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The greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing people that dairy was healthy.

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>The greatest trick the devil pulled
Was probably not allowing your mother to have the abortion.

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i was going to talk shit but i am indeed not a baby cow, well played sir. take this upvote as a token of affection.

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fpbp and /thread

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How do you know I don't identify as a baby cow you god damn bigot?

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>lactose doesn't digest properly
Maybe if you're an African.
Good luck getting your RDA of iodine without dairy, brainlet.

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quit trying to fit in, redditor

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>there are much tastier alternatives like coconut and almond based milks and yogurts

HAHAAHAH, holy shit the mental gymnastics vegans go through.

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come on, you can do better

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The "you're not a baby cow" argument is the stupidest thing I've heard today.

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don't eat eggs. you are not a snake!

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>Milk alternatives

Coconut milk is the closest to this thanks to it's high fat content, and it's still not good. Also it's all saturated fat so it's WORSE FOR YOU than milk! More calories to boot

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>If I lie about milk enough the goy will start believing them
Thank you for the daily dose retard

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>1. Casein is the most relevant cancer promoter
What the fuck is a "cancer promoter" and what makes it "relevant" this sounds like made up bullshit people use when they want to skew data
>2. Growth hormones clog your pores
You're not supposed to be pouring the milk on your skin, dumbass
>3. Linked to osteoporosis
Drinking calcium weakens your bones huh?
>4. Calcium from milk is poorly absorbed
Not when you pair it with vitamins C and D
>5. Lactose makes you bloated and gassy :(
Not if you're white. Lactose tolerance correlates with race.

This article is so retarded I can only imagine it being written by PETA. There's absolutely no facts.

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thanks you spergy retard

most of those 'facts' aren't true, but whatever

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I just googled it.
A "cancer promoter" is something which facilitates cell growth. That's literally it. Well no shit eating food promotes cell growth regardless of whether it's cancer or not.

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come now

Peta often cites Peta.... circular logic at it's best!
(I used to live with a peta cow and was confronted with this type of propaganda on a daily basis)

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This is the most retarded shit I’ve ever read.

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No. There are many ways to cause cancer. Disrupt or suppress dna repair genes or enzymes, suppress tumor suppressor proteins or genes, cause direct damage to the dna, cause oxidation which produces free radicals which then damages the dna (and many other things, too), promote cell division (all cell division eventually leads to cancer), etc etc etc

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>Humans are the only species that drinks the milk of another species!!!
Humans are the only species that does a lot of things.
>Makes weight loss hard due to high fat!!!
*laughs in keto*
>Packed with fat and cholesterol!!!
We just went over this son
>Tastier alternatives like coconut or almond milk
That's subjective
>Cheese has an opioid effect which makes it insanely addictive!!!
Yeah because you hear about people overdosing on cheese all the time

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mad soyboy detected

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Vegan shit propaganda filled with lies.

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Right. And in this case, it's a "promoter" because it promotes cell division, a.k.a. growth. Which is a bullshit accusation of causing cancer. In that case, all food causes cancer.

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>...leaving people chronically bloated, gassy & sick
Try not being a nigger

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To be honest the only people thinking that casein is a cancerigen are those that read "The China Study" and you'd have to be retarded to think it's actual science

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fake news

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saturated fat IS GOOD FAT it raises HDL and lowers LDL but casein is bad if you have any allergies to it it can cause asthma symptoms

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how can a cow be part of peta? wouldn't it be part of aeta?

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cow is english slang for "woman"

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calcium has a pesky little property the subsidizers don't tell you. That protein blocks absorption of calcium and vice versa. So its actually better to get calcium from a non protein dense source.

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>little property the subsidizers

Do you know what a chelator is?

or a ligand?

fuck off with your bullshit. The matrix that is your digestive system is far more complicated than ... duuuurrrr protein is bad durr.


t. salty chemist

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If you're a man you should be eating kale, broccoli, or spinach anyway.

Most people don't drink milk because they desperately need the calcium. They drink it because it tastes AMAZING

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>all cell division eventually leads to cancer
No. Stop trying to engage in science, you're not cut out for it.

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I am indeed a baby cow. Please stop raping my moother.

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>baby cow
learn human terms first, maybe?

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>im going to keep drinking my mammalian hormones and nobody can stop me

I drink milk even though I know that it's worse for me than soy, I just don't care. You're a new level of "in the dark" if you just choose to ignore all the shit wrong with dairy.

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Nothing is worse than soy my friend.

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>Casein in cows milk
no mention of cancer
>Growth hormones clog your pores
So wash your face and don't gomad, just eat normal amounts of dairy like everyone else
>linked to chronic diseases
as are all high-fat foods, since eating excess fat is linked to all those issues. don't be a fatass
>Calcium from milk is poorly absorbed
how is this even a con? it's good for you but not /as/ good for you as something else? I'm not eating dairy for the calcium, that's just a bonus.
>Lactose doesn't digest properly
maybe if you're a nigger
>You're not a baby cow.
can't argue with that one, I am definitely not a baby cow.
>Makes losing weight difficult
no it doesn't, being a fatass is what makes losing weight difficult
>Packed with saturated fat and cholesterol
true, but
>increasing cardiovascular disease risk
fake news
>There are much tastier alternatives like coconut
coconut overpowers every other flavor in a dish. and dairy is delicious
>Cheese has a strong opioid effect
how is that a downside? "food addiction" is just the new "thyroid problem".

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And people think the ketofags are annoying.

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Milk is fucking disgusting.

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Who care as long as it is pasteurized and not raw this is not a concern.

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Ah yes, the good old PETA claim that there's 135 million "Pus" cell per glass of milk.
Pro-tip: White blood cell =/= pus
Pro-tip #2: Human breast milk also contain white blood cell
Pro-tip #3: The vast majority of milk produced is under 100 million "somatic cell" (the correct term) per 250ml glass

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>Casein causes cancer!
One line in and already its horseshit. Read the second half of that study with the chimps. Thrns out when you give it to something besides lab rats (that get cancer from casein specifically) it actually fights the cancer peanuts give you.

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I got u pham

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Why does casein cause cancer in lab rats?

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Like OMG did you know that milk is for baby cows like oh my God I was never aware of that before I became vegan like wow oh my gosh

Can't even

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The same reason you shouldn't give onions to cats or dogs.

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Its specific to the breed of rats in the study. The cliff notes of the study are basically
>Does animal protein cause an acid in peanuts to become carcinogenic?
>For animal protein lets use casein and only casein
>The human equivalent, lets give them 4 gallons of milk a day worth of only casein and 3 tons of peanut butter worth of the peanut acid
>Lets give the control group not only no casein, lets give them a diet of an antioxident packed grain they eat as a natural diet anyways
>Well the longest lived rat was on the grain guess all animal protein is is bad for you, or all casein is bad for you based on how vegan you are
>Nevermind a bunch of the non-casein rats died pretty fast and all of the casein fed rats lived a normal life span
>pls dont read the long term study we did along side this with the chimps

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>>all cell division eventually leads to cancer
I mean, yes, eventually any system of cell division will eventually lead to mutations that cause cancer. It's inevitable, eventually

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Be a man, give up the milk.

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Are ALL vegans this retarded?

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Get a brain, don't quote PETA

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They are deprived of vital nutrients so most are suffering.

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That one is special, it a raw vegan

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Wrong on all counts. Nice attempt though.

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>What is Oxalate
Excess protein makes calcium less absorbable. A common compound in plants like spinach and chard make is not absorbable.

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Surprised it doesn't push soy as an alternative

>> No.10579155

She was (is) a woman who had the diet and physique of a cow

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Did you set your DVR for tonights episode brah?

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Tastes even better and is a healthy alternative. Diary out of your life is the way to be happy and healthy.

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nice try

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I'd be happy and healthy if you fucking faggots stopped telling me what to do

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>And here we find the caketarian, a subgroup of vegans
>This group thinks that by removing animal products, desserts suddenly become healthy alternatives

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but it's made with organic cane sugar!

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I am not telling you what to do. Vegans are about educating people on healthier and more ethical life choices.

>> No.10579256

Google fat vegans. Its fucking amazing these women that will talk about the healthy lifestyle they lead while being 150 lbs overweight and eating 4 loaves of bread a day


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>Vegans are about educating people on healthier and more ethical life choices.

This is exactly what i'm talking about

Stop pushing your shit propaganda

I completely disagree with the vegan diet, it isn't healthier, and it isn't necessarily more ethical. It is contrived and pretentious

The whole "I'm educating people" schitck is about making you feel better about your PERSONAL choices.


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Education is not propaganda. If anything it is the agro-industrial complex that has been pushing propaganda for generations.

>> No.10579306

You're confusing education with personal preference and extremest views.

typical americuck

>> No.10579313

Have we had a vegan thread yet that wasnt depending on either disneyfication or lying about studies to persuade people to be vegans? Because thats not educating people

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I just want this to be bait, nobody like this should exist.

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Herding cultures developed the ability to digest milk
Its cool bcause herding turns gras, which humans cant digest, into meat and dairy products, which we can
Whether you like this, or not, is irrelevant
Factory farming is the problem, lets have that discussion. Dont try to revoke the fact that we are omnivores. It makes you look like someone who doesnt critically reflect own beliefs.

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Wahhhhh learning facts are propaganda. The corporations would never lie to us.

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There is this professor at my uni
She is about 30/165cm/120kg
Thats 30/5ft smth/235pounds
Fat little woman
Anti patriarchy
Fucking fat
Has some shite ilness that deteriorates muscle - thus she is fat
Best quote: "in tvshows, queer people always fulfill that function, being queer! Same applies to fat people! There is no movie in which someone is fat and thats NOT an inherent part of their character!"
Its actual insanity. I wish i could watch her food diary. Like all she eats, when she does. She actually believes food intake and body shape is not related.

>> No.10579390

People ate meat before the "agro-industrial complex"
Ever notice that these fancy nouns are interchangeable?
Society - patriarchy - government - agro-industrial complex - illuminati - god

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>saturated fats are bad for you
>drink coconut milk instead
the fuck?

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From left side down to right side down.
>Vague wording which implies none of it matters. Baby cows aren't rife with cancer and neither are grown adults because they eat dairy. 'Relevant' was defined by the creator who apparently exists in dairy exclusive societies.
>Loads of veg, tinctures and other commonly used things do this and worse. Benefits for consumption outweigh this minor cosmetic issue.
>Everything is linked to these health issues, degrees of parity with the problem and food matter the most, an argument commonly used for red eat consumption that disregards all positive health benefits and looks at those who abuse the substance.
> calcium isnt as important as phosphorous or salt in humans, but even if it had worse absorption than plants (Which are absolutely not as easily absorbed because they have no binding fats) that alone isn't a reason to drop dairy.
>Many things do this to many people, and it becomes a lifestyle choice and not an inherent negativity. The comment disregards acclimation to dairy (but the original maker wouldnt worry about acclimation to fermented vegetarian bullshit probably)

>naturalist argument, doesnt matter. Not even worth addressing - because we are talking via electronic metal tubes unlike any other species, very unnatural so we must stop.
>inflammation is caused by other things, and only in some milk sensitive people by milk. Peanut allergy isnt a valid reason for others to not eat them. Comment about fat has been proven wrong many times as well.
>Neither are bad, both are required to live. This seguays the discussion to valid amounts and in no way condemns the substance
>taste is based on the individual and dairy has totally different nutrient profiles to what is listed (And better for growing people)
>not even remotely true and I read it last, unfortunately wasting my time replying to a now clear shitpost

Go fuck yourself.

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>grandpa has been drinking raw and processed milk since childhood, usually a gallon every 3 days
>is 85 now
>still mows his own lawn with a push mower, edge's and weed-whacks, cuts tree branches, and woodcarves

Yeah anon sounds pretty unhealthy.

>> No.10579560

Jesus 4 years of molecular biology to read "ALL CELL DIVISION EVENTUALLY LEADS TO CANCER" pls shut the fuck up

>> No.10579562

Kind of crazy that these people are educating our youth

>> No.10579577

>"food addiction" is just the new "thyroid problem"
This bears repeating.

>> No.10579578

My grandma is vegan since childbirth and is 102. She ran a marathon last month. Your grandpa will probably die within the month.

>> No.10579588

my grandpa said your granma wasnt all vegan after he give her the hot beef injection lmao

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>it's the saturated fats are bad meme

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you're not my real dad! you can't tell me what to do!

>> No.10579650

haha gottem

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Wrong again flesh eaters.

>> No.10579664

Yeah but what a shit life.

>> No.10579670

>Unsourced vegan propaganda
Uh huh, very convincing

>> No.10579699

out fucking played

>> No.10579706

They put iodine in salt, retard

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>all cell division eventually leads to cancer
Go back to school, you fucking PETArd.

>> No.10579749

Yes, or they wouldn't be vegan.

>> No.10579756

You dont understand, they're lying to you. They will not be satisfied until you conform to their contrived view of the world.

>> No.10579764

>Kosher salt
Before you get on me with your ignorant ass not knowing about salt, kosher salt is the only truly vegan salt as it uses salt guaranteed to not contain trace amounts of shellfish. As a result however it has no iodine

>> No.10579835

>Swedish Glace
>made from soy
Wow, the surprise.

>> No.10579846

>packed with saturated fat & cholesterol, increasing cardiovascular disease risk
>recommends coconut which is 98% saturated fat

>> No.10580136

>being a sub 50 º latitude nigger

>> No.10580141

At least now they're admitting they aren't magically creating fat out of thin air.

>> No.10580151

>people who eat low calorie diets on average even when adjusted for "healthiness" live a little longer
>what are reactive oxygen species ?
no shit

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>Even on /ck/ there's retards
God dammit

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And yet we are still alive.

Fuck you, marxist shit bag.

>> No.10580455

And yet we still drink milk every day. You are the one being a special snowflake in this situation.

>> No.10580519

I don't think milk is that unhealthy, but giving a sole example to prove a rule is embarrassingly stupid and makes your argument meaningless.

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>non-whites complaining about lactose

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>subjective points in your ""infographic""
believe me this isn't the only thing wrong with the literal garbage you just posted

>> No.10580621

That's not why salt has iodine you twit.

>> No.10580641

It's right about one thing. You'd have to be an actual mongoloid to think milk tastes better than soy, almond, etc.

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So what is actually so bad about pus? Isn't it just dead cells?

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Wouldn't the most relevant cancer promoter ever discovered be radiation then? Even if you want to talk about exposure skin cancer is the most common form of cancer so even just talking numbers to numbers radiation would still beat out casin

>> No.10581190

Nothing, but don't let the veganoketo crowd tell you that.

Daily reminder dairying cultures are the tallest and highest IQ in the world. If you disagree, you are demonstrably wrong. Enjoy being Central Africa.

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>dairy is bad

Is there any bigger giveaway of a non-white?

>> No.10581199

Wasn't there a massive recall of Romaine lettuce like a month ago because of feces in it, why would veganfags believe that would be acceptable in milk?

>> No.10581204

Even non-whites are jumping on the dairy train. The biggest emerging market for milk products is China. Yes, China, where lactose intolerance rates run in the 90%. Milk just too potent to ignore. Vegan plebs get angry.

>> No.10581210

I don't personally have an issue with drinking milk, but your argument is embarrassingly stupid.
>Daily reminder dairying cultures are the tallest and highest IQ in the world.
This doesn't actually mean anything scientifically. You need to prove a causal relationship, not some vague connection that could easily be a coincidence.

Also, the Chinese are fucking short.

>> No.10581213

All lettuce has feces in it moron, it grows in the dirt. Recalls happen when already processed vegetable products that advertize themselves as "pre-washed" (protip: don't buy these) get tested for e. coli. It's called not being an immune pleb.

>> No.10581216

Also didn't the Cambell guy also pump the rats with waaay more casin than you can possibly get from any food source?

>> No.10581218

>blah blah blah correlations are meaningless muh Wikipedo told me so obscurantism is the only way

Nice to unveil yourself, shalom. Continue spreading how much genes don't matter, because sociology says so.

>> No.10581220

>Continue spreading how much genes don't matter
No one said anything about genes. You're retarded, aren't you?

>> No.10581226

>Wahhhhh learning facts are propaganda. The corporations would never lie to us
Like PETA and Forks over knives?

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>lactase persistence is not a gene

>> No.10581234

>points out that coincidences aren't actual evidence
what the fuck is going on in your brain that you took any of this away from what was said?

>> No.10581238

>All lettuce has feces in it moron, it grows in the dirt
That's the point of the fucking post that it isn't in the final pasturized glass of milk at the store just like how it isn't in most produce ic it were there would be recalls

>> No.10581240

>lactase persistence does not benefit height or IQ because...

Classic liberal obscurantism. Energy surplus does nothing for evolution! IGNORE EVERYTHING YOU WERE TAUGHT!!!

>> No.10581241

Are you done strawmanning now? Ready to work on that reading comprehension yet?

>> No.10581243

you're arguing against points no one made.

>> No.10581249

Angry liberals dancing around no point because they have none to argue. Classic obscurantism. Genes don't matter because the liberal god says they don't matter. Dairying cultures don't do anything, yes, good guy.

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Dairy is great.

But if you're some kind of subhuman lactose intolerant slav or italian you should probably avoid it.

>> No.10581254

You claimed that a coincidence was actual science.

The guy responded saying it wasn't, which is correct. You're now muddying the waters because ????.

>> No.10581261

>Genes don't matter
No one said this.
>Dairying cultures don't do anything
No one said this.

What mental illness induces this type of behavior?

>> No.10581263

>pointing out inconvenient facts is now "muddying the waters"

Classic liberal obscurantism. Anything you can do to misdirect from the fact that race correlations are real. Anything you can do. Keep going. You're paid well for it, agent.

>> No.10581271

is it schizophrenia?

>> No.10581274

>continue repeating "THERE IS NO ARGUMENT THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT SLAVERY IS FREEDOM" as if you have nothing more to say
>cannot misdirect attention away from the fact that nordic cultures are demonstratably higher IQ than neighboring populations
>gaslight despite the fact you're the one engaging in repetitive behavior

>> No.10581276

Actually in this case it refer to white blood cell, Peta just rebranded them as "Pus" cell

>> No.10581277

Balkanites/Dinarics are 60% lactose intolerant, much higher than average in europe

>highest IQ
Mongoloid ethnicities almost universally have high lactase nonpersistence rates, I think there might be one Chinese tribe with high rates though

>> No.10581278

>alternatives like coconut and almond based milks and yogurts

>alternative to milk

>> No.10581280

>nordic cultures are demonstratably higher IQ than neighboring populations
Asian cultures have the highest IQs of all, little dude.

>> No.10581283

So you're in a deep, incoherent psychosis. I see.

>> No.10581298

>gaslighting as a misdirection tactic

>mistaken data angry about being irrelevant

Balkan cucks go home.

>> No.10581309

the person you are responding to is severely mentally ill. don't encourage him.

>> No.10581324

Fruit and sugar actually give me pimples and irritate my skin, but I'm totally fine with dairy.

Most people shouldn't have milk because of lactose intolerance, but that's about it. Every food has a downside if you look at its individual components. For people who aren't lactose intolerant or allergic, it's fine though. What your diet should consist of varies from person to person and you can give recommendations but to make sweeping generalizations and try to put everyone on the same diet will do more harm than good for the most part.

>> No.10581329

More liberal gaslighting in the face of hard facts.

>Cannot refute facts
>resort to Soviet-style tactics of branding "slowly progressive schizophrenia"


Classic examples of leftolib tolerance here. Truly, a tolerant people. Just let the superior chinese breed out everything so we can all be vegan non dairy eaters (ignoring the fact that south asia is overwhelmingly ovo-lacto for a moment).

>> No.10581338

Lactose intolerance does nothing to hinder actual digestion of milk's nutrients beyond the sugar. It's also not damaging to the bowels long-term, even in cases where lactose intolerance drinks milk.

There's no reason why you can't drink milk and be lactose intolerance, and this is increasingly becoming the case in East Asia.

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>> No.10581344

t. faking newfag redditor trying in vain to camouflage himself

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just some myth busting for the degenerate wiggers in this thread:

>1) lactase persistence is european
not at all, it's very common in half of Africa, the Arabian peninsula, and northern India. It's additionally quite low in southern/eastern europe. When you actually look at REAL lactose digestion, instead of biasedly sampled alleles that only have a 70% correlation to lactose digestion, these areas are on par with, if not higher than even the northwestern most europeans. Pakistanis have a higher rate of lactose digestion than Irish people.

>2) lactose is dairy
Nope. ALL dairy products except milk largely or completely lack lactose.

>3) not digesting lactose means you should avoid milk, right?
Again, NOPE. 100% of humans can't digest cellulose, should we become pure carnivores? (inb4 ketofags)

Lactose is a prebiotic if you don't digest it, and it overwhelmingly fosters gram positive, benign bacteria. These are bacteria that people try to get through yogurt (doesn't work out because you digest them) and through pills (a multibillion dollar industry). And here you have ~60% of the population who can get this stuff just by downing some milk. This is why most Chinese people drink regular amounts of milk without any trouble, for the same reason many whites can eat beans without destroying their intestines.

So to sum up, all ethnicities should drink milk, and if you can digest lactose, you should drink milk. But if you can't digest lactose, you should ESPECIALLY drink milk.

>> No.10581361

Doesn't it cause gas and diarrhea though? It might not cause physical damage but it would definitely mess with someone's gut flora. Although I've heard most lactose intolerant people are okay with up to about 6 oz of milk

>> No.10581369

Milk also has some of the highest levels of lithium in any foodstuff, which is demonstrated to reduce incidence of mental illness with populations where groundwater is high in lithium.

Downsides? Dairying farms destroy the fuck out of watersheds and ruin fisherman's livelihood. Cow shits are powerful.

>> No.10581373
File: 242 KB, 1280x960, 1474154881266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

exactly this. This is why all the steppe Indoeuropean and Yamnaya males tested so far came up as genetically lactose "intolerant". Most "intolerant" people can drink a few glasses of milk a day with no problem.

lactose digestion only evolved when their racially mixed offspring moved into NW europe and nearly died of starvation. They had so little food that digesting the extra bit of lactose was a huge fitness boost.

This also helps explain why brits, irish, etc have high rates of iron overload and obesity.

>> No.10581380

>Doesn't it cause gas and diarrhea though?

so do beans, spinach, and pretty much everything under the sun

>> No.10581400

That's only if you don't eat them often. Eat beans every day for a week and your gut flora adjusts and you stop getting gas.

>> No.10581406

Do people really think those kinds of GI issues are normal?

>> No.10581415

you just answered your own question then.

if you get gas from milk, it'll stop happening after drinking some milk.

>> No.10581437

I don't think it works the same way though because with those foods it's just needing your system to adjust, but if your body won't produce lactase then it just won't even if you keep drinking milk.

>> No.10581466

I had a friend who overdosed on cheese.
He had a crippling addiction to the stuff.

>> No.10581506

>6-10 more years of eating facon and feggs, shamburgers, and not dogs
I'd rather die 12 years sooner

>> No.10581514

>can't go without my faggoty fun flavors in my mouth

>> No.10581520

>Amerifats value stuffing their faces over living longer and feeling better

>> No.10581521

>Why arent you eating literal shit. What you want food to taste good? What are you a child?

>> No.10581523

Sorry I like to enjoy life

>> No.10581527


>> No.10581533

You can't possibly think that's a reasonable equivalence can you? Shit is more harmful to eat than meat.
>enjoying life being fat and diabetic, with brain fog and no energy
>but at least i get to enjoy my faggy fun flavors for 10 minutes a day lol!

>> No.10581551

it's literally the same thing. carbs are carbs.

>> No.10581554

>Americans think the only variable in enjoying life is what they can stuff their gullet with

>> No.10581662

Campbell is a snake oil salesman, the study was done in india on behalf of some wealthy thai families by some university. Its a study I read inside and out because its the study he claims gave him the Ah-Ha! moment that made him start down the path of veganism

>> No.10581763
File: 229 KB, 500x800, soymerchant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes goyim buy our soy products

>> No.10581792

>health conscious people live longer than obese amerifats

Holy shit, vegans are fucking retarded

>> No.10581865

Where the fuck does the acidic protein meme come from? I've heard people I know IRL say that as well. Your stomach has a pH lower than 3.5. If milk proteins were that acidic, it would taste like vinegar.

>> No.10581883
File: 82 KB, 750x965, dink milk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i will eat a ton of cheese and icecream but people who drink straight up glasses of milk are fucken weirdos

>> No.10581939

lactose intolerant subhuman slav detected

>> No.10581981

Fuck off, vegan shit.

>> No.10582050

>The greatest trick the devil pulled
i bet your heard that line in a song and thought your were cool for posting that faggot

>> No.10582138

can you give me a professional grade quick rundown on how to git gud at getting the most nutrition out of what i eat

>> No.10582249

Thats still a thing? Fucking faggot

>> No.10582259
File: 397 KB, 1600x674, hero-cheese.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Cheese has a strong opioid effect, making it dangerously addictive...

And delicious.

>> No.10582261

Angry veganistic tendencies.

>> No.10582310


>> No.10582316
File: 45 KB, 600x600, chester_the_human.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dangerously addictive
>dangerously cheesy

>> No.10582374


>> No.10582381
File: 497 KB, 779x498, Screen-Shot-2018-01-24-at-18.45.21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>government lied to us about sugar
>government lied to us about fat
>government lied to us about eggs
>government lied to us about carbs
but they are right about milk! it is super healthy so everyone buy more dairy products!

>> No.10582539

Wait, so milk is fortified with calcium from bones?

>> No.10582580

Bone juice!

>> No.10582616

It's true. We're only allowed to eat garlic, pasta and the occasional tiramisu

>> No.10582628

>drinking cow baby formula = manly
>eating plants = beta
>says the dairy industry
>idiots believe this

>> No.10582671

Why are Ukrainian girls so qt?

>> No.10582674

less fat people there

>> No.10582811


>> No.10583231

hi newfriend, welcome to 4chan! I see you are already familiar with the "you are a redditoor xd " meme, but please make sure that you only use it when it's relevant and/or funny! Enjoy your stay!

>> No.10583304

Haha I bet you eat honey and eggs too desu

>> No.10583312

fuckin kek

>> No.10583316


>> No.10583317

Theres been a wierd Christian flavor to the vegans this week, not entirely sure why

>> No.10583319

>195 posts 85 posters
Truly top level vegan samefagging ITT

>> No.10583404

are you actually retarded? Nobody said those things, you arguing with your own insecurity faggot. Also it's fucking autistic when mentally retarded polboys call others liberals over the internet when they don't agree 100% with their fundamentalist/moralfag worldview.

>> No.10584211

Wtf I hate milk now

>> No.10584824

>lactose doesn't digest properly

Can non-whites stop talking shit about dairy because it makes them fart?

>> No.10584968

>all non-whites are lactose intolerant and all whites are lactose tolerant lol XD
Myth. See: >>10581350

>> No.10585322

Government didn't lie to you, pea brain.
They check studies and as studies evolve when new discoveries are made, they give you the new recommendations.

The people are retard and make trends out of the new data and the industry follow with shit like 0% fat, omega3, no gluten, low salt and all that shit people want because it's trendy.

>> No.10585524

it's amazing how many people on /ck/ are just beyond stupid. every time i come here i'm in awe.

>> No.10585539


>> No.10587378

While I agree dairy is bad, lying is hurting your cause.
Don't claim almond milk or coconut milk ate replacements for real milk.
Cheese is also addictive because it's delicious and no alternatives come close.
This is coming from someone who converted to veganism for my spouse.

>> No.10587421

post scientific sources and not vegan propaganda

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