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I would pay money to see this guy kill himself. What does /ck/ think of him?

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i'd buy him a beer
excellent thread

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only beta cuck numale bugman soyboys dislike based guy

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He's probably the only American I can stand watching on TV.

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hes fantastic at his job

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he's pretty cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything

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>be weirdo with no skill and unlikable personality
>still manage to become millionaire

he's based af and we should all admire him

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>we should admire him because he's rich

And this is why society sucks, kids.

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I wish he would let me up in the flavortown of his sumptuous, chocolatey brown eye

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What the fuck did Guy Fieri ever do to anybody? Legit question. I'm not a huge fan of his personality, but I've got nothing against the guy either. It's like a bunch of contrarian bitches just decided to hate on him because he's popular.

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He beat the shit out of his hair dresser/secret gay lover.

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>Guy is gay now
Refer to

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Man, that Smash Mouth dude really let himself go...

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The guy is from the arm put of California Ferndale, and is actually supposed to be super nice and awesome, despite his douche haircut.

He looks like a douche, but he is a living saint.

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hes cool plus the internet told me he hates gay guys

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This site is gay as fuck, I swear.

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he was basically the face of foodnetwork for 5 years

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He's basically the opposite of an internet shut-in. He's loud, he's brash, he's confident, he's ostentatious. It's only natural that he would be mocked in these circles.

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he seems like a weirdo/douche behind the scens but he's thoroughly entertaining on screen

triple D is fucking good. he's super nice to everyone and genuinely excited about food and puts the spotlight on low key local joints with straight up fuckin GRUB

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>finish eating a huge meal
>diners drive ins & dives comes on television
>immediately get hungry again

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I actually like him
I saw his road trip show he wasn't super annoying. On Best Thing I Ever Ate he he is fun to watch too.

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guy fieri seems like a good dude.
he is a tv personality though, so who knows what he is really like.

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I love him.
In the show he eats the food then he shows how to make it.
Fucking good shit.

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Seems like an alright if somewhat obnoxious dude
Great at his job considering how much airtime the Food Network devotes to his multiple shows
Appears to genuinely love food and cooking and created a platform to showcase small local establishments with amazing dishes
Looks like the abstract personification of Smash Mouths music

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Andrew Zimmern is kino

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Go look at the menus for his shitty restaurants, and compare them, that's all you need to know to realize he is a loser hack piece of shit.

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This is genuinely true
For some reason people who take soyboy selfies all the time really hate Guy Fieri

>> No.10447335

find some early seasons of diners drive-ins and dives and tell me its not a good show or that Guy isn't a fantastically entertaining man to watch.

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Fieri is an awesome guy who is, unfortunately, contractually obligated to costume himself as an asshole

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