay for me + I mostly cook stuff i like.

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Why is it in this day and age where every recipe you could ever imagine is at your fingertips, yet unlike our mothers who had to write them all down, our girlfriends still can't learn or cook for shit.
We live in this wonderful new age, where men not only earn the living but also cook the food.
I remember growing up and my mother would cook great food and deserts. My father never cooked once.
Now I have to work and cook.
Fuck this life.

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My GF can make some really good things, but watching her cook is nerve-wracking, especially when knives are involved. Also when she experiments or substitutes there's not much rhyme or reason.

I try to tell her that she should just look things up on her phone to get an idea, but that hasn't totally gotten through (with cooking or other things)

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>Now I have to work and cook.

Don't worry Anon, I'll do the dishes.
Actually I'll get them in the morning
>Struggle to ignore them in the morning while she sleeps in
>Come home from work and the dishes still are not done

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Yeah, same here, but I can count them on one hand.
I think ultimately for me, it's just the fact that she is a lazy cunt.

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You have been there too I can see. Did you drive her to the nearby park too?
I am really strongly considering to follow that meme.

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Not all of 4chan is /r9k/ a ton of anons on /ck/ are married.

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My girlfriend tries to make pinterest recipes all the time. My god some of them are terrible. It's always some stupid variation on something basic like pizza or something except with a gimmick that makes it take longer to make and not as good anyway. At least she's trying I guess.

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perfect scenario desu. id love to cook but not have to do dishes

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>gf is a good cook but lives a poverty-tier life and never has any food

You can afford a fucking loaf of bread cunt.

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I don't know it, can you post it?

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>tfw my wife cooks, cleans and works

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>tfw fell for the single life meme
>do all the cooking, cleaning, house chores and working to support myself

I often think it'd be nice to have a wife just for the purpose of doing all the cooking and cleaning for me, but I'd rather not get involved with someone just for that

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My girlfriend is a very good cook, especially at following recipes that I couldn't be arsed to make. I'm maybe a tad better at cooking but I always improvise. What makes me reeeeee is that I'm the one who works full time but unless I make the food she always makes something simpla and boring until I give in and start cooking all the time again. She can't even tell me what she wants to eat, just "make something tasty" which given the amount of things she don't like to eat (including fucking rice, pasta and fried potatoes) is no small task.

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You sound like a dickface, OP

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Because today your gf has to spend 10h working and commuting every day and is as tired as you are and doesn't have the energy to learn a new skill that she may not be that interested in

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Let me give you some insight on the matter.

I've been with my wife for 10 years now. We met in high school, and I got her pregnant. She is and always has been a lazy person and a shit cook. I wouldn't even mind eating shit food if she at least made it on time. But she rarely did.

We'd get into screaming arguments constantly about how lazy and worthless she was. I felt like an asshole for it, but goddamn she was a real piece of work. The only reason I dealt with all this was for the kids, and also because the sex is great.

But one night, I got fed up. Not only did she get drunk, neglect the kids, and made me top Ramen for dinner, but she decided to give me attitude too. She was being real fucking bitchy. So I told my grandparents to keep an eye on the kids and told my wife we were going to go out and have dinner together. I drove maybe 3 blocks to a quiet area (we live in Oregon, it's not hard to find a quiet field) and I got out of the car, went around like I was going to open her door for her and let her out, and I just beat the shit out of her while she was still seatbelted. After a few punches, I asked her if she wanted to go back to her parents. She started screaming and yelling and said yes, so I beat the shit out of her again. Then I asked her what she wanted to do. She finally got smart and said she wanted to go home. So I took her home and dared her to start trouble. I even handed her my cellphone and dialed her mom's number on the drive home. I made her talk to her mom, while daring her to fucking say something.

Before that incident, I had never laid a hand on her. But I had always threatened it. I told her "one of these days, if you don't straighten up, I'm going to lay hands on you."

All my meals have been on time, and she just recently tried to make a meatloaf. It was mediocre, but I was just thrilled that she tried.

Do with this information what you will.

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Why not cook together if you want her to learn how? Aside from that, who the fuck throws a hissy fit because there are some two minute noodles in an otherwise good meal?

Fuck outta here OP, you deserve to be alone.

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This is why you get a Thai gf.
She cooks amazing food and cleans the whole house. I don’t even have to ask she does does it. Hell when I first met her she even washed me in the shower head to toe, I literally just stood there and got scrubbed.

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>She cooks amazing food and cleans the whole house. I don’t even have to ask she does does it. Hell when I first met her she even washed me in the shower head to toe, I literally just stood there and got scrubbed.

How do I get me one of the good ones and not the party sluts

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>Thai gf
How big is her cock?

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Stay away from Pattaya.
Stay away from Soi 4 Sukumvit in Bangkok
Stay away from Bangla road in Phuket.
Plenty of decent Thai girls looking to take care of a farang bf. just make sure you can provide for her financially.
Stay mad. Thailand has a huge population,ladyboys can’t reproduce in case you didn’t know. Do the math.
Plenty of ladies there m8.

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>be me
Who else would you be, fucking redditor

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just cook from now on bro? im sure shed be happy it's one less chore for her? and let's say she HAS to cook for you for three days or some shit because of some emergency idk just go out to a restaurant or get fast food one of the days? you can always teach her to cook kek? you use to not have any knowledge of cooking either im sure goodluck anon

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i keked anon but i would not advise this if any of your S/O have any brain cells whatsoever you could get in trouble for this type of shit

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My gf always tries to cut corners when it comes to cooking and will every now and then NOT follow a recipe because she didn't feel like it.

She also makes some standard dishes but I'm some strange bullshit combinations just cause, and the pairings/combinations DO NOT complement each other but she says she likes it anyway

Ex. She made a scrambled egg hash with broccoli, bland tofu and onions. It was atrocious, her original scrambled egg hash was much better

She made a cobbler but did not use butter and instead use margarine cause she didn't want to go to the store, and didn't even cut the fat into the flour, just made a weird paste that ended up looking like melted Styrofoam on top of blackberries

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Jesus that's a nice cook on that meat.
Yeah anon, I am hoping she will get there, but it's so painfully slow.
I guess the other thing is that in her culture the woman cooks, the man is the breadwinner.
She wins zero bread, and if I want a decent meal, I cook.
I want to teach her how to cook, but I'm only self taught.
What do I do, show her the recipe that I followed and get her to read it and tell her if she's doing it wrong after she read the recipe. I think that would be patronising to her.
Are you this new? He served two years after /pol/ found out what he did. They found him and sent all his info to his local PD and news stations.
He was only released late last year. What rock do you live under anon?

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Jesus that sounds terrible.

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I thought rettid stole it from 4chins way back. Am I wrong bruh?

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Yeah they did.
Just a summerfag making it clear he is just a summerfag.

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Thank you anon. I almost caught something.

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I've learned from /ck/ that women can't do anything right and gaysex is the ultimate redpill. If you faggots turn me gay, I'll be really mad.

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Dude she cooked steak and shrimp for you

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My wife is unquestionably a better cook than me and I’m happy to eat just about anything she makes. So I guess my advice is that relationships are about playing your strengths to compliment each other. If she ventures into your realm then give her a break and don’t expect perfection. Or beat the shit out of her until she learns

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Only redditors start greentext with 'be me'

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This, kek

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You clearly spend too much time there fuckin normie.

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Sounds great so far. What else did she cook?
Lucky bastard.
Was she trained by her mom or was she self trained??

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i wish my boyfriend was a cooking elitist that bitched about me on /ck/, instead he's almost completely incompetent, can't improvise, and wants to drown everything in soy sauce and lemon pepper.

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Do u have a hairy pusy?

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Y-you too

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I did this exact thing once. Some people may remember from the time I posted about it. It really works.

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Do you refuse to shave it bc massive labia or bc the itch+don't love bf?

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that's not how vaginas work, little boy.

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So massive labia.

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this is a joke
>left home
>enter friends house
>roasted cauliflower smell
>eat enough to be polite
>drink too much
Donkey faced adversary of humanity

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Plz post it

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I haven't had a date in 8 years

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Are you even trying anymore?
If that is your representation of a beautiful Thai girl, I am perplexed anon.

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>Are you even trying anymore?

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not me but still true

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The only problem I have with my gf is she thinks her cooking is the best and nobody can ever compare to it outside of professional chefs

I get slightly insecure when I make food because I’m worried she’s not gonna like it and call me out on it.

>this tastes a little bit too salty, less salt next time
>this doesn’t have enough seasoning to it get me some pepper
>next time don’t cook the vegetables like that. It’s not getting the flavor you want out of it
>maybe lower heat next time. It seems slightly over cooked
>this tastes good but it’s missing something

She used to be a real bitch about It untill she got on meds to control her anger issues. Now her criticisms actually help me develop better dishes

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