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Is this the best food related invention of this century? I bought like 2 kilos of kiwis (at $6.50 a kilo) for only $1.50 by telling the computer I only had 1 ear of corn.

What bargains have you scored recently?

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Go to Africa or some other shithole if you think theft is equivalent to intelligence. The first world only functions with a population that can be trusted.

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I scanned one item and the machine said I was stealing shit so I had to wait 10 minutes for an employee to scan their card

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I have been known to put honey-salted macadamias thought as salted macadamias.
Posting this from behind 7 proxies.

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Then why do y'all let us niggers in? I know we blacks are responsible for more crime as an overall percentage than we do our population does overall in the world. My ancestors are still loin cloth wearing spear monkeys, we commit rape like it's breathing, abuse women and children, we wuz kangs.

I mean you say the first world can't function without us so go to Africa then let us and other poor monkeys in, explain that.

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who could be behind this post?

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that's never happened to me, what country do you live in? and what store was it?

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There are cameras at every self service checkout. If you do things like intentionally enter the wrong items for a cheaper price, one of these days you're going to be confronted by loss prevention and they're going to call the police and I'm going to lol at the greentext story that you post bitching about it after making bail.

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>I'm going to lol
I had to stop reading this reddit post at this point.

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I'm surprised you can read at all, niggers aren't usually very good at that

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Have not 'secretly scored' anything. Got an organic unpasteurized Parmesan cheese for ~1/4 price since it was not in the database. My shop has an 'emergency' price that guarantees that the customer does not overpay in cases where customers are 'stuck' at the self pay registers. An employee arrives and confirms that the item is not in the shop database, then swipes a card and prices the idem at the lowest price withing the category of the item. Its awesome!

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You raciss

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you can just feign ignorance saying you don't know how to operate the machine, because they're expecting us to do the job of someone else completely untrained, the cashier

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It's always summer somewhere sweaty

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>I'm surprised you can read at all, niggers aren't usually very good at that
Speaking of that, my local grocery store recently removed written language from the self-checkout machines -- it's all in symbols and emoji. I imagine I can thank the government for bringing in too many people who don't speak the local language. Diversity truly is our greatest strength

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>making bail
For shoplifting?
Come on, man. I mean, I'm not condoning being a thieving nigger but you don't really think they'd lock you up for it, do you?

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2 ecks dee

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Literally true. The western civilization worked because it was a trust based society. The very reason why the west is collapsing is exactly this - we have lost faith in each other because of idiots who overly abuse the society. Its a damn shame. It took ..if not a thousand years to build the trust based society but it only takes a few generations to Africanize it.

Yupp. If i ever witness a person being busted for theft then i shall point my finger at said person whilst laughing out loud.

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>people always leave behind their baskets at the self-checkout for the attendants to pick them up
>think this is rude so I always put my basket where it belongs at the exit of the self-checkout, next to the attendant
>the attendant always thanks me and I don't know what to say back apart from 'thanks' which I think is kind of awkward

Are they thanking me for putting the basket back?
Are they thanking me for shopping at the store they work for?

I don't know what to say either way. I wish they would stop thanking me.

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>it only takes a few generations to Africanize it.
blame leftists for that

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t. boyscout

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Just say 'no problemo' or 'have a good one' or 'beautiful day outside huh'
Pretend you're human for a minute, small talk is not hard

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Just say have a nice day.

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Fun fact: 69% of arrests for larceny were white while 27% were black. According to you the 1st world still wouldn't function if they all went back.

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>African Americans are the largest racial minority, amounting to an estimated 12.7% of the population.
Are you retarded (or black)? I don't think anyone's claiming that Africans are committing all the crimes. The point is that they're committing more crimes, disproportionate to their percentage of the population. If they're 12.7% of the population but committing 27% of the larceny, then they are having more of a negative impact on society per person than most other groups.

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But they're the ones who are supposed to say that first. If I say it first, they might feel like I'm trying to teach them how to do their job in a rude manner.

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playing the self checkout game can literally save you at least 70% if you play it right.

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Well usually one would tell someone to have a nice day if you actually mean it, out of benevolence for your fellow man.

If you don't feel that, I suppose you could always just tell them to fuck off and kill themselves or something :^)

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>/ck/ falls for yet another /pol/ bait thread

Fucking retards. OP was expecting >>10859624
as the first reply.

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Very spooky post.

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You will absolutely be arrested and processed and put in a holding cell for shoplifting. People get arrested after getting caught by loss prevention for shoplifting twenty bucks worth of shit every single day.

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>shopping at meny
You're already overpaying for everything else though

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I lived in a town that was all pretty well off people except there was a part of town where the people who provided the services to the rich people lived. It was all white and no crime but everyone hated you if you lived there. Especially cops.
Anyway when they installed these in the local along with a scan as you go device I'd get 200 dollars of food for 20 to 40 dollars. The girls who were supposed to keep an eye on them/assist regards would help you if they knew you from around. Also if you went late at night and they were closed they'd just not scan the expensive items. One Easter a checkout loli just chuckled a 60 dollar spiral cut ham to the bagging area-she lived a couple doors down.
So don't treat the help like shit because of course they will want some revenge.

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"falls" implies that 50% of threads aren't crypto pol posts full of dog whistles that 50% of the users here use to try and enlighten the other 50% who live in the screeching darkness of retardation.

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>being confronted by loss prevention
>actually going with Paul Blart to wherever they take you to call cops on you
Tell those guys to fuck off. They can't restrain you or detain you. In my state that's false imprisonment or even kidnapping. And if they try to hit you then you can defend yourself. Fuck you Officer NoBadge.

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Your ignorance of demographics aside, recall that most hispanics are classified as """white""".

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>first world population can be trusted
>what is corporate/political embezzlement?

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>t. registered democrat

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>Pigskin larper
Oh boy who could've guessed

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Because the politicians need your guaranteed votes, pavement ape. Welfare is a hell of a drug.

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LOL he so mad.

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The point is that they're committing more crimes, disproportionate to their percentage of the population. If they're 12.7% of the population but committing 27% of the larceny, then they are having more of a negative impact on society per person than most other groups.
You do realise that most blacks are middle class or skilled working class right the only people who commit crime live in high amounts of poverty and to act as if crime is due to skin colour shows your a fucking idiot

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>Falling for bait this hard
Jesus Christ your the type of faggot to scream about a superior IQ or some shit and you fall for this

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That's not true.
More and more these days black students are outperforming their white counterparts academically.

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I do this eith thr more expensive organic fruit as normal fruit, employees dont knowand its easy to feign ignorancd

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I do this too>>10859617

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I ate some of those eddible berries that grow in the wild from my black neighbors yard

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Everyone in law enforcement and prosecution hate skip scanning cases because they are impossible to prove. Just pretend to be retarded and blame it on the fact that there is no cashier.

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So you decided to stop reading 80% of the way through the post? You really know how to allocate your time anon

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nothing really wrong from stealing from (((walmart uk(asda)))) desu, stealing from some family owned place is scummy

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Is more evil than
The Walton family and their bloated super centers are not effected by any pathetic skimming off the top. They lose hundreds of dollars per store per week in broken and rotten goods.

I love how people make a big fuss of shaming the most meager crimes while ignoring or glorifying monopolies that employ people at such bare-minimum wages that they feel the need to get ahead by stealing and getting assistance when able.

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My favorite thing about self-checkout machines is that I can pay in change and meticulously use all of my pennies, nickels, and dimes in order and I'm not inconveniencing anybody. If I pulled that shit with a human cashier, I would feel bad that I'm wasting their time and holding up a line.

>> No.10861199

do the ones in america let you pay part by change and part by card, i just dump my entire change in there and pay the rest with my card

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>raise the wages of brainlets with no education until they can afford kiwis and avocado
>prices rise because of that
>they can't afford them again

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>The first world only functions with a population that can be trusted.
Ahahahahahaha, bootlicker alert! Bootlicker alert!

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family owned places should keep up with the times, stop having worse produce, and quit overcharging.
>can't keep up
i know that excuse, it doesn't work in literally any other business venture.

>> No.10861225

Just learn to use generic responses like "cheers". You'll have an easier life without having to think on the spot what to say.

>> No.10861235

I work for a store that has self checkout. Sometimes the managers will let people steal multiple times over a few weeks so they can make their crime worse so they get in even more trouble when they do get arrested. There are cameras everywhere, if you got away with it once, don't expect to get away with it for long.

>> No.10861236

I wear headphones (not ear phones), and have met all the self-checkout employees at my wal-mart, they wave to me which is weird. I steal meat all the time. I'll act like I'm scanning it, bag it, and continue on.

>> No.10861249

I used to steal bottles of wine from my job. Got to the point where I was pretty sure they were either piss awful at inventory or just letting me get away with it until I cracked $500 or some other arbitrary number. Stopped before it got that far; got a raise so biting the hand that fed felt unnecessary

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Nigger tier shit.

>> No.10861551

Just say 'y-you too' and move on

>> No.10861566

>he will defend his faceless corporate overlords because of his bullshit racist /pol/ ideology

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A gated appartment complex on the way to my house has these decorative orange trees arround the gate that the residents don't use. So many oranges just rot on the ground or on the branch. I always grab a few on my way to and from work my co-workers and boss love them.

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The real crime is all the water they waste on fruit they don't eat. My family had orange trees in the backyard and they take so much fucking water. Also I don't think you should shaft your neighbors anon just ask them (unless their berries are over growing into your yard)

>> No.10861626

fruit that is accessible from or falls onto public access isn't stealing

>> No.10861656

>tfw pay for my bail with all the money I saved on groceries

>> No.10861666

Can they really not?
I thought you guys had castle laws and whatnot. Surely you can restrain someone who was stealing from you on your own private property?

>> No.10862213

>find the roundest walla walla sweet onion I can
>cashier rings it up as a yellow onion

>> No.10862221

Give it back Jaleel

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>push 4011
>Stack 23 slabs of baby back ribs on to the scanner


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10/10 bait

>> No.10862238

Lardass rent-a-cops don't own the store, dipshit.

>> No.10862287

Depends on where you live, but citizen's arrest is universal in burgerland. In theory, the old lady buying dried figs with nickels has every right to detain you if you committed a crime.
Most jurisdictions have additional laws to grant protection to employees (like Peep Beep Meme Creep) who detain you in a reasonable manner for theft. These really just grant additional protection, so your stupid thief ass can't challenge it in court and waste everyone's time.

>> No.10862300

>but citizen's arrest is universal in burgerland
No it is not.

>> No.10862309


The AI profiles for likely shoplifters. Are you black?

>> No.10862335

Some states require it to be a felony, but ALL states have citizens arrest laws on the books.
And in those states where felonies are required, almost all of them have ruled in favor of arrests for petty larceny anyway.
There's no place without one or the other. If you steal shit, Parp Barp Mall Shart can (probably) detain you.

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Nah, because 70% of shoplifters are white, so we focus on that demographic. Sorry to burst your bubblegum bubble sturmdrumpfer.

>> No.10862393

>Go to QT
>Get the large cans of beer, they're like 2 for $5
>Get four of them
>Get charged $3
This happens every time I go there. Should I say something?

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Nothing personal kid

>> No.10862452

Funny shit

>> No.10862464

I don't think you understand how law enforcement works in this country

>> No.10862479

I got some kiwis . what am i supposed to do with them though? Is kiwi smoothie good?

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>American law enforcement

>> No.10862506

dubdubs checked. You can use multiple forms of payment at self checkout

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>a 1st world country can only function with a population that can be trusted
>Cooperations and banks can be trusted
Yeah ok

>> No.10862687

You can give them a nonverbal reply if you don't want to say something. Briefly make eye contact and nod as you do so. You can replace the nod with a smile if you'd like. Alternatively feel free to just ignore them entirely, they don't give a fuck either way.

>> No.10862701

>while keeping eye contact
>with your eyes closed

>> No.10862713

>I hate self-checkout and want prevent its widespread use as much as possible

>> No.10862728

they're nice when I'm getting a basket of things. they just keep updating them though, the hardware won't keep up. laggy and unresponsive at worst, making you look like the dipshit because you scan it, put it in the bag holding area, and then it can't keep up and tells you something is wrong in the bagging area.

>> No.10862735

We don't have these where I shop because Arthur T. Demoulas believes in a human being waiting on a human being.

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>fill bag with 2 pounds of broccoli florets ($2.50/lb)
>label as whole broccoli heads ($2.00/lb)

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>> No.10862903

>being proud of thieving
I'll pray for you anon

>> No.10864503

Rema 1000 is more expensive than MENY. Kiwi is cheapest my far. Thing is, I have enough money to buy groceries at the superior MENY.

>> No.10864523

>buying florets
>liking plant sand
>not appreciating the delicacy of the stems

>> No.10864533

you disgusting pig, you are the fucking cancer that doesnt allow for these machines to be a common thing everywhere.

and if you think a bag of kiwis is worth rotting your mind and soul then go ahead.

>> No.10864550

>tfw no Meny or Kiwi in my shitty hicksville town, unless they popped up somewhere without me hearing about it.
Rema and Fakta are alright, though. We have two Aldis as well but I kind of avoid them because I used to work there and it's a bit awkward meeting a former Aldi coworker from like 15 years ago who still hasn't moved on.

>> No.10864558

That’s four to six shitty jobs that machine steals...

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>Be milkdrinker
>Go to self checkout
>Scan and bag everything, doing the usual fuckery with produce, saving me a few dollars
>Leave the gallon of milk tucked in on the floor where the wagekeks won't see it
>Check out
>Take plastic bags in one hand, and grab gallon of milk in the other hand

It's not suspicious to carry something heavy like that unbagged.

>> No.10865252

crime clearly isn't due to skin color, as many indians are quite peaceful and civil
there are clear biological reasons why africans have a predisposition for violent crime and generally aggressive, antisocial behavior

>> No.10865275

>hat doesnt allow for these machines to be a common thing everywhere.
based. i'm gonna do it more now.

>> No.10865293

The other day I was leaving Walmart with a thing of tea
A big black lady sitting in the chair asked to see my receipt, must be a new thing they do
I showed her but then told her to go fuck herself
Really I was just mad a black person spoke down to me ;_; I really am racist aren't I

>> No.10865335

They ask me “do you have a receipt?”
I say “yes” and keep walking...

>> No.10865437

He's right, Shoplifting is only a misdemeanor.

>> No.10865453

Congratulations, you invented stealing.

>> No.10865464

Do tell.

>> No.10865473

>i shall
>at said person

imagine a person like this thinking they're better than literally any person chosen at random from anywhere on the planet

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File: 2.89 MB, 640x316, india.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

google evolutionary biology
or don't and just post cooking related shit you stupid /pol/boomer

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>Steal food
>Lower demand for food
>Food production is reduced
>Environmental waste is reduced
>Helping the planet by stealing

>> No.10865516

Don't feel like Googling it. You made the claim, you explain it.

>> No.10865566

What? Rema1000 is pretty on par with Netto. Irma is more expensive than Meny. Or are you guys in Norway?

>> No.10866125

You disagreeing with the price doesnt mean its okay to steal. Youre not an authority on pricing.

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File: 2.91 MB, 640x360, 1513907463675.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't feel like making off-topic posts. You care about it, you google it or just stay uninformed i got give a shit.

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>> No.10866139

> west is collapsing is exactly this - we have lost faith in each other because of idiots who overly abuse the society.

My nigger you Europeans literally had either some major war or genocide every 40 years until World War II. """Western""" civilization hahaha

>> No.10866171

Contacted fbi you sick fuck

>> No.10866180

The ones at my local target only allows debit/credit.

>> No.10866189

That way they know who you are and could conceivably make corrections to your bill.

>> No.10866194

I'll let you dumbasses in on a secret, store owners know this happens all the time, but the losses are less than it costs to hire more cashiers so they don't give a fuck and write it off as the cost of doing business.

>> No.10866308

a cashier makes minimum wage 35 hours a week, @~$17K a year. each machine costs about $12k. once. self checkout is nothing but profit. prices will never go down either, the cost savings won't be passed on and more jobs will disappear.

>> No.10866323

>buying red onions at white onion prices
lel get rekt tesco
dont bother mi5, im using incognito mode

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>go to butcher section
>get 3 lbs. of grass fed ribeye
>slap on sticker printed from home with barcode that scans item as 3 lbs. of ground beef
>50$ of steack for 10-12 bucks

wa la

>> No.10867310

It's because they are cucks going along with the system following all the rules when they see somebody who has less than them breaking the rules and having a benefit that they don't get they get super upset.

>> No.10867314

This is bullshit

>> No.10867526
File: 1.10 MB, 1523x726, 1509772282652.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>slap on sticker printed from home with barcode that scans item as 3 lbs. of ground beef
how did you do that?

>> No.10867558

But a pack of... wait for it, ground beef and choppy the sticker...

You could also make stickers from boxes of jello or single ramen packs for everything else.

>> No.10867567


>> No.10867605

Not really, faggot. You and everyone agreeing with you are shut-ins. You think Wal-Mart goes through every receipt and the corresponding camera footage to make sure nobody's stealing, hundreds of times a day?

I've robbed the self checkout at least 50 times Usually with an entire cart of groceries worth at least $100 I get out with for $20 or less.

>> No.10867618

Stores over here they have a person monitoring the self checkout stations and can see if you're putting in the wrong shit. Gotta show your receipt and have your groceries inspected too.

>> No.10867631

Pretty easy to slip past them if the self checkout is full, which is all the time certain hours of the day here. And they don't check the receipt unless you're buying something like a TV.

>> No.10867634
File: 688 KB, 600x733, 1493095005933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where i am you can choose to print a receipt or not, Ive never been asked to see my receipt

>> No.10867710

And these things are undermining the viability of our society. You're on his side, even if you don't know it.

>> No.10867737

Why the homophobia?

>> No.10867859

where do you think you are faggotteli?

>> No.10867889

Put pine nuts ($20/lb) as some $2.00/lb coconut flakes

>> No.10867920


if the west can be taken apart because of shit like this then it deserves to be taken apart

>> No.10867992

Sounds like registerboy is mad about people stealing money out of his paycheck.

>> No.10867996

True. Utopia will never be in the material world.

>> No.10868035

>tucked in
Where exactly are you tucking this thing that no one can see it?

>> No.10868047

>Bananas won’t scan
>Say fuck it and put them in my bag without paying
>’Excuse me sir, did you want those banana too?’

>> No.10868049

Because your a faggot

>> No.10868079

In practice they would never touch you because a lawsuit could easily settle for 10x the cost of whatever you stole if you fake an injury or something

>> No.10868455

not him

If you claim to k ow, and obviously you care, you gotta base your claims. Without it, you look like a nigger.

>> No.10868607

I remember one time my friend found a 12 pack of beer in the bagging area, I guess the previous customer couldn't afford it or didn't have his ID but he played it really cool, slipped it into his bag and actually made it out of there

>> No.10869644

It's in a borderline dangerous college town so that's probably for the best.

>> No.10871169

>standing in court for stealing food in current USA

how shameful

>> No.10871237

The other day I bought like three cases of water and rather than lift all three out I just showed one to the cashier and told them I had three. They said okay and I thought nothing of it. When I came home I realized they only charged me for a single case.

>> No.10871254

>stealing water


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watch out for barcode stickers on produce, i just tried to score some expensive apple for cheap but didn't realize there were barcodes on them

>> No.10874116

>leaning tower of baskets infront of the check-out, left by shoppers (literally taller than the average person)
>if it's tall enough I usually move the baskets to the entrance
>the shopworkers there always show great appreciation for doing this since the baskets always pile up during rush hour and they don't have time to do it
>the security guards almost never do it, even though they'd be fully capable of doing it.
>they usually give me badjuju stares when I do it but fuck them

>> No.10874153

Make sure you learn the codes for discounted produce (like bananas that are super ripe) and the non-organic stuff. Then just type it in regardless of what kind of bananas you actually have. Not a court in the lane would convict you if you were like "Oh I thought that was the one code for bananas sorry"

>> No.10875841

Fucking kek

>> No.10876228

That would all depend on how much you are stealing.
If you are stealing hundreds of dollars worth of shit then yes they might.
Ringing some organic produce up as regular?
Highly doubtful. If anything they'll just tell you to leave the store and never come back.

>> No.10876338


bullshit. its just cheaper to allow stealing than to pay wagecucks

>> No.10876364


the entire stock market came about because people were getting fucked over non-stop on international shipping. get off pol and read a book

>> No.10876766

There's always a worker looking at me when I use them because I look shady

>> No.10876774

What are you talking about? LOL is a fucking ancient internet term that 4channers have been using for years and years. Stop calling everything Reddit!!!!!!!

>> No.10876798

they had to remove these from my local grocery store because a certain group of people were abusing the system, like faggot op

>> No.10876805

You derailed the thread, faggot, you back up your claim.

>> No.10876826

Return the kiwis and apologize Tyrone.

>> No.10876849

but 75% of US populaiton is white, so they under-index in terms of shoplifitng

>> No.10876853

>clear sign of systematic racism
>be racist about it
lol small brain

>> No.10876866

>People get arrested after getting caught by loss prevention for shoplifting twenty bucks worth of shit every single day
Where? Fucking Neiman Marcus?
I do and know several people that steal shit from Kroger through self checkouts and haven't had shit happen to them.
Once some guy I know got caught stealing beer and they told him to leave and never come back.

>> No.10876870

So somebody acting sketchy is more likely to be observed and then potentially caught about shoplifting than somebody who doesn't?

One thing I've learned, black people put their head on a fuckin swivel when they're up to no good.

Crackers up to no good just act fairly normal but they'll stick their shit in the bag that don't belong.

Niggers that're up to no good act like a fucking Looney Tunes thief, Mexicans are the same.

>> No.10876902
File: 7 KB, 181x279, images (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i just smile and give pce sign like i have done for the last 15yrs, never gets old

>> No.10876954

Combined with the produce scales, this can save a shit ton of money. I recently bought some mushrooms worth $13 a pound for 12 cents.

>> No.10876970

die, corporate bootlicker

>> No.10876974
File: 17 KB, 444x299, 1317152902089.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>loss prevention
lmao just walk out, they can't touch you

>> No.10876983

Hispanics are considered white for crime statistics and a lot of blacks are classified as white too to make the justice departments look less racist.

>> No.10877010

Because the teacher or school gets accused of being racist when the black students don't do well. I think universities also get benefits for having a higher graduation rate for blacks.

>> No.10877031

The bags are on a scale, you can't just stick something in the bag it will know you didn't scan it.

>> No.10877078

Another liar. Every item you scan has a known weight jn the system, if it doesn't match what you then put on the scale (bagging area) it notifies the attendant.

>> No.10877124
File: 55 KB, 600x760, 50a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have a bag with 3 lemons
>put bag on scale
>how many lemons?
>enter 2
>hold one lemon through bag off the scale

I've probably gotten away with hundreds of pieces of free fruit/vegetables by doing this for the last ten years.

>> No.10877190

r u britsh m8?

>> No.10877232

>bring trusty scissors to cut the stalks off broccoli
>put the florets in the bag and ring it up as usual

>> No.10877237

Why do bags need to be verified anyway?

>> No.10877305

But the stems taste just as nice as the florets

>> No.10877514

Okay anon, then explain why we're living in luxury while they are still living in the Stone age

>> No.10877536

Not him but that has literally 0% to do with anything he asserted. I mean, his is about recent reported crime in a national area, and yours is about the entirety of history of the progresss of civilizations. Both of you should probably just kill yourselves.

>> No.10877750
File: 259 KB, 640x360, 1529710552311.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get to Australia
>we have guns
>they haven't even invented the wheel

>> No.10877818


>> No.10878117

Good goy

>> No.10878245

War is an excellent motivator for progress and development.

You either keep up with your neighbours or you get defeated and occupied or annexed. Which brings the cultural achievements and progress of the victor to the defeated.

>> No.10878252

There's no rules posted at the terminal saying you can't do what OP did.

>> No.10878337

>constantly get told NOT to reach behind your back
>does it anyway
Yeah the cop was a dick but for fuck's sake....

>> No.10878353

Retards like you are who let Reddit take everything from 4chan culture

>> No.10878368

Those aren't police men, they are "security guards" aka minimum wage flunkies in a costume and can't do shit to you. Sure they will pretend like they have authority, and most people will fall for it because they don't know any better. You can literally ignore them and walk out.

>> No.10878375


>> No.10878379

>make a handstand
>with hands up

>> No.10878418

I had the scale get an error.
It read my large bunch of organic bananas as 0.01 lbs.
I paid a penny for them and my receipt shows it.

>> No.10878443

No you can't. Anybody can make a citizen's arrest, and they're better equipped to do so than most.

>> No.10878721


>> No.10878737

By that logic I can just arrest the guy making the citizen's arrest...

>> No.10878955

Close, I'm Polish.

>> No.10878983
File: 26 KB, 281x314, 1529901579380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I always punish any dipshit store that uses these scales by surreptitiously pressing my hand down on the scale when the attendee isn't looking. Get fucked crapitalists

>> No.10879056

I'm good friends with a guy who owns an armed security guard company and motels and groceries are his primary customers. I asked him if they were authorized to apprehend shoplifters and he said absolutely not, that's an entirely different realm of much higher insurance rates. His guards are there to protect patrons and employees from physical harm.

>> No.10879193


>> No.10879537

if i need 3+ lemons its cheaper to buy a pack of 6-7

>> No.10879662

I'm going to blow someone in a hours time and even i think you are being a bit much of a faggot right now

>> No.10880534

How was it? I've already had 3 today

>> No.10881186

These things at Walmart literally have a camera that scans your face and hands as you pass things over

They will just wait till you keep coming in then charge you for a bunch of thefts

>> No.10881427

I worked 1 week at as a cart pusher/bagger. I had to constantly look after these machines, let me fucking tell you man. There are unironically people who roll up with fucking 2 carts with 500 dollars worth of produce and shit, and expect you to bag it by calling you over. It's ALWAYS the fucking asians too.

>> No.10881907

Anecdotal evidence. One security firm's policy does not mean mallcops are unable to legally arrest you on suspicion of shoplifting.
Many, many stores tell their employees not to intervene for many reasons. That doesn't mean they aren't within their legal rights to do so, and it doesn't mean they won't execute this right 1 in 100 times.

You didn't witness him in the commission of a crime, and you don't have probable cause. The police would arrest YOU for false imprisonment.
Fighting probable cause is one of the most futile efforts in the American justice system. The case may never go to trial, but you will basically NEVER get probable cause overturned if a cop ratifies the mallcop's arrest.
In contrast to conviction, probable cause is very much a "guilty until proven innocent" field. Good luck proving Paul Blast didn't have adequate suspicion.

>> No.10882010

>muh legal rights
Did you not read the part in my post where he said it was due to sky high insurance rates which indicates it results in numerous civil suits? His clients are local guys that own 1-5 groceries so they're not capable of paying that kind of security rate. However, My guess is corporate chains may very well be able to afford that level of security.

>> No.10882025

lmao these things are insane

>literally just stick shit in my bag
>"unscanned item in bagging area please wait for assistance"
>turn and look at the worker
>they scan their keycard
>continue stealing

its literally too easy. none of them give a fuck and if they do none of them are confrontational enough to dig through your groceries

>> No.10882066

I seriously doubt this. Anyway if you're the kind of person who goes to wal-mart with any regularity you're probably gonna end up in jail eventually anyway

>> No.10882526

Right, but again remember that you said they "can't do shit to you."
That's extremely false. Whether or not they WILL do shit to you is another question, but you have no recourse if they decide to do so.

If you slide a few packets of gravy mix into your jacket on the way through the aisle and you get caught, odds are good they won't do shit but threaten you and demand you put it back. Or they'll bluff and claim they're detaining you, but won't follow through with physical force or chase you.

If you're lifting $300 toolboxes from home depot, you can expect to be properly detained by Pap Brap in a small room until the cops come.
(I know this because I met a man in jail who was busted in exactly this way.)

>> No.10882548

Just cut them in half and spoon them out

>> No.10883126
File: 19 KB, 236x320, 1529995170386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

eat them whole nigger

>> No.10883171

this is only a thing in poverty stricken areas, my local supermarket doesn't weigh the items lol

>> No.10883417

>he doesn't eat the skin
Anon what are you doing.
You eat peaches, and they're 50x fuzzier.

>> No.10883433

Those "rules" are called "state laws," and yes, they do forbid this practice.

>> No.10883460

>geriatric greeter asks to see your receipt
>white out

>> No.10883560

I live in Australian and it use to happen to me a lot at Woolworths, before they changed the scanners.
The scanners have scales under the bagging section. So they use to weigh what you put in the bagging section to make sure that you weren't stealing shit.
Problem was though, the scanners are fucking retarded. So if you scanned something light and then put it in the bagging section, the scales wouldn't register it, so the scanner would lock up and make you wait until an employee came over to check.
Or if you took a full bag out of the section and moved it to the area behind, it would be fine with you taking the bag, but then bitch about "Unknown Item in Bagging Area" when you put it in the rear, forcing you to put you're full bags on the ground. And if you were using a reusable/canvas bag and put a new bag in the bagging section, some times it would register that and shit itself again.
Thank fuck Woolies stopped that shit. But K-Mart and Big W still do it.

>> No.10883650
File: 83 KB, 783x600, 1531182553571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get expensive organic bell pepper
>scan it as normal bell pepper
>tell machine babby sitter I didn't realize these were organic
>it's okay hun, just be careful next time
>save 2 dollars

>> No.10883688

I think coles still does it too

>> No.10883695

>go to Coles to buy avocados and other things
>usually steal the expensive shit and pay for the cheap shit
>get a basket full of stuff
>bagging area is weighed
>"sorry i forgot my card at home"
>put everything back
>drive 2 minutes around the corner to Woolworths
>do the exact same thing there because no weighted plate
>$70 worth of groceries for $12 LEL
>been doing this for 3 years

>> No.10883716

I used to do this in high school for like 2 whole years until I got nabbed by the attendant and she made me scan each item in front of her. Pissed me off at the time but at least she didn't call LP or a manager or something

>> No.10883741


>> No.10883758
File: 67 KB, 450x342, pres bush pound.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

congratulations on being worse than a thieving nigger

but i guess that's to be expected by an island populated entirely by convicts

>> No.10883761

You must be pretty young

>> No.10883783

Rather be a thief than a broke faggot

>> No.10883804

I do not walk around with a label saying "do not kill or sexually molest," but you're still not allowed to kill or sexually molest me.

>> No.10883838
File: 2.93 MB, 450x450, nude beach zoom in.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's because your a human been, corporations need to autistically label everything to cover their ass legally

>> No.10883877
File: 29 KB, 688x986, d e v i l i s h.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy broccoli crowns
>say it's full stalks

>> No.10884001

I wouldn't know as my local coles hasn't put any in yet.

>> No.10884335

I wish these things had an age limit so I didn't have to wait for the boomer who takes forever and talks to the machine when it gives instructions.

>> No.10884349
File: 63 KB, 600x459, Famous Vietnam War photo of Vietnamese children-8x6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>we should destroy civilization in order to save it
Is this what they mean when they say "clean your room"? I always thought it meant literally cleaning a bedroom

>> No.10884455

the cashier obviously wants to fuck you

>> No.10884481

Then why did she take me to court for rape? Fortunately the jury agreed that I had no way of knowing there was no implied consent, but it was not a nice thing to do.