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so with winter gone and my buns sweating like a whore in church i believe its time for some ...
what ratios and recipes do you like /ck/?
other frosty treat discussions welcome

>> No.10482100

>sneaking in those jack clips
you cheeky bastard

>> No.10482102

just grabbed something from my /ck/ folder since i couldnt find anything frosty
most of the folder is infographics anyway

>> No.10482127

>putting soda on your ice cream
Gotta be the dumbest diabetes shit known to man

>> No.10482135

but its creamy goodness in a cup!
does /ck/ really not like them?

>> No.10483580

bumping since I support floats
Cola floats are also dank

>> No.10483635

I enjoy a Barq's RB and vanilla bean ice cream "float" from time to time.
I put float in quotation marks like that because it's not exactly a float or a shake:
I use just enough root beer to lift a glob of icecreak up in a cup, but then i mix it with a spoon a little bit.
Not enough to make it completely mixed, you still want pockets of mostly-root beer and mostly-ice cream.

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cream cheese ice cream with dr pepper is the dankest best combo ever

>> No.10484796

Good point. Real men put ice cream into a glass of dark bitter porter.

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