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When do you think the world will wake up and eat plant-based? I would say by 2027, personally.

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East Asia says fuck you lol

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Mongoloids will follow when it's apparent the masses are healthier, living longer, and by using far less resources

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>when it's apparent
You Westerners already live unbalanced lifestyles and in a desperate attempt at equilibrium, swing the pendulum to the other side lol

This is beyond comedy.

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Prove it

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vegans aren't any of those things though

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Probably 2030 when india's GDP is expected to top the bloated US. One of my fondest college memories is eating free all you can eat vegetarian lunch at hari krishna places. Fucking goat food and no christfag style prosletyzing like fucking satanist salvation army.

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>woken up
lololololololol can i see ur soy license mate

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alright vegans if you purchase and make all my food for me, I'll eat it if it's good, that's the deal

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The world will switch to insect based diet long before plant only.
Human are not herbivore, get over it.

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Sadly, this.

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Early humans were frugivores, which is the reason we've evolved to see the colors red, green, and blue so vividly. To find fruits and berries. It wasn't until tools and fire that early ancestors started eating meat. Your argument is invalid regardless because appeal to nature.

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While I think insect-based diets will definitely become more prominent around the world I cant really imagine the west being completely insect based. At best, insects will be a substitute for plant-based protein by those who can't afford it.

In the next few decades we'll see a shift away from meat in the developed world. Ethical issues aside, the meat industry is completely unsustainable. At the moment, members of the public are too stubborn/ignorant/lazy/reluctant to stop eating meat. But science will change this. Already you can buy vegan burgers which are almost indistinguishable from meat. Think how much more advanced plant-based substitutes will get in the future. Meat will become less desirable as plant-based substitutes are engineered to perfection. After that people will eventually phase meat out of their diets

>not eating engineered deliciousness

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>Thinking the majority of the world would just stop eating something so delicious and beneficial

Are you brain-dead?

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probably sooner than that

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Are you all that retarded or is it like two shitposters constantly agreeing with each other? Humans have been eating meat for literally all of recorded history and further back then that veganism isn't going to be that widespread the 700% increase is mostly because there were so few vegans to begin with

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When there's no meat left, probably. Even then, I think people will legitimately start eating insect based alternatives that are heavily processed (like cricket flour) over eating vegan/vegetarian.

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>acres and acres of real state
>my own animals
>enjoy tasty meat while citycucks eat roasted cockroach penis flour

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>spend your days shoving cowshit around
sounds swell

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All those people going vegan because it's the hip thing to do right now will drop it in 3 years max.

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What a load of bullshit.

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>A livekindly article whose data comes from speculation based on a 2 year old telegraph article and a survey about environmentalism
>pretending "I would give up beef before I gave up my car" from college students is the same as "I am a vegan" from every tom dick and harrahad bin-samasan from all of london

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Not him but you don't have to shovel cow mess when they live in a pasture. That's only for cows that are forced to live in barns 24/7.

And yeah. Having animals is hard work but hard work with a good pay off always feels good.

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>city boi
it is evident you have no idea how farming works. chickens do that work.

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>vs. spending your days in the city being an effeminate mess of estrogen while your wife seeks out virile bulls on nightclubs

I love farming. You can keep the soyshakes.

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evolution of brain size over intestine length happened exactly when meat entered the human diet. The reason we're not tree dwelling chimps anymore is meat

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Aww that's cute, the lefties are trying to meme again.

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>The reason we're not tree dwelling chimps anymore is meat

But that's completely incorrect, the reason we're not tree dwelling chimps is alcohol. Specifically alcohol in the fallen partially fermented fruit, which our ancestors evolved a taste for, because it had higher bioavailability than unripe fruit on the tree.

The meat came much, much later. Please never post about science again.

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>surges by 700%

>only seven more people have become began

>that number will drop when they realize what they're missing

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Lefties are worse at memeing than /tg/ at magic

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Second that brother
Free food is a boon for broke college blokes like me. The food was simple, and healthy, nothing extravagant, but not bad at all.
Interestingly, they never once told me to even consider joining them. Thats odd for religious groups

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In Japan, they hate vegan so much that there are shop who forced to add meat into their vegan ramen after being praised by vegan people, in order to avoid getting bad name from associated with vegan only meal

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Is that why people become drooling retards when drunk?

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you're retarded and have obviously never seen a collection of forest critters too drunk to move after gorging themselves stupid at some fermented fruit tree

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>The meat came much, much later

>braindead vegan literally admitting meat is part of our evolutionary history

check and mate.

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Suicide rate is up 30% since 1999, how's that for increasingly unbalanced?

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All hominidae eat meat

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Only if you stop posting about "science" first.

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>Posts a headline that wildly misrepresents how percentages can be used to show a societal trend
>Claims to know science
Good troll got a few (you)s out of it I guess

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never gona happen, livestock would all go extinct; chickens,cows,pigs. And vegans are all about letting animals live. farmers would no longer tend to their animals and they would all die off.

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There's a better version of this meme.
This one includes a second soy wojak which makes no sense since you're using a soy wojak to make fun of people that use it.

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