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Name a better candy

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Almond Roca, the candy supreme!

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Fried zucchini.

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Kinder Bueno

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came here to post this

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2 smol

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Absolutely patrician choice lad

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>be old enough to post on Mongolian health forum
>still eats candy

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Crunchie, fuck outta here with that gay shit

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for me it's white kit kat

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For the select few

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chocolate isn't a candy you mongoloids
post some actual candy like pic related.
fuck you too OP for starting this

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you might as well post the best sour candy

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It's really not a matter of preference but an objective fact.

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I just bought a pouch of pic related on a whim and now I'm wondering who the hell the target demographic is for these things and how they're meant to be eaten. The spiciness kicks in right after you've downed each Skittle so it doesn't really complement the fruit flavor at all. You're just left with a mouth full of useless, prickly spice on your tongue. Am I supposed to drink something with it?
It's like Wrigley went through the whole R&D process thinking this was such a zany, wacky idea and didn't stop to consider that maybe it's just entirely unpleasant all around.

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i could probably inhale these

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*take out of freezer*
*blows out your whole crew*

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Yeah drink pepsi fire

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>soy candy

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I'm a fan of the world's best selling candy.

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When I was 10 or 11, I bought about a dozen of these and ate all of them in one sitting while watching TV. It's the first time I remember thinking "what the fuck have I done?" after eating something.

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Fuck off you cunt

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Bow down faggots this is the king of candy bars.
I fucking hate their new packaging though whoever designed it should be shot out of a cannon back into graphic design school

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why are american so infantile... it's called chocolate.

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Kitkat chunky

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>tfw to inteligent to enjoy sweet food

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Are these the ones that are ridiculously chewy?

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OG Butterfinger. Butterfinger BBs were in untouchable god tier but alas...

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Literally the best chocolate bar if you have peanut allergies desu

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Milky way. Swedish chocolate, the only real chocolate. Reeces cups. Dots jk

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The white chocolate one is amazing
Good call

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These are god tier but a bit too expensive

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Do Americans really think those are good?

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>cookie is chocolate
>caramel is chocolate
It's a candy bar, dummy

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only a fatty would make the distinction desu.

go complain about your diabeetus food elsewhere fatty boom boom

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I love these things, especially the ones that taste like Irish cream.

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inb4 nigger candy

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York. I don't get them often, but I love putting one in the feezer and snacking on it for a few days.

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How long does it take for you to finish one patty?

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Patrician taste

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2-3 days. I usually just break off a piece to eat after dinner.

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a few days
btw i'm a girl :)

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Can I see your benis?

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Woah, are you a time traveler?

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Nah,it's still called Raider in Northern Ireland/Ulster.

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Good choice

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Kinder Bueno, Bounty and Snickers are the best. Fact.

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a part of me died with it

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AlmondJoy blows that shit out of the water.

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This. No contest.

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Why didn't you pick one with actually nice chocolate?

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Reese's peanut butter cups.

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Yeah nah... though i do like daim since almond brittle is great but that shit's be hell of a lot better with something like Fazer's chocolate or something, even panda is heaps better than the thing called "chocolate" that marabou uses.

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Coming through.

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I work for Mars Wrigley ama I guess?

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1. Can you convince them to bring Summit bars back?
2. Can you convince them to sell Cookies & Twix in the USA?

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Chewing gum has a laxative effect?

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Left twix

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For me

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I never actually heard of these before - neat. No can do I'm in R&D not marketing and deal with gum and fruity confections for the most part.

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Polyols do have a laxative effect if you ingest enough. You would have to chew like 10 or more sticks of sugar free gum to experience it though.

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>all these faggots posting chocolate candies
lmaoing at your sorry lives

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literally anything slightly better than cardboard with sugar

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the only choice

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Good stuff

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The lemon goop inside is incredibly delicious.

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out of my way, plebs

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Any real chocolate. Not brown sugar fat cubes. With cardbord.

Twix is my favorite btw if we talk on trash level candy.

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This. I swear I always see this delicious crack at clothing stores

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This sounds horrible.

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As glad as I am that they brought the full bar back, the ratio and size of the mini is still superior.

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Fazer and all the others taste like sugary American chocolate marabou tastes like real chocolate

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Nestle Crunch > Krackel

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Beautiful trips, anon!

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Absolutely wrong. In 99% of comparisons nestle does beat hershey's, but not this one.

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check those beautiful dubs, /ck/

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Doubles in a Twix thread.

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>hating on soft center hard candy

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*blocks your path*

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I see Mexicans with these all the time and they look kind of interesting. What do they taste like? Is there any comparison that you could make to describe the texture?

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I generally stay away from candy but damn Take 5s are good.

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>candy corn flavored circus peanuts
Amazing, two of the worst flavors and textures, they were made for one another. I actually cannot think of a more repulsive sounding candy.

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Very similar texture to caramel or saltwater taffy

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Granted you did name the best candy ever, you did the mistake of not choosing dark chocolate.

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this is the best candy bar to ever have existed, next in line is heath bites. Do yourself a favor and go purchase up.

>> No.10618017

>no Flake
What are you doing lads

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this isn't even real chocolate. fucking gross.

"made with chocolate"

it's palm oil.

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Try this candy one for size

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the king of chocolate bars

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We call them "nigger head"

And they are delicious.

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Chocolate is the second ingredient, retard. Almost all cheap bars use some kind of oil, so who gives a fuck? No one cares about your 90% dark lindt bar made for middle aged women.

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>never had these
>see the texture through the packet
>get that 'pre-sour' taste as mouth overproduces saliva to compensate for what it's about to eat
pavlovian conditioning is real.

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>European product

>> No.10619308

we call them "little injuns"

I'm assuming somebody somewhere calls them "dirty kikes" or "chocolate wetbacks"

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I would move to Scotland just for these senpai

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muh nigga

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Stroopwafels are my #1 weakness. I order way too many on amazon, sometimes I eat an entire box.

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>literally latex

>> No.10619716

yesssssssssssss bitch...

>> No.10619727

The tropical ones kinda suck tho.

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*blocks your path*

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wait wrong show

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>not the black ones
so close too

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