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Open wide, /ck/.

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>ding dongs
why are americans so childish

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is it true europeans piss in their own mouths?

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No only American penises are large enough for such a feat

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Says the country that eats products named "Spotted Dick" and "Faggots"

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Why is this so funny to me

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Star Spangled Ding Dongs is legitimately the funniest phrase I've ever read

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Why are stars the only thing you ever see described as spangled? Presumably it's a real adjective, why can't other things be spangled? No chip spangled cookies? No pepperoni spangled pizza? How can an adjective exist to describe just one noun? What's the deal here?

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It used to be a more common word but it became outdated to the point where we only use it in that one phrase.

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good post

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