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"Your bill comes to $87, sir."

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>*laughs in Redzepi*

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I've never been to a restaurant that charged more than $20-25 for even the memiest of meme desserts, and I've been to some pretty meme restaurants

fun fact: when you hear about these $200 meals you're hearing about cases where people are eating many, many courses, and are quite full by the end of the meal

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The music makes it even better

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sounds refreshing and delicious

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This is some Shokugeki no Soma shit

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I think he went to heavy on the foam

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Are you fucking implying that a person shouldn't be full by the end of the meal?

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no, the retards are implying that you pay $87 for foam and granita

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>That'll be $500, plus tip

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>3 to 4 Thyme leaves

fucking hell

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I'd pay over a hundred for this!

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>Using the weeb name

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>5$ ingredients
>87$ dish

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depends on the size of the leaf, obviously. you dont want the thyme to overpower the carrot air

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One Michelin star is fine

But once you get the second... that's when the Michelin Madness sets in

Sadly there's no know cure except maybe bankruptcy

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>In this recipe we demonstrate how to make light foams using soy lethicin powder

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Ahahaha fuck I wish we had a like button on 4chan

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>"Your bill comes to $87, sir."
So is this implying that the dessert is $87? Who goes to a resturaunt and only orders carrot foam? If it's not all they ordered then this statement doesn't mean anything.

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2250 DKK is 350 bucks. That's without wine. Doing a 25/50/25% split across three courses $87 seems about right on the money.

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That's fucking retarded, because first of all why would the dessert cost 25% of the meal's bill? Also it doesn't even say the meal comes with three courses, so that spread seems completely fabricated. Do you have any sort of proof that's not extremely vague pricing on a menu they don't even show? Fuck, I don't even know if this is where the carrot foam is from.

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What an unfortunate name

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>on a weeb website

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>Not using the weeb name

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>you would be surprized at how many people havent cracked an egg before
im not surprized at all that they choose to eat at your restaurant desu

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Edit: thanks for the Gold kind stranger!

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>That'll be $2000, sir.


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yes, satiety is for poorfags

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Also, drinks can be a huge portion of that bill. A cheap bottle of wine at an upscale restaurant will be $70+. Then there are people who will add in a dessert wine on top of that.

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rich people are generally healthy and not lardasses that can't into impulse control.
that's the only reason they remain rich and not 600# sales like the average American

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Literally just blend some juice to aerate it. Call it "molecular gastronomy". Chefs can really be giant faggots sometimes.

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Meanwhile I can get a huge portion of delicious pasta at a local place for $12.

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