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Recently discovered this guy on YouTube. Binging with Babish.

What does /ck/ think of him? I've been on a binge of his videos.

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Fuck off.

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Who cares what this autistic, fastfood-eating, beer-rating cancer board thinks?

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Dude looks gay. Probably never drank any car milk in his life.

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go binge on some jew dick

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looks like a typical metro-sexual coastie douche

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Jesus fucking Christ I didn't know /ck/ was /pol/.

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/ck/ is anti-/pol/, summer fag.

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I mean he's just a guy on Youtube who cooks food. He's inoffensive, if a little pretentious. His Basics series is more interesting than his Binging series. I do like that he's not a screaming, shrieking faggot like Matty Mattheson, though.

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Yet all the posts I referenced were mainly complaining about him being a gay jew.

I've been here since 2009, so fuck off summer fag reddit fag.

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annnnnd good-bye, tourist.

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one (1) post said gay and one (1) post said jew

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Exactly. I like his style how he prepares dishes from tv shows, even the disgustingly awful ones like his Moroccan pasta video from peep show. Then once he's made it exactly how it's shown in the show he prepares his own, decent interpretation of it so that it's actually a worthy dish.

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This is basically it. Don't treat him like a culinary messiah and you'll realize that he's harmless. His channel has a theme and he sticks to that theme 90% of the time.

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Sup fellow oldfag! Everyone who came here after 2010 is cancer, am I right?

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god damn, i fucking hate matty mattheson

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He's no messiah. But I just figured his concept was an interesting one. I never thought there'd be so much animosity from mentioning him.

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He's successful, humble and got his success online instead of going to a culinary school.

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its not bad. its a standard cooking show. if u like it dont worry about this shitty websites opinion

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Shoe on head.

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>Fuuuck me that's tasty
>*cooks burnt thick-ass pancake*

Jesus he's honestly worse than Action Bronson.

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>Everyone who came here after 2010 is cancer, am I right?
Nope. Just you.

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I fucking hate Matty Matthesson
He's the perfect example of an obese American who thinks "HEY, LETS MAKE SOME FOOD EVEN MORE UNHEALTHY AND SHOUT WHILE I BURN IT."

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You sound too polite to be on this site. I do like it and ofcourse I'm gonna keep watching it.

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>Probably never drank any car milk in his life.

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I don't really like his style of videos or focus on TV meme foods.

He's not informative enough for my liking, nor does he give any substitution/customization tips.

A good cooking video should show how the base dish is made, give an overview on technique and maybe talk about its history some, then give some customization advice.

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That's exactly what he does apart from the history of the dish.

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He's a faggot.

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Fuck off.

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Pretentious as fuck

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This post is literal autism

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Babish-senpai won't fuck you just because you defended him on 4chan

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I can't care less about these nu-male cuckold meme chefs

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excellent guess, he's got a black boyfriend...but that's to be expected from a half-goy whom willingly lives in jew york shitty.

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No, just dissapointed.

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thats just how your dad felt when he found out you were gay

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Be careful anon. You might get stung by all the buzzwords.

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He's Reddit as fuck, but honestly I don't mind him too much. He's a competent home cook who is a decent video editor and his gimmick isn't too bad. At least he isn't filming himself doing overdone reactions to food.

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Go to bed son.

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dont tell me what to do you watermelon fucker

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stop forcing this bald cuck please

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this but ironically

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his side channel basics with babish is better than food wishes and up there with the sweet buttery voice of bruno albouze

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>his beard
>implying he's a cuck
>"I don't like these threads please report"
please stop breathing, thank you

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Dont know whats gayer. Him or or his fans

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He had a black roommate when he started out who would test some of his dishes and a few idiots assumed he was gay and that was his husband.

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no, he's definitely a faggot

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Which gay bar did you see him at?

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Then where is his girlfriend or wife? It's not normal to be that age and not have a partner. I don't know if he's gay and I don't care but the lack of women around him makes people wonder.

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But what does it matter whether he's gay or not when it comes to his cooking?

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Because why care about his cooking when you can circlejerk about what a gay cuck you think he is?

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would you eat food that a fag cooked? I sure wouldn't

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It doesn't. I was explaining why people question his sexuality.

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But why would he stay in the closet when nowadays being gay is pretty much an immediate popularity boost?

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I would because I'm not a hillbilly that fucks his sister.

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Because to most normal folk, people don't give a shit. It's not like you'd go to a restaurant and ask beforehand that the chef and kitchen staff aren't gay?

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Yeah. Why do I care who the chef is fucking?

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But YouTube isn't about cooking skill. I can't taste what he cooks. It's just a popularity contest, and being gay would help him immensely.

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He's not gay, he is divorced... You can see his wedding ring in his first couple of videos but he doesn't wear it anymore. The whole channel probably started as his mid-life crisis "finding myself" thing

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But he's never once mentioned being gay. To be honest, the first time I heard of the possibility of him being gay was from a comment on one of his videos. He's never mentioned anything about himself or his sexuality. It's always been about his cooking. So the argument that him being supposedly gay accelerating his success holds no water.

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Yeah but is he a top or a bottom?

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I know, that's why I'm asking for sauce that he's gay. It doesn't make any sense - if he was gay, he wouldn't hide it but milk it for views.
Since he doesn't, that means he's not gay.

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Believe it or not some gays don't actually use their sexuality to boost their success though. There's no evidence of him being gay. It's all just pathetic speculation.

I'd been wanting to make a thread about this guy for a long while because I loved his style and his cooking and was curious what /ck/ thought. I never anticipated it'd turn into a fucking question of his sexuality. I'm really dissapointed.

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Matty is BASED

>> No.10882196

Isn't he a Canadian?

>> No.10882207

Man, I bet you ate some of your dad's scrambled eggs when you were a kid. What changed?

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Gay marriage is legal in the US.

>> No.10882248

He has what's called 'issues' now.

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The world is /pol/, we're taking over from you pozz cuck incels who will betray your race and ancestors in a vain attempt to get pussy from brainwashed commie whores

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He's Canadian

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>Believe it or not some gays don't actually use their sexuality to boost their success though
I don't believe it. I do agree though on there being no evidence of him being gay. That's what I've been saying the whole time.

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Ok Francis. Go back upstairs and I'll bring your hot pockets up soon. Your father has his work friends coming round soon and you know how he doesn't like to be embarrassed.

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Go back upstairs Francis before your father gets home.

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Ck hates people who can cook that arent named chef john

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Because I have autism

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He has good videos. This is because he's originally a visual effects guy and is capable of making good videos. He's an amateur chef, and he knows it. He never went to to culinary school, but loves cooking and has fun getting better and doing what he's doing. He can cook better than 99/100 anons. But when he's on screen with someone like Brad from BA, he's out of his league, but he admits it. Also, he likes Chef John, which is a plus.

I like his shit for what it is. Some of his recipes are also genuinely good. Some of his videos are dumb, but stick to his whole schtick. Which is dumb, but eh.

Honestly, the biggest complaints you'll see are how he's a massive soyboy faggot with the bald head, beard, and tats. Which are all true, he's a Jew Yorker fag and looks it. But the production value of his uploads and recipes make me not care.

It's better than watching Gordon Ramsey have a stroke and give no recipe or watch that fat fuck Matty Matheson scream autistically.

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>cancer board

so what do you think of the other boards anon?

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you're worthless, insignificant and ineffective

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He's the kind of fat that's hard to the touch. You would think he would be soft and squishy but if you poke a fat guy who looks like that in the belly the flesh doesn't yield.

>> No.10883341

>high density fattie

have you experienced this personally anon?

>> No.10883350

Had an alcohol father with the same body type.

>> No.10883351

i'll have your mom home before breakfast.

>> No.10883393

I could go for some delicious Cholula® sauce right now!

>> No.10883410

Canada is still part of North America, so they aren't wrong.

>> No.10883427

hes fine, /ck/ hates him for no reason its just a meme

>> No.10883552


I don't know if I like him more because he triggers people or that his show is really well put together. Some of his stuff is okay some of it's really good.

>> No.10883563

Nothing to do with density, that guy has a big fatty liver and a bunch of visceral fat pushing his abs out. All the fat that should be jiggling under his skin is packed into his abdominal cavity which means he's got the same health outcomes waiting for him as someone who drops out of the 600lb life show.

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he smells of reddit

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what the fuck is car milk

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>what the fuck is car milk

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Why do people feel the need to be pretentious dicks in order to feel some warped form of superiority?

I also don't know what the fuck car milk is.

>> No.10884660

>The gays obnoxiously force their sexuality on everything
>This YouTuber does not mention that he's gay for popularity points REEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.10884739

tripfags go neck yourselfes. You are shitting up this board with your faggotry.

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So he just posted a new video, and I noticed his hand was shaking a lot at this point https://youtu.be/4Rz8BPRFeiA?t=95
It reminded me of how my hands shook when I was hungover, back when I would drink everyday. Do you think Babish is doing ok?

>> No.10884891

Take note of the part where he actually spills half the sandwich becuase his hands are so shaky.

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Generally speaking, he is not viewed favorably. Personally I think he is not too bad, but can see why his style, which heavily tries to appeal to the mainstream youtube audience, could be seen as annoying.

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This but unironically

>> No.10884948

Based poster
Fuck off you dumb autistic bitch

>> No.10884953

>/ck/ is one person

>> No.10884963

car milk is semen. When they talk about drinking car milk, they're referring to their body's need for semen.

>> No.10884968

You need to be 18 to post here anon

>> No.10884972

I like your opinion anon

Ugh go back to s4s you shitposting cancer

>> No.10884978

Babys first shitpost

>> No.10884981

go back into your cave, grug

>> No.10885126

Every board is /pol/, because it is a complete failure of a containment board.
This is probably the best criticism I've seen of Babish on this site.

>> No.10885142

>new babish video
>open /ck/
>babish thread on first page

You guys fall for it every time

>> No.10885158

Didn't actually see the new video before posting but whatever.

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>having a beard doesn't make you a cuck

>> No.10885227

Go away babish

>> No.10885267

I think you mean /his/ but i get what you mean

>> No.10885271

>fuck off summer fag reddit fag.
did you stroke out, faggy fag man fag?

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you can't get cucked if you're gay anon

>> No.10885290 [DELETED] 

He's a kike, isn't he?

>> No.10885291

I think you're underestimating how many homophobes are out there who wouldn't watch his shit if they knew he was getting rocked in the can every night. See: this thread

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>> No.10885301

I like your post
I will also take this opportunity to complain about his imbibing of brown liquors during his videos. He is clearly compensating for his soyboy status by trying to act manly.
>What will make me manly? Scotch! I've done it

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>> No.10885314

so are most doctors, that doesn't mean anything

>> No.10885317

No, just explains why I hate him without ever having watched a video.

>> No.10885389

You do apparently

>> No.10885426

Why not to watch Food party or Eyal Shani & Shahar Segal or fucking alex the frenchman. Even cooking with dog is more competent and entertaining... There are so much a lot better stuff... It irritates me he has audience at all.

>> No.10885820

>It irritates me he has audience

Which is something I enjoy watching him do to you. So, good. You deserve it for being a bitch about the kind of thing a stronger person would barely register.

>> No.10885832

at least doctors kind of charge you for help

>> No.10885881

/ck/ loves him.
/r9k/ hates him, although they'll claim to speak for /ck/.

>> No.10885887

either he's excellent at hiding her, or he doesn't have one.

either way he's pure as long as he doesn't have a gf.

>> No.10885892

You guys should redirect your hate to Matty. He is actually annoying.

>> No.10885893


>> No.10885934

it's just seems like he's being careful, gotta remember that there's sizzling hot metal and sugary shit toppings that could ruin your hands and your nice car.

>> No.10886937

i'll leave this here.

>> No.10886977

That's the opposite of what I'm saying.

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>> No.10887292


>don't care

Uh yeah sure you don't. I'm sure you're not the reason individuals who build media personalities don't share their public lives either. Super super sure.

>> No.10887489

they said american not north american

>> No.10887507

as a youtuber I like him okay, he puts effort and thought into his videos and it shows.

as for the cooking he's a fucking amateur, he's about as good as any regular person who is able to look up a recipe and follow it. when it comes to actual technique there's not much there imo

>> No.10888806


>> No.10888993

Despite having a punch-able face and personifies everything I hate about current young men's style who are trying to be hip but fail, the production of his videos are ok, I think.

As to his cooking, I don't think he had any background culinary arts before he started his dumb YouTube show for money. He's following recipes and doing what anyone can do if they're half competent in the kitchen.

>> No.10889024

But he's not gay, right? He's been seen in the presence of women.

>> No.10890175

Im glad im not the only one whos sick of seeing his sluggish frame waddle around the screen while screaming. His food is wank due to ruining decent ingredients by being american (crappy lobster rolls, fried shrimp) and i hope he dies

>> No.10890183

y tho?

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>> No.10890610

i like him, hes good at cooking but hes not so good at cooking that its too intimidating to try his recipes,

>> No.10890615

isnt he canadian?

>> No.10891101

>/ck/ loves him

>> No.10891128

/ck/ is the most reddit board.

>> No.10891157

See honestly i see this picture being accurate for 2012. We were all just faggots back then and even the cancer wasn't actually bad. Now that 4chan is basically advertised on cartoon network, not so much.

>> No.10891199

And most doctors are charlatans.

>> No.10891201

Breeding is mortal cope, you are not that child, you will die and forgotten, achieving immortality is the true goal.

>> No.10891205

>now that 4chan is basically advertised on cartoon network

>> No.10891228

Based on the videos I've seen, he seems pretty innocuous. Just a food youtuber that has a general understanding of food. I can't imagine having any strong feelings about his videos in either direction. The vitriol in this thread seems to mostly be /pol/-esque "he's jewish and has tattoos and I am afraid of anyone that isn't just like me and I am trying very hard to fit in on 4chan" nonsense.

>> No.10891235

It's mostly that he's gay and won't come out of the closet.

>> No.10891239

That is a problem how?

>> No.10891250

He's signaling to his young impressionable audience that success requires hiding homosexuality. It's a very backwards and counter productive attitude on his part.

>> No.10891258

Are you jesting right now? lol

>> No.10891261

>Ugh why won't this youtube cook talk about where he's putting his dick on his cooking show I NEED TO KNOW
You're a goddamned lunatic, my man.

>> No.10891284

There's basically two groups
One group likes him.
Other group is jealous of his success

>> No.10891305

Not at all. If young gays had positive, wholesome gay dudes like Babish to look up to they would be a lot better off. But when you see someone hiding who they are for success and money it makes you wonder, "Is there something wrong with me. Do I need to pretend to be something I'm not to live in society"?

>> No.10891334

He's a bad cook who gives shit advice while making meme-tier food

>> No.10891336


success not only requires hiding homosexuality, but not being a fucking faggot in the first place.

homosexuality is wrong, harmful, and should not be tolerated.

>> No.10891346

He has a very punchable face.

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Everyone on /ck/ watches him, but the local internet "tough guys" (kek) act like they hate him. They don't matter though and it's fun to see them rage, so feel free to post more.

>> No.10891663

>Is there something wrong with me
Obviously there is

>> No.10891792

reddit faggot

>> No.10891909

>I've been on a binge of his videos.
you could've said you were
>binging on babish

>> No.10892048

I don't watch him and I don't hate him. For me, it's Chef John, the premiere foodtuber.

>> No.10892067

That wasn't my internal monlogue. It's what a young gay man would think while watching Babish. It's called a rhetorical question.

>> No.10892092

Are you gay? No straight man would ask a rhetorical question lmao at your lyf

>> No.10892095


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