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Why are you not a vegan?

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I'm heterosexual and I don't hate myself.

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>Food & Cooking

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I think any diet that requires supplements and pills to be viable automatically fails as sustainable.

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i am

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Because I like meat, obviously.

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I don't think animal products are unhealthy in a balanced diet. I can respect doing it for moral reasons but I just always feel like something is missing if my meals aren't based around some kind of animal product, although I do eat vegetarian most of the time and only occasionally eat meat. I think lab-grown meat will do more for animal welfare than trying to turn everyone vegan.

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Animals have yet to outevolve me.
Also spending your life idly getting your daily food & medical treatment from higher creatures seems fucking awesome.
Humans weren't treated that well till 1950

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Animals aren't people.
taste good man.

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cause veganism is unhealthy as fuck and kills the planet

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Everyone eats all the plants = no more oxygen.
Dumb fucks can't simple science.

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But I am.

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Lots of things that taste/feel good are actually bad for you though.

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Because no one likes vegans.
they are annoying to deal with.

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Because the less we kill animals the less afraid they are of us and then they get hit by someone on the freeway going 80 in a 60 mph zone.
Also vegan food gives me the most repulsiveltly noxious gas I have ever experienced in my life, like I could probably give my cat an asmtha attack if I farted in his face with it

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I don't like gay stuff or cuckholdry.

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>tfw you can't get a vegan to fart on your face

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people are animals
people can taste good. not girls

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I was just trying to compose a funpost reply in the vein of "I actually am vegan, because..." but I decided against it because there's no way to write something like that which doesn't sound like completely obvious retard-tier bait. You've got to have a little nuance - is this real or not?

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cause i dont wanna be and im gonna order some sort of non-vegan thing now because of this thread thanks

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