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...without being a dick about it.
Long story short, I married a great lass. I knew prior to our marriage that she couldn't really cook. (Mother and older sister were killer cooks while she grew up so she didn't need to cook, and it seems that they never bothered to teach her.)
She is a killer at making the mise en place, much faster than myself but I'm no chef by a long stretch either.
I am used to putting up with her sub-par cooking, but I'd love her to improve her skills. This last week I have realised this more than ever.
I had the week off work but because we have a young baby and she is pregnant with our second child, we decided to just chill at home. During the week I took it upon myself to cook some dishes that we have never tried before. I'm not talking anything fancy, just low and slow stuff or stuff that matched the ingredients we had on hand, so it was a no brainer to try it.
All dishes were on point and one dish I will pat myself on the back by saying it is the best meal I ate all year, be it at a restaurant or at home.
All I did was follow a recipe.
After my week of cooking, my wife has gone back to her regular routine of making food, but never following a recipe, so yeah it's food, but the flavour profiles are all wrong. She even tried doing something new twice after my good cooking to mix things up but after my constant comments that I used a recipe, I followed a recipe, she still thinks she knows best and just wings it and everytime it's a massive disappointment. I could give examples but I think I have made it clear.
I don't want to hurt her feelings. She is a great mum, and is pregnant again, but the subtle hints to follow a recipe have not worked.
Any advice? Inb4 cuck.

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>Helping others
Stopped reading there. Go back to >>>/r/eddit

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It's more of a drink than a food, but for me it has got to be car milk. The stuff never lets me down.

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I'll have to check that out! Do you have a recipe?

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Added curry, i don't know what he added in the video when he flipped it but since he is the Indian I assume it's Curry

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>Long story short

>Edgy teen

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Redditor tourist

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Jesus Christ could you samefag any fucking harder? Fucking summerfags.

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You replied to two different people, honey. There's a nifty feature that lets you see how many unique IDs are in a thread at the bottom of the screen, newfag.

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So you mean I replied to you on both your iPad and iPhone.
And you calling everyone sweetie is a dead give away who we are talking to. Only one faggot on this board does that.

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I'm not the car milk anon, honeybunny. You'll always be my precious little sweetie no matter how cranky you are. Go take a nap, you might not feel as grumpy when you wake up.

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Right here.

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I'll ask her to watch an episode a day while I'm at work and then teach me what she learnt. Sounds like it could help.
Thanks anon.

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You're welcome, sweetie.

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No, seriously, thanks.

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Seriously, you're welcome sweetie pie.

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Get her a bottle of Secret Aardvark. The Best Hot Sauce.

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I prefer being called darling, but that'll work in a pinch.

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Based 'vark poster

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precision strike like this is the only possible way to make this retarded meme honestly funny. well done you aardfag.

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