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Sup cu/ck/s? Was given this exact rice cooker by a friend. How the fuck do I use it and what the fuck do these symbols mean? Also is it any good?

t. Non-Chinese person

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i didnt have my glasses on and it looked like a cartoon pig

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Finn the rice cooker.

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>I have no voice, but I must scream

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I can't tell you what that switch does, but otherwise it looks 100% standard.

The big lever looking thing on the front is the on button. you fill the container inside with rice and water. Close the lid, then press that switch down. When it's done cooking the switch will pop pack up and the lights will change. (one light is "keep warm" the other is "cooking"). See that clear plastic thing on the right side near the hinge? You take that off and clean it periodically.

It should have a removeable container inside. Those usually have numbered marks on it. Fill water to the mark matching how many cups of rice you put in it. i.e. if you are cooking 2 cups of rice then fill it up to the "2" mark.

Also, why TF aren't you asking your friend?

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Hold the switch to the left to cook rice, right for porridge or similar stuff
The left light says "Heating/Cooking", right says "Warming"

Push down the center switch to start cooking.
It's ready when it clicks up on its own

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whoaoaa put rice and water in it

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>See that clear plastic thing on the right side near the hinge? You take that off and clean it periodically.
What is that? Mine is missing entirely.

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Thanks for the info guys. What sort of measuring cups does it refer to? Aren't they different from region to region?

My friend gave me this years ago and I forgot about it, he's never used it either. He got it from his old flatmate who was from China before she moved back home.

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You want the upper switch pressed left and then the left like means heating the right means keep hot. Out your dick in it faggot fucking kill yourself where do you live I'll stab your eyes out with chopsticks you dirty gook lover

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Assuming the inner bowl comes off:

1) Put in your desired amount of rice
2) Wash it in the sink in warm/hot water until the water comes out almost clear
3) Drain all water
4) Refill with water just above the rice's surface
5) Put the bowl back in the cooker, close it, and push the switch

About 20-40 minutes later it should be ready.
Maybe longer if you're American since you have a weaker electric voltage, but it'll just flip up like a toaster when it's ready.

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The rice cookers I have owned all came with their own measuring cup. It's not identical to a US standard cup but it is close enough. I have used normal US cup measurements with Zoji and Tiger rice cookers and had zero problems.

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Thanks a lot lads, I'll do that. I read you can cook other grains in there too and I'm quite excited to try that

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It's a rice cooker faggot don't get too excited

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Its not Japanese made so its not a good one, but its atleast Asian made so its probably not crap

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Apparently anything with a locking lid is above shit-tier.

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It's a new way of life

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You may or may not have luck with grains. Your cooker is a very basic one. The ones that are made to do other things have a much more complex control than just a single on-off switch.

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Damn, you're right. I guess the only thing I can tinker around with is the amount of water I put in.

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Back to your containment board summerfag. This is a blue board, and you have no business acting like a damn fool, sucking the joy out of an honest man enjoying his rice cooker.

It's great for tons of different things, bunch of recipes that will help a lazy/busy person eat healthy, not just rice.

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One example to illustrate.

In a large bowl, combine rice, green pepper, onion, green onions, crawfish tails, chicken broth, diced tomatoes, margarine, parsley, and Cajun seasoning. Pour into rice cooker, and cook for 1 cycle, or until liquid is absorbed, about 30 minutes. Taste, and adjust seasonings.

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When you open the lid all the condensation on the underside of the lid runs off and into that plastic thing.
Do you get a small puddle of water on your kitchen bench after you open the lid?

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So what if it's a blue board?

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I just don't understand why there's so many angry stupid people here recently. It's quite fine to call people out on bullshit, that's always been my favorite aspect of 4chan, but there's no legitimate reason to be a complete idiot. Gently, kindly and graciously fuck off. Blue boards are sfw.

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based sincere enthusiasm poster

dumb edge poster

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I'll do and say whatever the fuck I want, retard.
It's a rice cooker. Big fuckin woop

>huuuuur I'm so excited to try all da different grains of rice

Fucking idiot.

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Can you read, sweetie? There's obviously more recipes than just rice, and it's not called "different grains of rice". OP is talking about sorghum, millet, barley. That kind of grain.
Please lurk moar, you're embarrassing yourself.

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That sounds amazing. In the case of this cooker that has a rice setting and a "porridge" setting, which of the two would you use?

Also, how does it judge when the cycle is over? Is it simply a case of a timer or does it have a way of measuring the water content of the bowl (e.g. with a humidity sensor or by weight)?

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Haven't used it yet but I assume it will. I'll just put a plate or a tray under.

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A redit fag telling me to "lurk moar" while crying about how this is a blue board and naughty words shouldn't be allowed. Now THATS embarrassing

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He's clearly a simpleton who cannot read. I did indeed mean different cereal grains. I like rotating between spelt, whole freekeh, bulgur wheat, quinoa and different types of rice during the week and it's a big part of my meals so if I can cook even half of those with this it will be a great plus.

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You couldn't even understand a simple sentence and didn't know these can be used for cooking things other than rice. You're both stupid and have insufficient knowledge to post on this board, just stop embarrassing yourself and go away.

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Okay, so the principle of rice cookers is extremely simple. It's basically just a big kettle. It brings the rice to a boil and then turns down the heat, making it both safe and easy to use. I would use the rice setting, but most importantly: experiment! That's the best part of cooking.
More embarrassing is illiteracy, and carrying on being a buttmad little shit after you've clearly been outed as such by more than one poster. I prefer 4chan, haven't had an account there in maybe six years, never browse it and am quite frankly tired of the polarization you're trying to promote. You truly need to lurk moar, and I never said you couldn't swear. Just don't be an idiot on purpose, there are dozens of boards on 4chan where that is a much better time for you than the blue ones. Why? Because adults also use them, and they are places where people can discuss and learn. Not just meme. Which incidentally, you're not very good at. Please. Stop.
Senpai, you can cook all of them. Legit, just Google rice cooker recipes. A world of lazy meals awaits you.

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You're little piggy is cuter than my Zoj, but there only seem to be two settings and an on/off switch. Just try each and see which works better.

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I know well the uses of a rice cooker because I own one, and it's better than your garbage gook piece of shit. I was calling you out for being a little faggot getting excited about using a rice cooker lmao you gonna take pics and post them on Facebook too? Fucking faggot

Again, I'll do and say what I want
and you claim to be an adult lmao get the fuck outta here bum boy no one gives a fuck and you and your faggot boyfriends rice cooker

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Thanks, I'm on it now. If this works, it's going to make my life so much easier.

Birjianis and Persian Polos are two types of dish that seem very well suited to it.

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Yeah but the Zoj is made by the master-people and also seems cooler. They're super pricey though so I might get one used as I've already broken the taboo using/buying second-hand cooking appliances.

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OP you are the luckiest god damn guy alive fuck me cooking with a rice cooker I'm almost ejaculating in my pants just thinking about it uuuurrrrgh yeah it's changing my WHOLE LIFE urrrrrregh I'm cumming

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You have a limited amount of time to live fella, is this what you choose to do with it?

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I never claimed any such thing, like I said, you're obviously illiterate. That's frankly a more jarring facet of your post than the fact that you're a child, mentally. Post what you want, I can't stop you. I just don't see the value of snorting a line of coke off your sisters browneye before going on an Indonesian kite flying forum to use big boy words to shit all over a perfectly fine thread about the (numerous and interesting) alternative uses for a rice cooker.
Please, kys :^)
Just mind that the rice isn't steamed. But do experiment (and I'd recommend cooking meats beforehand unless you're using shellfish, but that's just my paranoia).
Also, you can put soup in it too, you know. Dont have to be rice based. I'd be interested in hearing what you end up doing with it.
Such a big boy!

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It's funny how hard you're trying to come across as well spoken and knowledgeable. But the redit is there in your posts festering like a disease.
Which can only lead me to conclude that in real life you're actually quite the pathetic retard who probably works in a convenience store and tries to feel better about them self by having an alternate persona when the go online.
Must be hard though on those cold, lonely nights, wishing you could downvote your manager in real life and get the mods to ban him when he tells you to go clean the toilets lmao

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Only a true idiot, a turd among feces, would ever denigrate a man for having an honest job. I need not defend myself, and you need to stop. You have nothing to gain on this. Like >>10601282 asks, is this what you choose to do with your time? Isn't there some baby animal you should be torturing?

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Thanks, yeah apparently you can do ribs and stuff like that in there.

This is one I'm excited about: http://masteringpersiancooking.com/2013/02/06/sabzi-polo-in-rice-cooker-herb-rice-in-rice-cooker/

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Lmao I've got a job im there right now. But I don't have mr shecklestein on my back constantly and I don't deal with pleb customers so I may call you a faggot as and when I choose

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At first I thought it looked unappetizing, but that much coriander and fenugreek can't possibly not be delicious.

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The burnt look throws people off but it actually tastes delicious because that's where all the fat ends up so it's essentially crispy fried but soft enough to chew as well. Persian cooking has tons of fenugreek and it's a really underrated ingredient, I love it.


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No one cares about some faggot rice cooker either lmao


lmao the absolute state of you idiots

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Enjoy your new tool, Anon. Let's hope it doesn't attract preteens every time you talk about it.

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Guess how I know you're working at a shit, dead-end, boring job and have literally NOTHING better to do than spam people who are actually discussing something.

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You dumb piece of shit stop replying, just report and move on

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How do you "know"? Because you would be wrong lmao.
I'm a fucking genius. You think I need to be slaving away every second? Lmao I do some shit then I come chat some shit to you fucking idiots then I go back to doing my shit. Ain't no thing.

Yes, REPORT, CALL THE MODS HES SAYING THINGS WE DONT AGREE WITH.lmaoooooo holy shit you're pathetic. How do you deal with disagreements in real life?

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What job do you do?

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i thought a malaysian already told you what those do

push towards left for rice, right for soup/broth
left light means heat up, right means keep warm
big button to start cooking

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Started both threads the yesterday, this one didn't get any replies until tonight then the sperg who works reception at his local motel invaded.

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This board really is full of passive aggressive women. Or soyboys. Probably both.

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we should all be nicer imo
its just a board for cooking and food, why are we all aggressive?

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Where do you think you are?

>> No.10601574

>le floorchan is so free we don't even have to be nice
>le culture is emergent and trying to affect it is wrong
>le muh memz >>>>>>> ur conversation

>> No.10601575

an anonymous forum/imageboard
theres really no reason to be aggressive except to try to live up to 4chan's reputation which has an edgy and ludicrous userbase

take it easy guys :)

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Go to reddit. You don't belong here if you're that sensitive.

>> No.10601625

Not the poster you're replying to but this isn't about sensitivity, it's just someone shitting up a thread for no reason. The guy is clearly autistic or underage.

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agreed, we're just talking about rice cookers here no reason to get all uppity about it, right?

>> No.10601654

Pretty hard to shit up a thread about someone who can't figure out how to use something that has two switches.

>> No.10601658

thats why we're here to discuss and help, whats the point of this whole site if all we do is ironic shitposting?

>> No.10601681

I'd rather look at a thousand threads about mcchickens than one filled with redit soyboys discussing how amazing and exciting rice cookers are

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we did it reddit
we took over 4chan
*tips fedora*
McChicken amirite?

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>People are talking about things that I don't like, in a way that I don't like on muh internet safe space.

You're the weak-shit here anon, not us. Just go play somewhere else and stop crying.

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They're good for shake and bake meth on a slow stir. Just use the "Keep warm" setting.

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Chink anon here
If you want to make rice, you're going to want the top switch (the one under 'Midea') flipped to the left.
The left is for rice (米饭), the right is for soup(汤)
Cheers, and welcome to the club

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>referring to yourself as a chink
Stop being a white dick licking bitch

>> No.10602117

Thanks Chinam8. I also found it translated as "porridge", does this mean congee type consistency?

>> No.10602125

Hahah, Chinese girls love the big whiteu penisu though anon. Jesus being in a stem major it was so goddamn easy. Flash them the blue eyes and they dive on the dick.

>> No.10602155

>pretending to be Chinese

The only thing about you that is similar to the Chinese is your micro penis

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>is it any good
Honestly, good rice cookers are hard to get ahold of at the general supermarkets.

Yours is comparatively weak, honestly, but those fuckers will last decades, man.

Good rice cookers usually come from specialty cooking stores, Jap stores, on off of Amazon.

The 12 dollar ones with one switch suck, because they are very finicky with how even they cook, and often burn rice.

Good rice cookers have:
-locking lids
-at the very least a warming setting for keeping rice warm for a long ass period of time
-a timer for whatever mode
-mutiple modes, although this is probably one of the least important features to me
-some kind of annunciator/beeper for when it's all finished.

The Industry/Jap home standard rice cooker is a Zojirushi one. I have one and it kicks ass, got it for like $40.

>inb4 use a pot and lid
Yes and use wood stick as well for everything, it will work if you just put some effort in, right?

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