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Happy July 4th.

You wouldn't eat me right, anon?

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I would. Why wouldn't i?

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ill eat you and your whole family

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Based porker

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what did he mean by this?

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Not yet, porklet. But one day your time will come. And you will be delicious.

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Not until you're at least a whole pork chop, otherwise it's a waste of time.

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a cute

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I ate parts of one of your bretheren just the other night. So tasty

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Spare me your porkster tricks, you're nothing but a crunchy little bite for me.

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Of course I'd eat you, you delicious little piggy.

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This thread was featured on /qa/!


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by definition, pigs are sentient and intelligent

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I wanna fuck that piggy

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>You wouldn't eat me right, anon?
Not before cooking you, no.

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Better watch out man, you just can't go around triggering people like that.


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I pretty much quit eating pork after I had a few drinks with some farmers and they talked about how smart and self aware pigs were. They said chickens on the other hand, were so stupid if one of them would get a prolapsed asshole, the others for some reason would peck it until the chicken died from blood loss. I have no problem eating an animal that fucking stupid.

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I eat meat and even raise a few backyard chickens. I will say they have distinct personalities so it isn't so easy just to dismiss them on the basis of our interpretation of their intelligence. Also, have you never seen those chickens where you can wager you can beat it at tic-tac-toe, yet they work it to a draw every time?

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>homo chicken has gay sex and gets prolapsed asshole
>other chickens rightfully kill him for his degeneracy
Nothing stupid going on here anon

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not yet
you need to bulk up to slaughter weigh

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>giygas music in the background

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He's adorable. But I bet you could gut and fry the whole thing up like a little pork nugget and it'd be delicious as fuck.

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Have you never seen torturous executions or something? It's way scarier when youre a hyper intelligent human still alive, flayed with no legs or hands. Newfag.

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>literally triggered
God, vegans are such reddit tier faggots. We use to spam gore to scare faggots like you off other boards.

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>You wouldn't eat me right, anon?
sure little buddy

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So many infidels. You are misled by the djinni and do not even understand your sin.

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not until you grew. but i would season your ribcage and slather you in homemade molasses bbq sauce. i would also name you crispy. but i would love you. you wouldnt see the hammer coming.

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now i have a boner

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Not until I befriend you "Ellie"

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i hope you die vegan scum

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if they are ao intelligent. than why are dogs in the common household and pigs are food? answer that.

its because pig tastes good. dogs are tools.

quit being a faggot.

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im not afraid of my small penis.

eating meat doesnt equal abuse you dumb queer.

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>hunting is abuse
>trying to convert people to your cause by insulting them

This is how you know these images are just made for circle jerking. These people can't actually argue their cause reasonably and I guess they don't want to either. It's pathetic.

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why do vegans think we eat only those cute puppies? pigs are horrifying monsters that are only made for food.

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thats a good lookin piglet there. i wish i could be in the kitchen with you while you beautifully prepared it. Cheers

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If I go vegan will I get more girth?

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no you will look like skeletor and your teeth will rot from the insides.

however your penis will look the same. gross and ugly.

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Djinni are not real, you superstitious fool

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Fuck yeah! Humans are number one!
Alpha species coming through, bitch fish.

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i just jerked my meat eating thick cock to this picture

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now that the cutesy shit didn't work, the triggered vegan tries to spread his message by shock images.

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>>trying to convert people to your cause by insulting them
>wahh his superior moral ground gives him the chance to hurt me psychologically

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We buy and butcher a pig once or twice a year, depending on if my parents want a piece too or not.
We buy it from a local pigfarmer and select the pig long before it's time to kill it. I have no kids of my own by I take my nieces to visit "our" pig and feed it treats. I know it doesn't live in a cage and doesn't get kicked around.
If your porkchops come from a supermarket it's your problem, not mine. My chops had a good life.

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my feelings.

i dream about about butchering a vegan and eating its stringy undeveloped meat while blowing my meat filled load in its quivering anus.

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This is the worst type of backwards rationalizing. You forced a pig to live inside a glorified cage just so you could eat it, even though you have no good reason to.

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>shock images
That usually works really well on this website

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that music legit scares me
it's so uncanny

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that looks goddamned delicious

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>shock images
>on 4chins
I can only cum so many times in one day.

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If a free-range pig is living in a "glorified cage" then I guess we all are.
You might say your parents forced you to live in one by having you. In fact, you probably do say that while listening to My Chemical Romance and cutting yourself, don't you?
And if you think I have no good reason it's because you've never had a really juicy 'chop.

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>pretend he's part human with human thoughts and feelings
>still just feed him whole apples

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dat carnie cope

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im fully erect thinking about this. dead animals fuel my thirst for dead fags and animal suffering. i am going to kill twice as many animals than my hunger desires and just throw the rest in the trash.

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i will never have enough cum for atuff like this

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swim well, piggers

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vegan left thread. i hope he still knows im going to kill twice as many animals to offset his faggotry.

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The only animals you've ever killed were the cockroaches in your mom's basement.

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Is there really sone faggy vegan discord that wants to raid /ck/?

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I ate a whole lot of you yesterday and today.

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It's one or two angsty kids. Hardly a raid.

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>You wouldn't eat me right, anon?

Not yet, you're far too small to make a decent meal yet.

In about 8 months I'll be glad to.

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So edgy

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So should I shave them when I butcher them and try to make cracklings or is it to much work for what I get?

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Easier to burn it off. I do, and I definitely find it worth it.
I use one of those gas-powered blowtorchlike things make for burning weeds.

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I was thinking of using a propane torch but was told it didnt get rid of all the hair.

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Oh please, like your sheltered ass wouldn't piss himself the second you were placed in a ring with a n animal weighing nearly a ton.

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