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rate my pizza

>> No.10843393

it's as thick as the picturs is big

>> No.10843396

why no basil? looks good though.

>> No.10843400

I do have a basil plant but I forgot that it was good on pizza

>> No.10843672

i feel like its 80% bread but it does look good

>> No.10843812

>no toppings

>> No.10843815

>putting a 7/11 pizza in a cast iron skillet
why. Just get a frozen one. waaaay better

>> No.10843818

too greasy.
way too much cheese; i wouldn't be able to taste the tomatoes on that thing.

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My arteries want to block up looking at it, yet I would still happily eat if you gave to me.
Fuck my potato lyf

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I think its beautiful and could use a few more ingredients but it looks perfect

What dough are you using and all at home made?

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I just put a bunch of cheap balsamic on a cup of sunflower seeds and ate them with a tiny souvenir spoon (freeport bahamas). I don't know why but I was really fucking craving it.

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