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What do /ck/?

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Make sure it's not brood/polen. I stole a bee hive once and cracked it all open and ate the comb for about a week before someone told me I was eating brood.

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produce art with a fat whale

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What is brood and does it good eats?

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bee larvae. full of protein

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It's bee larvae or bee babies before they turn into bees. Tasted sweet and flavorful. It wasn't appetizing after I learned it wasn't honey I was eating though.

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Protip: Place a tablespoon of honey comb over the coffee grounds in the filter paper of a coffee percolator.

The paper prevents the wax, but you get all the goodness of the honey comb right into your coffee.

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Chewed down on a full grown bee once, tasted good, before my mouth went numb.

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Still sounds delicious

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Raw combs the bests.

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literally just eat it. delicious enough as they are.

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chew on it like gum

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It's pretty clearly capped and uncapped honey assuming that's op's pic.
Depending on where you live you might not be able to store that honey because uncapped honey generally has a water content too high and will ferment if you try to store it. That's why the bees generally havent capped it yet.
T. Bee keeper

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deep fry in butter

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How do you like bee keeping? What's the hardest part?

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I love it.
Hardest part by far is actually starting. Since depending on your hive type this could be $200 + bees ($130-220 locally per nuc) or $800 + bees.
Bee keeping is pretty low maintenance, depending on your hive style you can get away with about an hour a month or so in your hive.

The main goal of bee keeping if you ask me is swarm management and prevention.
Swarming Is when about half the bees decide to leave either because the hive has too much honey (honey bound) and there is no room for babies (brood), the bee population is too large for the hive size, or the bees just feel like leaving sometimes.
So your goal as a bee keeper is to keep your hive together and happy except for when you want them to split to start a new hive altogether.

It's a lot easier than most expect though.

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Holy fuck get rid of this quick or the bees will come after you

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IS it possible just to raise bees and not use the honey? I just want more bees around

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No not really.
If you have a hive you refuse to remove honey from the hive will fill with honey. Doesnt sound bad but the queen will say fuck where do i put the babies and leave with about half the bees, this group of bees might live, might not, might end up in the neighbors roof or under a car. If you've ever seen pictures with thousands of bees in weird places its because they swarmed and were looking for a place to start a new hive.
The remaining bees will make a new queen and the cycle continues because this is how bees reproduce hives but when the bees leave it makes the hive weak for fighting pests, predators and just gathering honey.
If you dont want the honey then its best to give it away/ sell it. At local farmers markets and stuff its easy $10-$15/lb (super high side is $20/lb) and a hive will produce 20-80 lbs excess a year. 30-50lbs is most common though.

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Is it possible to create bigger hives so the queen wont run out of space to lay eggs?

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Interesting. How far away are your closest neighbors? Have you ever gotten complaints?

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Nayrt but from what little I understand, if you have too big of a hive some bees will decide there's no queen around and start making a new one, which leads to swarmimg

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Government grants are available for starting beehives in some places in the US, not 100% sure about the requirements though.

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What >>10575812 said is correct. Then the queens also might fight. That said while very very very uncommon some hives have supported 2 queens.

After a certain point also youd have hives freezing during winter because the bees cant keep the hive warm enough when they cluster.
So with most hives what is done is during spring you add hive boxes, to allow room for the thousands of more brood the queen will lay for the honey flows. Then add some more as the hive fills with honey during summer. Lastly before winter you remove the excess honey and boxes which makes a more manageable size for the bees to keep warm during winter, because the bees die off pretty significantly after the main honey flow.

<20 yards.
None of them mind in fact most are pretty interested and excited about it. Most are super excited and quick to accept an offer to put on a suit and open up the hives. Something about it seems to turn them to kids again.
Bees are pretty chill. I do have a few precautions to ensure issues are less likely to arise.

Bees mostly fly out from the entrance of the hive and dont generally turn right around to the opposite side if that makes sense. So the neighbor that is close to the hive I have my entrances facing directly away from them, which means my bees dont heavily fly in their direction. Also I make sure I have enough water out for the bees so if the neighbors have pools or similar the bees wont go there for water. Generally once they start going to a pool for water they continue to do so.

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Whats up with the big black bees?

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probably just lighting/camera quality anon

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Pool water is bad for bees, right?

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Can people sue you if they get stung?

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I just eat it raw, no need to mess with perfection

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Im just talking about black bees in general. I have some in my backyard and there is no honey

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I'll see if i can find a good picture but for european honey bees there are drones, workers and queens. Sounds like your asking about another type though.
This all applies to honey bees.
Queens are obviously the female that does all of the egg laying (hopefully) in a hive.
Drones are the males these are the bigger black ish bees, no stingers, dont make honey, cant feed themselves only exist to mate with the queen when the queen mates, which is only once for about 3 or 4 days right after the queen is born then never again. So for honey production they are useless, in fact befoee winter starts the workers will force all the drones out of the hive to die in the cold because they don't help during winter.
Then there's the workers, which are all females. They have have stingers, defend the hive, dispose of the dead, make the honey and tend to the brood.
No almost all states have protective laws for the bee keepers. Also prove that it was my bee :^).

It can be yes. Sometimes it wont kill them tho soo they get used to it and then always want pool water instead of clean water.

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Some bees are cute, but I'm quite allergic, so I wind up running away from all bees like a terrified child.

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>Also prove that it was my bee :^)
absolutely D E V I L I S H

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Different species. The small black ones that I've seen are mason bees. They don't make honey, but they're good for pollinating things.

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Yep. And the large black ones are carpenter bees. Annoying bastards that will fuck up the trim on your home, or anything else made of wood.

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I found the hardest part to be dealing with varroa mites. 90% of my time working as a beekeeper was researching and dealing with the horrible cunts. Plus all the extra work they made if a hive failed because of them.

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I've been pretty lucky with few varroa.
Although I've had some issues with small hive beetles. Cooking oil in cd cases and dryer sheets seem to keep them down.

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To add to
when I was really working bees we'd just treat right after extraction with oxalic acid
But in my hobby bee keeping Ive never had much problems

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Sounds fun

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In the asshole, as always.

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i really wanted to start beekeeping here in north carolina but i hate doing anything and i basically never do anything, and i suck at doing things

how do i start?

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play on the freeway.

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if i put the boxes on the freeway won't cars hit them?

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>buy/make hive
>buy suit, smoker and spray bottle
>buy bees from brushy mountain bee farm (I bought from here before)
> spray bees with sugar water 2:1 sugar to water
>shake bees into hive
>put queen into hive
>close hive
>wait 1 week
>check to see if the queen is free
You now have a functional bee hive taa daa

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