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broke edition

previous thread: >>10444200

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>tfw high functioning alcoholic with comfy corporate job

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Best Rum coming through

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Might change if you're not careful

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couple of drinks, randy

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i just started s12 and it's great

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You are known around your job as "the sweaty guy" and everyone knows about your alcohol addiction.

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that's fine, they still pay me well and let me work from home whenever i feel like it :)

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Ran out of benzo two days ok so I started drinking twice as much

But I'm feeling really shitty I took gabapentin and it will not help either

I thought this shit works on same receptors

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you'll still feel like shit, alcoholism is a million times cosier and less painful if you're using benzos daily. probably just feeling a normal level of shitness

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>Spend every night off for the last 5 years getting piss drunk and stoned, cutting myself off from a social life or dating, drink alone and hide it so no one knows what an alchy I am
>full of regret and self-hate and a feeling of inevitability
>Never develop myself because my not-drunk free time is full of hangover, mental fog, and diarrhea
>Finally realize that if I keep this up I will never have a family or a legacy, my life will never improve, and I still have a chance to be happy if I can change myself
>Give up alcohol cold for lent
>Last about 3 weeks
>Dad gets me some beer because "it's the Duke game tonight son, you've gotta have a beer"
>Eh, not so bad
>Since I've already drank I might as well have a margarita and a beer with some friends
>Might as well go to a bar because everyone else is going too
>Might as well go to someone's apartment after last call because it's better than going home, right?
>Ended up drinking until 4am
>Horrific hangover the next day (Saturday)
>Drink 10 beers and a flask of rum alone and watch porn all night
>Work starts an hour late on monday, get drunk sunday night as well
>Work starts an hour late on tuesday, get drunk monday night as well
>Finish project 3 days early, have the rest of the week off
>Ended up getting trashed every night for a week straight
>Decide I need to just give up alcohol entirely
>Make a facebook post about how I'm no longer going to be drinking
>2 weeks later
>Dad just showed up with a case of gluten-free beer and said "thought you might want to try this"
wow thanks dad

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i am very poor and considering going to the local grocery store for a five-finger discount. i don't have any money to pay with.

how much gabapentin and how often are you taking it? once you exceed 600-800mg at a time, you really start to see diminishing returns on bioavailability. if best to take about that much each dose and redose every 45-90 minutes. you may have already known all that, though

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is he aware that you're trying to stop?

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I've told him that alcohol is bad for me physically, mentally, and emotionally, and that I'm doing my best to avoid drinking at all. But I've never used the word "alcoholism" or "alcoholic" and I watered it down by saying that I'll probably have a beer or glass of wine on special occasions. I just really want to avoid that conversation.

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Alcoholism progresses. You will eventually begin to lose. And then you will be one of us.

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Wow, your dad is borderline retarded.

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I was at the grocery store about 8 AM today and the store had apparently reset their beer isles and had so much beer on clearance that I couldn't help myself. I bought 3 delirium tremens for 1.99 each, Scottish ales for .99, guiness for 3.99 a sixer, lagunitas brown shugga sixers, session 12 pks for 5 bucks, cedar creek, sidewinder, Stella, etc. Y'all, I had a cart FULL of beer. I paid 50 bucks for over 160 bucks worth of beer ( not old or expired either) I hit the jackpot.

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Dang, every new can is like the first time, its truly the best beer! Pabst is the beer for this fella!

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nah I doubt it, I had an old friend that pulled the same shit. Knew alcoholism was rampant on both sides of my family and every time we hung out it was the same shit
>Ah cmon anon, a few beers never hurt anyone
>You're making me feel weird by not drinking, aren't we friends?
>You can just leave if you don't wanna drink with us
Found out later he was a legitimate sociopath that took joy in damaging other peoples lives but it was too late and guess what, I'm fucking still an alcoholic because of him and likely will be until I die. Be really, REALLY careful of the people you let into your life because the effects can be life shattering

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Does alcohol permanently damage whatever makes you happy or is this just how my life is going?

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I ordered a bunch of strong beer and one liter of Jim Beam white from Denmark. It's been years since I had JB

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>Does alcohol permanently damage whatever makes you happy


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You have no idea. I'm beyond fucked.

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I'm wondering the same thing myself.

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"Functional alcoholism" is a stage, not a state, my dude. Be careful.

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>drink like a fish since december
>release an album through distrokid on spotify
>check my distrokid account last week
>I am making revenue with my music
>continue drinking while writing some more

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link us

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>pinky as a sexual horse

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>In the Doom Bible it was originally called the "demon sergeant," while id Software staff have often since referred to the monster as pinky, in reference to its coloration. This was especially true during the development of Doom 3, when a new version of the monster was designed and still called by this name, despite no longer being pink.

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Would you date an alcoholic girl with nice teeth?

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>Would you date an ... girl


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>broke edition
very relatable this time. quit my job last november and i'm on my last £100 now. I need a new job to fund my addiction.

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damn that pts it in perspecctive though. mr lehey essentialy teaches you a lesson man dont drink liqor. lehey has balls

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bullshit tremens for 1.99 are you in cali wtf

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When I used to steal I would always make sure to buy something small so when I go pick up more shit stuffed in pockets and just forget to take it out at self check out while you scan the one can of cat food after walking around the store for 10 min


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what do we do?

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>broke edition
>Surviving off about 400 a mo neet bux
>minimum 300 on booze month

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this thread needs more cute puppers ravaging toddlers

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really hoped I didn't need to drink this much, but I'm about to finish this whole bottle of Jack without even being that drunk

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>live in trailer on grandfather's property
>grandfather will not enable my drinking
>perpetually cashless
>no car
>$194/mo in EBT food monies
>grandfather takes me grocery shopping once per week
>spend almost all of my gubment food monies on yeast, sugar, apple juice
>make gallons and gallons of hard cider

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These threads are a good reminder why I stopped.

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Is it bad that I can feel pain in my liver in the morning?

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Yes, you are literally, actively in the process of dying.

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who isn't?

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This same question posted over and over

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you're not a fucking alcoholic because of anyone but you. man the fuck up about your problems.

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I mean, it's probably not a good thing if that's what you're hoping for as an answer

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yeah sure lemmie just go right ahead and take the advice of a phoneposting faggot that uses tumblr reaction images. Go walk into traffic you cunt

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have fun blaming the world for all your faggoting. at least I can face up to why I'm a drunk.

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>go walk into traffic

Woah, watch out guys, we got a badass over here.
You kiss your momma with that mouth? Damn I'm shaking in my fuckin boots mate holy SHIT you are one scary person

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I kept telling myself that i wouldn't drink ever again and I was doing good, two weeks sober. Well, i fucking relapsed. I so want off this ride.

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They are normally around 10 bucks or so for a pint in TX. Yes, they had reset the isles and I bought 3 pints of delirium for 1.99 each on clearance

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This shit is decent

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God that image brings despair

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buddy, i owe thousands, have for over a year, and am an unemployed dropout. i just learned yesterday that the collections agencies have begun calling my former employers. i had to borrow $400 from a very generous friend just to make rent for this month. my bank account is negative and my credit card defaulted. my credit score may be too low to even move into another place after this lease ends. i've run out of unnecessary possessions to sell. i went to the food bank yesterday and stole from a grocery store today. i know i don't suffer the worst fate, but believe me, you're not the only alcoholic in the world who knows what it means to be broke

i ended up walking out with a 15 pack, a six pack, some meat, eggs, bread, and veggies. the liquor is unfortunately sectioned off, it would have been moronic to try to steal some. successful haul overall

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i know people who do this but they're in and out of prison all the time. do you think you could handle time inside?

>> No.10452479

3am. so uncomfortable.

>> No.10452493

>i know people who do this but they're in and out of prison all the time. do you think you could handle time inside?
no. i've only stolen twice before and never for more than like $15 worth of merchandise prior to today. i'm seeking work and have enough food to last me a little bit now, i don't want to make it a regular behavior at all. with that said, i know how little of a shit the employees at that particular supermarket care, and i'm not a dumbass; i'd have been able to cover my ass with the way i went about it even if i got caught. i wouldn't have done it if i weren't extremely confident i could walk out without issue

i did, however, forget carrots

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Also comfy employed “high functioning al/ck/.

Made a career move to work from home all the time. Just gave notice on an 86k/yr salaried position in favor of a 63$/hr position (also wfh)...risky cause i need to not fuck up being a new employee, but i think i can cut the mustard.

Ps i drank a fifth of whiskey and 8 coors light last night

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just morning?
try constant lower back, stomach, spleen, right shoulder/neck pain

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Why should I even try to meet women?

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I'm happy tonight lads
I bought a hair clipper
Shaved off most of my beard
I was getting real hobo like. Nearly 6 inches

But after I cut it down to a 1/2" I feel so much better
Like, pay attention to your appearance. It makes you feel good

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Because you want a friend you can stick your dick in

>> No.10452849

I made it a whole 27hrs without drinking today with only 20mg Valium. Pretty pleased with myself... Maybe there is hope lads

>> No.10452991

meet friends, not women :)

>> No.10453009

From the thumbnail it looks like a comfy cave interior with a lake.

I'm in my first engineering job out of college and I haven't cut back on my drinking. It's fine for now but introspectively I can see it ruining my career if I don't tone it down or cut it out completely.

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I remember seeing that room months ago. Am I gay?

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I'm on day four

>> No.10453070

You just loaded a cart and walked out,?

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Went on a date last night with someone who was way smarter and way out of my league than me. She ghosted me today and I don't blame her.
>tfw I just want an alchie gf to watch netflix and order pizza with

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i came with a reusable bag in my backpack. i browsed and picked a few items, to the point where it was visibly uncomfortable to carry, and transferred to a shopping basket near the exit to scope it out. picked up a few more things, including a 15 rack, and put took out my reusable bag as if to carry more items. put the rack in the basket till i got to the same drop-off/pick up place by the exit, took it out, and walked away. it looked like i bought the items to everyone outside, so i was fine

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I don't understand

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This. 105 days sober and I don't think I'm going back to it. Had lost my father last year with him mixing fentanyl patches with booze that took his life. I continued to keep drinking after his death but drinking wouldn't bring him back so I stopped.

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1/5th of whiskey with 8 beers... those aren't exactly rookie numbers. Be careful with your new job bro.

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How long until your anhedonia dissapeared?

>> No.10453458

Replace it with something else. For me it was CBD oil and working out but I've been lifting for 7 years now so it's a good feeling knowing every Monday I don't feel like shit from drinking the night before. I still get cravings but the CBD oil is making me forget about being drunk and it feels good.

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Who else /emptyinside/ here?

Meaningless sex with a bunch of different girls did not bring me the happiness I thought it would. It might sound stupid, or like a humble brag, but right now it's 2am and I'm laying in bed while some slag sleeps next to me. How the fuck did I get here?
I just feel nothing anymore. I miss having a girl care about me but I'm too nonfunctional.
I need to get my shit together.

>> No.10453479

At some point women become just like anything else you abuse.

>> No.10453493

What's it like

I'm a 23 year old virgin

>> No.10453510

I'm 29 years old
It's all nothing
It's all fucking nothing

I'd be glad if I never saw a woman again in my life

>> No.10453514

weed is so fucking gay

i just want benzos and booze

>> No.10453516

I have a great job. I make the money. I have the house. I just want a gf to marry and have several children with. I can't fucking get it. I almost had it, and I lost her. I lucked out being with her at the time. Where the fuck do you actually meet women in the real world? I'm a social fucking retard. I can't meet women at bars, or on dating sites.

>> No.10453521

The only good women I've ever met were mentally damaged. Most are just socially trained to take advantage of people.

As bad as things in life have been I kinda wonder if I should've stuck my dick in crazy. At least she was a good person, loyal to the the corps, pun intended.

>> No.10453529

Sex itself? Great, if it's with someone you actually care about. There is literally nothing better in life than pillow talking with someone you are in love with after some 10/10.

But this? It feels like nothing. I was always in long term relationships, wondering what it would be like to be promiscuous, and to fuck all sorts different girls.
But let me tell you, this shit got old quick. In the moment it seems hot and fun but laying there afterwards just feels like fucking shame. I need to rent a cabin somewhere and just be alone for a while.

>> No.10453536

1) Women are parasites and aren't worth it.
2) Join local clubs. Like board games or beer drinking or jogging. Clubs mate. Most women don't do that so it's like 1/10 for them. But the few women that do join maybe aren't fucking parasites

>> No.10453548

God damn anon same exact fucking situation here

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>all these austistic drunks crying for a 10/10 qt3.14

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You missed the point
Women are a false horizon
Scorpions for frogs

>> No.10453568

No, i stuck my dick in crazy. I ended up having to move on to a sailboat, and anchor away from the dock at night to keep her away. Its really, really not worth it.

>> No.10453577

t. beta orbiter

>> No.10453582

Maybe. I’m here a lot

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File: 16 KB, 1681x109, wuu2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10453589

I coulda written that out for ye if you just asked

>> No.10453607

Looks like a comfy house.

>> No.10453631

Every friend I know and love drags me back into the drinking scene. If I quit drinking I'll be alone. But, they are the habits that are killing my chances of being better. I love my fiends and I don't want to walk away from them. I don't like this choice. I don't like this crosssroad. How did I come here. How did any of us come here

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forgot my image

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File: 772 KB, 587x847, wuu2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot my image

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I'm starting to taper today. 12 today and 1 less each day until it's nothing. Wish me luck lads

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The tale of the drunkard is one as strange and multifaceted as it is miserable. Some of us are rich, some have lost everything. Some searching for something at the bottom of an endless chain of bottles. Some of us drink to hide from the thing we catch in blurred glimpses of in the mirror. The only thing certain of any of our fates is we will all finally get to rest one day.

>> No.10453674

I want a drink so god damn bad

>> No.10453694

I'm about to start me own
You do it lad
You fucking beat this stupid fucking shit

>> No.10453697

Must be nice to have friends

>> No.10453725


Don't know what happened here. Is 4chan still fucking up?

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>eat 2500 calories a day via food, and no alcohol
>gain weight rapidly

>drink 2500 calories a day via alcohol, and no food
>rapidly lose weight

Hmm a calorie is a calorie.

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You're a faggot.

You're also a faggot.

>> No.10453775


Jesus christ I'm a raging alcoholic, but the sheer simplicity of this made me goddamn cringe.

How old are you? Are you on some sort of disability?

How old are you and where do you live?

>> No.10453784


Pep up buddy.

Like anon said >>10453697

If you still even have friends left you're prolly not too far gone.

>> No.10453808

>be myself
>get fired from pretty decent paying coffee shop job (like $20 an hour with tips + benefits) for bringing in my usual vodka
I literally did this for almost 3.5 years and I was amazed they finally caught me
>former coworker from same job gets me a hookup at starcucks
>manager is insane, apparently has a former relationship with an alcoholic and can't stand the smell of booze
>finds reason to let me go, one of which includes smelling like booze, despite the fact I didn't drink before I came in
>get another job at a brand new restaurant that is desperately understaffed and needs someone who can run a machine
>pulling $120 between cash and credit tips plus $12 an hour just to make bullshit cappuccinos

Thank you affluent white people.

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>it now takes a liter of rum for me to even feel anything
I hate this so much, I've only been drinking for a year. How did my tolerance get this high?

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File: 26 KB, 500x281, 41KL43RhMdL._SL1600_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>best days of my life were when I started drinking every night and didn't care about anything
>now I have hobbies, do exactly what I wanted to do, work out, but I can't seem to enjoy it at all
I just can't wait to fall off the wagon

>> No.10453988

I like to drink one or 2 beers a night, or have a glass of wine after work.

I hate to be drunk but I like the light buzz.

>> No.10453992

Thankyou for your great contribution you colossal faggot.

>> No.10454002

Well nevermind I`ll let you get back to whining how bad your life is because you have no self control.

Have a nice blessed Sunday.

>> No.10454019

Missed you fags. Just got done having fun with my buddy and his gf. Been too long since we (me and buddy) had fun. Gf was new but kind of a drag. Seemed surprised by our alcoholism.

That brought a genuine smile to my face, thanks anon.

Naw bitch. Even if someone else helped you down the road you still chose to walk it. I could blame more than a few things as excuses for my alcoholism. Such as my father who was an alcoholic until he died when I was six. I could blame the fallout from that shit too, plus some other shit. But all of that doesn't matter. What matters is that I decided to drink like a damn fish.

At my worst (few months ago) I wasn't quite that bad. I had (and still have) about $20k in debt and I was unemployed. Only payed rent because my retired mother is a fucking saint. Better now. Got a job and I'm working tons of overtime to avoid the juice and to make extra cash to pay off my debts. Currently cutting back on my boozing, I'm almost to the point where a six pack a day is good enough for me.

I must have been a damn viking then. At the longest I was pushing 10". About two years with only a quick trim to keep it even. Eventually I cut it down to about 1/2" also, but I liked rocking the big beard.

>load shit in the bag
>transfer to basket/cart near exit
>grabbed more shit (presumably in cart)
>took out bag
>went to exit
>put everything in the bag
At least, as I understand it.

Makes me feel better and worse about my alcoholism. At my worst I was putting away at least two bottles (750 ml each) every night. Now it's, at worst, a six pack and half a liter. At best it's just the six pack.

Exactly why I don't like one night stands. Some of my less "promiscuous" friends thought I was crazy, but they tend to have a relationship lasting at least a couple months long. My longest was two months.

>> No.10454077

Best poverty red wine of choice?

Best cheese/bread companion?

>> No.10454181

Great scene


>> No.10454196

A 5L box of Franzia Shiraz; boxed wine is the cheapest way to buy it honestly senpai. Basil crackers and gouda cheese, but you need a good brand of mustard like Inglehoffer to complete the snack trifecta.

>> No.10454213

One week sober
When do the headaches and hallucinations stop

>> No.10454214

i'm 2.5 months sober. had like an hour's sleep for the first month, constant headaches and migraines up until 7 weeks.

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>still feeling good about self having had a shower, clean clothes and clean bedding
>realise it was 5 weeks ago

>> No.10454273

Fuck it going back on the wagon

>> No.10454298

Don't do it anon, it's not worth it

Things will get better

>> No.10454329

It's nearly 6 AM and I still can't sleep. Passed out for a couple hours earlier and it robbed me of my drunken fade to slumber.

Do I have a drink to try to get sleeper, or would that just be counter-productive? I know it won't help my sleep, but I'm tired of rolling around in bed.

>> No.10454351

Go for a long walk

>> No.10454360

The next stage in your developing addiction is where you delay your first drink until as slate in the day as possible because you know that as soon as you start drinking you'll be passed out within a few hours, and this messes with your sleep schedule resulting in what you're experiencing right now.

The good news is that's the final stage before you quit because you'll be strengthening your ability to avoid the substance and there will be a day where successfully manage to avoid the liquid demon for the entire day and you'll go to bed without having touched it that day. You'll wake up feeling fresh and without the dreaded hangover that you've become accustomed to. You won't know yourself and you'll want to feel this feeling again. You'll continue to delay that first ""inevitable"" drink for the day but when crunch time comes you'll remember how great you felt when you woke up. So you'll keep delaying and eventually go to bed sober for the second time in a row.
And so begins the new you.

t. you (from your future and my past)

>> No.10454399

i would if it weren't almost freezing outside. if i'm still awake an hour from now, i'll probably say fuck it and go for a walk anyway

let's hope

>> No.10454401

I'm thinking of switching from drinking alcohol to cough syrup below the severe liver damage limit.

good idea or no?

>> No.10454402
File: 33 KB, 480x747, 1523390394266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No. Trust me.

>> No.10454403

like, right now, or in general?

>> No.10454440

Not really, dxm is extremely isolating and fucks with your brain more than booze, also lasts longer into the next few days
It is easier on your organs but it will definitely not make your life any better and will probably make it worse

>> No.10454769

curious, do you guys have alchie friends, and if so, how do they stack up?

i have a few buddies who could easily be qualified as alcoholic by the amount they drink, but they're also able to give it up when necessary and it doesn't really seem to impair their quality of life more than any other mindless activity. they all probably take at least one day off a week.

>> No.10454886

in an uncomfortable state after a sleepless night. mainly just fuck the headache. part of me wants to make food, plow through the day, and get to sleep early tonight... another part of me feels like i should just pass out for a few hours and hope i don't oversleep

guess i'll see how sleepy a couple drinks make me

>> No.10454890

I have the best dreams when I go to sleep extremely drunk without drinking any water. A whole week passed in my dream and it felt so real. I went to a theme park with a girl have a crush on, got free chinese food, and a Subway opened in place of the my worst local chippy. It was an elite dream.

>> No.10454900

I was talking to my friend about drinking yesterday and he was saying recently he's realised how nice it is to just relax with a beer and not get drunk. Told him it's impossible for me and if I'm drinking then I need to get drunk, but he couldn't relate.

>> No.10454935
File: 74 KB, 644x749, final-four-pack-9-768x10241[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah me too, i usually only smoke a little weed to avoid those blank black sleeps with no dreams

it wasn't a dream but I was drinking and smoking alone at my old hs stadium, and when i left a drunk girl in lingerie red with a red shower rob over it showed up and said I love this place and walk around it alone all the time and I have never seen here before. But seeing as I have avoided female advances for the last 5 or 6 years because I know I am a useless loser, I just walked away and she said you leaving now? Her name was Suzie Q or something lol, drinking alone you run into the most random people or violent druggies.

>> No.10454954

It happened last night at 9:15pm or 9:20 so if I show up at around 8:50 tonight I will probably see her again and find out if she has the herps or not and fuck there, if I can. I felt bad because she seemed like she really wanted someone to just be around by the way she was talking to me. Been around there for 4 or 5 years, and never seen her before, must be just bad timing at the stadium

>> No.10455095
File: 96 KB, 1001x655, DSC_0883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Grandfather finally found peace last night. We've had some good long talks in the last few months about him being very ready for this, so I'm happy for him. He was in a lot of pain.
It's still hard for me to lose the old man, but this is no time to be selfish.

Sadly, and I think I've mentioned it before here, it looks like the family will tear itself apart over the inheritance. It's not even that much money. They've just had too much time watching him die and they've become bitter and paranoid and and have turned on one another.
It was always a quirky family but they always stuck together. It's fucking painful to see them like this.
I'm fairly sure he never saw or heard any of this quarreling. I hope he didn't. I don't want him to have died knowing that his children would fight like jackals for the the house and the money.

Having some shots of whisky and a couple of his left-behind morphine tablets in memory of the old man. May he rest in peace.
He worked as a fisherman from these docks all his life. I'll try to talk the undertaker into driving down past there on the way to the church.

>> No.10455304

i remember you posting about it in an earlier thread. i'm sorry to hear about your loss and all of the shitty familial circumstances surrounding it. death can really bring out the worst in families. at the very least, it sounds like he passed in a timely, dignified manner, and wasn't afraid of his own mortality. hope you're holding up alright

>> No.10455401


I can't stand my beard after a week from trimming it down. I got too lazy with shaving every time I shower so I just use a beardtrimmer on my face to buzz it all down.

>> No.10455751

fuck guys, just came out of hospital due a fucking abscess on my ass. I wanted a drink so bad..fucking 5 days without a drink

>> No.10455781

Why does drinking beer by itself hardly get me drunk? I have to drink like 10 in less than an hour and by then I just feel gross and sometimes ill.

Rather just have like 5-6 shots of hard liquor and then have a few beers to drink after to try and keep the buzz going.

>> No.10455882

>been taking triazolam daily for 3 years
>been drinking daily for 6 years, Not one day without
>3 handles a week, plus beer (don't count those), plus prescribed triazolam

How fuck am I even if I stopped now (which is nearly impossible)?

Should I just keep doing what I'm doing until I eventually die of alcoholism? I get sharp pains in my stomach and side almost daily

>> No.10455895

yeah beer just leaves me bloated and twitchy/uncomfortable. vodka is like a shotgun of pure ethanol to your brain. needn't ditch the weaker stuff completely though, you might be surprised how comfy a couple of shots are inbetween drinking piss-tier stuff.

>> No.10455961

Checking in all. Salutations. On my second bottle of nasty vodka, so I got about 10 mins before I pass out. Fist bump to all the Al/ck soldiers out there

>> No.10455970

how do you even make friends

im such an anti social asshole and everyone has always hated me

>> No.10455984

>im such an anti social asshole and everyone has always hated me
Are you me?

>> No.10455988 [DELETED] 

You generally don't. Having friends is like having sex, and most supposed "friends" aren't.

Most genuine friendships are had by a small number of "alpha" types who have many close friends. The rest of us just pretend to tolerate the presence of other people because there's no viable alternative, and alcohol + pornography + netflix reruns fills the rest of the void.

>> No.10456002
File: 3 KB, 125x125, DELET.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10456003

I don't have any friends.

The only people I speak to is my family, My brother is a functioning alcoholic and I drink with him once a week. Besides that, I literally speak to no one. Not even my neighbors

>> No.10456005

I have friends but they're not people I'd trust my life with if that makes sense. We fundamentally just relate and enjoy each others company every now and again. Most people are arseholes, I'd say even my friends are.

>> No.10456036

Having a family is optional, but having a legacy is totally irrelevant. No reason to worry about that shit.

>> No.10456061

>gluten-free beer

Either your dad is a faggot, or he's trying to show you being a faggot is OK

>> No.10456077

>turn and reach for something in the back seat of my car while I was in front seat
>crippling pain in my side that lasts for minutes on end
Nice knowing you lads

>> No.10456119

I'm sorry. I hope you can continue on a sober path. Fentanyl, I can't believe it's being prescribed/distributed so much.

>> No.10456168

I'm a 28 year old virgin. Honestly can't see myself ever getting into a relationship at this point, it's really fucked. I mean I don't have a problem talking to anyone but I can't feel normal about a relationship with a girl. Live in a new place now and have zero friends so no social circle which was the only way I met girls. Hate the idea of using the internet or tinder. Never feel like initiating anything with women. Look around and see some good looking women occasionally but just can't bring myself to care. Don't know what to do about it or even hardly how to feel about it anymore.

>> No.10456181

Guys how do I stop drinking? I seem to have somehow hidden it for a very long time. I only ever get properly shitfaced when I'm home alone. I spend the whole night wanking and playing vidya, pass out at maybe 3 or 4 am. I live with my fiance so only get that way once every few weeks. If we go out drinking with other people I take it easy because I'm terrified of people seeing the real drunk me. It may not sound so bad to you guys but I get so drunk that the entire next day I literally do nothing but throw up and sleep. Then I feel guilty for wasting an entire day when i could be doing more productive things. Then I clear the house of evidence and go to the shops to replace any booze I drank. Friday's haul was 3 bottles of champagne. I don't feel the need to drink until the next home alone night comes around. I've been doing this for about 5 years now and it feels like habit, I've broken it a couple of times but went back to it. I don't drink for any reason, my life is going very well I think, I don't have anything to be sad about. I definitely drink much less now than I did when I lived alone/with friends. Any ideas how I can stop doing this? Do I just have to make sure I'm not alone the whole time? Thanks for reading.

>> No.10456237

This ended a couple years ago, I was 27 and a fucking loser. I don't drink anymore but still cruise these these threads in case there's someone I may be able to help.
Still have a few alcoholic friends/acquaintances. It never bothered me to be around them drinking or playing designated driver. I've even ashamedly played enabler a couple times. One routinely calls me going through WDs and I'll help him taper off or get him a bottle. But he ends up just as fucked within three months.

>> No.10456247

what drugs do you do

>> No.10456270

yeah but where do yuou meet them

how often do adults hang out with each other?

>> No.10456321

>LSD/Mushrooms once in a blue moon
That is about it, I don't have an interesting "drug life."

>> No.10456331

whats your job

>> No.10456418

Construction welder. Work 150ish days out of the year and make enough to live very comfortably in my area.

>> No.10456442
File: 585 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here I sit
Said I wasn’t gonna drink on school nights
Took Friday off so Thursday wasn’t school night
Skipped Saturday bc needed to do shit today
Wake up at 7:30 bc benzos and pot
Get my shit done by 1:00
Got half a bottle of absolute 100
Missing cap bc so wasted before
9 hieneCAN s not enough plus need Newport’s
2 22oz hieneCAN s and Newport king later 20$
Drinking on sabbbbbbbbbbath
Fml cheers bois
>dubs if true

>> No.10456621

Damn that 100 proof absolut will do it to you that's for sure. Your shit seems quite fucked at the moment. I wish you the best.

>> No.10456653

>just got a couple grand back on my tax return
>don't spend it on booze, don't spend it on booze, don't spend it on booze, pay off some debts

Yeah, probably gonna spend it on booze.

>> No.10456733

I drank last night and i feel horrible right now. I didn't stop drinking until 7:00 AM. This is this worst ive ever felt in my life. Thinking about going to the hospital

>> No.10456759

Through 4chan. I only have one friend I still know from school. They aren't good friends though. Cool to joke around with but I can't confide in them.

>> No.10456791

It’s amazing how we keep going back even though it can make us feel so excruciatingly ill

>> No.10456814

My hands are shaking way worse than they used to these days but it's not like you need steady hands in life so I don't really care.

>> No.10456817
File: 1.80 MB, 500x381, 1509040242457.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i have friends but lately they seem so pissed off by everything i do and say i dont get it, but then they still invite me to things

>> No.10456819


Why would you go to the hospital for minor alcohol poisoning? We've all been there, and are back on the bottle the next day.

>> No.10456860

Im at my worst right now. Im not going to the hospital, just watching some movies. Going to absolutely crash hard. I hate the fear

>> No.10456888

sounds horrible man. i have 12 lorazepam, 3 pints and an ounce of weed here. i'd share if i had an intercontinental ballistic missile. can't you get your hands on a couple of shots?

>> No.10456955

Not him but i've had a dull pain for years and years before I ever started drinking a lot...i'm not dead, i assume it's my gallbladder because i would've been in the hospital or dead by now.

Not saying he should avoid going to the dr. it could be his intestines or a gallbladder issue. Usually people have other symptoms of liver disease like ascites years before the pain even sets in late stage.

>> No.10456970

No shots or any booze right now. All i need is some rest and to not think of all the embarrassing shit i did when i was fucked up

>> No.10456995
File: 412 KB, 1600x1058, 1484060021206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be a bourbon-drinking guy
>get fruity-ass boyfriend
>ask him what he likes to drink
>'I like pink wines and sugary drinks anon'
>I buy a shit ton of white zinfandel
>he drinks like one glass on our date and I'm left with this huge thing of it on sunday
>it actually tastes like juice that fucks you up

>> No.10457028

>>it actually tastes like juice that fucks you up
sounds good to me

>> No.10457067

have booze, benzos, weed, tobacco, rizlas... no fucking lighter. send help

>> No.10457103

The sugar content though

I'm very practical when it comes to alcohol and this shit is needless calories

>> No.10457110
File: 10 KB, 300x300, 8963355475998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who /Jacks/ here?

>> No.10457114

>an unironic gay alcky

Are Americans really like this?

>> No.10457133

it's being clamped down upon; more heavily taxed. there was a dude here recently saying how impressed he was with a £5 box of perry though (disguised as box wine, to avoid new cider laws presumably) which was cheaper per unit even than frosty. plus if it really is just fermernted pear juice as it appears to be, it's bound to be a trillion times healthier. check the supermarkets

>> No.10457160

Where would you get that from? Paki shops or actual supermarkets?

>> No.10457169

Only in Scotland as far as I know. The middle aged woman started talking about it to my discomfort, I asked if it would affect England and she said no.

>> No.10457170

supermarkets i'd assume, he posted a pic of the box some time ago, maybe he's still around.

>> No.10457178

maybe, dunno, i thought it was uk-wide. megapoor alchies are gonna be fucked somewhere anyway.

>> No.10457180

sup al/ck/
>get psilocybin
>eat psilocybin
>repeat "don't need drink"
>stop needing drink

t. 15-year wagoneer

>> No.10457190

>this is your mind on Joe Rogan

I watched that mushroom lunatic episode too bro

>> No.10457192

Hey can't help what gets your rocks off
Least I aint into that club shit I do it for the barebones mind eraser

>> No.10457202

psilocybin just makes me feel confused, chaotic and retarded. there are mild hallucinations which can make me giggle and it can be fun i suppose, but generally it's not pleasant or in any way beneficial. just dumb. same with dmt, it's just too strong, 'breaking through' just means thinking you're a walrus for 2 minutes and being fascinated that you have red-coloured hands. useless. lsd on the other hand i found made me see my whole life objectively. all of my problems - the ruts in which i found myself dwelling, formerly insurmountable, suddenly appeared trivial. it genuinely gave me a new perspective on my self and my drinking. for 3 days, then i got wasted and ruined everything.

>> No.10457312
File: 2.51 MB, 4032x2268, 2018-04-15 18.39.46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just bought my second one today.
>$6.00 left in bank

>> No.10457314

Had a house party with a bunch of my bar friends last night. Drank a shit ton and rolled on E. Was a pretty fun time

>> No.10457350

any grils? almost ruined sex by fucking after mdma/ecstasy. nothing can compare

>> No.10457425

You may can convince lunerals that homosexuality isn't a choice but when you queers have to stand before the Lord one of these days what you gonna say?

>> No.10457430

end of a 5 day binge. high heart rate and high pulse. really uncomfortable. wont be the last time though. im thinking suicide is the best option. cheers you guys.

>> No.10457434

the real tragedy is that you only had $18 to start with... sort yerself out.

>> No.10457439
File: 44 KB, 234x228, 1493938427580.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cheap but good shit rec? Im starting to hurt the wallet pretty bad here but I enjoy the taste of shit to much to just drop to canada mist or sved.

>> No.10457458

what types of alcohol and what is your price range

>> No.10457465

something that tastes ok, cheap. im not picky just want something decent that isnt 30 bucks

>> No.10457470

Lol had a good life I guess, since this is an al/ck/ thread what's your choice of drink as a god-fearing individual?

>> No.10457517

>tfw literal trust-fund baby
>tfw I'm nearly out of money but I feel bad about asking for more just to buy alcohol
I have the most first world problems, swear to God

>> No.10457525

i need a friend ffs. my isolation is driving me a little bit crazy i think.
maybe i'll an doge.

>> No.10457587

only psych i've tried is acid and i was convinced i didn't exist in base reality and that if i jumped out the window and broke my neck i would reappear in my room
very lucky that the worst thing i actually did was pissing on the floor

>> No.10457612

i didn't do big doses, 125ug is enough

>> No.10457635
File: 149 KB, 500x608, 1429918719743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Blacked out last night
>Woke up at 4:30 AM
>Checked my phone
>Sent a snapchat video to every girl on my friend list at around 9:30 PM
>Have no idea what it was

>> No.10457643

>old monk - $21 - dark rum with a distinct vanilla flavor
>evan williams white in bond - $14 - very drinkable whiskey for the price
>old forester - $17 - another popular cheap whiskey option

i assume that's roughly the price range you're looking at. i don't really drink liquor outside of dark liquor, and i don't drink it often, so that's all i got.

>> No.10457797

thinking of getting some research chems that are similar to acid and tripping on those to help curb my alcoholism tbqh

>> No.10457807

Who? What? You seem confused anon.

>> No.10457822

Acid made me reevaluate my drinking and I stopped only to get withdrawals which I thought was just anxiety and then leading me to use Xanax . I had withdrawals from that now I'm sober lol

>> No.10457857

psychedelics are best when you're young and full of life, like 16-20, i've been through all that and at the of the day I crave something to drink, not a dose of shrooms before bed. You can only take so much from psychedelics and you move on and stop doing them eventually.

>> No.10457866

Welp sux to be you at 45 with zero self discipline good luck with that

>> No.10457893

>Welp sux to be you at 45


>> No.10457904

popov is the manuever

>> No.10457928

>86k/yr salaried position in favor of a 63$/hr

>> No.10457937

Who else is going to do your laundry and dishes?

>> No.10457950
File: 6 KB, 225x225, 421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw trust fund baby sole beneficiary to inheritance with free house and car and complete loser with no accomplishments

>> No.10457953

This - especially in the work place.

>Had a coworker demand a huge favor of me last month at 1 on a Friday. Spent 2 hours working on it for her, and come Monday morning I get dragged into my woman boss' office and got chewed out for apparently shrugging when I was asked when it would be done.

I'm too old and broken to start a trade, but I can't take the office live another day.

>> No.10457963

>yeast, sugar, apple juice
>>make gallons and gallons of hard cider
how was it? you wanna share the recipe?

>> No.10458026

Where does the other 100 bux go?

>> No.10458049

It's easier to buy LSD.

Use wall street market, Buy team trust.

It's literally 4 dollars a hit

It doesn't help, I tried it

>> No.10458061

8pounds 50 m8

>> No.10458095
File: 31 KB, 634x421, 2-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I finally gave up today lads, It was a weird feel.

>in love with my brothers wife
>she constantly flirts with me and messes with my mind
>I think she knows I have a crush on her so she enjoys the attention I give her
>finally it hits me today that this is my brothers wife, My brother who would literally die for me
>even if she had the same feelings for me I couldn't do that to my brother
>start on the vodka heavy before I even get out of bed
>wander around in the snow downtown crying and drinking
>feel like I have no purpose and my life is meaningless
>go home and pass out
>wake up 6 hours later and start on the vodka hard again
>post this

I genuinely did not enjoy my life before I came to this realization. I have been having pains in my side and stomach for months and contemplated finally quitting but I've made the decision I'm just going to drink hard until I finally die. Probably going to start doing drugs too because fuck it, What do I have to lose

>> No.10458099

Does anyone else sleepwalk and piss on the floor? I went to the hardware store and bought a drop sheet which I will be putting down on my bedroom floor before I go to sleep tonight.

>> No.10458112

You're a disappointment to your brother, giving up like that.

>> No.10458118

thought this was going to end in an epiphany where you got sober lmao

>> No.10458125

I'm a disappointment to a lot of people.

I'm 29 years old and haven't accomplished shit. I'm the only one of my siblings that's an alcoholic, working a dead end job, and not married.

I've already accepted I'm the family loser/black sheep

>> No.10458127

Yea. If he'd give you his life, surely he'd give you his wife!

>> No.10458145

Can never understand being depressed over a girl but you're right you have nothing to lose. Get fucked up as much as you can.

>> No.10458155

Honestly, I agree with you. I never thought I could understand it for years growing up...

But I've never truly been in love with a woman besides her. I've fucked and dated at least 20 women but there is just something about her that makes me melt. I would literally do anything she said for years....If she called me yesterday before this realization and said burn down your house and come start a new life in some third world shithole with me I would have done it in a heartbeat.

I blocked her calls/messages on my phone earlier today, If she comes over to my house I'm just not going to answer the door.

Best bet is to just ignore her completely now.

>> No.10458210

how much should you spend for wine? whats most economical besides box

i want to just drink lots of bottles of wine

>> No.10458219

food and weed

>> No.10458371

these threads are always dead when normal people with jobs and lives are doing normal people stuff like preparing for work, etc

but during the week on a Tuesday all the alcoholics come out

>> No.10458379

Really? Seems the opposite to me

It's 1150 EST and I just woke up from a blackout 3 hours ago. An this thread is dead as fuck

it seems its most busy during the day for some reason

>> No.10458411

how much 40% vodka will 1 gallon of 190 proof make

>> No.10458421
File: 1.52 MB, 500x222, 1523825761361.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did the math and hard liquor is actually more expensive most of the time then beer and malt liquor in Ontario. Why is this?

>> No.10458425

so like over 2

>> No.10458432

No idea.

There was a guy awhile back in one of these threads that did the math and found out boxed wine is cheaper per drink than bottom shelf vodka in the US.

I still can't drink wine, I've only drank boxed wine twice in my life and one of those times I blacked out and got arrested. Also literally the worst hangover of my entire life, I couldn't even put a bottle down without my head almost exploding from the pain

>> No.10458437

thanks m8

>> No.10458447

to be precise get a calc(like the one on your comp) and divide 95/40 and thats how many gallons(2 and 3/8s tbqh)

>> No.10458484
File: 323 KB, 646x595, 1523537189470.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that shame when going back to return bottles or seeing the same cashier all the time
how do I beat this?

>> No.10458493

I'm 99% sure everyone at the liquor store I go to knows I'm an alcoholic.

No one else buys multiple handles of bottom shelf vodka at noon on a Tuesday.

I've honestly stopped giving a fuck what people think of me, Especially strangers.
If your that fucking concerned about it, Just start dressing like your in a frat

>> No.10458504

Go to other stores.

>> No.10458520

I have 4 stores all in a 10 minute radius that I rotate between.

>> No.10458583

Anyone tried the 5.9% PBR? How is it compared to the regular?

>> No.10458613

>Also literally the worst hangover of my entire life, I couldn't even put a bottle down without my head almost exploding from the pain
You are not bullshitting, m8. Had some shit even cheaper than Franzia (can't remember name) once and was rewarded with an uncomfortable drunk due to the sweetness and one of the few real proper hangovers I have ever had. Like a hangover you can't even drink away. That's fucked up.
Kek, this kind of degenerate behavior actually impressed a 8/10 checkout girl at my old liquor store and I got to hit that a few times. Have never had another girl that pretty look twice at me.

>> No.10458762

>stay up all night due to insomnia
>decide to take a nap around 11 AM
>place a can in the medicine drawer of my desk in hopes it will be a pleasant surprise in the future
>think to myself that this is idiotic, will immediately remember the beer upon waking
>tfw didn't remember it until just now

great feeling la

>> No.10458774

I got sad when I was at work because someone I'm interested in is going on a date tonight, so I listened to Radiohead and went to the store for liquor and here I am.

Alone and a little drunk and I have to see them tomorrow and act happy.

>> No.10458787

man, i really gotta stop before i go overboard again. i fell off the wagon a couple months ago, and this is the first day i've just been drinking recklessly from sunrise past sundown. i'm so fucking unproductive when i drink.

>> No.10458897

If I just stick to beer, will I ever fuck up my life?

>> No.10458929

Passed out at 9 this morning and woke up at 7. I feel like I've been up for a whole day, but its only been 4 hours. I know as soon as I start drinking though, it's gonna be like a time machine to the future.

>> No.10458930

yeah but normal time machines don't involve throwing up all over your house and breaking things

>> No.10458932

If I'm going to drink, I drink Hennessey. What's another cognac for me to try?

>> No.10458934
File: 58 KB, 604x516, 6DACB6A0-6B3E-43CB-B30B-5F69F2CFB42B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I stopped drinking but I keep coming back to these threads. I think I’m just lonely and I consider you all friens.

>> No.10458943

You gotta watch your weight.

>> No.10458944
File: 622 KB, 1600x1200, 1362428349434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you don't know that

>> No.10458945

If I was that kind of drunk, I don't think I'd be drinking. The worst I normally do is stumble around my room trying to navigate around the vodka bottles beside my chair.

>> No.10458952
File: 22 KB, 500x377, 145313217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Update: just hooked up with the crazy girl in red, worth it, i just laid down and she got on top of me when she was not singing to herself lol

>> No.10458954


>> No.10458973

Probably not, probably will. There will be a point where beer won't be as strong as it used to be so you'll switch to something more strong and that's when you fuck up your life. I was always a beer drinker and I never drank any of the hard shit since it fucked up my stomach but I gained a lot of weight in my stomach and decided to quit. I was a weekend drinker for about 7 years straight and I never went a full weekend without drinking. You get addicted to it pretty fucking quick and the beers catch up on you fast. Stick to weed if you can.

>> No.10458977


>> No.10458998

I'll look into that, have not tried remy Martin either, is that worth trying?

>> No.10459026

Haven't tried that myself. Only Hennessy and Martell. I drink scotch more often anyway.

>> No.10459032

How does scotch differ? I tried some rum and was grossed out, not a fan of the sticky/sugary taste.

>> No.10459042

Scotch tastes like smoother whiskey. I'm a pretty big fan of all hard liquor without a sweetener though.

>> No.10459058
File: 1.72 MB, 4032x3024, pbandmayo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do y'all eat when it's 2am and you're hungry because you drank all day and forgot to eat anything until dinner? Lately for me it's been a peanut butter, mayo, and pickle sandwich, with some kimchi on the side.

>> No.10459086
File: 24 KB, 366x266, mmmh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last night it was freeze dried rice and beans pouch from Backpackers Country.

>> No.10459127

sounds disgusting

>> No.10459130

Some kind of protein and simple carb. My goto is steak and pasta salad.

>> No.10459136

>Stick to weed if you can
I find weed so fucking boring.

>> No.10459141

i cut back on booze using weed

weed fucking blows

i just wanna drink booze

>> No.10459149

Not an option for me. I get drug tested at work pretty regularly.

>> No.10459164


I've always hated people on al/ck/ who say, "hurr, just smoke pot!" All my friends, family, teachers, etc, growing up smoked weed all the time and it always made me paranoid. Even a decade ago it made me go full hypochondriac, because I was aware of all the things going on in my body and all the places that hurt. Why on earth would I try smoking pot when I'm going through wd's? It's legal where I live but that sounds like the worst possible advice if you're trying to get off the bottle.

>> No.10459177

Honestly, we should all just stop with the al/ck. I was watching Trainspotting 2, and when Mark went for a run with Spud, he said something to extent that we're all addicts and we have to get addicted to something that's good for us. That's what we should all do, just stop drinking and smoking, get into something we love that's not destructive.
Not drinking isn't that hard for me, but moderation fucking is. Once I start, I don't stop. Until I'm hammered.

>> No.10459185

>until i'm hammered

I basically just keep pouring taller and taller glasses of vodka until I eventually pass out. That's obviously good life advice, but only really applies if you're sober, which I've never been.

>> No.10459195


This is very accurate, when I'm sober I can stay sober without really any difficulty, problem is I get a drink with coworkers or friends and then next thing I know I've bought another bottle and am downing shots until I pass out.

Moderation is impossible with a substance that literally degrades your ability to moderate the more of it you consume.

>> No.10459207

You sound like me, I keep doing that eventually I've gone through a liter a vodka and I'm beyond fucked up for 12 hours.
I think it has to do with the dopamine release after you get some booze. I'm not a scientist or a doctor, but the dopamine wears off at rate faster than the booze. So I keep drinking to get another dopamine hit, to keep that initial good buzz feeling. By the end of a binder, You're still feeling good, but god are you fucked up.

>> No.10459213


>I keep drinking to get another dopamine hit, to keep that initial good buzz feeling

That sounds pretty accurate from my experience, and is also why Naltrexone was terrible for me; I'd keep drinking and drinking until I could barely stand but never got that good buzz feeling. I guess it works for some people but it literally made me almost drink myself to death.

>> No.10459223

>from wikipedia
"Naltrexone has been best studied as a treatment for alcoholism.[7] Naltrexone has been shown to decrease the amount and frequency of drinking.[8] It does not appear to change the percentage of people drinking.[9] Its overall benefit has been described as "modest".[10]

Acamprosate may work better than naltrexone for eliminating drinking, while naltrexone may decrease the desire for alcohol to a greater extent.[11]

The Sinclair method is a method of using opiate antagonists such as naltrexone to treat alcoholism. The person takes the medication about an hour (and only then) before drinking to avoid side effects that arise from chronic use.[12][13] The opioid antagonist blocks the positive reinforcement effects of alcohol and allows the person to stop or reduce drinking.[13]"

How the fuck is something that just gets rid of the reward of drinking, prescribed for alcoholism?

>> No.10459249

8 litres of beer and tramadol in 1 day is normal right lads.

Wife actually said I bought those 4 cans to see how long they would last in the fridge, well I said I didn't want to drink.

>> No.10459253
File: 2.72 MB, 626x360, dr eggman.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10459270
File: 1.35 MB, 274x206, 1485632526213.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

had to pay cashier with like 50 coins
hopefully that cashier was a part timer

>> No.10459277

Pavlov's dogs sort of thing. If you don't receive the reward from this learned behavior you'll eventually lose the impulse to drink. Something like that.

>> No.10459284

That makes sense.

I doubt many doctors who know their patients that drink more than a liter of booze a day are going to prescribe this. Otherwise you're just going to drink yourself to death, easily. Imagine getting drunk but not feeling good from it, what's the point?

>> No.10459299

>I basically just keep pouring taller and taller glasses of vodka until I eventually pass out.
same here

>> No.10459314


I forget what it's called but there's medication you can take that will react with any alcohol you drink and make you feel really terrible, to make it basically impossible to drink while on it.

>> No.10459349


Naltrexone anon here. The doctor I was seeing said I needed to either go to rehab, try Naltrexone, or try the other medication that made you feel violently ill if you took a swig of alcohol. I said fuck that to rehab and feeling like I was going to puke if I took a single sip. Stopped taking everything she prescribed at this point and am back on the wagon (or off?) as hard as I've ever been.

>> No.10459351

off the wagon = drinking

>> No.10459359

antabuse. it seems like a reasonable last resort, e.g., for in-patient rehab after a medically supervised taper, but it sounds scary as shit. naltrexone diminishes the euphoric effects of alcohol, but at least i'm not violently punished for consuming some. frankly, if i were prescribed antabuse, i just wouldn't take it.

>> No.10459380


Yeah, I'm drunk. Being on the wagon just sounds more fun, so it's a little counter-intuitive.

>> No.10459409

I took naltrexone for a while back in the day and ended up buying a six pack. I still felt the alcohol for some reason. My most recent experience with substances in relation to alcohol abuse is something called campral or acomprosate. I was in a mental health place voluntarily and I was weaned off alcohol and given campral.

Within two days my mind took a turn. My pod had one other guy who was schizophrenic who I kind of befriended. By the end of it I couldn't stand him for no reason at all. Everytime I saw him I wanted punch his head in bad. Just face it though. Alcoholism is hard so why throw stumbling blocks in your way in the form of pharmaceuticals. Being an addict is almost a learning experience in that before all I was interested in was treating myself instead of any other issues.

>> No.10459446


I had aspergers, anxiety, and depression before I really started heavy drinking, so every time some professional suggested AA, rehab, or some kind of institution I just cringed at the thought of living with or being around strangers. That was literally the biggest fear for me, and not killing myself by drinking all day every day. And then everyone I tried to talk to about my issues said they couldn't help me because they didn't know what was a real problem with me and what was the alcohol. I've lost everything I had going for me and my 30's have fucking sucked so far, but I feel like I really have to hit hospital bed tier rock bottom before I'll be able to stop.

>> No.10459472

I'm the same. Most of my drinking life was because of agoraphobia and bi polar. There were days where all I did was manually breathe due to panic until I eventually fell asleep. I suspect I am an aspie too.

I'm 27 and I haven't worked in 7 years. I did hit a rock bottom and it changed everything. unfortunately the saying that people will only change after rock bottom actually holds some weight. My rock bottom was this. Waking up 7 years everyday doing the same routine and panicking through it. Alcohol giving me no pleasure or rest. One day my stomach just started getting bigger and my liver felt like a small football under my ribcage. Couldn't eat. turned yellow. got told in emergency 'dude you're liver is screwed you have liver failure' and all I did was is go 'oh thank God this is all going to be over soon'. People with aspergers can drink stupid amounts of alcohol too due to excessive glutamate.

>> No.10459475

>not Morgan
>not Malibu
ok spic

>> No.10459478


>> No.10459487
File: 59 KB, 550x550, 1507635904190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alcohol makes the pain in my right hip go away like no other painkiller or physiotherapy ever does.


>> No.10459498


>oh thank God this is all going to be over soon

I've seen a number of doctors over the past few years and have honestly hoped I'd be able to say that after the test results came back on more than one occasion, because at least then it wouldn't just be me being an alcoholic, but an actual medical condition (not that addiction isn't a real condition - but I'm well aware that if I had the willpower I could change things, or could have earlier). Yet all the tests came back bad but nothing I couldn't recover from. Never had jaundice, and apparently don't have irreversible liver damage. I started really drinking when I went to grad school in NYC, mostly because I just couldn't deal with the crowds and didn't know anyone or know how to make any friends at that point. Ended up getting my masters but failed to be accepted into the PhD program, so now I have a ton of debt and an essentially useless degree.

>> No.10459507
File: 268 KB, 1001x663, _DSC2610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks, man.
You're right, he was fully prepared for it. That's better than him being afraid and desperately hanging on I suppose. He died in hospital with one of his sons by his side, we took turns sitting there, and he was not in pain.

I've had time to prepare as well so I'm doing alright. It just really sucks seeing the family turn on eachother like that. Maybe I should just be ask them what they think he'd feel about seeing them like this. Maybe they just need an eye opener.

>> No.10459847

Guys help i have no friends is drinking alone at midday in a bar acceptable

>> No.10459876

who cares? you're the guy who stands in the street screaming at passers by and waking up in cells with no memory of why. social etiquette is not of paramount importance.

>> No.10459943

>9 dollars in bank account
>has to last until Friday and I'm running low on booze

>> No.10459975

Haha the only way for me to even go to lectures is when I'm at least buzzed and all of my exams are in may

>> No.10459979

yeah, especially if theres a food special on

>> No.10460020


youll save money at home

>> No.10460125

I do it. It's cosy. I watch the game or shitpost.

The Chad Bar Fly (Me)
The Virgin social drinker (You)

>> No.10460262

Alcohol probably also caused the pain in your right hip

>> No.10460290

Not that guy, but becoming the Chad bar fly is great, especially at a neighborhood bar where you know everyone. So many cute housewives from the neighborhood always come in alone without their husbands. I've gotten a few blowjobs out of it and fucked one. They are quite a bit older than I am, but still really hot and don't want any shenanigans like girls my age do.

>> No.10460349

>can face up to why he's a drunk
>is still a drunk
Isn't that delusion right here?

>> No.10460379
File: 492 KB, 460x345, YES.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when you want to go to the store to get some beer but its pouring outside

>> No.10460397

In the AA view, sure. But imo, people have a right to resign to dying from alcoholism if they want to. It's when they become a burden on others that they no longer have that right, or at least when people need to cut them out of their lives.

>> No.10460456

I quit my job, cancelled my phone contract, and bought a keg of beer and 17 handles with my paycheck.

I'm sick of talking to people, I'm sick of people calling me. If they need to contact me fucking write me.

I'm not speaking to any of my family anymore, They are a waste of my time and money. An all they do is bother me about dumb shit

>> No.10460468

Breh. Are you trying to kill yourself from drinking in the short term? Let me tell you from experience, it doesn't work. You're going to be broke, in WD, and in the hospital.

>> No.10460480

I prefer long term (I want 10 more years of drinking), But yes.

I have 71k and change in the bank, I can live off 18k a year. So I'll be fine for at least a few years

Then I'll get a dead end job and eventually go job to job until I eventually die

>> No.10460827

>dying from alcoholism
>not becoming a burden on others

>> No.10461387

You can do whatever you please. Just go in and order.

>> No.10461425

What can I do to make money from home? Currently working a shit job at home and sorting things out. I need a way to make some extra cash.

>> No.10461436

nothing. it's impossible. the world is shit and you're not allowed any of it's resources. if you don't like it you can kill yourself.

>> No.10461476

Unless you are a computer geek with an advanced Computer Engineering degree the only legitimate employment are minimum wage tier garbage

depends if you were born into a family lottery.

also depending on how well you can fuck other people over with disregard for anything but yourself can net you enough resources if you are intelligent.

>> No.10461594

happy days, like being in a sitcom
>walk in door
>staff: hey its anon! pint of the usual?
>cheers and keep them coming
getting served before others, enjoying a smoke with staff out the back, great times
after about 4 years of drinking 8-10 pints a day your body starts to get pissy about it tho

>> No.10461828





>> No.10461849

>money from home
learn how to make music and video games.
no joke.
>currently 33
>currently haven't "9-5'd" in 6 years
>currently would be requested to post timestamps with face if 4chan found my name because legit famous
just do acceptable and required art, anon.
free lance is no longer bad.

>> No.10461867

Why is Lorazepam the superior benzo by far? Bought some Bromazapan but it's not the same by far. Too bad your reply wont show up in the next thread.

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