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Worst food/culinary culture in the world
>Britain (Ireland included)
>Nordic Europe (Scandinavia, denmark and Finland included)
>North American

Do you agree?

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>North American
Lmao, try again.

It's most of fucking south america & africa.

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Seems right to me. As a Russian I will also add that a lot of Russian food is bland and disgusting

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pelmeni are nice, as is shashlik

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in spain we call this a "ensalada rusia" - rusian salad, and its quite different from the mediterranean salad
is this salad actually common there?

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Russian salad is everywhere

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They succeed at slaying Communists, but I cannot believe that they fuel themselves on boiled cabbage and farts.

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i know a guy living in Poland, and he says stuff is absurdly cheap, even cheaper than in spain or italy. You can eat for really low price, but its probably very bland food

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Yeah potatoes and cabbage are very cheap. It's what americans ate during the great depression.

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>a tiny backwoods island that itself knows shouldn't be included with the rest of europe
>literally wildlings
>an entire fucking continent with three different countries and some of the most diverse food found anywhere

Could you BE any more obsessed?

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africa is not a country
Morocco has pretty nice food, algeria too AFAIK
sub-saharan africa is like a whole different story, the sahara separates completelly different regiones

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>Worst food/culinary culture in the world
I could never accept the idea of mushrooms fried in bacon grease with tomatoe slices fried in bacon grease with sliced bread fried in bacon grease, with mashed potatoes fried in bacon grease, blood sausage, and baked beans, served with eggs,bacon and susage all on one plate, and call that breakfast. They actually call that a great breakfast. Disgusting.

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North-East Africa (Egypt) has the worst food out of any country on the Mediterranean.

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>implying mutts eat 'food' and not just refined sugar and grease

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>meds ingest more grease than mutts
>but its natural grease from oils or found in the food itself so they dont become morbidly obese

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>He unironically thinks olive oil is even remotely comparable to the grease seeping through mutt meats and 'cheeses'

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just call it 'potato salad' here desu

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>He unironically thinks I unironically think olive oil is even remotely comparable to the grease seeping through mutt meats and 'cheeses'

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>He unironically thinks I unironically think olive oil is even remotely comparable to the grease seeping through mutt meats and 'cheeses'

The irony.

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>>He unironically thinks I unironically think olive oil is even remotely comparable to the grease seeping through mutt meats and 'cheeses'
>The irony.
Do Americans really do this?

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well OP went on regions (north america, nordic europe) so why can't I?

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you must remove yourself from society
then start eating

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Canada Here:

If you mean "quintessentially" Canadian food, we're pretty meh. We don't do anything new or interesting, we don't really have anything super amazing, and we're generally derivative.

If you're talking about the last 30 years? We have some of the best restaurants in the world. You want Afgan, Japanese, Thai, Caribbean, Korean, Italian, Old school BBQs, Gastropubs, Fine Dining, Post-Ironic old school french food, and 57 varieties of desert? Any city has all that and more. Toronto in particular is just stuffed with amazing restaurants mostly because you need super high quality food to compete with your neighbors.

Also, say what you will about Amerilads, NY had some of the best food I've ever eaten.

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>africa is not a country
No one said it was, you fucking mongoloid.

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Great if you need the calories you twig

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>ensalada rusia
No spaniard would fuck up like this. Nice try ahmed/tyrone/goblino/I-need-to-be-over-18-to-buy-a-plastic-fork.

t. Ensaladilla rusa

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I just visited Spain and was disappointed. It's great if you like to eat large quantities of olives, anchovies, and jamon(ham). Beyond those ingredients, they don't get too creative. Essentially, all they can offer is pub food. In that respect, they are similar to England.

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daily reminder britain has the best chefs and restaurants in the world.

Stay obsesssed euroshits and amerifats.

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>muhmuh fastfud

Fast food is an ancient tradition, that the ancient greeks and early romans also loved. McDonalds isn't a bad restaurant. When you consider the monetary and time savings for eating there, its actually a solid deal.

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>haha UK has shit food
>haha Sweden has shit food

>t. obesed

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North America =/= America

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Traditional USA regional foods that are actually good:
>The Proverbial Apple Pie
>Boston Clam Chowder
>New York Bagel and Lox
>Chicago Pizza
>Montana Drop Biscuits and Sausage Gravy
>Texas Barbecue
>Carolina Hominy Grits
>California Tacos
>The National Turkey Dinner (Thanksgiving)
>The nu-fud Avocado Toast

No need to thank us, world. We are charitable and share it for free.

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It's not money saving though, and I don't think it's time saving for a lot of people either.

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t. Gordon Ramsay fanboy
british cuisine as a whole is garbage, having good chefs doesnt speak for the country's cuisine as a whole

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I think you replied to the wrong post.

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Any north african

Basically all unsubtle overly spiced slop for low IQ shitskins and children with ruined palates.

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t. wh*Toid that thinks pic related is too spicy

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Your saying Swedish meatballs is bad?

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It's not that it's too spicy, it's that it's about as complex as a chalk and all of it seems to have pretty much one texture, that is, slimy stew.

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Did you fail to notice that chinese food has the most diverse array of textures among any widespread cuisine?

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we call it french salad

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ive had some indian food and its not spicy enough to "ruin your palate" and make you tasteless for the rest of the meal. maybe you had something very spicy and think all of their food is like that, but its not. also now i use black pepper a lot when i do rice or stuff like that and its great
>overly spiced
cant talk for the others

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Overly spicy as in its aggressive and tastes of nothing but spices, hence appealing to so many westerners raised on fake processed foods. And yes, Sh*talian food is equally one-note and plebeian.

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>not enjoying a cozy plate of ethopian food
guess you have a ruined palate if you can't both enjoy subtle and stronger flavors

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>b-b-b-but muh grease
fuck off. You all seem to like forgetting that things like toad-in-the-hole and yorkshire puddings exist.

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only the 2 things in the left are close to being good
face the facts brit, even if you are the most patriotic guy out there, your cuisine is the laughing stock of the world

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Compare your image to this list >>10509511
USA food is objectively better than British food.

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italian food doesn't really mean anything as the fact it varies a lot since italian history and geography is quite a mess

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Actual bad food cultures instead of euros being OBSESSED and Amerifats hating on Britain.

There can be some good dishes but the fake meat shit is universally awful. Half of the vegans eat junk food instead of real food. Worst food culture.

>fake health food
The gluten free for the sake of gluten free crowd. I don’t give a shit if injecting beets with wheat grass cures a fake ailment, just eat good tasting food.

>high end dining
I like good meals but high end restaurants are all kind of the same. You pay your $80-200 a head for a tasting menu, and the food is good, but about the same wherever you go. Same with Steakhouses, you pay a fuckload for a nice steak, that is about the same as every other steakhouse. Not that it’s bad food, it’s just boring amd rarely surprising.

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Is it even possible to have experienced a cornish pasty without appreciating it?

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>not liking indian food

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My national dish is meat
>Grilled meat
>Meat pastry
>Fried meat
>Fried meat pastry
>Big ass steak with french fries and two fries eggs
>Fried meat "pizza"
>Pork chops with barbecue sauce and egg (this one is for creative people)
>Sausage sandwich
>Blood sausage
>Tripe and squash soup
>Bread friend in grease

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>”well look, errbody! Even uncle Jerome made it this year!

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Forgot pic lel

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and it all tastes like oil and sugar

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t.assblasted ameridiot

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Non-whites cannot cook just like they can't into any other art form.

>> No.10510568

>hasn't had bigos

Your life hasn't even started yet.

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I like most BBQ styles. I like most American style chili too, unless it's Cincinnati. Korean tacos, which maybe California covers. Virginia ham and peanuts, sometimes fed to said hogs. Hoagies/grinders/whatever/sub sandwiches. Lousianna crawfish boils, gumbo, and po boys. Maryland and chesapeake crab dishes, or just bushel and butcher paper. Southern greens and cornbread.

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If it's blacks behind this meme they need to slow their roll. They think taobasco and Frank's are hot. And whites love Thai food. Just ask for them to make it like at home and see if you don't chimp out.

>> No.10510608

I'm white, but c'mon now. We might be good at making other cultures food, but our recipes historically were meh because we had the best ingredients. So it just came out good enough.

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French cuisine is the pinnacle of cooking and there is more complexity in just the preparation of sourdough bread than the entirety of any ethnic cuisine.

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