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How do you recharge yourself when you take breaks between playing vidya?

I like to take a short meal break. Sometimes I'll just pop a few cashews and other times I'll do a full meal. I like eating wings the best though when I'm playing video games for some reason.

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I make hearty stews and chili. I can't believe you like wings in this context. It's probably the worst vidya food I can think of with the mess and all.

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I never eat at my keyboard and just eat at a dining table and clean myself up afterward.

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I’ll usually get up around every hour or hour and a half to smoke a spliff. I don’t usually eat when I play games but I drink a bunch

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>gamerfood.com is down

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I eat carrot sticks.

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>he plays video games

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This thread is stupid

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I like a good 'ger myself.

What kind of toppings do you guys like on your 'ger?

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>he posts on 4chan

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Just think, somewhere out there, there's a person who had absolutely nothing better to do with his time than to make this thread.. Really makes you appreciate your own life

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based BDUBZ poster it's a bit pricey tho

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I drink gamer girl piss

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