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Post old ads for your favorite brands. Pic related.

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those look awful

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Man they are eye-fucking the hell out of each other.

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They were the superior Twix.

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>tfw cellophane is useless now thanks to hippies forcing them to change the formula because "muh chemicals" even though it turned out to be completely fucking harmless

They might as well just stop making it, it's functionally slightly stickier paper towelsar this point, just use that instead and tin foil for storage.

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tin foil?

Fuck, someone even older than me.

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>tin foil
Lol, you can't even find tin foil anymore except at an antique sale. Enjoy your alzheimers from your aluminum foil hat, Cletus.

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>fresh frozen

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>flvory juices

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>no peeling
Who peels a hotdog??

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Does this confuse you, or is cooked frozen the same thing?

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Can you imagine how fucking terrible this would look if someone actually tried to make it?

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To this day there is a still one brand out there that makes fire engine red hot dogs.

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Also, did anybody ever notice Bill's reply makes no sense?

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Bill skinned his parents and took their hotdogs.

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I love this one. I don't remember what year it was but somewhere in the 1930s.

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every thread is /pol/

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check her do rag. fucking aunt jemima was a blood.

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The only reason people with Alzheimer's have a higher level of aluminium in the brain is due to losing brain mass via dehydration. It's the same bullshit "science" behind activated almonds, stop being a retard.

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They went out of business because Twix is better

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