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Do you drink the leftover cereal milk or just dump it down the drain?

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I used to drink the milk, but then I grew up and started having proper food for breakfast instead.

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>not having various shelves full of the major brands of cereal
Hell, I even ordered cereal at restaurants

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Do Americans really eat "cereal"?

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I leave just enough cereal in the bowl so I can drink the milk with the cereal, running out of both at the same time.

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I see you have a Superman Fridge magnet. Nice.

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Bachelor Chow

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i wish ic ould do that. but my ambien makes me ravenously hungry

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I pour it back into the carton.

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Is that Jerry's kitchen from Seinfeld

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it's a replica in NYC

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drink it ofc.

its the best part of a cereal meal.

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>do you drink the leftover cereal milk or just dump it down the drain?
Is that even a question? The main meal is the milk, you pour some cereal into it eat the cereal and then drink the milk. Why the fuck would you throw it out.

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If it's a cereal that's not sweet like Cheerios, Chex, or Kix, I'll drink the milk.

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>cereal milk
... so... just milk, then?

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When I was younger (and fat) I would play a little game every time I ate cereal. The object was to try to maintain the cereal to milk ratio all the way to the finish. If I ran out of cereal, I would add more cereal. Sometimes I would switch cereals to give me an edge. If I ran out of milk first, I would add more milk. Sometimes I would lose several times in a row, but I really didn't mind. Usually, I was trying to lose the game so I could keep eating more. I wouldn't be surprised if many people do this. It seems like such a fat person thing.

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Some people have so little power in their lives that they try to validate themselves through tiny acts of destructiveness, like wasting food (fuck you, starving kids in China).

Personally, I let the cereal soak up all the milk, so there is none left. Total bran flakes (more robust than the Kellogg's) and dried papaya.

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I dont even use spoons for my cereal

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i dont know, because i'm not 12.

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Can confirm
>t. Former lardass

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It always looked Jerry had the best food, especially breakfast food

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i use an immersion blender to mix and forth my milk/cereal, then drink it through a very stick straw on my way to work each day. fruity pebbles if my favorite right now, but was on a very long cinnamon toast crunch combination that i had been hooked on since the previous fall.

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I usually have it for a late night snack

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My roommate does neither. He takes the bowl full of milk and just sets it down in the sink and leaves it there. He doesn't even dump it out, he just puts the bowl of milk in the sink. His mommy used to clear his plates for him so he never scrapes off his unfinished food into the trash. He just stacks plates and bowls of food in the sink to putrify because he never does the dishes either. How fucking lazy can you be? How hard is it to turn your wrist and dump liquid out of a bowl you already brought over to the sink or run a fork across your plate over the trash can?

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true, cereal gives milk some flavor

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I never understood the open shelves nonsense. Those plates and glasses would need to be washed before each use. It looks like a hoarders house. Could have made those shelves deeper and put away a couple things off those crowded counters.

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>Those plates and glasses would need to be washed before each use

Why? Because of air? the same air that you breathe?

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theres glass

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Jesus Christ. I was fat as a kid (and still am to an extent) but I never thought like this.

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I perfectly eat my cereal so there is never any milk/cereal left over. Just need to ration the milk accordingly as you eat

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>wonder bread
>le cereal
>Superman magnet on fridge
Meme kitchen

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>no froot loops

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Not him, but it would get dusty.

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You guys are paranoid af. I spent my childhood eating skittles I found behind couch cushions and fries I dropped on the floor and it never hurt me.

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