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>a grown ass man
>drinking milk
I bet you eat cereal too you fucking child

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so what if I do huh? I bet you buy junk food and eat after midnight cause you think you're so independent

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As opposed to partial milk?

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>he lets his life being dictated by the internet
loving every laugh bro

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2% is still okay but I prefer whole milk. Can't stand the white water known as skim milk.

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>he doesn't come to /ck/ for top michelin dietary suggestions
stay bland bro

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>He drinks milk

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Make sure to get pic related otherwise you're a bovine hormonal onionlet.

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Why yes, I do buy fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, grains, and even some forms of dairy products other than simple milk.

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Guess what kind of milk I drink?

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I buy skin or low fat to decrease the estrogen of whole milk

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2% for drinking
Whole for baking/cooking
Cream for coffee or tea(meal + beverage)
Skim for drain pours

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>he doesn't keep four milking ewes
Enjoy your lower protein, worse tasting, hard to digest cow's milk you plebs

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milked a ewe from me

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>hating cereal

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nice product placement, seinfeld

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It's scientifically proven sir

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>has all this cereal at home
>still orders a bowl of cereal at the diner

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>unironically drinking mammal estrogen


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Really why don't Americans use dairy that isn't from cows?

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I wouldnt drink american milk considering their cows

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I grew up on skim milk, fake low fat butter, cooking with light olive oil, nothing actually fried etc

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Milk is for children, the calcium and vitamin D gained from milk can easily be obtained from other sources. The egg and milk lobbying industry works hard to instill the milk propaganda in people from a young age. You get them in the habit of milk + cereal, milk mixed with eggs for scrambled eggs, a glass of milk before bed and you've brainwashed them into spending $4 on your lactation product every week for life. It truly is a tragedy to see saps like OP at the supermarket waste their money on milk because they don't know any better. And then they'll indoctrinate their kids to have milk with every meal.

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Why do Americans do this? I went to the states for a college trip and all the restaurants that served breakfast offered bowls of cereal for no less than $4. I could get two entire fucking boxes of cereal and milk for that price. And because Americunts have to tip, it comes out to about $4.80. Fucking hell.

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Whats the matter, milk gives you tummy aches Anon ?

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