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Do Americans really like this guy?

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Not really, every restaurant he goes to become a touristrap.

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I wish he had committed suicide instead

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>never been to flavortown

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He's in it to win it

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Yes. He's the perfect embodiment of Americans and their attitude towards food: fat, obnoxious, bad fashion, and won't venture to try any kind of ethnic cuisine that's not some heavily-Americanized trash.

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Hes fucking great, refreshingly non pretentious. Triple D easily best show on FN

t. Easter Euro Fag

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He's the Zak Bagans of food shows

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We know it's you making these threads, Guy.

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Beat me to it.

t. Mericun

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The show where he cooks at his house for guests and his kids is pretty good. He's way less "In character" than on DD&D, which is nice.

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I'd hang with Fieri. He's like a not-obnoxious larry the cable guy

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Yeah, but only recently when he finally embraced being a meme.

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he's a meme to people, he showcases some good restaurants but people don't really like him as much as say, Alton Brown or Bourdain (God rest his soul)

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Hes genuinely flawless. The only people who dont like him are negative people who are consumed by their own bitterness

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I started watching Grocery Games ironically and now I love him. Perfect example of irony poisoning.

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No, we really don't. He's a flamboyant faggot, and pretty much sums up the worst about the amerilard psyche. He's kind of like chikfila and markets to the LCD of the amerilard soul. Compared to Bourdain, he's barely literate.

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He's the taintwipe flavoured executive of Flavourtown LLC.

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literally who?

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We really like making fun of him.

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GGG is unironically a better show than Chopped. Chopped throws some weak shit at the contestants. Guy fucks with them way harder.

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what has he done wrong? yeah he's a slob and a fat fuck, but at least he isn't pretentious and owns it. better than being a preachy fuck

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Nu-male redditors hate Guy. There's unironically nothing wrong with him.

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He is an American hero and yes we all love him

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The place he went to in my town hasn't become a tourist trap. In fact it hasn't changed at all, it is like he never went there except for a small picture on the wall. I don't even know why he went

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Yeah same, the places was popular before (and had been for decades) and still is. Same with the restaurants I knew about he went to in the closest city.

I mean, there's 260 fucking episodes and counting and he goes to several places in each, there's no way it's that much of a novelty.

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I also like how in triple G they don't always have to do app, entree, dessert, it's kinda annoying the most important dish is always the fucking dessert.

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A loud dotard who overeats 'meme' food for fat fucks... of course Americans love him.

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He's more popular in Scotland than anywhere.

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I thought americans hated dota 2

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Itt leftist urbanites all say negative things rightist ruralites all say positive things

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Can't you tell how incredibly intelligent he is from using that word? Probably a true connoisseur of food celebrities and is currently praying at his altar to Bourdain or as he refers to him, Tony.

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Yes. Unlike that faggy liberal dipshit Tony, Guy won't 404 himself because he feels a little blue.

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Lmao but he literally has triple D editions in places like Barcelona and Cancun. Are u salty cuz he's the man and you're just a neet that thinks just because you have an original spaghetti sauce that you're somehow worthy of criticizing an actual chef??

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Wow look how sophisticated this anon is, he's cynical that anybody could like Guy Fieri, he must have such refined tastes

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The amount of grease on his face what the actual fuck

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He's flavorful.
Why you hating?

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ive been to flavortown more than once here in the Netherlands

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Butthurt amerifat detected.

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>y-you mad bro??

Haven't gotten your semen shipment today I guess?

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I envy you.
He went to a local diner and it blew the fuck up for some reason.
To keep up with the demand, they started by opening other locations around the city. People kept coming.
Now they've gone full chain restaurant, expanding across the country. They just opened their 50th location a couple weeks ago and they're still expanding.

The food is still fine, but they started raising their prices so now it costs $35 to get breakfast in the morning with my wife.

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I've said it once and I'll say it again, Guy Fieri looks like the physical embodiment of Smash Mouth's music

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it's a fun word because it triggers the fuck out of deadshit trumplets, yourselves for example

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He's a fine guy. Wholesome and actually pretty knowledgeable about food.

>hurr durr tumblr told me Guy is the worst

Fuck off.

Try making one (1) post without mentioning Americans, obsessed yurotrash

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I can't stand his voice and fake over enthusiasm

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Sounds like Guy was the best thing to ever happen to those owners.

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>Try making one (1) post without mentioning Americans, obsessed yurotrash
> Anonymous 06/09/18(Sat)23:27:15 No.10733416▶
>I can't stand his voice and fake over enthusiasm
>implying he's not actually that enthusiastic
Get back in your coffin Anthony

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Andrew Zimmerman is enthusiastic but not as annoying

>> No.10733550

friendly reminder that fieri is /ourguy/

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um , yeah i'll admit that i do like him .
he's like sammy hagar , you have to keep it on the down low .

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He’s my wife’s bull.

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>fun word

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>show based in America
>Eats American food
What's wrong with this?

>> No.10734238

Why does he dislike eggs

>> No.10734262

>an actual chef
Awww you were doing so well up until that. Guy isn't a "chef" and even admitted being deficient in that area when he a contestant on next food network star in the mid 2000s, so I'd drop that part but everything else is a solid point you made.

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I like him

>> No.10734773

I only like that he created to flavor town meme. Otherwise I've never watched his show, don't even know how he sound like

>> No.10734793

I used to watch dubs of his show. May give you a general idea of it and how he acts.

I've never seen an episode of the show either.

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cool guy

>> No.10735620

I wanna say that's pegs based off the price

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He's the only celebrity I like. It amazes me that someone that looks like this can be worth 8 million dollars, and he also seems laid back enough to not let it go to his head.

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>Thinking American food is limited to diner trash, fried shit, and heaps of sugar.

The absolute state of /ck/

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He's basically a more refined Anthony .Bourdain

>> No.10735760

Ya but he'd also laid back enough to think deep fried Twinkies or donaughts marinated in coca-cola or a hamburger with 1lb of bacon and brats is cuisine. And the worst part about is my fellow countrymen are too stupid to realize the trash he eats and peddles isn't "food for plain folks #murica #muhgunz”. He peddles food even retards avoid eating. His level of taste has decsended to depths of beyond diabetic inducing. Like he's some how achieved Super Saiyan Diabetes.

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His show is really inconsistent, and only the really good places actually see any real change. There's a shithole diner in my college town he went to that basically is on the brink of closure every time I stop by but only stays open because the owner has enough funds to burn and thinks having Guy there will make everything "eventually pay for itself" despite it being well over 7 years with no changes. A few other places he's been to in Atlanta were close to where I used to live, and 2 of the 4 have since closed. Only one of them (Vortex) managed to stay relevant and that is only because it was already a niche goth hang out.

As for Guy himself, I don't know anything inside or outside of my chef circles who genuinely like him or think he's a good chef. I mean the dude doesn't even like eggs. He's really good at making simple home cooking look interesting and creative with a few simple twists, which is good in some ways I guess, but all the restaurants he has personally opened are Universal City Walk / Down Town Disney tier.

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Guy even admitted he wasn't a great chef during food network star. He only decided to open restaurants full time when he became famous, but even he doesn't cook in his own restaurants. He hires in executive chefs to cook for him, and just brands the restaurant and does all the PR work. His cooking shows where he's at home cooking are some of the lowest rated shows on the network and rarely make it past a couple seasons.

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It's weird because the first 2 seasons of DDD were actually pretty benign. The formula was basically Guy showing up to a normal but well established diner, trying their food, and then giving them a shout out. I guess food network assumed that wasn't super interesting.

>> No.10736538

In the village idiot kind of way

>> No.10736629

dude has a great hair genes
that's pretty much all i can say about him

>> No.10737208

I played so much dota in High school. Haven't touched it in almost 2 years now though....

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There is no difference between a standard American and Guy

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German Goo Girls?

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Google up the menu at his mercifully closed Times Square shithole. Lawdy.

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Do Germans really like this guy?

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>that 20 year old boomer who hates flavor man

>> No.10739047

I mean that's what Ramsey, Emrill, and Deen all do too desu

>> No.10739171

Over exposed, over hyped, over marketed, over done. He was cool for the first season or 2, then his schtick got old. But, he's not a total douchebag, he uses his fame to help others in need.

>> No.10739176

I used to hate Guy Fieri, but the more I watch his shows the more I like the guy. He's obviously a loud mouth and and idiot, but for some reason he's likable.

>> No.10739841

No that’s what a functional alcoholic looks like.

>> No.10739923

I love Guy Fieri. He's like some 40 year old man's idea of what his son would think is cool.

I'm going to eat at his restaurant in Vegas when I'm there in a few weeks. It's not going to be good, but I can't resist eating at a restaurant with actual food items like the "tatted-up turkey burger"

>> No.10740138

That’s a very nice thing that Guy did for the owners. I can’t stand watching him, but for reasons like this I find it hard to hate him.

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this desu

>> No.10740393

And everyone loves Smashmouth

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