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The raw food finally got to him, /ck/.

Let's please be respectful during this difficult time.

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You know what they say.
One, two, three strokes you're out.

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Do you think the Palestinians caused his stroke.

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My liege!

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He's likely suffering from TIAs versus a full blown ischemic attack. He'd appear more handicapped than he normally does. The only upside is that the likelihood of suffering a major stroke greatly increases upon having a TIA.

Get your Jack meme collages ready.

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Probably not the raw food as much as the sheer amount of it. Not to mention he seems allergic to fruit & vegetables which doesn't help

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Why is Jack's son estranged from his dad?

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What is going on here?

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Jack doesn't like drug addicts. He said, get out of this house you pot addled drughead, or I will strangle the life out of you.

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lol no. this faggot deserves it. jack is a horrible human and should fucking burn.

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what a piece of shit

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Watch this.

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Time to bust out this cursed image in honor of Ja/ck/

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I got the weirdest boner from this, please send help

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Is this the end of Jack posting?

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You're in my prayers, anon

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While a man may die an idea can live on forever

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Aftershock from this explosion finally got him

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>Jack advocates genocide
Does this make him an honorary /pol/ poster?

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If I had to eat jack's cooking, I'd smoke weed too.

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>Son gets aggressive and physical with Jack and Tammy
>Blame it on the weed.
>Strangle son until his nose bleeds
>Kick him out and have him live on the street
Jack is a fantastic father.

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I love how satisfied he sounds when he mentions that his son's nose was bleeding.

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I love that he tried to scrub that video from youtube and failed miserably

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a classic

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The depths of his stupidity are impressive to me

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>tfw jackposting might outlive jack

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Of course he did. Once it's on the internet, it's here forever. That's why people like you and me are smart enough to 4chan instead of Facebook.

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What episode

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He deleted it

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He must have deleted the original video because I can't find it on youtube...but you're in luck


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What did he do? Why did it explode?

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Karma for being a retard

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I think redddit is more your thing

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Not in his life? I thought they kissed and made up last Christmas.

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Why am I laughing. This is pure hell

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RIP Jack

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It can't really be over for Ja/ck/, r-right?

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redpill me on the Jack family discord

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the strangling might have something to do with it

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He blamed his last stroke on stress, fucking energy drinks and caffeine? Yeah no wonder he got another stroke.

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He can't follow basic instructions.
Although they are pretty counter-intuitive.

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Jack Scalafani: "It was the best stroke you could ever had"

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kek, imagine reading that at his funeral

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That's not Jack's son, this is Jack's son

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He has two sons with different women.

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Why are downies allowed to spread their corrupted genes?

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Jack Jr.... easy on the carrots.

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Because his mom was too stupid to abort him

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>ja/ck/ without a goatee

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Meet him IRL delivering his disgusting sugar sauce. I saw that he actually has a disabled parking permit in his car.

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>Spicy Italian Ring
>It's actually not the one he wears on his sausage finger

Bonus; Jack trying to say gabagool.

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