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Old thread 404'd

Freedom Reserve edition

Welcome to Beer General! Feel free to discuss beer here.


Thread discussion: Which recent acquisitions are you looking to share? Either with you local crew of beer gaynards or across state lines in violation of all the local/state/federal laws?

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Discord is owned by kikes
Thoughts on upcoming PBR shortage?

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I could do without it. Pilsner is better anyway.

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PBR is trash, I would like to pay MillerCoors to stop making it.

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Why/how could there be a shortage of a macroswill like PBR

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What makes it freedom? Does it taste any different?

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i can taste the freedom

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MillerCoors had a contract to brew PBR and want out of now that most of the PBR fanbase is dead or in prison and its sales are dwindling. PBR is suing MillerCoors for half a billion.

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It's based off of George Washington's own recipe for a small beer.

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the cheaper the beer, the better it tastes.

more expensive or bitter beers are drank as a form of compensation and putting on airs of sophistication.

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>Freedom is having the State force taxes on you so it can buy more military hardware.

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I've seen this thread 3 times

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Why don't roasties like beer?

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>red lager
how is this, is it comfy?

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It's delicious and /comfy/ and American as apple pie

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I disagree.
The more expensive the beer, the higher quality the ingredients get put into it.

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this wtf
>hang out with friends and drink beers into the night and have a lot of fun

Meanwhile drinking with roasties
>eww i hate beer
>can we get like shots?
>*throws up
>lol i just threw up haha
>passes out at 10pm

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Old thread had shit vibes. /pol/ should stay in its shitty containment board.

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It's bastardized, as Washington was brewing a lager but it's decent enough for the scource. The molasses is definately there in the tasten

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Blame the idiots posting politicians desu

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Why would you start this thread with some shitty ass Brazilian/Belgian beer LARPing as American?

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>Thoughts on upcoming PBR shortage?
That its fucking insane that Pabst is arguing that Miller should be legally obligated to reup their brewing contract

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Why is that insane? Pabst is the most iconic beer in America. MillerCoors shouldn't be able to steal their recipe and try and make their own version while leaving Pabst out to dry.

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>Why/how could there be a shortage of a macroswill like PBR
Because Pabst closed their main brewery in Milwaukee back in the early 90s and only really own the brand (and a bunch of other legacy brands like Old Style/Schlitz/Lone Star/Old Milwaukee/Rainer/Strohs) which they pay Miller to brew for them. Miller has been doing this for a long time but is getting the idea that they might not want to anymore because they are considering closing one of their handful of really old, outdated mega breweries throughout the country (I think it was one in California) and probably wouldn't have the space to if they do that

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>MillerCoors shouldn't be able to steal their recipe and try and make their own version
Um, thats not what is happening at all. MillerCoors is just saying they may not have the capacity to brew it anymore and may stop making it leaving Pabst, a company that used to own many breweries and shuttered them all in the 80s and 90s, without a place to make their beer.

The idea that a 3rd party should be legally obligated to continue contract brewing for Pabst, their competitor, after the current contact ends if they do not want to is just absurd

if Pabst wanted to remain the most iconic beer they should have thought about that before shutting down their breweries and deciding to count on a competitor to brew for them. (Having said that, its a real shame that the light beer trend killed better breweries like Pabst and Schlitz in favor of Bud Light, Coors Light, and Miller Light)

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ok lady

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