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Food Gore thread

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nice horse pussy

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what the FUCK is that

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nice quads

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what is this?

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now THIS is a cursed image

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those appear to be actual horse vaginas on a plate.

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Seems like the perfect accompaniment to a nice dinner of squash soup.

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Imagine heating those up and, well... you know.

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I don't understand what you mean

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Horse pussy is prettier, those are from cows.

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when a man loves a horse very much, they...

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wouldn't fuck

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Piccalo dick! Oldfag detected

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>when a man loves a horse very much, they...
They thank their doctor. Thanks Doc.

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the dosage is a little low today doc but this will do

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Thanks doc.

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It wants the precious

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What the fuck is wrong with people? Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to eat cow cunt?

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waste not, want not

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Gee, sure glad we got a horse pussy expert in the thread!

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I've seen plenty of horse vagina thanks to /mlpol/.

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I fucking hate this place.

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Let me cum your titties please

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Oh. Oh, wow. I need to make friends with a farmer and soon.

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So what is it really? Some kind of bottomdwelling sea creature?

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Sow pussy, why does it seem so unlikely? I've eaten lamb pussy and testicles, tender and juicy as fuck. Though those were properly roasted on a spit, not just served on a platter

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I miss those guys

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Tell me more. I'm familiar with testicles in cuisine but I've never heard of any pussy dishes.

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It was years ago but I remember it was good. Very fatty, similar to sweetbreads. Then again, lamp is pretty fatty itself, so it might not be much of an indicator

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Spit roasted... still has hair... nice garnish.

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We were super poor growing up and I remember other than dumpster diving (which I did with my parents) we would go to the dogfood factory every other week and we would get horse vaginas. My parents never told me what they are for the first few years and I still recall being 5 or 6 in the back seat of our old ford wagon, fisting them, even though it was totally innocent because I had no clue what fisting was let alone that I was fisting a horse vagina.
No clue what my parents thought of what I was doing, but they made me believe this was Top tier food so I ate it with them happily. God I was stupid thinking that was high quality food. I mean Jesus we were just bin diving three hours before and even at that young age I knew that meant we were poor as fuck.

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