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Do you hit on your waitress when you go to hooters?

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Yes, on occasion, My wife Sarah doesn't like it, but it's a fun tease sometimes! ;)

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Is this a real place?, always thought it was some sort of joke.

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This thread was inspired by my time in the Vegas Hooters last week. I don't hit on my Hooters waitress, but one Mexican dude at the bar was putting the moves on the bartender.

Mexican dude: Hey, we should work out sometime.
Her (confused): where?
Mexican dude: In my bedroom!

Mexican Dude: Hey, next time I need someone else to bring my beer
Her: Is there something wrong with it?
Mexican Dude: You're so hot - you warm up the beer too much!

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>live in 750,000 population city
>not too much, not too little and increasing
>hooters built by a literally nowhere creek alongside strip mall
>when you pull into lot, everyone curious can easily see through front glass of what you had pulled-in in
>be me
>be rich from technology sector
>be pulling in <120k dollar cars all the time
>always hit on every time by tight 18+yo blonde girls
For some odd reason, I have never seen a non-blonde as a waitress lol?

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jesus christ i hope this aint real

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Yes, it's expected and they enjoy it. I make sure to claw my hand like a lego person and jam my thumb between their ass cheeks when they leave my table. They always get excited and giggle and everyone laughs.

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Sorry, but I'm heterosexual.

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lmao nice post

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don't go to titty restaurants.
the food is only 1 point above mediocre but it costs like it's 4 points above mediocre.
the girls are usually busted thots as well

you're miles better off going to a decent local bar and hoping for a qt cocktail server / bartender

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>titty restaurants.
They're called breastaurants

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They're called rack shacks.

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Thank you, :)

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Sarah's got her hands full with this guy.

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Sarah usually has her hands full with Jamar, Demarcus, Ladarius, Lamar, Marcus, Demetrius, Kiante, Dartarius, Dashawn, Jaquan, Denzel, Labrawn, Travon, Datreon, Chaquille, Ka'ron, Avondre, Daquinten, Rakeem, Randarius, Rontay, Kamar, Mondarius or Quantell.

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You two sure have a lot of kids, bless you and your family :)

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In England we always shout "job opening!!!” when something gets broken. It's a bit of good fun that unites the room with humour and nobody gets hurt.

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omg your schtick is so funny xD Reddit is gonna love this it's soo 4chan

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>he thinks the Hooters waitresses are actually hitting on him

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Wow it's some old horny wanker....lucky me.

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> <120k

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How are you doing Jack? Are you recovering from the heart attack alright?

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>he thinks all shitposters are the same person
how's it going, reddit?

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Thank you for your kind words :)

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>>be pulling in <120k dollar cars all the time

In my experience virtually every car at Hooters is <120k

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Why isn't there a hooters for cute crossdressing boys? Asking for someone that is definitely not me.

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I am not confident enough in my manliness to visit such a place

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>always hit on every time by tight 18+yo blonde girls
You realize it's their job to hit on you right? You're in what is effectively a diet strip club.

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Where's that "Having fun ladies?" post? Because that's you

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include me in the screencap pls

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Goddamn this is the most beta thing I've ever seen in my life. I am honest to goodness disgusted.

>Walk in
>Sit at the bar
>Order the 20 piece original wings (the breaded ones) with hot buffalo sauce. Order 50 if you can actually eat that many. You seem pretty beta so I doubt you can put away 50 though.
>Drink as much as you can without getting sloppy
>Tell the waitress her hair looks babein'
>When you get the receipt she'll have written her phone number on it

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Man this is so damn beta, if you ever went to the strip club you'd end up buying a dance from the first girl who approached you because you'd be too scared to say no.

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Heh, I'd never step foot into a strip club. Women intimidate me

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I did go to one once. When someone came up to me I stuttered that I didn't have any money left after the cover charge and just wanted to enjoy the stage show. She whispered something to one of the bouncers and he came up and pushed me out the door. They didn't even refund my cover charge. It was a bad experience all round and I do not wish to repeat it.

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This is your big chance to reject ladies.

>Hey baby, you want a private dance?

You should bring more than cover charge to the strip club and you should never admit you don't have any money if you run out. If you're the type of dude who is incredibly terrible at saying no do not bring a damn debit card. Especially do not bring a credit card to the strip club.

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I did have more money but didn't want to spend it there. I just told her I didn't because I didn't want her to think I didn't like her and think she was pretty.

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>I gotta check out all the girls before I think about buying a dance, it's like the buffet, you don't just load up on the first thing you see.

How hard is it to say something like that to the strippers lad.

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They are women, so saying virtually anything is pretty hard

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>talking to literal prostitutes is hard

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Honestly as long as you're nice enough to them they won't actually be mad if you say no.

The guys they hate are the ones who hit on them non-stop and don't buy a dance, grab them without permission, or smell terrible.

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truly based

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Hitting on waitresses is pretty rude in the USA. If you've ever met a real girl in the service industry you'd hear them complain about it endlessly. Flirting is OK

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>hitting on
I'm not sure I understand the difference. Enlighten me
>well, hitting on is if you're ugly and awkward, and flirting is if you're not
Oh, ok

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>Hitting on waitresses is pretty rude in the USA

What countries is it acceptable in?

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This reminds me of a contest some friends and I had where the winner would be whoever made the filthiest come-on to a waitress without the waitress realizing it.

The friend who won went to a Chinese restaurant that's almost exclusively frequented by Chinese, had a waitress who spoke no English and said something to the effect of "God damn girl, I wanna take you outback and buttfuck you behind the dumpster"

The only rule was that someone else had to witness it and vouch for you. We should have added an English fluency rule.

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This is some tasty bait, friend

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She understood, but honestly what do you think she should do? Call the cops? Cry? She pretended not to understand because she just wanted to get on with the service.

>> No.10889607

It's totally OK in Asian countries. They don't have feminism yet.

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Hitting on is trying to get their number, touching them, putting them in awkward situations where they have to verbally reprimand you
Flirting is being coy, cute, suggestive, and playful

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So in other words, what I said before

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I really don't think she understood. She didn't even know the names of the food items in english or the english numbers on the menu so we had to point to them. The only English word out of her mouth was "hi".

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Sort of. Some girls go for sperglords, but hooters waitresses are generally trashy, underage, and/or single mom's. 90% percent of them have boyfriends. They're no strangers to dick

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Wow that's pretty lame

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Wow, that's pretty lame

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Not true. I'm in china and it's not acceptable here at least

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It's not OK to the patriarchal ideal, either. We were supposed to protect women, not objectify them. Feminism is the result of our own failure.

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>We were supposed to protect women, not objectify them.
It's the same thing. "Protecting women" is old timey speak for preserving their market value by protecting them against theft in the form of uncompensated sexual contact.
>reee roastie jealous reee incel fedora white knight
Spare me

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no, i don't hit on women i don't know.

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A very poor post. I'd be ashamed of that.

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what a card

>> No.10889763

That’s absolutely not true. Go try and do that in a yakuza bar and they’ll knock your teeth out with a fucking rice bowl.

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You're why he does it.

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because they're criminals. go to a regular bar, the 99%, and you'll be fine.

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>Go with large group of friends
>with bf at the time
>tits and ass everywhere fairly embarrassing
>no atmosphere besides half naked chicks
>order wings and a few beers
>other friends order burgers and fish n chips n stuff
>just get flirted with because it's their job for like an hour before food arrives
>it's total shit, wings soggy everyones complaining
>'but look at that ass on that one, wow'
>have a good time hanging drinking beers
>barely touched our food
>server doesnt give a fuck about that, just wants to flirt more and gives my bf one of those half hugs
>he attempts to scootch away
>'oh haha honey dont be scared I promise I wont bite XD'
The place is a fucking shitshow cringefest.

>> No.10889923

I flirt. I don't hit on them

>> No.10889969

>she thinks she can convince men that desperate thots don't actually want to fuck rich guys

>> No.10889976

one gave me her number once but I figured she was probably an escort and I tossed it
fuckkin skanks

>> No.10889997


well if he has a really nice car, yeah, probaby.

>> No.10890008

I go here sometimes by myself when I’m bored and the girls are super friendly when you’re alone, I’ve never flirted with them but ended up exchanging numbers and I’ve slept with two

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What's your secret?

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>spending $100 dollars on wings

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>being mad cause you don't have $100

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>being 30 plus

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I tell lies on the internet.

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Idk man, just talk to them and don’t be a creep, no different than talking to any other woman anywhere else

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nothing gets by you does it anon

>> No.10890489

I know that feel. Attractive women are like creatures from a different plane of existence.

>> No.10890523

Not that anon but holy shit wait you can only make money if you're over 30? I'm killin' it then.

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out of my way guys

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paying people to pretend they want to fuck you is the saddest thing

also im probably not on my A game when my mouth is full of wings

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Hooters and Twin Peaks are America's greatest chains

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I don't go to hooters

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“If you touch their arm they tip more”

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No, I just stare at the curvature of their vulvas and their smooth, turgid asses while I gently tickle the head of my penis through the hole in my pants pocket. I'm not a savage, I don't harrass young women trying to earn an honest living.

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I've never been but the idea of it has always turned me off. The girls in that pic would NEVER even for a second consider me as fuck material; I don't even think they'd acknowledge me as friend material. So if I went there and they got all flirtatious I'd know the whole time that it was just their job to do so like how I wouldn't go to a strip club and expect Candy, the girl who is "only doing this to pay for collage [sic]", is actually into me while some ex-defensive lineman is glaring at me from a dark corner of the room to make sure that I don't touch the merchandise. And I'd have to assume that if your business model is: "we have hot chicks who bring you food" then the food they're bringing probably isn't that great.

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Read this in Gabriel Iglesias voice

>> No.10892089

>Those horse faces

>> No.10892090

Ugly one legged middle aged vet. In a explosion, face for radio. Borrowed friend's Ferrari, got hit on all night @ Hooters

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Or just finding a woman anywhere you enjoy going like a normal human being. This isn't a knock against you, hitting on bartenders is fine. But going to a place specifically to hit on the women that work there is fucking idiotic.

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No. Why treat women more like shit who are already treated like shit as a waitress in possibly the worst restaurant chain to waitress as.

>> No.10892133

No, it's not, incel. Women love being complimented at work. It lets them know that they're doing a good job. You must stare at your feet and mumble monosylallbic responses when you have to interact with working women.

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i did actually... and after hanging out for a few times we dated for four months and played runescape together kek she was a cunt and a broke bitch and after a big fight we both decided to part ways... pretty sure she stole sixty bucks on her way out of my life.... fuck swedish girls lol

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I never go to these type of restaurants.

>> No.10892145

People still go to Hooters?

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me either and if i did i would try to act like im the only non pig in the group and bow my head in semim shame kek

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Wow. This has to be trolling

>> No.10892797

Fuck off

>> No.10892970

it's obviously a gay guy

>> No.10892992

/ck/ is a virgin free board, so fuck off

>> No.10893016


if not, cringe

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I had one flirt with me when I went to Tilted Kilt with my dad and his friends. The girl was a solid 9/10 and I blew it because I thought she was just conversing with me. My dad didn't stop giving me shit for it for the rest of the night.

>> No.10893036

Did he make you dress like a girl as a punishment and rim your boipucci?

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story from college
>have friend who is terrified of women who are above a 5/10 even though he's good looking
>offer to take him to Hooters
>he reluctantly agrees
>he doesn't know a friend of mine will be serving us
>ask her beforehand to relentlessly flirt with him, sit on his lap, basically go however far she is willing
>we get there and she pounces
>he is petrified the whole time we're there
>afraid to even eat in front of her
>she actually sits down and grinds on his lap
>he springs a boner
>she tells him she won't get up until it goes down
>he finally gathers confidence to flirt back
>she comes to our apartment later and fucks his brains out
>he scores a 9/10 gf within the next month
>they're still together to this day
>mfw so proud of muh boy

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I have a fetish for girls in pantyhose so hooters is pretty ideal for me.. I never go, but always wanted to nail a waitress.

The outfit really actuvates my boner

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>tfw all the waitresses are straight

>> No.10893083

This is Kevin. We in the restaurant industry call people who are easy to manipulate into coughing up more money "Kevins."

Say hello to Kevin.

Hi Kevin.

>> No.10893091

dumb sluts like that don't really have a sexuality of their own, except that they want to be wanted. You can give them that.

>> No.10893099

When I went to steak n shake with a friend, the waittress hit on both of us. When the bill came, I said I wasn't tipping because of the obvious ploy to get more money. My friend pulled out $20.

Flirting with male customers fuckin works

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This is advanced cuckoldry. Are you swedish?

>> No.10893120

I fucking hate dykes

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