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Coogee Bay Hotel sundae. I remember this.

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Well... I can't top that.

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You're not meant to.

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>"There was no doubting what it was. The whole family became hysterical. My poor son screamed at one of their staff: 'You made my mum eat poo."'


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I forgot what even filtered to baka.

ngl desu senpai

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Hope it was girl poo

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>Be me
>10 years old
>At Mc Donalds
>Go to pee
>A dude touch my dick
>The End.

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Syndey Morning Herald


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kek baka.com

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this story just screams "shitheads pushing made up accusations out of spite"

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>friend's birthday went to a casual Mexican place
>His gf works at the restaurant in another location in the city
>14 of us in total heavily suggested to family style it
>His gf called the day before and told al la carte wouldn't be an issue
>Whatever decided family style would be enough
>Server kinda only touches table when bringing food and once to take drinks
>Tries to split the check 14 ways despite some couples telling him they are on the same card
>Collects cards and tries to split it off evenly between cards for some retarded reason (so now solo people were footing the bill for couples)
>Manager comes over and tries to makes sense of shit takes the question off the check that was $4
>Get things correct an hour after we finished eating
>Decide to take his cake and have it at a bar in midtown

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>be me @ steak n shake
>order burger
>burger arrives
>begin to fix burger to my liking
>notice there is an entire grub worm on the lettuce

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Wew lad

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I went to Fogo da Chao Brazilian Steakhouse on my cheat day (I'm a vegan) and they didn't even have 'vark sauce. My wifey and her bull were on a date so they stayed while I walked out in anger and played my Switch in her Prius until they were done. That was bad enough but then my Switch's battery died and the manager wouldn't even let me charge it there even though I was paying for their food!

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>dat word filter

Been a long long time that I've seen that.

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The birth of a pasta

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Wow. I looked it up.

https://www. ESS EMM AITCH .com.au/news/national/human-excrement-found-in-free-gelato/2008/10/25/1224351608023.html

oh, I guess that's what "baka" is.

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Spotted the clue. Don't you fuckers ever get tired of being spotted this easily?

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been a few times where i sat down and didnt see a waiter for 15 minutes. these days i leave if i dont get a drink within 10 minutes. its a sign that something is very, very wrong. better to pull the plug early than sit through a hellish 2 hour experience.

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>Not putting it on yer cawk.

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I always knew gelato was just shitty ice cream

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Ok, fine, put it on there I guess...

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The person at the register was black. I didn't want to use my credit card becsuse who carries cash anymore? So I walked out.

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That sucks, I don't blame you for walking out

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>go to pub type place
>order a bacardi and coke as i browse the menu
>after like 10 minutes i don't have my drink because the bar has been endlessly filling up beer glasses for a party of like 60, somehow?
>just leave

it's really, really stupid to delay doing 1 thing that takes 20 seconds to do 60 things that take 20 seconds each

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I would've done the same thing.

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Not me but my sister has had some bad ones

>goes to KFC
>orders ordinary burger
>opens it up and checks it
>huge pile of metal shavings sitting on the meat, like as if someone sat it under a lathe for an hour
>takes it back and gets free burger

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I went to Olive Garden once and asked for the pasta without meat. Come to find out, they fucked up and cooked my dish with meat and lazily just picked the meat out of it afterwards. I still found a few chunks of meat in there and told the manager and he took it off the bill.

And he gave me a $30 gift card for his obvious fuck-up and pitiful attempt to hide the fuck up when you know you're serving that shit to a vegetarian.

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>worried about people stealing your credit card number

Truly idiotic. You have ZERO fraud liability with credit cards and they return your money as soon as you tell them about the fraud. It isn't like a debit card where you have to wait for an investigation.

Credit cards are the safest form of money, and they help your credit score unlike debit cards which do ZERO to help your credit. Debit cards are a fucking scam.

>b-b-but I have no self control and if I have a credit card I'll go into debt
Get a charge card, you idiot.

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He was probably more worried about getting mugged or shot.

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Either nut up and go full vegan or stay a carnist, you spineless retard. I hate you cowardly fence sitters so fucking much.

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Ok feces in gelato is fucking horrible and disgusting but did the family really have to take a staged photo making faces like they just had a family member get murdered? Like, get over yourself.

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>cheat day
You're not a vegan, youre someone who eats fewer animal products than a typical usa American. Tbh true vegans don't exist, it's impossible to not use products that were created using animals in some way or another. Just be honest, holding unto an arbitrary label like "vegan" only serves your ego in all the wrong ways

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It's the UK, they do that for all of their articles.

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>sipping at my coke when feel something else come up the straw
>dead wasp
I was only a kid at the time and my dad chose to just leave after that instead of complain

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she looks like jodie foster. mmmm

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once had a beetle come up a straw, nearly swallowed the fella. he was still alive

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Sorry anon :'(

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everytime ive eaten at applebee's it's obvious as hell that the food i get served has been sitting under a heating lamp for an indefinite amount of time or just recently microwaved. family still insists on going there for special occasions. decent tendies but it honestly just aint worth it

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Worst was probably in Scotland.
>went to a fish and chips shop
>noticed that they sell all these other things too.
>already had fish n chips a couple times so figured a change would be interesting
>picked a random one: King Rib
>got a still raw ground pork patty battered and fried

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I work in a fish and chip shop and a lot of places have huge menus hoping that it will draw more money but it just makes worse food and wasted space. Eg Shrimp twisster which is just diced shrimp wrapped in a pastry. or another stupid thing we have which is schnitzel which is all pre made and factory brought. Not that these are fucking awful just why put it on the menu its just below par food.

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shoulda got a half pizza crunch m8

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Yeah, every time I just got the fish and chips it was great, so I got over-confident.

>mfw this is real

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>another stupid thing we have which is schnitzel which is all pre made and factory brought.
Huh, that one's strange. If you kept some raw pork cutlets it should be easy as fuck to make a decent schnitzel if you already have the deep fryer for the fish and chips.

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veal schnitzel best

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I make all my ice cream with human excrement.
It's got probiotics.

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You have got to be black.
Had that been a white family one of two patriarchal-types would have stepped forward saying "we got this." Only nogs would spend an hour trying to settle a check.

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Is this the famous Australian 'banter'?

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So I'm tying to turn my life around and I need to start cooking my own meals. The problem is I'm a poorfag. I have maybe 30-40bucks a week to spend on groceries. I'm also needing to lose, around 1800-2000 Cal diet. Is it possible to have the means to learn to cook decent or at least healthly, meals?

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>They allege they complained three times to brasserie staff before the sound on the television screen was turned up. When the children wanted ice-cream, the family was told an adult serve cost $19. Mr Whyte vented his anger before leaving the pub in search of cheaper ice-cream.

>"Later, this huge bowl of ice-cream arrived at our table as a 'sorry for all the hassle'," Mrs Whyte said. "There were four scoops including vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut. At the bottom, there appeared to be chocolate. Greedily, I went for it ahead of the kids. Thank heavens I did. The stench, the taste … I spat the food into a napkin and immediately I was sick.

>"There was no doubting what it was. The whole family became hysterical. My poor son screamed at one of their staff: 'You made my mum eat poo."' The family complained to Waverley police.

I no longer feel bad for them. Props to the anonymous food worker who pooped in their ice cream because they were being annoying and asking the owner to turn on TV so they could watch their gay rugby game.

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>'You made my mum eat poo."

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Got general tso's chicken and soo guy chicken from a takeout place. The delivery driver put the food on the ground, tapped his foot and sighed as I got my money out. The soo guy literally had no sauce, the general tso's sauce was gritty somehow. When i called about the missing sauce they said they were busy and hung up on me.

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>When the bants go too far

>> No.10520922

>u get no sauce, gaijin pig.

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>Visit family
>Love mexican food
>Go with family
>Sign up front that says something along the lines of "restaurant is not responsible for lost property"
>Weird but alright
>Food's great
>Everything's normal
>Go to piss
>Come back
>My phone's missing
>Ask family if one of them took it
>They don't know
>Ask my waiter about it
>"sir it's not our policy we have a sign"
>Borrow sister's phone and call my phone
>My ringtone starts blaring from the kitchen
>"haha oh woops he must've thought it was his phone sorry"
>Everyone stops eating, pay for our shit and leave
>Never go back there again

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>leaving valuables unattended in public

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Did you tell your server BEFORE the bill arrived that you intended to split the check?

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are you retarded.

i go out with friends all the time and we always split. i would imagine that with families, especially with in-laws you know only on a first-name basis, splitting it would be appropriate, if not required, so as not to demean the other person.

are you fucking inept at understanding relationships? i bet you eat your own cum.

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odd stipulation for a fucking restaurant to display. i wouldnt even eat there

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>Spics blatantly steal from you
>You still pay for the food

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Lol Americans like literal shit in their food? Disgusting

>> No.10521591

>from Swindon

>> No.10521595

I'm impressed how stupid you are to take that bait

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Me taking the bait WAS the bait, dumbass, and you just fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

>> No.10521670

>Baiting the hook with a catch
clever anon, quite clever

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>never been vegan before

There is a cost to being vegan that doesn't justify the switch.

As an Example, vegans still eat plants grown on fields in which mice and insects must be exterminated. In order to totally cause no harm to animals, you must eat only roadkill and eat out of trashcans, as this food has already been created and at this point there's nothing we can do to save the animals that have died in this process.

Now if a man spends all his day digging through the trash and cooking roadkill, when he could have spent that time advocating a vegetarian diet, then in the end more animals die. You see how that works? We are in a transition period, in time we will develop artificial meat and a more vegetarian society and eventually become completely vegan.

Much in the same way our current power sources are non-renewable, we must burn these non-renewable resources in order to create a fully renewable energy economy.

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Jokes on yo I only eat plants grown in my orbital biosphere.

>> No.10521799

Not everyone goes vegetarian because of moral reasons you retard.

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Everyone who goes vegetarian is retarded.

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>me and bro go to burrito place since it's the cheapest place in the area
>not poor but fuck paying $20 for a shitty gourmet pizza from other restaurants
>waitress comes over and enters order into iPad
>talking for 30 mins and realise that food hasn't come yet
>ask what's happening
>she didn't enter the order properly
>wait another 10 minutes for food
>mfw this is the worst thing to ever happen to me at a restaurant

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>be me
>working salads
>order for a salad
>c server
>server goes to talk to line
>head chef tells me to ask the server what the c server was
>Hey man, if its for salads just tell me so I can get on it.
>server gets angry
>"Dude chill the fuck out if i ever tell you i have to tell them too so just chill"
>ask him what the c server was
>"Why don't you ask them"
>ask line cook
>head chef looks at me "He didn't tell you?"

fuck front of house

>> No.10522112

could have shortened that down to
>waited too long for food

your story isn't interesting at all

>> No.10522118

>c server

>> No.10522204

they got offered $5000 to fuck off by the hotel management and turned it down because they wanted a million

>> No.10522211

>Be me
>Impressionable 15 year old
>Watch Earthlings
>Decide to go vegan
>Could barely eat anything or use anything because it was made from animals in some way
>Even online vegans are saying "Try to lessen your impact", no one was saying to try and cut out all vegan products

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>> No.10522259

I read it

>> No.10522304

It's a bitter pill to swallow, but once you take it you'll see that vegetarianism is the only thing that makes sense.

>easy af to be vegetarian
>people don't think you're fucking weird
>people don't get offended when you won't eat a piece of bread because you "don't know if it's vegan or not"
>you can easily go out to eat anywhere with anyone, preserving infinitely valuable social bonds with your family, best friends and intimate partners by performing the sacred human ritual of eating together
>don't have to be alienated from your loved ones
>can use all the time and mental energy you save to promote animal rights and actually do some good in the world
>instead of wasting years in your own little bubble spending countless hours googling things for a diet so demanding you could never convince anyone to adopt, only to die alone with no continuing impact on the world

>> No.10522310

>Thinking one person saying how bad fur is online will save the animals
>Implying the animals care

>> No.10522364

The only legal and efficient way of spreading the vegetarian message in time is to use the tactics of cults and MLMs.


Basically use 3 day brainwashing sessions, a la Landmark Forum, Millionaire Intensive, etc to bring people into the group slowly. Once they are in, turn them into recruiters who will then in turn bring more people in to become recruiters, and the entire movement grows exponentially. Of course people will be buying courses and other products from the cult, and we will use this money to reinvest in the company and bring in more people which will bring in more money and the cycle continues. L Ron Hubbard was worth over $650 million dollars, literally almost a billionaire.

I dropped out of college to work pursue business, I work about 60 hours a week, half of that on my (unrelated) online Amazon business, the other half on building this vegetarian cult. The vision for me is clear, and this is the life that I chose.

>> No.10522375

Guess people with unavoidable meat allergies are retarded.
Before you look up meat allergy and say "but that's only for meat from mammals!", I know.

>> No.10522392

Semi-related, but I've never understood the whole allergy = weakness = being a dumb loser thing in america. Maybe it's just a hollywood thing, but anytime a kid has an allergy it's played as if he's some weak bitch, but you don't choose what allergies to get or anything

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why the fuck did you pay?

>> No.10522413


Genetic deficiency.
Stop making us slide backwards into the caveman. We're climbing up, not down.

>> No.10522415


You’re really starting to piss me off little fucking faggot. Why the fuck would you pay. Spineless pussy

>> No.10522448

>oh wowie filters
>it's fucking real
>it's fucking australian company
>it's fucking australian website
>it's fucking working
Goddamnit australian posters just fuck with the rules

>> No.10522650

Except their wasn't a rugby game on the tv.

>> No.10522657

Anyone can get Alpha Gal from Lone Star ticks and Cat dander. The worst part is you will be completely unaware you have it until you bite into a juicy steak and go into anaphylactic shock.

>> No.10522659

Blame the whiny faggots on /q/ bitching to filter people. Fucking nuke that board and every whiny faggot using it.

>> No.10522960

The story contained some technical ineptitude from waitstaff, mildly interesting.

>> No.10523027

t. Soyboy spamming faggot

>> No.10523041

t. dumb newfag who thinks that's the first word to be filtered

>> No.10523075

one time I ordered a veggie burger at mcdicks and when I opened it up at home it was just two slices of pickles, a tomato and some sauce between bread. no patty or anything. kekked pretty heartily but didnt eat in in case they cummed on it or something.

>> No.10523162

You meant /g/? Because that's where the faggot mod was.

>> No.10523209

>not hook, line, and stinker
you fucked up.

>> No.10523396

Post store name and address. Or you are just making shit up getting yous

>> No.10523498

I am a veggi-Aryan... I won't eat anything grown in the fucking dirt, and only eat meat that has been fed with a 100% meat diet.

>Go to italian place.
>Veal fed veal cutlet has ground pepper on it
>Slap waitress and demand 25% of her tips for the evening

>> No.10523711

actually it's australia and they are all miserable because they have to live in melbourne

>> No.10523744

i enjoyed that the villain was a woman, the weaker of the two sexes

>> No.10523974

you went for some grub and got some grub, what's the big deal?

>> No.10524403

>Still paid
Should have called the cops

>> No.10524413

>working for a few days in small town
>only place to get food is a subway
>theres a couple greasy looking ancient ladies working
>ask for a BLT
>she put the raw bacon on the bread
>"arent you going to microwave the bacon first"
>"what kind of cheese?
>"umm dont you have to cook to bacon?"
>she says fuck you to me under her breath as she puts the bacon in the microwave
>dude in front of me orders some soup
>there pot of soup is basically empty, she manages to get a half a spoonful out
>"is that all?" he says
>"we just ran out" she says
>dude walks out and tells me i should do the same

>> No.10524418

you don't have to cook bacon you silly faggot

>> No.10524432

ive gotten the sandwich plenty of times, they always put it in the microwave beforehand

>> No.10524440

Vegetarianism is a fine moral and health decision that leaves you with a lot of great foods, veganism is fucking insane and limits you to eldritch soy mash and leaves for every meal, and brings about the accompanying malnourishment.
>Go out to restaurant with friends
>Waiter asks if you'd like to try the special
>Hiss and pull out a satchel of flax paste

>> No.10524454

so you're just autistic, then?

>> No.10524468

poo in vindaloo

>> No.10524477

i still don't understand you people that think veganism is some giant leap from vegetarianism. it's literally just no more dairy and a greater focus on ethical consumption.

>> No.10524480

>eat anywhere
Not at Chili's and Applebee's, I've had to break veg going there with my family because there's literally nothing without meat on the menu (at mine at least)

>> No.10524500

>Not at Chili's and Applebee's

why make up lies?


every single restaurant of these chains serves the same thing, that is what a chain is.

>> No.10524508

Most simply, it's because vegan food is fucking terrible. I can currently get as much protein as I could want from milk and eggs, and use cheese and butter to make delicious and hearty foods. I've had vegan friends cook for me, I've been to vegan restaurants, I've made vegan recipes, and they're all garbage because of how much veganism focuses on raw ingredients and hippie shit like "cleansing", so you get things like a grilled pepper filled with grainy brown rice and seeds, washed down with some cashew and lemon juice smoothie.
I don't give a shit about how healthy something is, I want it to taste good. I genuinely believe most vegans are attached to the chance to flex their moral superiority, to the point where they give up any enjoyment of consuming food.

>> No.10524516

>just no more dairy
I've got to make gains though
I can't choke down four cans of black beans a day like "vegan bodybuilders" say you're supposed to, fuck that.

>> No.10524525

>meat allergy
You're not a vegetarian, you're just allergic to meat.

>> No.10524540

you're an idiot.

whey protein etc. i'm not a vegan and i think bodybuilding is stupid. if you want to get muscular i wouldn't suggest you go vegan but it's a viable way to live.

>> No.10524543

What the fuck is a c server

>> No.10524546

>splits the check 10+ ways
>says it's normal
Lol you cowardly little creep ;)

>> No.10524554

I had a snail in my lettuce, once (turkish foodtruck).
And i had a handfull of dead bees in my doner kebab.
turkroaches really are the worst cu/ck/s

>> No.10524563

The imbecile meant to type 'see server' It's for a special request that don't make sense like a Blue Cheese that is also Gluten Free. Also, if this cowardly little creep is working salads he doesn't have much going on up stairs anyways so don't be too hard on him.

>> No.10524602

>Greedily, I went for it ahead of the kids.
This reeks of Romani behavior even coaching the kida as to what to say and turning down the settlement to run to the press for a bigger cash out.

>> No.10524930

>handfull of dead bees
perfect amount for a lil protein hit. ur bitchin about free nutrients, sport

>> No.10525001


The mom and dad look Roma, but there's about 5 too few kids, so it's hard to tell.

>> No.10525135

Whey isn't vegan

>> No.10525381

>Live in the South
>Scotland gets all the cool chippy shit
>We get paki's running our chippies
>Their sausages are probably made from missing rape victims
I hate England

>> No.10525404

You're half right, eating mammals is dubious as we are mammals
>Dogs objectively not okay because they have served us from the beginning of time as loyal companions
>Beef and Pork is fine because they've given us and done nothing
That's like saying blacks are inherently of less worth than any other race, you have to judge all mammals or none of them, but creatures objectively of less worth, intellect, evolution and empathy, such as fish, birds, lizards insects? Fair game, nothing wrong with eating those, that's a natural food chain as occurs in nature exact same thing as a lion eating a gazelle, dairy and eggs are fine too
>But muh factory farming conditions
Then buy natural organic from a local farmer veganfags, there is nothing wrong with inherently consuming either

>> No.10525464

You're telling me they don't have salad or french fries?

>> No.10525549

hot desu

>> No.10525568

Try the fried green beans. Maybe because they don't get ordered much, but mine were freshly fried even if obviously frozen. They were good with the sauces.
Still ripped my ex non stop for picking Applebee's. Probably could have started fucking her again instead, but worth it.

>> No.10525574

I once wanted a burger with "bacon and mustard"

And they literally served me bacon and mustard on a bun

they must had thought i was deranged in their misunderstanding

>> No.10525585

your post is more boring to be honest

>> No.10525591

They got $50,000 out of court settlement later and they're still idiots.
Shit in my wife's ice cream and your closing down, selling personal shit to pay me for the rest of your pathetic life as your wages are forever garnished until you do the world a favor and paint the wall with your brains.
I'd pour every resource I could ever have or borrow into making sure that was the outcome.

>> No.10525625

Or ICE. Criminals are more likely to commit criminal acts.

>> No.10525628

>small town
>but big enough to have a subway
>not hitting up the diner/greasy spoon that will almost surely have decent to good fries and burgers and possible be a rare gem

>> No.10525669

if youre really advocating thats its okay to serve raw bacon on a blt then your a fucking retard

>> No.10525672

a babyboomer called me a spic while i was bussing tables.

>> No.10525676

>be in shithole Puerto Rico
>go to burger place because Dad lives burgers
>place is literally empty
>giant fucking restaurant and we're the only ones in
>family orders hamburgers
>half an hour later there are no burgers
>they aplogize and ask if we want more drinks
>another half hour passes
>no food
>what the hell is going on?
>restaurant is still literally empty
>we're all starving
>burgers come undercooked, friend ordered a fish sandwich and the fish is still raw
>later retell our experience to a native islander
>"Oh yeah. Don't go there. They make you wait so you buy more drinks."

Separate incident in Puerto "Please Give Me Federal Support" Rico
>travel book recommends barbeque place
>long wait for table, but whatever, that's normal for popular places
>order barbeque
>barbeque has a putiful amount of sauce, it's literally dry
>ask for additional sauce
>"Sorry. We're out of sauce."
>Most popular BBQ place in Puerto Rico has no BBQ sauce
>we eat bone dry ribs and overcooked brisket
Now my idiot parents want to go get ripped off or possibly murdered in Mexico. I think I'll stay home.

>> No.10525864 [DELETED] 

subway uses those already cooked, cold mushy bacon like supermarkets carry in the prepackaged deli meats section

>> No.10525870


>> No.10525885

the bacon, like all meat at subway, has already been cooked

>> No.10525894

you are wrong.

>> No.10525900

you people dont seem to understand you can eat any bacon without cooking it.
it's cured and smoked you fucking idiots.

>> No.10525911

3rd world countries have shitty food. Surprise, surprise.

>> No.10525928

>i go out with friends all the time and we always split.
Yeah, because you're black like anon said.

>> No.10525939

you dont have to but it's unpleasant to eat cold/raw

>> No.10525945

Huh. So if I enjoy eating meat but think it's unethical and environmentally unsustainable, would I be in the clear if I can convert someone else to vegetarianism in my stead?

>> No.10526005

>go to New Orleans with family cause they paid for my plane ticket
>we're staying with a family friend
>we go to some restaurant in the French Quarter
>mfw I knew from doing research online that the French Quarter restaurants are absolute trash, but my parents wanted to go
>its for breakfast since the usual breakfast joint was too busy
>no one else is there which is already a bad sign
>we order our food from some qt black server
>some swarthy italian man is watching soccer while yelling at the screen
>we get our food
>ham is ice cold, eggs are half uncooked and weirdly coagulated and have shell pieces, hash browns are stained orange from the grease and are also ice cold
>my dad, who normally can eat anything is disgusted beyond belief
>we complain
>swarthy italian fuck comes by, he's the owner
>tries to tell us that the food is great
>realizes its fucked and tries to get us new food
>we decline but he won't stop persisting
>he eventually comps the meal and we GTFO

We tipped the waitress when the owner wasn't looking a good amount because we felt bad for her

>> No.10526196

>ham was cold
do amerisharts expect everything to be microwaved?

>> No.10526277


Come on man

>> No.10526302
File: 1.28 MB, 2560x1440, IMG_20180423_205508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I have been comped in any way for finding an ant in my water carafe?
I was too beta to ask for a manager, been telling myself I could have at least gotten a milkshake or something since I love giving myself shit for pussying out.
Its hard to make this out to be much more than a speck without visible legs but you can see the 2 segments of the body.
It was tap water too, scumbags.

>> No.10526307

>moving goalposts

>> No.10526344

If I think it's unethical to rape people, but I do it anyway, but I convince 2 rapists to stop raping, and I in the clear?

Only if the time and mental energy it would take yourself to stop raping is greater than, and also would prevent you from taking the the time and mental energy it would take to convince the two people to stop raping.

Then yes, you would be doing the best thing possible.

>> No.10526359

Rape ≠ murder

>> No.10526374


Your parents sound like retards. Just go to a spic restaurant in the States and avoid the danger/disappointment.

>> No.10526408

Eating animals isn't bad because it "hwurts the poor wittle animals feelings X'("

It's only bad because it's an economical waste (uses about 10x more plant matter, land, water, etc), and the animals that are created aren't living up to their full potential of contributing to the world's ecosystem.

If an alien wanted to enslave you in a cage and eat you, and that was the best thing for the universe, then it would be perfectly ethical for that alien to do that to you. But I'd argue that it would NOT be the best thing for the universe, because as a human, even though you are basically retarded from an alien's perspective, you are still able to work and use the brain you have to contribute to society.

If the higher alien being were to keep you in a cage, your potential to be creative and to do complicated work would be completely wasted, it would be very inefficient to do this as a society, and hence unethical.

>> No.10526423

>Separate incident in Puerto "Please Give Me Federal Support" Rico
how about just giving them what any other part of the country similarly devastated by a hurricane would receive in the first place.
conservatives talk a big game about personal responsibility, literally none have the balls to argue against federal disaster relief going to Texas.
austerity and small government for thee but not for me.
btw your president went bankrupt in Puerto Rico and left the island another 30 million in debt

>> No.10526440

>like saying blacks are inherently of less worth than any other race
That's exactly what I'm saying

>> No.10526444

Nigga, the US gives $21 Billion in aid to PR. You really think pumping more money in is gonna save that place from being a shithole?

>> No.10526456

The senpai baka

>> No.10526469

The rebuding cost estimate was 94B$.
Granted, there were.a confluence of reasons it had financial difficulty even before the hurricane, But even then, if you're going to do something blatantly political like intentionally being far more responsive with disaster relief in Texans (more generally any state that leans toward one's party in voting habits), even though PR was in a more desperate situation, don't be so sanctimonious as to cast the double standard as part of some greater ethical crusade for fiscal responsibility.

>> No.10526503

It's probably a good thing if the island is depopulated, since it's just a liability. I'd rather we just resolve climate change, but failing that, yeah, don't rebuild infrastructure that can't feasibly be weatherproofed enough to survive the next inevitable hurricane. They can come live in the continental US.

>> No.10526511

Bruh, the federal government has a plan to implement economic shock therapy on Puerto Rico, eveything’s going to be OK. The McDonald’s in San Juan are going to have McChickens tomorrow, lmao.

>> No.10526522

and we should give them that much because? fuck i wouldn't have given more then 10 what are the other countries doing cant they give some cash

>> No.10526526

Holy shit you have 10 billion dollars?
>these conversations are fucking retarded

>> No.10526540

well 9.26 to be exact but fuck giving it away

>> No.10526598

>United States is a third world country

>> No.10526619

So what exactly are you complaining about? People don't need to eat nice hot foods? Because you are too much of a fucking degenerate to actually cook?

>> No.10526631

It’s true.

>> No.10526743

>be in high school
>Friday night
>me and some friends would always go to the local sharis 24 hour restaurant to get dessert
>get there and are shown a table
>we all order milkshakes
>get the milkshakes which are usually pretty decent and start drinking them
>one of my friends is using a spoon to eat hers and picks out a plastic wrapper from the milk shake
>visibly grossed out she keep digging through it out of curiosity and picks out several tooth picks and more plastic wrappers.
>absolutely disgusted
>tell the waiter about it, show him the stuff
>he apologizes and goes to talk to the manager who begrudgingly comps the entire meal though he acted suspicious the whole time and was talking to us like he didn't believe we just found the stuff and put it in there ourselves
>head home and female friends won't talk about anything else for the rest if the night but finding toothpicks in their drinks.

>> No.10526862

>Puerto Rico
There's a reason Puerto Rico is still only a commonwealth

>> No.10526867

Half a fly in my water, burnt burger patty and all-white iceberg lettuce. Manager tried to fob me off with a free large basket of chips, 'it's not that big a deal bro come on' so I yelled out GROSS A FLY IN MY FOOD and left. Fucking A certificate my ass.

>> No.10526888

Why the fuck is it still around? Moot wasn't this braindead

>> No.10526918
File: 3.92 MB, 5312x2988, 20171212_002849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Girlfriend and I go to Indian lunch buffet.
>Sign says wait to be seated
>Wait for what feels like eternity while staff walk by and stare at us
>Finally get seated
>Doesn't ask what we want to drink
>No fountain
>Get almost all the way through first plate when were finally asked about drinks
>Food is near cold, and not good.
>Eat 2 plates each
>Go up to register to pay
>No one there, waiting waiting
>Decide to wait back at the table
>Finally someone at register
>Get up, put on coat go to pay
>"Fresh Naan?"
>Wtf we're obviously leaving...

Couldn't even tell you how many dirty looks we were given while there. We're white, no tatoos, and friendly and quiet. Never the fuck again. Should have dine and dashed. I've never done it in my life but I'd there was a time that would've been it.

>> No.10526967
File: 36 KB, 346x344, gruden banana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you're an idiot.

Too much of a brainlet to articulate why, aside from your precious feels, I presume.

>> No.10526989

Don't blame conservatives for your corrupt local politicians, fuck stick shit for brains.

>> No.10527005

>go to Five Guys
>Everyone in the kitchen is a nog
>be reasonably worried because of this
>carefully inspect burger, everything seems fine
>enjoy meal
>notice by the end of it all that there was a kinky nog hair in my fries

Never again.

>> No.10527021

I found a marble in a pizza hut pasta once, it turned out to be a piece that fell off of the weighted clip things they hang the order tickets up with

>> No.10527187

>The rebuding cost estimate was 94B$.

should have shown a bit of fiscal responsibility then

>> No.10527258

Control f "retard," 11 results
urrr a goofy thread

>> No.10527640

Puerto Rico isn't a shit hole because of a hurricane, it's a shit hole because of rampant crime and awful sanitation from nearly a century of negligence. Beaches are polluted with raw sewage. Thieves sell worn out tires on the side of the road. Dead dogs litter the streets.

>> No.10527818

I do that too. Good rule of thumb.

>> No.10527879

Because they are too much of a pussy to become fully independent?

>> No.10527883

mys gf's mum and her fella are picky eaters and he ordered a chicken burger with nothing on it from McD's once. When he got home it was just a bun lol

>> No.10527910

You should have been executed you fucking faggot. It's an ant, just take it out or swallow it who cares. Who the fuck takes a picture of an ant in a glass of water?

>> No.10527927

You have loads of Puerto Ricans in the states. The closest I've ever got to a Peuerto Rican is wanking myself silly over Jennifer Lopez videos

>> No.10527946

Go to mazatlan for best seafood. Stay in your rooms past 9pm

>> No.10527973

q predicted this

>> No.10527989


>> No.10527999

Kill yourself

>> No.10528096

Fucking vegan cheat day and "vark sauce" werent enough of a clue?

>> No.10528111
File: 205 KB, 1080x1074, uselessminimalism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it wastes resources
Life is a waste of resources. Should we all be minimalist idiots and eat only potatoes beans and rice, no seasoning for the rest of our lives? Why is it worse that 10 people use 10 resources each versus 100 people using 1 resource each?

>if any alien enslaved you
They don't have the capacity for intellectual thoughts and feelings. Hell most of them lack object permanance.

It's funny how you say veganism isn't about hurting poor wittle feelings, but immediately go to an example where aliens hurt your feewings and immediately project that on to other animals (humans are animals too, not exceptions).

>> No.10528174

I am so glad my whole family appreciates actual good food. I'm sorry for you, Anon.

>> No.10528248

If you hate us so much how about you give us fucking independence so we can fuck off
We don't like you either
We both want to be separate from each other
It's a win win

>> No.10528267

I've never once had a good experience at KFC. Every restaurant I went to was dirty, service was bad and their food was cold when it was given to me.

I dunno if they just fucking hate me but god damn I hate KFC.

>> No.10528330

how is careing about stoopid animals gunna get anyone anywhere,

>> No.10528359

All Puerto Ricans and their descendants in the US have to go back.

>> No.10528431

And all 56% mutts have to leave the island

>> No.10528468

You do know that PR is US, and that they are all citizens?

>> No.10528484

Every Indian I've met in food service in the US is fuckimg miserable. There's a buffet joint by me that has fucking amazing food, but all the staff stares daggers the whole time except for the rich owner.

>> No.10528544

Puerto Ricans are like le 76% face

>> No.10528552
File: 68 KB, 770x882, Heh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As evidenced by this hideous woman.

>> No.10528557

Yeah, we're already getting fucked up by American "tradition" of racemixing
so we don't need people even worse than that to add to the gene pool

>> No.10528574

>Go to a rather luxe Cuban place for my birthday dinner
>Order a mojito, pretty much any cuban place worth its salt makes a good mojito
>Comes out tasting like syrupy and bitter, not refreshing at all
>Order ceviche, it was good, but not worth the $16
>Order the garlic roasted half-chicken, was kind of bland
>Service was complete crap

Overall I was pretty disappointed, I've had much better in LA for half the price too.

>> No.10528595

>not just finishing your shitty drink and leaving
did you really expect the food to be good when they can't even get a drink right?

>> No.10528953
File: 57 KB, 630x560, indian vacation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More like Shyte family.

>> No.10529020

It was a Saturday night, so I'd figure I'd give the kitchen the benefit of the doubt for the bar fucking up.

>> No.10529292 [DELETED] 

>from Swindon
No... He's from India. He may have been born in Britain, but with a name like that and skin like that, he's Indian.

>> No.10529396


>> No.10529509
File: 40 KB, 564x447, 1523363211584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Flavour of Asia

>> No.10529739

I once received a burger that was rare and bleeding in the center. And I went to a breakfast place and got a waffle that was still all gooey in batter-y in the center. The manager looked like I was crazy when I told him it was under done and wanted something else.

>> No.10529839

Alien slavery it's my fetish

>> No.10529874


>> No.10530120

Good black cooks can be really awesome, to be fair. Southern soul food and BBQ and such. Avoid places run by middle aged or younger black women. Some old black ladies run a tight fucking ship, still had some real strong non-manufactured, individual and family pride in them.

>> No.10530140 [DELETED] 

And some are straight up "god bless America" types, despite it all. Love em. My old black neighbor in a black ghetto was awesome. Id sit and talk with her, and she'd give me pies which I insisted I pay for.
They were fucking delicious, even if simple and humble.
Said her family didn't call or visit for a long time. Had me real fucked up. I stayed in touch for a long time and then just stopped when I was depressed and lost a lot of friends. Called back recently and never got an answer. Didn't help depression and regrets.

>> No.10531315

>go to some upper scale meme establishment at a golf course
>everyone decides on burgers
>takes an hour and a half
>burger is shit
>wrong toppings on half the orders
>receive wrong bill
>finally receive right bill
>brainlets charge one couple three times
>"we thought we cancelled the first one and the second one locked so we charged you a third time on accident
>they don't just comp everything that couple ordered or even offer them a dessert or gift card

>> No.10531384

Its a territory you fucking brainlet, they were offered statehood 3 times, the last of which was in 2017 and they didn't want it. Educate yourself.

>> No.10531420

How fucking dumb to you have to be to think puerto Rico would be better off if it were independent

>> No.10531504

>be about 7 years old
>in chinese restaurant with dad
>waiter brings my food
>says the bowl is hot
>i touch it anyways
>ow my fingers
>dad asks why the waiter didn't say it was hot
>i don't say anything
>a big fight starts
>we get banned from that restaurant
thanks dad

>> No.10531580

Cheese, my man. It's all about cheese,

>> No.10531722

must have sold 'em

>> No.10531727
File: 10 KB, 225x225, 1424760955544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw a yuromutt's reading comprehension skills fail him and he backpedals wildly

>> No.10531743

>Stephen and Jessica Whyte and their three sons were served complimentary gelato dessert by Coogee Bay Hotel staff three weeks ago after complaining about food prices, facilities and staff attitude.

>Complain to the wait staff and generally be a piece of shit
>get fed shit

It's poetic justice.

>> No.10531751


>> No.10531765

nice post

>> No.10531770

can i use these cult leader tactics to get my ex back

>> No.10531847

God You're a whiny faggot

>> No.10531858

Why didnt yoi call the cops on those dirty beaners?

>> No.10531939

nice blog, mr internet tough guy

>> No.10531973
File: 20 KB, 379x364, 1492144253461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and they help your credit score unlike debit cards which do ZERO to help your credit.
Imagine living in a country where you're blackmailed into wasting money all the time, or else they're going to make you pay more for mortgages and financing as punishment.

>> No.10532004

>Imagine living in a country where you're blackmailed into wasting money all the time, or else they're going to make you pay more for mortgages and financing as punishment.
Isn't that basically every country besides shitty third world countries?

>> No.10532008

>land of the free
>being held hostage by banks
choose one

>> No.10532011

As far as I know, the only country on the entire planet with a credit rating that works like that is America.
Everywhere else the equivalent of your "rating" is determined on a monthly basis (Basically, the higher your earnings compared to your expenses, the better), but in America it's more like a series of pitfalls that keep lowering your score unless you keep spending through credit cards, payment plans, and basically anything that fucks you financially if you mismanage one iota of it.

I basically don't spend anything aside for necessities, and my earnings are almost double my expenses.
But in America I would have a lower credit rating than a trailer park mom that lives paycheck to paycheck and uses her cc for everything.

>> No.10532012

Do you think banks lend money for free in other countries?

>> No.10532018

>you're blackmailed into wasting money all the time, or else they're going to make you pay more for mortgages and financing as punishment.
>banks demanding interest for lending you money
arent the same thing

>> No.10532021

No, but they calculate interest based on how likely you are to be able to pay it.
It's not uncommon to be outright denied lending if you don't have a realistic source of savings or income to repay not only interest, but the debt in itself in a timely fashion.

In America, instead, interest is calculated based on how likely you are to be shackled with it until you're dead.
The condition for receiving a loan isn't "Can he pay it back?", it's "Can he pay interest?", so that you can be milked for money forever by taking loans they know you are not able to repay in full.

>> No.10532029

Credit score doesn't matter in America. It's only relevant if you are a big fuckup. In America and pretty much all civilized countries, banks look at how much you earn and how timely you are with paying other loans. Credit score is a meme and you fell for it as hard as any idiot American.

Also credit cards aren't good for credit.

>> No.10532032

>No, but they calculate interest based on how likely you are to be able to pay it.
>It's not uncommon to be outright denied lending if you don't have a realistic source of savings or income to repay not only interest, but the debt in itself in a timely fashion.
This is how it works in America too? Are you retarded?

>> No.10532034
File: 108 KB, 640x480, Falafel-10-640x480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Falafel place near my work
>Best damn falafels I've ever eaten
>Also very cheap, best value lunch in the area by a mile
>Absolutely shocking service
>Cash only (dodging taxes no doubt) but they never had enough change in the till so most of the time either got a shitload of coins back or had to wait for a staff member to go get more change from somewhere
>Most of the staff could barely speak English, miracle if you actually got what you ordered
>I gave up adding extra stuff to my wraps because they would always forget

I got a new job in a different area so stopped going altogether but went back recently and it had closed down. I was disappointed but not surprised. Lunch rushes there were a complete shit show service wise but I don't even eat falafel anymore because I can't find another spot that makes them anywhere near as good

>> No.10532072

>be 11
>He and friend order chocolate icecreams from burger king
>Get them
>Friend takes a scoop from his, all is fine
>I eat a scoop from mine
>Tastes really weird
>Taste a dab of the sauce, it is fucking barbecue sauce
>They literally put barbecue sauce on my ice cream, my friends was chocolate sauce
>Go in and complain, get a free ice cream

Apparently they had to change the sauce and some how barbecue was put in the place of chocolate.

>> No.10532152

>implying moot never used wordfilters
Jesus how new are you

>> No.10532173

The economy is shit either way, I care far more about being infested with El Ogro De Las Americas and giving our taxes to Israel
Not to mention the government used fucking mustard gas on some of us during WWII
I'd legit rather be ruled by Cuba than Jew-S-A

>> No.10532219

You didn't get a free ice cream.

>> No.10532226

no :(

>> No.10532248


>> No.10532263

thats what you get
faggot alcohol drinker

>> No.10532304


>> No.10532306

it's short for "complimentary". I.e. the restaurant gives the meal to the customer and chooses not to collect payment for it.

>> No.10532328

that still doesnt make sense in 80% of the contexts people use it in

>> No.10532334

>go to nice lakeside restaurant
>end of summer, so don't expect it to be full
>it's fucking overrun
>order drinks, they arrive after forty minutes
>server for food orders hasn't even shown their face yet
>look through the menu
>lots of generic stuff you could get at any fast food place
>one thing that's actually interesting: Veal bakes, stewed for 24 hours
>can't get a server to show up, get tired, leave

>week later their exact recipe shows up in the local newspaper
>try it out myself
>it's fucking incredible

Real shame, should have waited.

>> No.10532337

It's not my fault that you:
a) appear to have the 'tism
b) seem to be unaware of extremely common lingo.

This will probably blow your mind, but it's commonly used in the hotel industry, as well as in casinos. Examples:
>>Sorry about the constuction noise mister, we'll go ahead and comp your room for one night. Thanks for staying at our hotel!

>>Damn, that new casino on the strip is great. I don't really gamble all that much, I just hang around and load up on comps. They give you all sorts of things....drinks, show tickets...

>> No.10532341

I always thought it meant compensate

ur just rtard

>> No.10532348

>I always thought it meant compensate
Nobody is perfect. It means complimentary.

>> No.10532429

>go to a café at the coast
>notice that several of the shrimp sandwiches are moldy
>notify the staff
>they ask me if i want to have the moldy sandwich free of charge
>tell them that i am not eating that
>staff stares blankly at me and return the moldy sandwiches to the display

I ate somwhere else

>> No.10532435

I got a bowl of bouillabaisse spilled by the waitress, directly on my crotch. It didn't hurt, that much, but when the manager came along to see what was going on, she said I spilled it. I wasn't really all that mad, I just wanted another bowl of bouillabaisse or maybe a drink comp, but the manager took her side and I wasn't trying to an angry white dude.

I ate most the food and left without paying and the food was pretty good, sadly.

>> No.10532514

Only an ultra cuck would pay for other people

>> No.10532990
File: 191 KB, 912x618, phhtk4q65ao01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10533116

They had a sample of the ice cream tested, you idiot.

>> No.10533147

fridays and saturdays aren't the days to be giving the kitchen a chance, my friend. it's either super busy and stuff can get done incorrectly in the rush, or it's dead as fuck and the one dude left in the kitchen resents you because you're the reason he can't have an early night for once.

>> No.10533212

They probably slipped it in there themselves.

>> No.10533399

just 'poo vindaloo' would have worked better

>> No.10533817

>t. the server

>> No.10533874

So your entire family didn't notice the waiter swiping your phone?

>> No.10534103

>Go to mazatlan
t. kidnapper
Never go to sinaloa anon
Most of the hot tourist places will rip you off but the food quality varies. Best advice you can get for traveling anywhere is to ask the locals or other more experienced tourists

>> No.10534155

Server here, reminding all of you not to be afraid to complain to us if something isn't right. It's literally our job to make you happy. If you're not happy, tell me so I can find a way to fix whatever issue you have.

In fact, generally we much prefer you bring up your problem with us directly instead of having us get the manager for you so you can talk to them in secret. For one thing, we go to the manager to let them know about your issue anyways. And generally the manager will tell the server what the issue is after their visit, making your attempt at keeping your problems secret from the server pointless. Also, it's a pretty shitty thing to refuse to tell the server what's wrong because you're some kind of fucking pussy. If you tell us what your problem is directly, we'd be able to fix it much faster than if we had to waste time sending the manager over.

Don't be beta faggots at restaurants. Tell the server if you have a problem, and they'll fix it.

>> No.10534183

It was just a prank mate

>> No.10534187

I chuckled

>> No.10534215
File: 402 KB, 211x199, 1508567655931.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Go to chinese buffet with family
>look around, see what seemed to be skewered chicken with some type of chinese sauce
>grab a few
>take a bite on one of them
>wtf its bony
>flavor I can't recognize
>reminds me of a rabbits foot
>ask waitress what type of meet this was
>it wasn't chicken

>> No.10534229

What if the problem is the the server (you) is a cunt?

You going to stop being a cunt when I call you a cunt? I doubt your qualifications.

>> No.10534462

Puerto Rico was a shithole before the hurricane. It's because Puerto Ricans live there.

>> No.10534514

Then ask for another server. It's that simple.

>> No.10534529

It is far easier to just ask your boss if it is store policy for them to hire cunts to be servants. If it is, and the cunt is not removed from handling my business, I would then leave without paying.

Makes sense to me.

>> No.10534539
File: 327 KB, 980x821, rat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it wasn't chicken
chicken of the alley

>> No.10534550

>go to an x shop
>get a y
you don't seriously do this, do you?

>> No.10534568

>get your dick felt for free
>bad experience

you're just ungrateful.

>> No.10534573

You're the type of person whose food I spit in.

>> No.10534585

Your the type of person under my floorboards.

>> No.10534592

Whatever you say, friendo

>> No.10534607

I am not your friend, servant. Get your shit straight and don't threaten me with your fluids.

>> No.10534620

Whatever you say, friendo

>> No.10534623


The point of the story was illustrated by the smug homer j simpson: that he has never had a truly awful experience at a restaurant.

>> No.10535083

>be me
>firs time in Manhattan
>goes to "nice Indian restaurant"
>eat the food
>ok not bad
> best dessert in menu was some ""homemade""" pudding shit
>i order that
>they bring it
>still has expiration date and name on it from plastic label
>tell this to banchod(indian) manager
>he raises his voice on me around other guests
>try to pay and leave
>he felt bad and tries to give me a discount
>get discount
nothing more, nothing less

>> No.10535237

>"nice Indian restaurant"

>> No.10535243

maybe it was in the process of being set on fire. You don't know.

>> No.10535245

can you really leave without paying?
wouldn't they call the cops on you?

>> No.10535250


>> No.10535278


When I was in college I ordered orange chicken delivery from a new restaurant that arrived 90 minutes later flavored with orange gumdrops.

>> No.10535286

pick one

>> No.10535528
File: 396 KB, 2159x1004, Banchod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yea i know that does not add up
>nice indian restaurant
i went in there blind, and every thing was ok until the end there.

>> No.10535701
File: 40 KB, 380x380, 1495315214891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>at local mexican restaurant named Hombre de los Frijoles or some shit
>enjoying qway-so dip with la familia
>unironically gusta
>millennial parents with babby screaming its fucking head off at next table
>too young to appreciate smell of refried beans
>the dad is trying to burp it like a fucking idiot
>baby pukes on dads shirt
>spills onto booth
>looks exactly like the queso
>smell hits everyone in the vicinity
>meal ruined
>never went back to the place
>tfw miss the cheese enchiladas every single day

>> No.10535736
File: 696 KB, 1058x712, 1494445225985.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>texmex this time
>eating meal with family
>family of seven at big table in middle
>dad is going bananas
>audibly complaining about food quality and wait time
>food gets there 2 minutes later
>hes fucking pissed he got his food served last
>time passes and hes halfway done
>stops a waiter
>he stands up with his burning plate of comida
>you can hear his skin sizzling
>points out a lone onion piece
>dad starts grabbing at his chest
>family is getting up to help his massive ass
>dad shakily shoves finger down throat
>fucking shoots that shit out like the exorcist
>his wife ushers him to the bathroom
>patrons pissed
>every person wants check or refund
>manager comes out sees this shit
>amberlamps called
>dad stretchered out of restroom blue and unresponsive
>people are uncomfortable and leaving
>manager shuts the place down
>people just get up and leave
>place back to normal following month I went back
>entirely new staff

>> No.10535737

That reminds me, when I was a kid I went to McDonalds and asked for a cheeseburger with just cheese on it because I did not like ketchup mustard and pickles. They ended up only giving me a cheese sandwich.

>> No.10535776

Le cuck Xd

>> No.10535801

fuck off liberal cuck. Obama caused the depression and yet you still can’t get over it? Get out kid

>> No.10535805

You should have been taken outback and dealt with via firing range you massive nigger

>> No.10535899

tfw you go into five guys and see a bunch of white people and get worried they are inbred school shooters
its just the scariest thing

>> No.10535900

>implying that's not a reasonable fear these days

>> No.10535926

>go to any restraunt ever with my family
>my 30 year old sister sends back the food every fucking time and acts like a complete bitch to the waitresses
>parents ignore it and dont say a thing
So embarrassing and its happened tons of times.
>be black out drunk a couple weeks ago
>family shows up to drop something off
>apparently sister was being her typical bitch self
>apparently called her a fat cunt that nobody likes and called my parents out on not doing anything about her fucked up attitude and that she needs therapy or something
family hasnt said anything to me since

>> No.10535929

So I take it your family isn't used to you calling them out on their bullshit? You should tell them to get used to it or get fucked.

>> No.10535937

yeah, also called my dad out on basically ignoring me my whole life. all of this is true yet they act like im the fucked one and they shouldnt change a thing. Families are the worst, you cant pick which you get born into, yet you love them even if theyre fucking assholes
i fantasize about moving away and never talking to them again sometimes

>> No.10535958

did he die?

>> No.10536179

Lots of servers use software written in C. Probably using NetBSD.

>> No.10536200

Do it anon, I moved interstate and my family moved overseas without me, didn't speak or see them for 3 years. It was the best time of my life and now when I'm in contact with them online it's only minimal and don't have to deal with all the bullshit, I am all the more happier for it. Don't be slaves to them

>> No.10536202

Nice dude.

>> No.10536246
File: 199 KB, 1800x1578, 12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10536247

I'm glad you left without paying but you sound like a massive faggot for "trying not to be an angry white dude". You were perfectly in the right to be mad

>> No.10536248

Stop being autistic little fuck.

>> No.10536254

>~8 years old
>italian restaurant
>order eggplant ravioli
>server gives everybody their plates
>hands me mine with an ovenmitt on
>take plate from her
>scream and drop plate because it literally just came out of the oven
>plate falls onto table, breaking and spilling the molten sauce all over me
>"oh it's hot by the way"
>dinner for all 9 of us comped
was okay in that regard, story is still told at gatherings to this day

>> No.10536286

Wen't to visit a major city in the south side of my country and we wanted to eat diner somewhere. My mother is a pain when it comes to picking places to eat, she wants to spend as little as possible but not go to a fastfood joint. So we look around, we get to an Italian place where you order small plates and share 'No Anon I just want a big plate that's it'. Other Italian place around 24 euro's 'too expensive!'. We ended up at a caf'e that had food for 12 euro's and ordered soup, I took the fish soup and what came out was pure horror.

Guy baked some salmon in oil, put that with the oil in a cup and added tomato soup which my dad had also ordered. Oil was floating on top and no other fish. We paid for the tomato soup and left, the chef couldn't phantom why we wouldn't eat it cause he claimed to have served it all day to people.

Ended up at a better greek place we came across on the walk back to the station.

>> No.10536415

This. I'll never understand why people get up and leave shit at a table, especially easily snatched things like phones.
I live in a 90% white city and I still would never leave my shit unattended.
That being said though fuck that place

>> No.10536463
File: 2.46 MB, 512x512, 1506240168575-gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to new "brewery" resturaunt
>everything is expensive
>food takes forever to arrive
>portions are tiny
>food is substandard
>waiter is overbearing
>poutine is trash
>they don't even brew their own beer
We should have walked out, fucking trash, I hope that place goes under.

>> No.10536545
File: 57 KB, 640x360, 1523156733560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>going to new orleans
Serves you right faggot. You gotta learn that its a complete shithole somehow

>> No.10536549

Canadians are just diet Americans

>> No.10536564
File: 105 KB, 203x321, 1523211964063.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wh*te people

>> No.10536612

>babies allowed
Don't eat there.

>> No.10536644

Not exactly a bad restaurant experience but:
>lots of good places to eat near my workplace
>go there with my coworkers pretty often for lunch
>my best friends pretty much all live in the same area so I also go to the same places with my friends from time to time
>they're usually great people but for some reason, all three of them are terrible customers (one like to complaint about prices, one about the food and the third one simply makes fun of the waiter/waitress all the fucking time)
>every time I go there for lunch with my coworkers (about 2 times a week) I'm afraid the staff will remember me and mess with my food

>> No.10536714

>chef couldn't phantom


>> No.10536759

>you're an idiot
great point you brainlet retard. I bet your peen is smol.

>> No.10536770

Go back to /pol faggot

>> No.10536774

>chicken of the alley
top kek

>> No.10537258

>>hands me mine with an ovenmitt on
>>take plate from her
That's your fucking fault you stupid faggot.
Of course the plate is hot. If it wasn't she wouldn't have been wearing a mitt. You're the reason takeout coffee cups have to have a warning on the top of the lid reminding you that you ordered a hot fucking coffee.

Burn yourself in the eyeballs next time

>> No.10537915

he was 8

>> No.10537998

Theres a deeper reason why there is a warning on the cups but im not going to explain it because you won't listen anyways.

>> No.10538097

was it any good?

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