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What's the best pie, /ck/?
Why is it pecan?

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>what's the best pie?
You posted it.

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Overly sweet trash favored by niggers that lack a proper palate.

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>For me it's lemon meringue pie
the best pie for summer

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>Why is it pecan?
Because its rich, gooey, but also crunchy. It also pairs with cool whip better than other pies.

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For me its strawberry rhubarb

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pumpkin or sweet potato

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ive actually never had rhubarb pie. Im going to have to track some down.

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>cool whip

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Strawberry Rhubarb


Sweet Potato

Lemon Meringue (always looks better than it tastes)
Key Lime (always looks better than it tastes)
"Mud" Pies
"Cream" Pies

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The best pie is cake.

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i love soggy snot-nut pie too, OP

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I'm sorry you only ever ate shitty supermarket pie anon.

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>>>proper palate

i've known a million niggers smarter than you

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With coffee, strawberry rhubarb
In the heat of summer, key lime
Fresh out of the oven, Apple

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cake sucks.

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Agreed. I've probably never had a really good cake though.
Cupcakes are a garbage tier dessert though.

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I have had some incredibly high tier cake, and it's still not as good as pies I can make myself.

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I want to argue with this, but I can't. Also slip cheesecake into high tier and both custard and pear into mid.
>inb4 cheesecake is cake because of the name despite having no other cake-like qualities

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Pecan is the best for the winter holidays but my grandmother used to make a strawberry pie with fresh picked strawberries in early summer that was goat af. She put a layer of hand whipped cream on top after it came out of the oven. She also made incredible meringue pies, lemon and chocolate in particular. I learned her fried chicken recipe but I was a stupid teenage macho tard who thought baking was girlish at that age and never bothered to learn her pie making techniques. Yeah, I was a dumbshit.

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I’ll have mine with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
I’ll call it “pie a la mode” because my name is Bob LaMode.

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Fug, I know that feel. My great-gran was the same but she died when I was 9, before I learned that cooking is awesome.

>not Alfred
dropped the ball

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Ricotta cheesecake > cream cheese cheesecake tho

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Eh, depends on the application. Cream is dense and rich as fuck, so I like to make it for parties since it's easy to be satisfied with a small slice. The lighter, fluffier ricotta versions are definitely better for regular occasions, especially if you're having it relatively early in the day so it doesn't weigh you down.

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cakes are much higher tier foods

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Your mom's poontang pie.

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Never had ricotta cheesecake but my mother used to do NY styles from scratch all the time.

Do you have any suggestions for making a ricotta cheesecake?

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You want a relatively dry, fine curd ricotta for cheesecake, so drain it well and toss it in a food processor. Be aware that it will have a lighter flavor than the NY style you're used to, so you can go with a bolder crust made of cookies or flavoring like Amaretto . Also if you want it super fluffy Japanese style you can separate your eggs , beat and fold in the whites.

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Cool! I'll cap this and give it a try this weekend. I was looking for a dessert to make.

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>I make a pie with an airy texture and better fillings
>Oops, I made a cake
He's right.

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in the catalog the thumbnail looked like go' za'

why would you lie to me OP

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It' s just nuts on a crust.

Now cake' s where it' s at.

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Right? I'm literally sitting on nuts on a crust as I type this

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>A thickened mix of corn syrup, sugar, butter, and eggs
anon pls

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I was just saying that pie' s are the lazy man' s cake.

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Kill yourself racist. Pecan pie is patrician tier, along with apple pie.

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>no love for the humble sugar pie

Poncey nonces the lot of you

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yum yum CORN SYRUP pie with pecans on top

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pecan is best by far, but i'm partial to blueberry as well. dutch apple is honorable mention

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pumpkin is supremely overrated. and i'd switch apple and pecan

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I had a really nice chicken and egg pie once

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>apple god tier
I've never understood the whole obsession with apple pie. It's great with ice cream, sure, but pretty w/e by itself

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the only good post

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For virgins like me!

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>5 berry crumble pie
Tears of joy tier

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Too sweet.
Try a meat pie. Tortierre is the greatest.

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a challenger appears

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For me it's the Key Lime Pie

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Cherry pie cause you get quick gold if your on the cooking guild.

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Lemon key face

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All pie is great, blueberry is my favorite

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Alfred LaMode was my fathers name.

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wife made sugar free strawberry rhubarb (crust may have had sugar). xylitol/stevia. fantastic. mouthwatering.

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>key lime pie low tier
>custard pies low tier
This is why you are a joke. Make it yourself properly and then tell me its low tier you cretin.

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It's Elder God Tier

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This is her now. Feel old yet?

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>pecans on beef

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your an idiot

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Steak and ale.
Chicken and asparagus is a close 2nd.

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for me it's the Pastiera Napoletana, the best fast food sandwich

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sounds disgusting

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Blueberry, which I'm in the process of making once again.

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I prefer key lime pie over lemon meringue but if I can get a slice of both together I'd sooner do that than anything else. There is no "best" pie since every pie is a matter of subjective taste, but there are good and bad pies, let's be real.

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>lemon meringue and key lime are shit
>always looks better than it tastes

You gotta try the real stuff my dude, you're missing out immensely, I used to think the same thing buying pie slices at Village Inn up until a co-worker made the best chilled key lime pie ever.

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That's super useful, I know what my next "perfection" experiment is.

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is pecan another word for walnut?

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ned kelly pie

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desu i prefer just rhubarb

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Bread pie. I could eat that shit everyday and never get tired of it

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Best pie is chocolate cream

Unless it's savoury, in which case a nice potato top pie, no veg or anything.

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it's not. it's key lime.

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kouign amann rules them all...

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ice cream or whipped cream as a topping?

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best pie is pizza

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since there's already a pie thread, may as well...

Had some meat and vegetable pie in a caffee. I'm on a low carb diet, and it supposedly only had some oatmeals in the bottom crust (top was all cheese), so maximum /fit/. The filling itself was shred vegetables and ground meat.

Anyone have any recipes like that? I'm going to attempt to recreate it.

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Nogs prefer sweet potato pie retard

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>Diner cake a la mode
Fuck you no get out

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You forgot
Peach pie

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I've had good cake but even good cake is still only as good as shitty pies

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Try using St. Andre cheese for cheesecake (it's a brie cheese that isn't super expensive) best cheesecake I've ever tasted

>> No.10865254

Did you shit yourself from it the next day?

>> No.10865260

No I feel something else in my pants though post more potato cutie

>> No.10865269

I don't get where this meme comes from, I shit way more from coffee than those things.

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Salted honey chess pie was something my pastry department ran three seasons ago I gained like 4 pounds on the fucked up ones alone they were so good and the cutie3.14 intern kept giving them to me as an excuse to chat me up those were better times

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vinegar pie? wtf? can anyone confirm if this is good or not?

>> No.10865873

It's basically just a custard flavored with apple cider vinegar, for poor settlers on the road with no access to fresh apples

>> No.10865875

Never tasted it, what does it taste like?

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Why be satisfied with just pecan, when you could have Derby pie?

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>all these dessert cucks not knowing that pie is for dinner

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For me, it's coconut cream.

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Pecans. Which are delicious.

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I like the idea of pecan pie, but it's always too sweet. I hate overly-sweet pies. I'd have to go with blackberry pie, as long as it's not overly sugared.

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>Overly sweet
It's a fucking pie

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The best pie is pinkie's pie.

>> No.10867707

That looks like a dank blueberry pie.

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The best pie is obviously mincemeat pie.

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>No one has ironically or unironically mentioned American Pie yet

Post yfw

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>meatpie with no meat

Fucking vegans.

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recipes anon I NEED RECIPES

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>all these pielets

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When it comes to fruit/dessert pies, I absolutely love Peach and Blueberry.

But when it comes to a savory pie, I like my pies to have a bit of.... Frey in them.

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>Noone said cherry yet

I can't be the only one, can I?

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Berry pies = Whipped Cream
Peach/Apple = Ice Cream
Citrus (Orange/Lemon/Lime) = Whipped Cream
Pecan = Ice Cream
Chocolate/Cream = Ice Cream
Sweet Potato = Sour Cream

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Go gargle on some nigger dick, you ratchet kike faggot.

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Pecan Pies truly are the best pies.

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Now we're fucking talking baby!

>> No.10871760

T h i s

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Not bad. I'd move pumpkin up to god tier, cherry up to high tier, and apple down to high tier, but this is a pretty solid list.

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I'm not sure I've ever had a pecan pie. I bet it's real fucking good.
I like apple pie the best

>> No.10873369

chicago style

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