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whats the weirdest animal you've eaten?

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Buffalo dick

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your mum's pussy

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Tie between nutria or rattlesnake.

I've always wanted to try tarantula, the flesh when cooked is almost identical to crab.

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Gull I suppose.
They're trash birds and that's how they taste. Easily the most disgusting animal I've tasted.
All the other animals I've eaten are pretty normal food animals so not really weird. Then again, some people are horrified when I mention eating eel. Different strokes I suppose.

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Crocodile or kangaroo, probably. Not really weird, but a lot of people still seem to consider bush tucker exotic.

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I've not eaten anything exotic by my standards, but I heard some people were unfamiliar with rabbit, which is a thing here in France and that I eat a few times a year.
I also got boar at a restaurant once which is a bit uncommon, I guess

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Alligator. Done with Cajun blackening spices.

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Had it raw, it was pretty bland desu.

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i ate shark fin soup once

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That's not weird. Just immoral. They kill the entire shark for one little fin.

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i know

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>They kill the entire shark
Anon, please. They're Chinamen.
I'm sure they just cut the fin off the live animal and leave it to slowly die by itself.

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That exactly how they do it
If we count insects/artropodes i've eaten a giant emperor scorpion, grasshoppers and bamboo worms

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Is it common to eat snails/rabbit in the USA?
Spanishfag here, pretty normal for us, but never hear about rabbit over there

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Pic related, the New Guinea Cus cus.

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Same for spaniards with rabbit. Also eel is delicious

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>s it common to eat snails/rabbit in the USA?
Not common, but it's not weird either.
They just don't sell either of those at the regular grocery stores.

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Ate gator in the everglades.. and some disgusting Indian bread that the Miccosukee made.

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I hunt them and eat them in the winter and I know others that do. Don't know anyone who ever bought one from a grocery although I've seen them in international groceries. Regular groceries typically don't carry rabbit.

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A gay cow

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Can't really mass produce them so not really.

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Lamprey, good shit.

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I’ve had kangaroo and zebra.
Also ate larvae or some sort of worm once

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Seal flipper

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You can get snail at restaurants and frozen rabbit in South Florida

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I had a chicken once that was into some pretty dark shit, politically and sexually

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A lot of hunters in North Carolina hunt Rabbit, not sure about other areas, but it cant be too different. Also snails oddly enough are only eaten by richfags here.

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Squirrel, rabbit, frog, snake, crickets, spiders, ants, sea cucumber, sea urchin, dog, horse, kangaroo, bear

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Trouser snake.

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Tasted really good

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A Puffin. Not a whole lot of meat, wasn't bad but not great either.

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Sleep tight puffer

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if you know any hunters you can get boar of them. boar terrine and boar stew are delicious

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Guinea pig. It was really greasy. Alpaca steak was delicious. Ate some weird fish and bugs in south America, too.

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Octopus, although that's probably not so odd. Didn't like it, it was very rubbery.

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Probably llama. Guy near me farms them and sells the meat. I had never heard of eating them before, so I got some.

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Pronghorn is pretty common game for hunters out west. I heard it tastes like shit if you dont drop it immediately because lactic acid from running after being shot.

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Squirrel brains. Only the first one I ever killed. Dad said it was a ritual for the hunter to eat the brains of the first thing he killed. That way he can think like them or some BS.

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>snails oddly enough are only eaten by richfags here.
Not true, I've seen them for as much as $5/lb at Chinese markets here in flyoverville

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my future babies

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why discard? shark steak good.

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I remember it tasting pretty good

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I've had geoduck, which certainly looks weird.

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It's pretty good as long as you don't overcook it. I'd probably eat it a lot if I lived in Australia where the fucking things hurl themselves at your car.

A little

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Hmmm, that gets my almonds turning.

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Black bear

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>but a lot of people still seem to consider bush tucker exotic.
>kangaroo and crocs only available in a few places
I sure wonder why its considered exotic in some places???

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>I do not like the vampire deer

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I pick my nose and eat it so I guess human

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Alligator, snake, lion fish

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I ended up making General Tso's with it because:
a) it's the classic joke about Chinese places serving dog or cat meat
b) I figured it wouldn't taste very good so I wanted a strongly seasoned dish to conceal any off tastes.

It didn't taste bad at all, I was quite surprised about that. But it was pretty tough. That might have been my fault for cooking it extra-well-done just to be safe though.

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Jellyfish. It had basically no taste, just kind of salty like sea water. It had the consistency of boogers. The locals were telling us it was good if you drench it in soy sauce, which just sort of defeated the purpose really.

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Weird that they kill the shark for just the fin when the rest of the shark is good fucking eating. In Australia we eat the shark and sell the fin to the Chinese.

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The fin is worth far far more money than the rest of the shark so it's simple economics. For the space on the boat that one shark carcass takes up they could fit dozens of fins, resulting in far far more value of the catch when they go back to port.

I still think it's wasteful and wrong, but it's not hard to see why they would take the fins only.

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what about pidgeon chick paella? My father is really a country kid, capturing and killing all kind of small animals

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You wanna fuck somebody up?

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Backyard pigeon. In a tomato sauce, serves alongside gnocchi.

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Why take up space for steaks when fins are worth more?

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Eggs from my pet redfoot tortoise if all animal products count. If only animal meat counts, then termites.

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My buddy ate a gull once. He was staying out at his parents’ beach house, wound up shooting a gull for whatever reason. Now apparently, his parents rarely cooked, they’d just go to restaurants every night, so they didn’t have a pot big enough to cook his gull in. His solution was to grab a half-empty paint can from their garage, empty it, sort of rinse it out, then cook the gull in it over a fire on the beach. He said it came out Grey, was rubbery as fuck, and tasted like paint.

My buddy is not a clever man.

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i dunno

nothing too weird I guess, moose, deer, alligator, quail, kangaroo

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mantis shrimp, live octopus, dog fish, cod milt, monkfish milk, ostrich, goat tartar, stewed goat penis, camel milk...list goes on.

traveled a lot and was willing to try p much everything.

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A prehispanic dish made of giant flying leafcutter ants. Zampopos

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'Gator and snails probably.

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>phrase not found

/ck/, i am disappoint

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>not knowing it's a secret

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Whale I guess. Pretty good actually. Like if cows lived underwater.

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Not him but Spanishfag from Valencia here. Chicken paella is a thing so I don't think wild pidgeon paella is too absurd.

As long as you don't put retarded shit like chorizo, onions, peas, etc, the taste can be pretty genuine.

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Not that unusual pidgeon was brought to the Americas as a food source that culturally we kinda outgrew

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I rarely see any interest/curiosity about muh spanish food in /ck/. I think there's plenty to love but italian/french food get all the attention.

Only ever hear foreigners about "tapas" restaurants but even that's kind of retarded because "tapas" are not even food, just a way of having food.

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My friends dad killed a rattlesnake and cooked it for us when we were camping one time, it's definitely very good but I was very confused when I saw it on a menu at a local restaurant, I wonder if it was put on there just to freak out people who visit az. I can definitely see it as a trap for califags coming here and seeing it and saying "OMG SO WEIRD! Should we try some?!"

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donkey stew
horse steak

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Squirrel brains carry prion diseases. Don't eat the brain.

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Homo sapiens. Green text if any interest.

>> No.10825808

GOtta love them dumb rednecks LOL. Let nature do its thang senpai.

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Ostrich satay
Thought it would taste chewy since they like to move a lot but it was actually pretty soft. 10/10 would eat again.

>> No.10825824

well I was 8 at the time, so I'm probably ok... right guys ?

>> No.10825828

Guinea pig in Ecuador

>> No.10825841

nah, it can take like 30 years to surface sometimes

>> No.10825849

well thanks dad ...

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Wild Alaskan moose. To date the absolute best tasting meat I have ever eaten.

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How did it taste? What was the texture like? I have heard if you get one that has been eating a lot of blueberries then the meat tastes extra good.

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Poachers. Wish I could taste you, torture and pain gives the meat a bit of a crunchy flavor.

>> No.10826236

Here in krautland you can get it frozen in places like Aldi or Lidl. Same with ostrich.

>> No.10826270


But dear are an invasive species in most places.

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I've had crocodile, snake, shark fin, emu, and a variety of insects including tarantula and scorpion. Not all that weird, but they're considered exotic.

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What a bunch of fucking retards
the guy probably just breeds them to sell to herp owners or to feed his own.
If not that, there are a metric fuckton of "exotic" roach species that people raise just as a hobby

>> No.10826295 [DELETED] 

Same, it's hard to cook the toughness out of it without a pressure cooker, but I quite like the flavor.

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you have six months to live, im sorry

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>not eating cockroaches
you're not gonna make it bro

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It's pretty good. Not much meat though. They call it cuy.

>> No.10827869

I ate raw crab 2 weeks ago at a korean restaurant
I guess that's pretty weird

really much easier to eat than the cooked stuff because its just jelly you can suck out. Gotta be ok with the slimy texture though

>> No.10827933

do tortoises lay unfertilized eggs like chickens or did you just not want any baby tortoises?

>> No.10827976

/fit/ is populated by narcissistic fembois. They're terrified of bugs and visible body fat.

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I've eaten whale steak, puffin breast, and duck tongues (and brains). Had a gator sausage, once, too, but it had been cut with pork and, while good, I can't say that I really know what gator, alone, tastes like.

Also, when my friend's wife gave birth to their second daughter, he took the placenta home and made it into a small meatloaf. The iron flavor was super strong (like liver times ten) and I found the preparation a little off putting. If I had a chance to prepare placenta, myself, I'd either make a pate to smear on cocktail toasts or cut it into slices and sautee it along with some onions (maybe mushrooms).

Beyond that, I ALMOST ate horse, once, but it was a $30 dish and I had already stuffed myself and wasn't in a position to spend the money just for a few bites. Kind of regret it, though.

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I've had jellyfish, twice. First time was a complete disappointment, because it's flavorless and has little to no nutritional value. I wanted to give it a second chance, since there's so many goddamn jellyfish, but it sucked, just as hard. It's not bad or offensive; it's just kind of... there. Pointless.

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My nigga

>> No.10828177

Your mother.

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Ate some gator at the fair once. Tasted real bad. I assume the guy had a bad piece or just didn't cook it right but I've never had gator before or since.

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i ate my state bird nobody cares about
it's been like 10+ years since ive eaten it but i remember it being the best poultry i've ever eaten

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Possum-it kinda sucked

>> No.10828646

Not surprised they are s

>> No.10828653

Not surprising they eat garbage and are scavengers. People hunted foxes all the time back in the day but no recipes utilize the meat for the same reason

>> No.10828663

Ever since I've read about it I've wondered if lamprey pie would be good. I want to try some.

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I've been making civet with this recipe (https://honest-food.net/classic-civet-of-hare)
But with woodchuck. Now that my friends and family know about it, everyone is coming to me to take care of their garden pests because they know I'll eat them. It's a lot of work to clean and butcher (I'm getting better) but the results have been fantastic.

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ur mum's musty beaver m8

>> No.10829217

Kangaroo, I guess. I realize that's not really all that exotic, but I don't live in Australia so it seemed unusual to me. Or maybe ostrich.

Neither one was very good in my opinion.

>> No.10829227

They must have done it wrong. I used to eat alligator every summer when I was a kid. It's basically rubbery chicken.

>> No.10829321

Pig I suppose

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>> No.10829342

had a sampler at Spoto's Steak Joint of Ostrich, Kangaroo, and Caribou
Caribou was the best by far

>> No.10829379

I ate some kangaroo jerky once, but that probably doesn't represent the real flavor very well cuz it's jerky. It was good, though. Besides that, alligator.

>> No.10829476

You ended up here, anon. Think what you could have become if the prions weren't slowing destroying your brain.

>> No.10829801

mountain lion. not sure which part it was.

>> No.10830463


Armadillo or rattlesnake, probably.

Armadillos taste like chicken.

>> No.10830493

She laid them unfertilized, i don't have a male one.

>> No.10830509

Deer ground meat.
Shit was horrible (or gamey as they say.
Very horrible.

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>> No.10830573

Wagyu, I got it at one of them chinaman restaurants. I think it’s some sort of bug but it tasted just like beef!

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Nice flash photo Ken M. Can see all the detail. In that tight focus. Yeah. Got any light box pictures of energy drinks?

t. fellow boomer photog

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I've eaten snake, crickets, kangaroo, ostrich, emu, crocodile, hare, horse, worms, python, squirrel, pidgeon, sea cucumber, dog, llama, most western euro game, sea turtle. But the most exotic thing I ever ate was probably a grilled flying lizard that was hidden in my porridge as a kid so that it would supposedly cure my asthma (I grew up rural in a third world country).

>> No.10831435

Sea urchin. Echinoderms are basically aliens. I should tell /x/ that. Someone there will believe me.

Wasn't good, I don't recommend it but I'd
try it again if I knew it was very fresh, like if I found the urchin and killed it myself. But I don't really have a desire to kill an urchin.

>> No.10831624

If its just straight deer meat with nothing added, it can taste terrible. Had the same thing happen to me but it was deer sausage

>> No.10831732

The processor probably didn't do a good job trimming the fat. Venison fat tastes like a dog's asshole.

>> No.10832380


>> No.10832397

The age of the deer is very important too.

Want meat? Shoot a fairly young deer, ideally a doe. If someone was trophy hunting and shot an old buck then you can bet that meat is going to be nasty.

And if someone is making sausage with 100% venison they are pants-on-head retarded. Even the meat tastes great venison is far too lean to make sausage from. You need some pork fatback in there to get the fat content right.

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Sounds like the place to be

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It was sitting on my lettuce. Didn't see it.
Happened more than once.

>> No.10832516

I've had venison sausage from a family that owns a sausage factory. It was awful, incredibly dry. I don't recommend it but if you mixed pork fat in it would be pretty good.

>> No.10832537

>It was awful, incredibly dry
Yeah, that's what I'd expect from a straight venison sausage. Someone that knows how to make sausage ought to know better, 30% fat is pretty much etched in stone as being correct for nearly all sausages regardless of what nation they are from.

A friend of mine buys an FFA hog & shoots 3 does every year. A mutual friend has access to a professional kitchen at an ag school, so we go there after hours and make sausage. 50/50 pork and venison is god tier.

>> No.10832544

Probably elk or bison tongue.

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>Also, when my friend's wife gave birth to their second daughter, he took the placenta home and made it into a small meatloaf. The iron flavor was super strong (like liver times ten) and I found the preparation a little off putting. If I had a chance to prepare placenta, myself, I'd either make a pate to smear on cocktail toasts or cut it into slices and sautee it along with some onions (maybe mushrooms).

>> No.10832584

An entire live cane toad.

>> No.10832587

I'm a millionaire and I've travelled to many exotic countries around the world. I've explored many tastes and sensations you all will likely never have the pleasure of experiencing. I will afford you some insight into some of the rarer delicacies I've fancied; but will forbid detailing some of the truly exotic meals I may not mention for fear of being identified and/or killed.

Gorilla hotdogs in south sudan
snake spaghetti in the mountains of italy
Korean dog stir fry
Jamaican baby stew

>> No.10832599

Nobody cares larper

>> No.10832617

What country?

>> No.10832689

urchin testicles

>> No.10833694

Ground black bear meat made into enchiladas

>> No.10833939



>> No.10833949

Canned sea turtle soup.

>> No.10833956


>> No.10834104

wow, zo extotik and prehispanik

Colombia, hormigas culonas. Literally nothing weird, they're sold packaged in supermarkets.


I've eaten horse, armadillo, chiguiro (which is super common in colombia and venezuela), cat in Panama, those stupid ants and crickets.

>> No.10835862

Jellyfish and fucking love them.
Somehow people don't eat it and it's considered uncommon?

>> No.10835984

Probably this but I've not eaten too exotic animals

>> No.10835990

howd it taste?

>> No.10836011

Eaten ostrich jerky when I was a kid, didnt really taste of much iirc. Apart from that maybe scorpion, eel, octopus, squid or uni (sea urchin's sex organ) although none of those are particularly strange for that country's cuisine.
Oh and i once had to burst a pig's eyeball in my mouth and eat it, so probably that actually

>> No.10836025

>Cus cus
Oh fuck. I think my girlfriend eats that all the time.
And thinks it's vegan :(

>> No.10836032

Yeah, and isn't jellyfish considered to be a pest or something or even dangerous in certain situations? I say we should eat those fuckers.

>> No.10836038

I'm guessing it's not more common because there's practically no nutrition at all in it.

>> No.10836103

I ate a longpig steak at a small place I visited in Sierra Leone. I don't think I've even seen that breed. All the pigs I've seen look the same length to me. Maybe it's just a name for a normal type of pig, but it created a weird image in my head of some sort of daschund-like pig so I thought it was pretty weird at the time.

>> No.10836155

Deer, elk, gator, pronghorn, mountain lion.

Zebra, wildebeest, eland, warthog, kudu, nyala, sable, cape buffalo, gemsbok, hartebeest, springbok, ostrich.

>> No.10836198

Shark heart sashimi.

>> No.10836207
File: 24 KB, 513x375, 01-27-2009_FishingErnie_007-513x375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Either Triggerfish or Small-spotted catshark / sandy dogfish / lesser-spotted dogfish / whatever you call them

>> No.10836221

I thought the same when I had it. Helped that it had some kind of 50s-esque sauce served with it. Not bad but I don't particularly want to eat it again.

>> No.10836223

Lamb I guess.

>> No.10836941
File: 236 KB, 1140x853, 1sCcPh.So.76[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sand crabs
my family was hosting a Brazilian exchange student, and we all went to the beach (California). When we were there the exchange student convinced us that the sand crabs were good eats, so we gathered them up in a large bowl of watery beach sand, took them home and baked them, ate them whole shell and all
I don't remember what they tasted like, it was many years ago and I was young. lots of crunch

>> No.10837473


underrated post

>> No.10837500


>> No.10837527

Not him, but what you're describing is somewhat correct; the quality of the bear's diet will determine the quality of the meat. Since bears are omnivorous, it's kind of a crap shoot whether it'll be a sweet meat or some rancid nastiness. And at the risk of pointing out the obvious, cook the meat all the way through.

>> No.10837593

How's the puffin breast? I want to eat it at least once.

>> No.10837814

This desu
The Roach dude sounded a little too attached but it is a great source of protein nonetheless

>> No.10837832
File: 661 KB, 1863x1720, 11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Amerifriends have told me this looks basically like a dinosaur to them, but we eat these in Italy from time to time. Tastes something like a cross between turkey, chicken and, oddly enough, rabbit.
Also, being from Italy, mantis shrimp is a common food, too.

>> No.10838694

It's funny you say that, they're commonly dissected in high school labs to assess environmental health


>> No.10839312

Not him but I learned that in High School by my health teacher. It still makes me wince.

>> No.10839320


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File: 2.56 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20180323_152741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Human placenta.
You can buy it from Chinese medicine stores.
In China

>> No.10839370

I eat my semen when I feel extra kinky. Mine is really sweet desu

>> No.10839591

My father ate wild kiwi with me when we were on Ponui Island, NZ a couple years back

>> No.10839637

don't expect some yankee Californian to eat rabbit, but in the south its considered good eatin', along with squirrel. hardly any american will eat snail.

>> No.10839662

Elk. It tasted like deer. Beef is better desu, I guess that's why we farm them.

>> No.10839684


>> No.10839737

That's the closest you'll get to eating Giraffe.

>> No.10839793

That's a good way to get aids.

>> No.10839800


I guess you should never eat /cgl/s

>> No.10839809

CT here, we do too

>> No.10840405

I've eaten those flying ants or whatever that come out after it rains. Tasted like shrimp.

>> No.10840427

>Not understanding how fucking prions work
>calling it a disease

>> No.10840598

kangaroo, koala or croc. not so weird in aussie though.

>> No.10840614

Gotta say tho korean styled spicy crab hot pot is the way to go

>> No.10840940

luckily we have brilliant minds like yours to explain it

>> No.10841513

Whale and crocodile, jellyfish, also stingrays

>> No.10841552

I ate an ant once. Snuck onto some toast.

Wouldn't recommend it.

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