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Did you know that even today most people in Asia still eat with their hands?
In case if you are one of those people, could you give me at least 1 (one) reason why this is considered OK? I'll wait.

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OK shitlord. everyone has hands, what's wrong with using them to eat.

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everyone has an asshole too

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They... don't? Where are you pulling this fact out of?
Even if you mean Asia as in the entirety of Asia and you're that callous to assume the entirety of India eats with just their hands, that's still around just 40-50% of the population. I wouldn't consider that to be "most".
I've been to the dirty alleyways in China and even they somehow have some basic humanity to eat with shitty utensils made of god-knows kinds of plastics.
But to answer your question, it's just weird cultural habits that refuse to die. In places where they do eat bare-handed, it's almost always a necessity to wash your hands before touching any food, so they do preserve basic hygiene to an extent.

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>most people in Asia still eat with their hands
Pajeets and jungle asians, no?

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and they all poop, what wrong with that either?

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>go wash your hands honey, we are having dead cat curry for dinner

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Why do savage chinese still eat meat? I thought Chinese were suppsed to be an aincient & "enlightened" culture?

But now the chinese are copying western mass meat production, with even worse conditions than here.

I really thought chinese were better than this, but they just want to be like the fat american fast food eaters. I don't think I've met one single Chinese that is an enlightened vegan.

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Well, it's a different story when they can't even afford cutlery. I assumed OP meant in the more cultural sense where they choose to eat with hands despite having access to clean utensils. These people don't really have a choice, so they're a null group to consider in this discussion. It's like calling poor people vegans because all they eat is grains but in reality they'd be gorging themselves with meat if it was even available and accessible.

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>I don't think I've met one single Chinese that is an enlightened vegan.

Quite the opposite, if anything, they're just eating more and more meats from their disgusting toxic landfill used as pig farms.

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For North China , we are pretty strict about when you eat with your hands

- have diarrhea
- on period

You don't eat with your hands. So if you go out with a GF and she eats with sticks you know she is on her period

You use your left hand for sauces and your right for meat and rice. Also you don't go the toilet during eating

If you want to know more just ask


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They can afford cutlery. The reason they wash their clothes and shit in the same river is because of the same culture you chose to bring up. They've lived that way for centuries. If they wanted to make a difference they would. But it's their choice.

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>they're just eating more and more meats from their disgusting toxic landfill used as pig farms.

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>having a culture, enlightment, empathy, anything thay resembles having a soul or a thought that isnt greedy.

You really dtopped the ball there, anon.

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>I really thought chinese were better than this, but they just want to be like the fat american fast food eaters. I don't think I've met one single Chinese that is an enlightened vegan.

Have you met any modern chinese? The word "morals" isn't even in their vocabulary.

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Yes please. Why? What stops you from using sticks/spoon/fork for every meal?

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Then, yeah, it just rolls back to the exact point about culture.
Sorry, didn't take too good of a look at the image you posted and just thought it was standard third-world beggars. Believe me, I too find it fuckin' stupid that people choose to live in such backwards manners when way more civilised and more importantly safer and healthier alternatives exist. But sticking to your roots is an odd phenomenon that's often hard to deviate from with little education, and these places often suffer from that.
It's very possible that they continue to eat with their hands because they don't know the basics of hygiene too, if you want to throw third-worlds into the discussion. It's not like utensils are inherently better in pure dexterity anyway, most foods are better manipulated with your mitts rather than a fork and spoon.

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>I don't think I've met one single Chinese that is an enlightened vegan.

That's because any Chinese "new money" will spend it like an american nigger. They'll buy LV handbags, BMW they can't drive, and only order the most expensive meat & fish dishes whenever going out just to show "face".

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So? The fork wasn't accepted in the US until the 19th century so US barbarians were eating with their hands for most of their history. Thing was, they weren't intelligent enough to have designated shit wiping hands, so they ate with the hand they wiped with.


British sailors considered the fork to be feminine and refused to use them as late as 1897.

>Young traces the “unsettlingly effeminate aura” of the fork all the way through 1897, when British sailors are still eating without forks, considering them to be unmanly.


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That chart's outdated. Chinese meat consumption is now 2.5x that of the US. 1.3 billion rising middle class chinese are starting to upgrade from tofu & gluten to kobe steaks.

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What the fuck? Is this the 19th century again? Are we all sailors all of a sudden? Then you may as well start discarding your waste out of the window now and bathe once a month.

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>1.3 billion rising middle class chinese are starting to upgrade from tofu & gluten to kobe steaks

If by "kobe steaks" you mean foxes, gophers, & rats.

> China arrests 900 in fake meat scandal
> Chinese authorities seize 20,000 tonnes of illegal meat products and detains gang passing off fox, mink and rat as mutton

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>4x the population of the us and only 2.5x more meat consumption

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Somebody doesn't know what the word "per capita" means. lol

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>I don't think I've met one single Chinese that is an enlightened vegan.

This. Just savage people who won't hesitate to sell poison to their own neighbors.

1. Stimulant-Filled Pork That Disqualifies Olympic Athletes

In March of 2011, hundreds of Chinese became sick from consuming pork contaminated with clenbuterol, a chemical which can cause tremors, nausea, and headaches, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Used to make pigs grow faster and leaner, Chinese livestock farmers started adding clenbuterol to pig feed in the late 1980s. Due to health hazards discovered later on, it was banned in 2002, but some pig farmers continued to illegally use the drug for profit.

In 2012, China’s General Administration of Sports issued an urgent demand telling Chinese Olympic athletes not to eat meat out of fear they would consume clenbuterol, which was banned in the competition for its performance-enhancing properties. The announcement came after Chinese Olympic judo champion Tong Wen was sentenced to a two-year ban for having traces of clenbuterol in her bloodstream.

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>>I don't think I've met one single Chinese that is an enlightened vegan.

2. Glow-in-the-dark pork

In 2011, consumers reported finding pork meat that glowed an iridescent blue in the dark. After investigations, researchers found the meat had likely been contaminated by a phosphorescent bacteria. The Shanghai Health Supervision Department claimed the meat was safe to eat if cooked thoroughly, but Chinese consumers remained skeptical.

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Where does it say percapita on that chart?..
>source: USDA
What does the USDA know about chinese consumption again?

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>>I don't think I've met one single Chinese that is an enlightened vegan.

3. ‘Mutton’ Made From Rats

As part of a nationwide crackdown on food safety in early 2013, Chinese authorities arrested 63 people for processing the meat of foxes, minks, rats, and other small mammals with unsafe additives and passing them off as mutton to be sold in farmers’ markets in Jiangsu Province and Shanghai. During the entire food safety investigation, officials arrested over 900 suspects for selling and producing fake or tainted meat products and seized more than twenty tons of meat.

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>>I don't think I've met one single Chinese that is an enlightened vegan.

4. Expired Meat in McDonald’s Burgers

In mid-2014, a local television news program in Shanghai aired hidden camera footage of workers at a plant for Shanghai Husi Food processing expired chicken and beef, which were distributed to stores like McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut. The video showed them mixing month-old expired meat with fresh meat, handling meat with their bare hands, and even picking up slabs of meat that had fallen onto the ground and tossing them right back onto the processing line. Authorities also found the Shanghai Husi Food plant had altered the expiration dates on thousands of products.

As a result, the Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration promptly shut down the factory. The video led to a massive recall of meat products, and fast food chains in China announced they were halting the use of all products from Shanghai Husi Foods. McDonald’s branches in China, with no meat to fill their burgers or make chicken nuggets, were stuck serving fish sandwiches and french fries for days.

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>>I don't think I've met one single Chinese that is an enlightened vegan.

5. 40-year-old Poultry
During a nationwide campaign spanning 14 provinces and regions, Chinese officials seized more than 100,000 tons of smuggled frozen meat worth over $480 million. The meat was generally shipped from abroad to Hong Kong and then Vietnam before being smuggled over the border.

In Guangxi, customs officials found some of the smuggled meat was more than 40 years old, according to a report in China Daily, the official English-language mouthpiece of the Chinese regime. The frozen beef, pork, and chicken wings were destined for retailers, supermarkets, and restaurants across China. Chinese officials did not elaborate on where the meat came from or how it was stored for the past few decades. Leung Ka-sing, a biology professor at Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University, said in a report in the South China Morning Post that the meat had probably been treated with large amounts of preservatives to prevent rotting and no doubt contained dangerous bacteria.

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They eat with their hands too in the West. You don't use cutlery when eating burgers or chicken wings, do you?

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filthy city dweller detected

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I knew somebody would bring that up. Yes you do.

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>pork with asthma medicine embedded in it


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What third world shithole do you live in?
They have cutlery available for a reason you dirty pikey.

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No we don't, stop pretending. No one eats burgers, fries, fried chicken, tacos, sandwiches, burritos, pizza, etc., with cutlery unless they're extremely high on the spectrum or some low class nouveau riche thinking it makes them look "classy."

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How would you eat that with your hands? You must be a poor faggot.

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As opposed to what
Live cat curry?

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Before the fork people used a spoon, so no heating with the hands like an ape.

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Yeah I think he's confusing India for China

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>having this much of an inferiority complex you think common cutlery is the preserve of the upper classes/rich
You're American, aren't you?

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many Italians eat pizza with cutlery

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Unironically, Italians are very autistic
Have you ever seen them talk about carbonara?

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>seen them talk

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>common cutlery is the preserve of the upper classes/rich

The funny thing is that alot of these SE Asian cultures that eat with their hands will only break out silverware for guests & company. And the rich will always use cutlery to show that they are above the peasants.

So yes. Many SE asians do think this.

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>he doesn't lipread

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>he doesn't lip read
I don't need to, I'm not a spastic.

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Aren't you, though? You saw a post about Italians being autistic, and responded by autistically nitpicking what's essentially semantics

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chinese are the niggers of asia
and before you say that’s the phillipines, filipinos are much nicer people than chinkies

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Chinks may be assholes but they are definitely smarter than any the majority filos there are. Also filos are nice as long as you don't point them to their fuck ups.

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>Why do savage chinese still eat meat? I thought Chinese were suppsed to be an aincient & "enlightened" culture?
That would be the reason.

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Italians literally talk with their hands you subcultures fruit cup.

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It adds flavor senpai

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The Chinese really are soulless, aren't they.

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Is it easy for a white guy to find a wife in Asia?

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people used a knife with a small spoon part to eat before the fork was adopted you fucking lying cunt

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>india is most people in asia
makes sense

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