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numaling with numale

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Ree and such.

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Successful memes.

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His recent videos are too much "food is mentioned in a show so I'll cook that" instead of unique recipes from media.

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Yeah I'd like to see him get back to some basics. Also convince Chef John to make a cameo.

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Fuck off his voice is the most testosterone filled thing you'll hear all day

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He's finally running out of material.

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binging with reddit

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reddit living in your head, rent free

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Fuck him, but fuck Sean Evans even more. Only Brad is based

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it sounds affected to me

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>yfw he turns full weeb and starts cooking anime foods

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jap food is fucking gross

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Maybe then it would be appropriate to discuss this faggot on /ck/.

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he already has

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Which is pretty pathetic considering how there's only 10,000 years of fiction to choose from.

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>makes a cocktail video
>gets literally everything wrong
>says he'll post a follow up correction video
>never does

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>time to take a wacky and zany and out of control fantasy food item from a cartoon and cook it in ultra 100% serious detached hipster style

Fuck this guy and everyone who supports him. He is everything wrong with modern media.

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he's alright I don't like him but I'll give him a pass for trying.

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Go kill yourself.

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>the guy who has all that random alcohol in the back and includes bits of him drinking whiskey fucks up the cocktail episode to hell and back
>people will still defend him

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No you kill yourself you easily entertained man child. Oh look the hipster jew is cooking something from rick and morty and he is doing it in 100% super serious hipster fashion not cracking a joke or smiling! Doing so would be totally uncool and not ironic! Fuck you

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What are the ethnicities of his parents? Anyone know?

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Kill yourself

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every video that doesn't have the musical intro is shit

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his videos at first were somewhat entertaining, interesting, now hes just running out of material

his basics series is probably the worst "educational" cooking videos on youtube after gordon ramsays shitty cameraman

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Did anyone watch his new video? He shows how to make the meme grilled cheese from Chef



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That was disappointing.

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what is the food equivalent of the nintendo switch

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i hope youtube makes their minimum monetized video length 20 minutes so we get to hear his voice crack

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>watching an insufferable hipster cook food on YouTube
>it isn't Alex the French Guy
wew lad

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He says he's Italian, but he can't even pronounce his last name properly

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Youtube advertising is against the rules. If you will like to advertise your, or your client's, channel and support 4chan then pay for advertising space.

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why does /ck/ get so worked up over him? his videos are comfy

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No idea, I just think anybody with a patchy beard like that is just insta reddit

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Toasts his own spices, makes his own dough(most of the time) He's all right. Sean Evans sucks at cooking, but he admits that. Evans is just a talk show host with an interesting premise. I dig his show.

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he literally started a series called "Basics with Babish"

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It's ridiculous, but since the hate I see for him in on 4chan they're probably just meming

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>i can't accept that people disagree with me without resorting to calling it hate

Your parents failed in raising you right.

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>memeing is hating
no it's joking

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>but since the hate I see for him
Go complain to your parents now.

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What are you talking about, he's always doing stupid jokes that detract from the cooking

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His comedy is very dry and serious compared to the material he is working with. This is how all hipsters think. Take something wacky and childish and take it seriously. This is why hipsters rarely smile or show any join in their faces. KYS for watching this shit.

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The one thing i dislike the most about him, is that he supposedly does research before doing a recipe for "maximum authenticity", but in the end he just makes an americanized version of the dish. It is as if he just goes to some food stands in new york and asks a posho who has been living his whole life in America how to make REAL tamales.

Also lately his videos are plagued with Reddit tier humor.

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What constitutes reddit tier humor?

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Most of his videos nowadays are just plain and demonstrate that it’s becoming harder for him to find good material. However he does still occasionally have gems and thanks to him I learned a family favorite of Babka that as a small town person in the Midwest I knew nothing about.

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Hello goys and welcome to pandering to reddit

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Should expand to game food.

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it's just basic sad-act NEET jealousy. He's scum and reddit for being more confident and laid-back than them, but if he was any less confident and laid-back than them it would be 'lolo le lolcow autiste'. I've never known a bunch of people who hate themselves so much while also acting as if they're perfect, it's bizarre

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>implying I'm not 100% correct

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Looks like a sandnigger, Ive been to the UAE before and he looks like the actual Arabs you see there but with lighter skin probably from living in jewyork

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Did you see Jaque's response?

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>[insert technique] courtesy of Chef John
>[insert technique] courtesy of J. Kenji Lopez Alt

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Love him. One of my favorite channels.

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>a real chef doesn't give credits to his teachers
>better yet, a real chef hasn't learned anything from anyone else.

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It's grilled cheese what did you expect

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no, what was it?
I really don't want to give this guy my (View)s

>gives props to chef john, one of the most underrated youtube food creators
fuck you

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No. You kys my friend

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Pepin responded with a video congratulating him on perfecting his omelette technique then challenged him to debone a chicken, which Alex responded with a video with a video where he debones a chicken while jokingly explaining to Jacques that he doesn't have time to learn how to debone a chicken.
His channel actually is pretty entertaining to watch in that Alton Brown/high functioning productive autist kind of way.

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I mean well done but I hate that particular video of his, it's a bit cringy, the whole "ohh noo I'm never gonna do that but WHOOPSIE i did it anyway" trope. Rest of alex' videos are pretty good tho!

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Well I'm not gonna argue with double trips.

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No way? I wasn't in any way referring to him getting back to doing more of those. Thank you for helping me.

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He's a soyboy who affects a deep voice, and has arm tattoos.
He watches r&m

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Two words: Wasted Potential

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>convince Chef John to make a cameo

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have you considered that some people's brains are capable of compartmentalizing different aspects of a complex object, and so something that occurs within a humorous narrative might be independently interesting for non-humorous reasons? Like this is a basic cognitive ability for the majority of people and it seems like you're not aware that it's possible.

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The Alpha Nu-male, how does he manage to do it?

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hits the basics of cooking. aynone that knows anything can do what he does. he does it in a well presented manner. he corrects his mistakes. all around seems pretty decent and like his channel got a lot bigger than he thought it would. 10/10 would suck

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Regular guy becomes a success in new media. You then get angry about it. Stay mad, I guess.

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If you have to ask, you don’t get it.

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Watch the first episode, his voice is an entire octave higher. He either puts on a deep voice for the camera or edits it in post. I’ve never seen someone try so hard to be interesting, but be so generic at the same time. He also acts like he knows what he’s doing but it’s painfully obvious he’s just a beginner cook, yet acts like an authority on the subject which makes him the worst kind of insufferable hipster turd.

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ahaha the unwarranted bitterness

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way to steal a meme because you can't make your own, stupid leftist redditor

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t. binging with reddit

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>Can't make a hamburger
>Can't wrap a burrito
>Fucks up 80% of his cloned recipes and then complains that they were terrible
He doesn't have a bit of a talent for desserts though, I'll give him that much.

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fucking amateur

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>Constantly name drops chef John and Lopez-alt
>They never reciprocate
I bet he begged for that awkward Bon Appetit gig.

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Chef John did a charity challenge for Babish. Stop being so easy to trigger.

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>blocks your path

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>He is everything wrong with modern media

Admit it, you love shitting on him to make yourself feel smarter.

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Evans sucks dick. I can't stand listening to him talk. I will only watch if he has decent guests, but lately they're all fucking rappers that I have no clue who they are.

>it's tradition around here to put a little dab on...


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I've never actually seen one of his videos nor have I even heard anyone reference him outside of this website, on this specific board

Nevertheless I like him and wish him well because he upsets bitter 4chan NEETs

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it's free real estate

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>Balding with Nu-male

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