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what should I add to my vegan sushi so it's not just veges? I was thinking tofu but I'm looking for more creative ideas

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Fuck off

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dead bugs. you can source them from your porch light or off random car windows.
dust bunnies. not real bunnies of course.
tiny rocks.

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Do foreigners really do this?

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Fruit. Nuts.

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no, it's all americans

they also say "za" instead of "pizza" and "mozza" instead of "mozzarella", and don't even pronounce the 't' sound in "mozzarella" when they bother to say the whole thing

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Range ban, that's the answer.

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everyone says veges everywhere

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Bitter almonds seem like a good start

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It's veggies.

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rare steak

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I dunno, 'tables are pretty gross, imo

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How does Jiro feel about vegan sushi?

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for me, the best veggie sushi fillings are the various pickled vegetables;
plum (umeboshi or w/e it's called)
also mushroom is pretty good.
cream cheese is an abomination in sushi, as are garden/california rolls in general.
maki should be single filling, with the nori on the outside and under no circumstances drizzled in spicy mayo

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>300 unled dorralluu

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veggie sushi is usually terrible in my experience

Try these: http://beyondsushinyc.com/beyondnew/menu
I've had most of them and they're pretty good.

La Fiesta
Black rice, avocado, chayote, and pickled jalapeño topped with black bean purée and kaffir lime chips
Sauce: Tomato guajillo

Sunny Side
Black rice, braised fennel, sundried tomato, and avocado, topped with butternut squash
Sauce: Almond pesto

Chic Pea
Black rice, roasted eggplant, artichoke, and English cucumber topped with saffron chickpea pureé and parsley
Sauce: Tahini

Spicy Mang
Black rice, avocado, mango, and English cucumber topped with spicy veggies
Sauce: Toasted cayenne

Green Machine
Four-grain rice, English cucumber, and asparagus topped with charred edamame
Sauce: Almond pesto

Sweet Tree
Four-grain rice, avocado, roasted sweet potato, and alfalfa sprouts
Sauce: Toasted cayenne

Mighty Mushroom
Four-grain rice, enoki mushrooms, baked tofu, braised shiitake, and micro arugula
Sauce: Shiitake truffle

Pickle Me
Four-grain rice, pickled burdock root, carrot, pickled daikon, and avocado
Sauce: Carrot ginger

Seasonal Roll

Black rice, blackened goguma, avocado and baby arugula topped with lemon dill fava beans, puffed quinoa and tomato powder

Sauce: Lemon Saffron

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Soft wood or bark

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>entire menu is garden rolls
do americans not eat hosomaki? why does it all have to be so overly complicated?
genuinely triggered by this, and i actually love sushi with 'veggie' fillings.

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Sweet potato
Cooked mushrooms
Cooked eggplant
Tempura veggies
Jackfruit (Just buy ready made stuff)

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>use jackfruit in place of meat in any recipe
i hate this. i'm a veggie, and jackfruit is tasty, but people need to stop claiming you can replace meat with something that doesn't even contain protein.
sounds like it could work in sushi though, i've never heard of that before.

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I'd imagine something like pickled plum or tempeh.

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How about you eat a bag of juicy dicks instead ?

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Americans, including myself, don't really know anything about sushi to begin with. Do you have any suggestions?

Is hosomaki just sushi rolls with only 1 filling?

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>Is hosomaki just sushi rolls with only 1 filling
afaik, the multi-filling garden/california rolls are a western invention.
i don't get it really, i'd rather eat each filling separately, like pic related. mixing them all together kind of defeats the point

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ffs. third time today i've forgotten pic

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This bitch gets on my nerves

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I can't imagine someone whose head I'd like to chop off more.
I wish I were a muslim for just a day.

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Eating sushi with your hands is a dumb meme. Using chopsticks for sushi is normal in nippland you fucking autist.

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>what should I add to my vegan sushi so it's not just veges?

Just an idea, pickled vegtables.

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Us nonwhites and phone posters say veg so we don't waste so much time typing and have more time playing fortnite

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japanese pickles are great, and they do indeed make good sushi fillings, or even just to eat along side.

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cooked tofu

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i prefer to have a few tofu Inari for dessert

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you don't technically have to use chopsticks at all, counter-weeb
it's sushi
it's made by hand, why wouldn't it be eaten by hand

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Someone post the one with the smoothy or the one with the girl making a vegan burger

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Imitation crab is vegan you fucking dumbass fucker

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On a cheat day I like to make that sushi with ground beef like a meme I saw once. If you're a flexible vegan like myself, you could just save the sushi for a cheat day.

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My friend told me about this a few years. A real game changer.

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stop posting that psychotic bitch will you?

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I like what I'm seeing

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>so it's not just veges
Fuck off. You chose this life, now deal with it.

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who is this woman
shes pretty

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>spread hatred on those cuties thats out of your league


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arsenic or some pickled daikon radish

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why does people using the term 'veges' make me so angry? it makes me even more angry that 'veggies' does.

I've mind to filter both of them!

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people who smile nonstop are insane. this is fact. ever see a retard? happy as anything.

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>mfw too intelligent to ever be truly happy

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>got jealous because someone is happy all the time

I don't know what to say

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just make kappamaki

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fried/tempera eggplant or sweet potato.

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because you work in a kitchen and the proper way to shorten vegetables is veg?

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Actually don't do tempera since it uses eggs, but fried or breaded should be fine.

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Why do vegans hate vegetables so much?

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This girl is incredibly cute; however, this is the worst shit I have seen today on /ck/ in terms of disgusting food.

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If you say veges, you sound autistic, and only children under the age of 6 or 7 at most should say veggies.
Also, for vegetarian sushi you can just use ginger, horseradish cucumber, or burdock root (takaki gobo, pic related.) Or just take ispiration from vegetable salads:

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How smelly do you think her farts are? I'm actually curious on the types of logs she takes as well. It must be just one big solid piece of poo. Really gets my motors running

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Who is this?

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江田 島平八

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no one

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>Cabbage farts with a hint of egg

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It's more of a "moouza" than "mozza." It's hard to phonetically type out the diphthong.

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you know thats a guy right?

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>vegan sushi
next level soy

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I sincerely miss the occasional sushi but vegetable sushi sounds pretty fucking terrible

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She's apparently my age and is from the town where I grew up. I wonder if I went to high school with her.

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Do you have any clue how big the United states is? You think 'americans' dont eat every kind of sushi because of one menu? Youre genuinely suggesting the country that created the California roll is devoid of people knowledgeable about sushi?
You know whats genuinely triggering? Generalizations of any kind. I understand, to a degree cultural bias and ignorance comes with the territory when discussing places youve never been/didnt grow up in but at a certain point common sense should prevail. Its annoying enough to see people still say 'Americans' and only be referring to citizen of the US considering the america's is an enormous continent that is home to several very different cultures and countries. Even in north america alone this is the case, but to just say 'american' means fucking nothing. But no, of course I understand you mean a citizen of the US, because generalizations win the day.

I would also like to ask why you would want vegan hosomaki to begin with. The general lack of flavor in vegan food is the whole reason this thread was made, removing even more flavors from a dish that would have so little to begin with is nonsensical, it makes sense they wouldnt use only one filling considering it would either taste really bad, or like nothing at all. The whole point is for the flavor. Vegan sushi aside, ive never been to a place that serves any kind of sushi that doesnt serve hosomaki, or almost any other kind you could think of.

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1. calm down
2. next time you wonder why people are "obsessed", this is why. it's not obsession at all, it's just easy to get a rise out of people like you

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The obsession has nothing to do with me, im not american. I think the urge to correct the incorrect has more to do with it then that anyway.

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What damage? He was making dumb assumptions and not thinking, and then went on to say he was upset. Which is what got me started, itd be fine if he was just talking out of his ass normally but going on and pretending it actually bothered him and then going on to be an ignorant mook about it was just poor form. I just hope he'll think before he posts next time, atleast when it comes to this sort of thing.

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Multiple people are calling you a buffoon now. I count at least three

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Over what though. Its interesting that none of my points are brought up, just people being angry. Sort of like the original anon I responded too, someone too angry over nonsense to give any real opinion.

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>posts butthurt screed
>everyone else is angry! I’m calm

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Im at least glad you dont disagree with anything I said.

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use that on all your vegan meals

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>what should I add to my vegan sushi so it's not just veges
Try some fish, maybe salmon

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There's a version of vegan sushi already you dumbfuck ass bitch, the one filled with cucumbers and not dipped in stupid made up sauce

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miso soup. inari, edamame, wakame salad

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That girl is pretty cute. Is there anywhere online I can go to see her titties?

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Inshallah, soon my brother

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That’s what my wife’s bull says.

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Ninja stars

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Does any one else have the compulsive urge to wash there hands after shaking a non white persons hand?
It makes me feel absolutely fithly.

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U b racis’.

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yeah shes asking for a dicking

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Delete this.

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Does she have AIDS or something? I feel like everytime a webm of her gets posted she looks worse and worse

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>using long grain rice
Wow how about you die in a fire I bet it isn't even 酢飯 also those are fucking makizushi get the terminology right you round eyed devil

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Fuck off.

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t. virgin

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don't be lewd

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blacked when???

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lmao the state of americans

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Imagine her sucking your dick with real enthusiasm, like it's the mot delicious meat stick she's ever suckled on, going really deep on it, jamming it in her throat and then making those "this is yummy" and "look at how much I'm enjoying this" facial expressions in between when she comes up for air with tears rolling down her cheeks and drool on her chin. Some women are just built to suck cock like a pro and this vegan sushi chick is certainly one of them.

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the flesh of an animal

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if she sucked my dick I would eat one bite of kale

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Why are you so poor?

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I want to nibble on that buttcheek cleft before I dump my seed inside her rectum.

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Buy a cucumber roll from Kroger and shut the fuck up

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I have cucumbers, crab stick, avocado, salmon, cream cheese, and tuna
What kind of rolls I make right now?

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