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That shits alright

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A decent 'mainstream' hot sauce is Melindas - Chipotle variety is good. Reasonable level of heat, but not going to fuck your shit up.

One that you may not be able to find but is excellent if you can (not sure if its sold all over UK) is Wiltshire Chilli Farm. Mango chilli sauce is great, dark habanero is very hot but good flavour, and the Fireside Chilli Jam is a must buy if you see it. I've tried most of what they sell though and its all worth the money.

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Been to the south Devon chilli farm. Can't remember if they had any sauces that tasted that nice at all.. definitely didn't buy anything

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Gimme gimme varky cummies
Be they spicy or very nummies.
Spend my hard-earned good-hubby points,
on hipster Portland hot sauce joints.
Wifey's bull lifts me to the car,
To find me varkies near and far.
Enjoy my tasty varky treats,
in comfy Prius heated seats.
Drunk Jerk, Black Bean, Mayo, Hab,
But of my varkies none I have.

She always makes me prep our bull,
But prepping doesn't make me full.
Varkies are the only food,
That puts me in the fapping mood.
I'll dream and doubt but make no fuss,
I'll wish, I'll want, but I won't cuss!
Varkies are my heart's desire,
Fueled by burning, hungry fire.
Wifey cums and wails real hard,
But Tyrone's cum isn't 'vark nor Aard'.

My good-hubby points were fairly earned,
To buy the varkies that I've yearned.
But there's no varkies on my plate!
Did wifey think that I'd just ate?
I cry while looking into her eyes,
While Tyrone hits me to no surprise.
For he who is un-varked is he who understands:
Never forget to shine his new Air Jordans

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idk i use whatever

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Gtfo fag

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i really like Cholula, but im not much of a hot sauce fag, so i havent had many 'craft' sauces or whatever people are into. Cholula is nice though, got a kinda fruit flavour. Would also recommend anything habanero based, had a few times in restaurants and its a quality pepper.

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I love this stuff. It's not super hot but has an amazing flavor.

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This stuff is very weak. Not even hot.

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Melinda's has some. It's called naka jolika whatever, but it's weaker than habanero stuff.
but it's $4 a bottle and $10 shipping, find a hipster whole foods world market near you for some hot sauces

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Can anybody recommend a hot sauce that has a sweet/fruity taste, and is around 20K on the Scoville scale?

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i've never had it either anon desu i just have that pick saved so i remember to try it. only ever used pic related because it's cheap af

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cholula i bought was a couple pounds at most. how much hot sauce do you put on your food? took me like half a year to use the bottle i had.

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i was the same way honestly until about a year ago because this really fit guy at the gym told me to use salsa to loose weight. Nowadays hot sauce lasts as long as any other condiment in my fridge these days

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Received this as a gift one year. Super hot and super peppery. Heat lingered long after I had finished eating. Maybe a good half hour at least, even after brushing my teeth. I can't say it really had any flavour to it, but was excellent to put on something already flavourful.

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looks spoopy

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Cholula's a really good entry level sauce. It's fairly cheap, mild enough that you can use it liberally, and has more flavor than just peppers and vinegar. My personal favorite is El Yucateco, it has a great habanero flavor. There are other smaller batch sauces that are worth trying, like Dirty Dicks, but there's nothing wrong with having an easily available go to sauce.

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My man. Wiltshire Chilli Farm do some great sauces, picked some up last year at the Cardiff christmas market. Gonna have to get some more if I'm there this year.

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Dirty Dick is too sweet.

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>couple pounds at most
>took me like half a year to use the bottle
Do you even belong on this board faggot?

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Pretty fond of this one. Been putting it on everything lately.

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not if you get black label

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you'd know fag lmao

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what a pretentious little prick you are. neck yourself.

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Melindas is bland.


I like Scovilla Barbados Excite.

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Did it work? Was it just supposed to be an appetite suppressant, or was there some sort of broscience about sweating out fat?

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Yall niggas have Utter shit taste


Fuck off, it doesn't even taste like anything. Literally pepper spray: the sauce

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Stuff is spiced amazingly delicious, is pretty darn hot too! Only problem is it's hard to find the bottles this size, they are absurdly expensive if you buy the super tiny ones. God I miss it.

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what the fuck, how was anything he said remotely pretentious

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Just right

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My boy.

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The hot BBQ sauce from them is very tasty

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This one is pretty good. It's what they have on the tables in Barburrito if you've ever been there.

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>But Tyrone's cum isn't 'vark nor Aard'.

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That's not hot sauce. That's flavor sauce

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But what a flavor.

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>Melindas is bland
Not tried that many varieties, but the Chipotle flavour isnt bland.

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Subscribe to fuego box. A hot sauce of the month club. You won't regret it.

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I'd eat some of that beef baby.

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Do you think it has a crispy little wang?

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perfect amount of heat

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oh man I still haven't had this one. Posting the GOAT of the El Yucateco line

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this stuff is great but anything from the pain is good brand offers a mellow heat, lots of flavor

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This stuff, I used to buy it by the case then when I couldn't find it in stores anymore I called up the owner and apparently he's retiring. I asked him why and the reason is that it's very costly to do a production run.

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tfw i got deadly stomach and diarrhea form having any hot sauce

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You can buy this and pictured relatively cheap off amazon. Neither are ridiculously hot, but they're very flavourful and will give you the kick you're looking for.

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god tier

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Very hot and vinegary. If you like that sorta thing

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Question: does anybody make a hot sauce with 'umami' or flavor other than chillis?

i.e. I'm imagining a Worcestershire (anchoives) type sauce but hot.

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Vark is ok
>if you're a nigger

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For me, it's vark

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>flavor sauce
Is this a thing?

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I've only had the original, are any of the others worth it?

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It's not hot sauce I can tell you that at least

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This. No need to fix the classic.

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a fellow man of taste

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Based, this is literally genius-tier poetry.

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>TFW any mention of spicy actually makes my mouth water

Is it autism?

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valentinas is like 90 cents at grocery stores. how cheap are you talking?

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Soylentina is garbo

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>buying Crystal online
Are you non-American? That is in virtually every store for around a dollar. I could only see buying their special extra hot variants online.

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