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What is your favorite pig dish, /ck/?

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straight from the can

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Ur mum

With a nice juicy pink-in-the-middle porkchop as a followup I think. It's hard to choose because pork is so delicious and versatile.

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Pork ribs braised in coconut curry

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That bbq pork from Chinese joints, but then again it might not even be real pork so idk

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what is it that they use for that red color?

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One of the few dishes I really have to give the Norwegians credit for.

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red food coloring. Asians dye their food much more than we do

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food coloring. Its not always used but every Chinese place I go to uses it for some reason

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Lechon. Would you have tried it?


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Oh man, that's the good stuff right there. Wish I had a bigger family so I could make it in Summer.
Also, I don't even have to check your link to know it's the one with that asshole sack of shit who refuses to eat it and makes his newly purchased wife cry. Fuck that guy.

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Red food color if theyre a shithole and take shortcuts.

Traditionally the red color in char siu comes from pic related, a kind of fermented tofu, which is used in the marinade. The red color comes from a particular kind of yeast from the ferment. It's the same yeast from "red yeast rice" which is used in several different braises.

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