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nobody disagrees with you

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>be summer
>4 year old's posting on /ck/

Do preschoolers even have summer break?

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>can't refute that its the best ravioli
>resorts to insults

what a fag

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I like the 'rdee beefaroni cold out of the can

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*block’s you’re path

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italian food thread

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I used to eat the beefaroni and then one day I randomly decided I hated it and only eat the ravioli now

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Chef Boyardee is literally baby food. CB posters make tendie posters look like 30 year old boomers in comparison.

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i always have soup and shit like this or frozen foods when once in a blue moon i'm feeling too lazy to cook a legit meal

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goat ravio

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>that 4 year old boomer

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check it out. i cant wait, gonna try the beefaroni soon. i will recall the flavor. i am very old. i witnessed the moon landing, faggots, it was real. john armstrong busted a nut on the moon, they destroyed the footage.

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