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I just put a banana bread in the oven and immediately realized that I forgot to add salt. Is it going to be ruined?

I'll post it when it comes out of the oven.

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Is my banana bread ruined anons?

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Just use salted butter, who the fuck eats banana bread without butter anyways.

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Melt salted butter and brush the top and sides of the bread once it comes out of the oven

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Just salt each slice as you eat it, pretty easy.

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this is a very strange solution to a very dumb problem

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>salting bread
That kills the yeast you fucking idiot

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Thats a terrible idea
Please dont try it OP
Your b bread should be just fine. Did you use unsalted butter? Even if you did, it'll be good without salt.

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If the banana bread is screwed.

1. scoop the cooled banana bread and put it on an ice cream
2. add cinnamon on the banana bread scoop

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>"I forgot to add salt"
>Did you use unsalted butter?

Kill yourself

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It’s gonna be mushy. Salt is essential for the leavening process. Not the end of the world, but it won’t be spongy.

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>Salt is essential for the leavening process.

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banana bread is shit anway

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If it's fresh out of the oven I eat it with butter, if it's at room temp (aka when it's best) then I just eat it by itself. the sour cream makes it just taste like a banana cake bread anyway.

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the best banana bread is spongy banana bread dummy.
this is also good.

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Op here. I did use unsalted butter. The loaf didn't rise correctly and was pretty mushy. I'll figure out a way to salvage it I guess.

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It's probably extremely burnt if you've left it in the oven for 12+ hours. Kill yourself

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Disinfo is not just for /x/

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only if you add the salt directly to the yeast. not if it's diluted in a mixture aka dough.

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Nah, I took it out last night before I went to sleep. I just wanted to follow up. I'll add a picture later

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It's pretty dense

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