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Thoughts on this, the original Egg McMuffin?

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For me, it's the Sausage McMuffin with Egg, the better fast food breakfast sandwich.

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This, but I dip mine in maple syrup

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I don't like how the mcmuffin with ham and cheese is called an "egg mcmuffun" and not the ham Mcmuffin" and when you order a "sausage mcmuffin" it doesn't come with egg but if you order a sausage and egg mcmuffin it doesn't come with cheese or ham

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Sausage and egg mcmuffins in the UK have cheese on them. Love me a double sausage and egg mcmuffin desu

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Don't you want me, baby?
Don't you want me nooooow?

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Im more of a bacon sausage egg on McGriddle man

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Unironically their best breakfast sandwich. Their biscuits are fucking horrible and the mcgriddle is too fucking lardass for my taste.

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Gib me a cheap sauce of protein that's both cheap and keto-friendly that won't turn me into a man with tits.

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For me, it's the sausage biscuit, almost the exact same thing for $2 less

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hell yes it is

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It's pretty good desu. But it's so chewy

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it's too expensive now. I understand inflation and all that jazz, but the last time I went for the meal, it came out to almost 9 bucks. I could literally buy all of the ingredients at the store for less.

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10/10. So is the Sausage McGriddle.

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>I could literally buy all of the ingredients at the store for less
That's literally been the case for like, forever.

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Fish, just go fishing lad. Its free food.

Most weeks after the 37,5h week you can just as well go the sea and check your nets.

No rods or bullshit just nets in the fjord or the lake.

Takes about a half an hour-1h of your time daily and you get so much fish that you have to either give away or sell some.

Fish is awesome.

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Those things could substitute for hockey pucks.

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I live in a desert valley surrounded by mountains. There are no lakes or rivers around here.

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Why the fuck would any sane person live in such a place?

This is just a small suggestion: Unless you are a extremely well paid professional/business owner move the fuck out.

Why would you waste you life like that? People are not supposed to live in the desert.

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I'm not the one that you were replying to but people live there just because they can. The desert is quite beautiful with cacti and gila monsters and tumbleweeds and maybe best of all, no niggers.

America - A horse with no name
In memory of Larry the Hagman, Dallas

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Eat rattlesnakes, they're all over the desert.

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Absurdly overpriced

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I'd get more satisfaction by knawing on a hockey puck.

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sneks are qt.314s

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Babby snek is cute too

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RIP doggo

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That's a statue

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You know it doesn't use a real egg right?

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