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>stomach and side pains edition

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I stopped drinking and I FEEL WONDERFUL.

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Lower back pain is the one you really want to watch out for, that's kidney and liver territory

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I'm only having stomach and right side pains

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i'm a fifteen year alcoholic and i think that the entire middle part of your body hurting is the one you need to watch out for
the pancreas though that's the one don't hurt that one holy shit

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I switched booze for weed and I wanna just go back to drinking now

Weed is so boring and shit compared to alcohol

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will drinking witch hazel get me drunk?

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Making a serious effort to quit. Got a six pack for today, maybe will get another tomorrow. Then three, two, and one beers for the next three days after.

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i had some weed in the freezer i broke out when i stopped drinking
it's so gay holy shit what the actual fuck

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t a k y o n

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I've been drinking vodka for weeks now. I used to drink 3 to 4 pints a day. Now I drink one and I can't remember where the shit in my pockets is supposed to be. I'm getting painful bouts of depression again. I know how to fix it but I don't have the will to get out on my own. I know I can but it's all excuses. I have guns loaded 10 feet from my bed but I don't want to do that. My neighbor just blew his brains out a couple weeks ago. If I weren't at the bar that day, I probably would've seen it.

lol jk

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popov4life nigga

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massive bloating reporting in. 12 pack a beer all for myself and a pint of importers is heavenly for me

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Are you admitting to a murder here anon?

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Stop drinking alcohol.

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>not Aryan
>fan of hilter

Why are women so fucking stupid?

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Not quite stupid. She recognizes the superiority of aryan genes and wants to breed into the line.

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Aryans were used as the exemplar race, not the only race

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No. He had some kind of IBS, possibly related to alcoho from what I know about him. Symptoms are light in some people. Horribly painful in others. He had spent a week or two in the hospital before this. I didn't even know he was released. Not sure if he got bad news while he was there, or if he was just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Soaked in the hot tub, then sat out by the fire pit and blew his head off. His wife lives there. I probably would've gone off into the woods nearby. Can't imagine she feels good about having to stay there.

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Just opened one of these bad boys because I forgot what the best beer in the world is. Then I was reminded that it's still PBR!

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>bloated, red face post-bender

god, this is the worst. I have a normally slim face, but following a 3-5 day bender I hold water like crazy and look like I gained 50lbs for about 5 days following until I'm able to sweat/piss it all out. I weight myself every day and don't gain more than a couple pounds, but my face looks insanely worse for the week after once I stop drinking

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>tfw you look in the mirror and see a red, puffy, dried out face that looks like your dad's

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It's honestly the most alcoholic look ever. It's hard to explain, but you're both hydrated, since you're drinking a fuck ton of water trying to recover, but also dehydrated. Like your skin is oily and moist, but at the same time peeling and dry. It's the worst

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what are you guys drinking so i can like avoid that shit? thanks for tha help

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I look back at some pictures of my face when I used to be at my worst and I don't understand how I even held my head up with the support of my neck. And then I also realise why the love of my life left me. I'm a pretty good looking guy when I'm not a mess. But yeah, face bloat is the worst physical side effect when drinking.

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It doesn't matter dude. Beer will definitely bloat you more, just from so many extra calories. But even after drinking straight vodka I get that. It's from the way alcohol fucks with your hydration, electrolyte levels, and blood sugar. No matter what you drink, if you drink enough you're gonna look like shit

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The worst offenders for this is cheap but strong beer/cider for me. I think it's the sulphates. But if you drink enough of anything it happens.

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I think I'm just going to reinvent my life along the line lines 17 year old d-bag me would want. Buy an old Honda hatch and add some slightly obnoxious mods to it, no fart can though. Become the drum and bass spinning pint drinking wanker I know I can be. Maybe date some dumb 20 something chick with big tits. Approaching 40 ready to blow my brains out me really isn't working. What the fuck do I have to lose anyway?

What type of job should I get? Currently working some faggy 10 an hour work from home tech support job that is slowly turning me into Hitler.

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Weed for mental. Booze for physical. Discontinue both when you start going on introspective trips through the hell that is your life.

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I'm gonna break out of the cycle this time, I know it

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Do you think acid will help?

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I can't see any reason why it wouldn't. Yolo, am I right.

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Probably not considering most people's mindset here. Maybe a microdose to make sure not to spaz out hardcore.

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Me too mate
I still have 2/3 of a bottle left
So after that
Then I'm done for a while
Unless I have bad news
Or if I have good news
Or if nothing happens and I'm just sad that nothing happens

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Pancreatitis will kill you. It will also be extremely painful and pathetic. Even if you're depressed and you want to die, pancreatitis is not the answer. Don't go, anon. Not that way.

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How much pain? I've been abusing a lot recently and have felt occasional sharp pains in my center stomach right under my ribcage. They would come on and off for a night or so after drinking a lot and taking sleeping pills and pain killers. Figured that's just ulcers though.

I might just have to go to the hospital one these days. But I don't want to go for a few mild ulcers or light intestinal bleeding. Rather save it for pancreatic/liver/kidnew/whatever failure.

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>It will also be extremely painful

maybe hes a big guy

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b u r n e t t s b o y s

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Didn't drink today even though I had to spend like four fucking hours talking to tech support only to get nowhere. Really wanted a beer after that. Going to try for none tomorrow as well, even though I'm headed to the grocery store and my tech problem still exists.

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for you

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>I either don't drink, or work a shit construction job surrounded by retards in order to drink and do other things

I want off this ride

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I think I'd prefer construction over tech support. I'm considering factory work since I hate working customer service.

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Picked up a bottle, most of the way through it.
I gotta turn myself around, this has been going on too long

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I get paid today boys. Can finally drink something other than boxed wine.

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bottled wine?

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Go to a meeting and quit shutting up the board you fucking winers.

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>shutting up the board
Maybe take your own advice, mate

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i went to the hospital today because i was having extreme chest pains and abdominal pains.

my heart was fine, pancreas fine, kidneys fine, had a gall bladder ultrasound that came back fine.

ER doc says i probably was passing gall stones into my liver which is why my liver readings came back slightly high and that's why i've been nauseous and unable to intake food.

i rec getting checked up just in case if you can afford it. my obamacare was about to run out so i got the fuck in before i gotta find a new plan (if i'm even able to now).
doc said tons of gall stones will be painful af and require dietary changes. i'm back on the liquor and feeling good tonight boys!

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I get numb with my left arm and my left shoulder area feels really stiff and uncomfortable. what does my body mean by this?

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hey retards you're literally killing yourselves. either actually kill yourselves or go to rehab and better your lives, stop using alcohol as a crutch to deal with your emotional problems.

boo fucking hoo something went wrong in your life. nut up and go deal with it like everyone else does. go treat your disease you fucking losers.

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Rehab costs too much

>> No.10435755

so does needing to drink an excessive amount of alcohol every day.

wah everything is difficult or out of my control. you guys are fucking pathetic.

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Fuck you faggot, the majority of us just like to get hammered every night. Do us all a favor and see how much of your dads cock you can take again.

Report back with details.

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Could be a sign of poor circulation, nerve damage, malnutrition, or even a stroke. You should really seek medical attention. I'm not kidding. Go to the fucking doctor.

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Keep it up, maybe if you get mad enough you will be able to regenerate your liver.

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I have tried at least 8 times. I have resolved myself to get off the sauce 8+ times. I can't. The pain, the shakes, the sweats, the insomnia, the hallucinations, the everything. It hurts so bad to quit. The heart palpitations and slowdowns. I have almost died at least twice. I can't do it. I've tried tapering. I always end up back to my normal levels of drinking. Alcohol is my lifeblood now. And it's killing me. How do I just fucking stop? I want off this ride.

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I'd rather my liver be fucked than use my boyfriends cock as a feeding tube everyday.

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>nut up
funny but disregarded immediately

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My man!

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why don't you go drink your mt. dew and look at loli porn and leave us alone, you fucking cunt

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why are you even here? your dad was an alcoholic and you can't get over it?

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>that first sip in the morning after a day of doing stupid drunk shit

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I wasn't gonna drink today, but my girlfriend lost the remote to my new goddamn tv. Like, I barely use the fucking thing, but I get home from work and if I wanted to use my new fucking tv I'm going to have to get up and control the thing with my hands. So while she's at work I find the remote right beside the fucking couch. She didn't even look for it. O was so fucking mad that I went a grabbed a pint of 100 proof and a tall boy to wash it down.

I'm not going to drink today though.

I'm not.

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>using cable TV for media
>watching cable TV at all
jesus, old man. get with the times

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this inane shit is really what makes you drink? you're pathetic. some people have real problems

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Nah, he's just an alcoholic looking for an excuse.

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Do most of us here drink literally all the time? In up to about a liter of vodka a day now, but that is only an estimate as I drink in the morning, theoughout the day, and then wake up at like 3am sweating only having had two hours of sleep, and just start again. I don’t think I have slept properly in weeks.

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Honestly I'm really curious about the people in these threads. I wonder how many of the super heavy drinkers are the same people over and over.

My drinking is pretty low compared to others - I typically only drink at night and then only on weekends, but when I do I drink a fuckton at once. I've been lurking these threads for a long time trying to gauge how bad I am with alcohol but it's hard to tell.

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If your liver were in actual danger, you'd feel like you had a severe flu. It's very debilitating. Relax.

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>wake up and read the retarded, horny and incoherent messages you sent to females on dating apps

I should delet or just put ‘alcoholic asshole’ as my bio.

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I'd say I'm hammered about 60% of the time with a lot of recovery these days. trying to get my shit together because I hate it and I'm wasting my life but it doesn't seem to make any difference what I intend to do

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35 minutes until the bottleshop closes, if I make it until then that will be 4 straight days without a drink. A first for 2018, if not the past 6 months. Got to say feeling pretty good physcially barring the awful sleep, but the murder fantasies are getting pretty visceral and elaborate.

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no i have many days off. i just drink more regularly than i should and when i get hungover i tend to just drink through them and it becomes a bit of a bender. im working on it. god knows how many units i have averaged per week over the last 5 years and i think its starting to affect my health a little bit

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1.75 daily plus benzo cocktails

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>wake up 3pm
>narrowly avoid drinking piss bottle
>battle through all the trash to the kitchen
>taking that first swig of the day

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as dodgy as the little shits are, benzos really do make alcoholism a thousand times cosier. shame that the fun really starts when you hit one of the innumerable reasons why you might have to quit both.

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what is the point in drinking?
when I drink I just end up slumped in a corner of the room staring at a wall and feeling like death
then the nausea and dehydration kicks in and I go to bed
what's the appeal?
the weird thing is that I feel strangely compelled to do it again
what's happening to me?

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Tfw will never make it, tfw gonna work in some shit job, tfw college was a meme.

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Been hardly drinking for the whole 2018 and now I can get almost drunk on 1 bottle of wine.

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>tfw 24 hour shift at work and very little sleep basically forces me to binge drink at 7am to sleep

>> No.10437059

Called out of work past 2 days. I just woke up and cannot stop shaking like I'm cold. But I'm not cold. There's a gigantic wet spot beside my bed from the vomit.
I only had a liter yesterday.
I wish I owned a gun.

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Aight boys, been here before. Taking an extra 15 minutes to my 15 minute break, having a cold one. So I got some pretty bad nerve pain. About a year ago I was on a bender and I guess mal nutrition and inflamed intestines did it. Well I just don't think I can do most jobs now because of it. I get home and sit their with pain because I can't be on a computer for over 3 hours a day, or be on my feet over 2 hours a day.
I'm kind of glad. I wasn't made to be doing this gay ass shit anyways. I'm supposed to be making music and telling jokes. I almost joined music school but I was afraid i wasn't going to make money, but now I aint going to make money anyways given my limitations. In a way I am alleviated. No more stress of doing normie shit because I can't.
I am moving on to that next step but I am scared. I am scared because I know myself, and I won't be able to drink on the path I wish to go on. But it is my only path that I won't be a complete fucking loser because of this fucking nerve pain. But I would've hated myself anyways if I pursued this fucking accounting thing, or any normie ass job. So good riddance.
Well you are the first people I have told besides my parents. Telling people really does help.
P.s. I'm gonna sign up for disability so thanks for the money faggots

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Its because your liver can't process all the shit. So it literally stores liquid elsewhere because it's so back upped. My iop therapist said that some guy had so much liquid I'm the back of his head that it put pressure on his brain and that he saw everything sideways. LOL. I hope that is none of you

>> No.10437250

what is an easy job for an al/ck/?

Something that doesn't require human interaction

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there’s like 4 threads wtf.

Don’t even get buzzed anymore. Just get sleepy and wake up remembering nothing. Tried switching to wine as it is “healthier” to no avail after a couple months; now back on that $11/1.75L vodka every few days again. The benefits of living in Vegas I suppose. Had my first hallucination the other day... saw rats crawling around in my closet. I hope that doesn’t persist. No joy to be had. Only myself to blame. Went to one of those outpatient group therapy sessions for maybe 5 days before it became unbearable. Don’t remember what my face looked like before I became an alcohol. Can’t even get buzzed anymore. Only sleepy. Kill me.

>> No.10437292

Tech support is easy. Both are probably equally boring though. Construction is back-breaking, long hours (you'd most definitely have to start an hour or two earlier than you do currently but leave at the same time) and the people you work with can be complete nightmares.

I keep seeing people fall for the construction meme as I did, and it was a woefully poor mistake.

>> No.10437299

I was sober for 5 days, now I just went to the shop and got 4L of 7.5% beer, chugged 1L in like 5mins, fingers still shaking, i can stay sober for a few days but my hands still shake even after weeks of not drinking.

>> No.10437305

i stopped drinking twice, for 5 days last time untill today, and the other time before that was 3 weeks and i just kept getting worse and worse, and more dissappointed with humanity every day

>> No.10437334

my parents took me to rehab and paid for it a month and a half ago maybe?, i ran away from there after 3 days because of how retarded everyone was there, except the alcoholics they were cool and understood stuff

>> No.10437355

for eastern europeans like me its truck driving, you can drink beers to pass out on weekdays and on weekends you can find tons of buddies in the parking lot from your own country who are drinking vodka and will invite you because you're lithuanian just like them, then when you're home for 3weeks you can drink non stop before you go back to trucking for 6weeks. It's heaven

>> No.10437357

Eh. I did tech support and prefer construction. I feel like I did something rather than hear the same shit from retards who can't use a computer.

>> No.10437443

It's not even the tech illiterate people who bother me the most. It's the baseline stupidity of some people. That and getting transferred customers who barely speak english by other techs who barely speak English. Fucking Florida should be walled in, the seas around it mined, and sold to someone to pay off part of the national debt. I weep for what the country is going to become in the next few decades.

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Who /comfy/ here?

>> No.10437615

You guys better be really fucking careful. It's comfy and the line for going too far is somewhat thin.

>> No.10437760

I just got the 10% version. How is it?

>> No.10437891

Don’t know the 10% one but the classic is the champagne of extra strength canned lager.

>> No.10437932

>college was a meme
Yeah, it was. The truth of college is that it's only worth it if you are super academic and have a clear cut plan right from the very beginning of what you want to do, and getting straight As is easy for you. Everyone else should have gone to a trade school or not have been allowed in, but they let everyone in because college is literally just a money making scam 95% of the time.

>> No.10437949

>phone poster
>complains of shitting up boards
Really activates the almonds.

>> No.10437971

i had a terrible last week, stopped drinking Saturday night. I just started feeling normal today after I ended up doing cocaine while drunk at a party. I felt like my blood pressure/heart rate were fucked. Plan on getting drunk tomorrow though. In the daytime. I don't drink around my parents, and I live with them. My buddy is having me stay over at his place tomorrow because folks are having guests over. I want to drink today, but don't want to spend the money, and don't want to spend 2 nights in a row at one buddies house, as I have to be up early tomorrow.

>> No.10438089

trying vodka for the first time. absolut mandarin mixed with watermelon juice and 7up, 1:2:1, because i'm a pussy.

i cant tell if what i'm feeling is actual drunk or i'm fooling myself, because i'm fat american piggu and i think fat people are less affected? i've only had 250 mils or so but damn if i'm not feeling something.

>> No.10438110

Bought liquor on my lunch break. Anyone been seen or have seen co workers drink/buy alc on the job

>> No.10438142

At my old job there used to be a convenient supermarket right next to the office. Never used it. Because, what good is a supermarket if you can't buy alc, right?

>> No.10438143

I have before. My co-worker used to drink a few beers every lunch for a while.

>> No.10438193

I've quit drinking for the time being, really need to line up a new job, and the acid reflux + stomach pains and mental hangovers are really starting to fuck with me.

maybe when I get my own place again I'll do the weekend warrior thing.

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As a newbie alcy you should consider ingesting your vodka anally. I know it sounds weird but I helps avoiding the dreaded burning sensation in you throat. Also you breath won't smell. Give it a try Anon!

>> No.10438221

the burning is hardly noticable.

also, no

>> No.10438243

I don't drink nearly as heavily as I used to.
I usually slow play a 6 pack of 5% during the day, and then drink half a bottle of wine at night, followed by 1-4 cocktails if I still drink past the wine which sometimes I don't.
But I swear I never get hungry. I don't feel full either, but I rarely feel like I can eat more than one meal a day. It just feels like eating anything would fill me up instantly and that bothering is undesirable.

>> No.10438257

I'm right where you're at. The boredom, anxiety and depression is pretty painful but then again so are wds. i wish there was a happy medium.

>> No.10438272

Sounds like you haven't been really drunk enough times to know what it feels like. Basically after the first couple of times you get drunk you will know. Just saying don't overuse or abuse alcohol and become a legit alc because it's fucking the worst. Felt obligated to say that to you at this early stage.

>> No.10438275

im a little teapot short ans stout

>> No.10438282

sure hope this is bait

>> No.10438286

ruined memory is desperately shit. i probably remember like 5% of my life.

>> No.10438293

it isn't

never been drunk before

>> No.10438310

ok then first of all why be here? and second why slander yourself so much?

>> No.10438321

i don't have an answer for you dude

>> No.10438335

well definitely listen to the other guy and dont drink everyday. no one really teaches you how bad alcoholism is. I cant imagine drinking vodka as my first either its way too easy to over do it

>> No.10438340

i'll keep this in mind, thanks

>> No.10438351

Random piss test at work this morning lads. Had 2 bottles of wine last night but felt fresh as a daisy when I woke up. ~12 hours between last drink and test. How fucked am I?

>> No.10438366

Where do you work that they care about alcohol in piss tests?

>> No.10438375

>>Alcohol normally stays in your system up to 24 hours after having a few beverages


>> No.10438376

unless you operate machinery or drive for a living, they arent going to make a fuss about something completely legal you are doing in your spare time

>> No.10438378

You’re gonna be perfectly fine.

>> No.10438451

Any of you have any experience with ale? A friend and I wanna try it but we've no idea if we'll like it or not. What's it like? What are your experiences with it? Any recommendations?

>> No.10438463

Yeah, seems kind of absurd to me that they wouldn't let a man get drunk at night when he's off the job. I mean, shit.

>> No.10438563
File: 1.81 MB, 480x360, 1520665314012.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>any of you have any experience with ale?

>> No.10438565

where I used to work (retail) you couldnt get in trouble for alch if you talked to them about it. was a big chain. you had to say before the test, and if it was serious theyd do a breath test.

side note, ive been drinking two tall boy 8% or a half a fifth every night for three years and feel fine. when does this hurt me.

>> No.10438586


Fuck i felt so stomach bloated after a only 6 day vodka bender, need to calm down and work, my face is so bloated its unreal

>> No.10438688

I have a pretty good life, make good money, great friends, amazing girlfriend and I can’t atop drinking. I think it’s mostly from boredom and I can’t sleep unless I’m drunk. I fucking hate it

>> No.10438693

overrated but acceptable if it's the flavors
mixing is god tier, vodka shots are for tryhards

>> No.10438785

lmao. I get fucking red shit next to my eyes after benders

I almost look like a fag with female shades.

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>> No.10439085

...rehab? that's the safest most humiliating way.

>> No.10439381

i'm considering spending my little remaining money on shrooms to see if i can't get my head straight. i know it's a long shot, but i haven't tripped in years

>> No.10439467

mate it's beer not real estate

take a chance, just buy something and drink it. i like the belgian shit.

>> No.10439470

drank 48 beers between yesterday and now. go three hours without a beer and get sweats.

>> No.10439556

the general rule of thumb that the average human liver can process two standard beers or a glass of wine in an hour. Alcoholics can process them a bit faster so my admittedly drunken estimate would be that you could process two bottles of wine in roughly eight hours. You will be fine.

>> No.10439601

My older friend just moved out of town and I have run out of my liquor stock. I even drank the fucking gin I keep around for emergency mixing for older women. I'm 20, and I've got til September to get legal. What is my best bet for continuing my alcoholism, because going to work every day is getting hard.

>> No.10439610

I wouldn't call breaking in the one bottle you kept for special occasions alcoholism, duder..

>> No.10439614

find a bum and recruit him to buy you alcohol
find an older coworker who doesn't care
sober up pussy

>> No.10439622

kilju is your friend if you have no other way to get booze

>> No.10439633


Am I the only one that gets fucking sleepy after like 3-5 liters of beer tops and then gets a craving for hard/soul destroying stuff whilst I'm propably at least whats considered 'tipsy' by 'normal' people? Meh...

>> No.10439652

Easiest solution would be to make another friend who is +21

t. fellow 20yo drinker

>> No.10439704

No, I'm saying that I drank literally everything else in the last two weeks.
I figured my other friend would buy for me, but he is on a pretrial diversion program and can't afford to get caught buying alcohol even for himself.

>> No.10439716
File: 706 KB, 3264x2448, B582764F-A9B1-4D29-9232-DB411BF4BCA7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>got sober 2 days ago from weed and beer
>life is extremely boring
With drugs my life is a bunch of highs and lows, but when I’m sober it’s all just a flat line.

How the fuck do I enjoy myself sober? Vidya isn’t nearly as engaging, music doesn’t sound as good, food doesn’t taste as good.

>> No.10439724

Just lay off the weed for a long time, things will normalize.

>> No.10439726

>stomach and side pains edition
wew boi, i havent had a drink in a couple of days, my heart is racing and my body burning, and my sides...

>> No.10439749

2 days is nothing mate, it will take weeks for your shit to recalibrate if not longer

>> No.10439771

i will thanks mate
from the weed or alc?

Also my hands are constantly sweaty, i cant sleep, and i’m more anxious than usual. when does the ride end?

>> No.10439780

Fucking disgusting

>> No.10439782

The alc.

>> No.10439860

Do you really not feel the primal urge to smell her stench ,fill her with your warm seed, and go to sleep after?

>> No.10439888

it takes like 3 to 5 days for alc wd. then a couple weeks of paws at least. just be happy if you can hold water down. get hydrated, eat as much as you can get vitamins and sleep

>> No.10439891
File: 34 KB, 650x366, foot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, she looks like a whore and I don't like her fertility statutes behind her. 0/10

>Egyptian feet

>> No.10439894

thanks anon.
I love you guys, and that’s the first time I’ve typed that sober.

>> No.10439910

roman is the patrician choice in my humble opinion

>> No.10439922
File: 13 KB, 272x181, fut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think that's opinion, my friend

>> No.10439950

Not to piss an your advice at all because its good, but we're constantly battling the very definition of alcoholism here it seems...think I'm a binch drinker, weekends and probably thursday, especially monday, get the fuck away from me..then two or three days recovering without craving any, then the circle begins anew. I'm 35, doing this for 18 years at least, sorry for the Ama, second bottle of bourbon because something shitty happenewd, which is my excuse

>> No.10439977

I'd buy vodka on my lunch break but wouldn't drink any whilst at work. A Romanian man I worked with knew. He was chill as fuck. Normie but he helped the days go by..miss that job.

>> No.10439988

yes binge is different than everyday ive done both. i think the real question here for me at least is whats worse for you overall.

>> No.10439997


>> No.10440025

do people actually believe this?

>> No.10440029

Who cares? Post foot.

>> No.10440031

I don’t think so. It’s horoscope level memery

>> No.10440053

Nah, I'd be celtic then, german as fuck down the line for the last few hundred down to the 13th. Who the fuck knows (who made that chart ? ) and knows how evolution works on toes over just a few hundred of years ?

>> No.10440078

won't end well both ways, yet we still sail happily into the burning sunset

>> No.10440107


I know it's been almost a day, but maybe you'll look at this thread again.

My advice for anyone with a habit, either starting a good one or quitting a bad one, is to journal it. With a journal you hold yourself accountable to something - usually a number of some sort. You get a straight pass/fail mechanic to hold yourself accountable to, and a clear measure of your progress, which can be affirming.

The trick is to make the transformation a habit, not a shift. You taper it out VERY gradually. If you're drinking 750ml a day, you can reduce it by 10 a day and be clean within three months. Measure it. Numbers are important. Take a an empty bottle, put 740ml in it, and that's your allotment for the day. Pour the other 10 out if you really need to - wasteful, but it's a waste either way. Now think about it. You're going gradually. By the time you're down to 300ml/day, your "normal" feels like 325-350 a day. Not bad at all.

This works with pretty much anything. Sleep, walks, hobbies. Try it out. Just be consistent. It is the cheat days that kill you. Take a fat dog for example. A vet will lay out a several month plan. It will work 100% because the dog can't cheat - Fluffy relies on you for food. The human dilemma is that we can and do cheat ourselves. So don't go there.

>> No.10440164

Absolutely trash tier. And I like trash tier because its cheap, but fuck burnetts its the worst vodka Ive ever had

>> No.10440177


Vodka is in itself pretty much tasteless, and if you care about taste, consider yourself lucky, not too far down the road what you consider alcoholism really is.

>> No.10440225

what's some good entry level tequila and triple sec?

gonna make me some margaritas

>> No.10440286

Been sober 2 years, can confirm. I literally felt like fucking superman once all the alcohol side effects were gone. Hell, after like 1/2 of them were gone I felt amazing. It took over a year for everything to get out of my system, but it was amazing. I was like, wow, I can concentrate on things, and I'm not depressed to the point of casually mentioning to strangers that I might off myself today, all those pains in my abdomen went away, I actually started shitting solid craps, I actually had emotions again after about 4 months, I started to actually fucking thing that it was possible for me to accomplish things, etc...

It's pretty amazing how good fucking normal is.

>> No.10440324

Big solid shits are criminally underrated.

>> No.10440332

How do I ween myself from drinking so much?

>> No.10440343

Good post.

Accountability can help as well for some people. I started going outside again simply because I told a shrink I would so I felt obligated.

I apperantly really hate breaking my word, enough to get out of my comfort zone.

>> No.10440347

meh. tried both. drinking is better.

>> No.10440398

what's the longest you've been sober?

>> No.10440401

Not to mention not having your intestines feel like they're internally burnt all the time

>> No.10440407

See a doctor or try to strengthen your willpower.

The only plan of action that worked for me for a long time was Friday nights only. You can stop yourself from drinking during the week by reminding yourself that on Friday you can get hammered.

>> No.10440455

good luck finding a honda "anything" that isnt already wrecked. if you do find one, do nothing to it and sell it to me. keep the money you would spend on mods, ruining the vehicle, and buy alcohol instead. we will both be happy

>> No.10440538

I've looked around a bit and there don't seem to be too many out there. I like the 84 hatch. I probably won't mod shit. East coast seems to have none. Maybe I'll just get a Kenmeri. Just have to move to Nippon and sell my ass to drunken salarymen for a few years. I am serious about switching things up though. Fuck this shit life I currently lead.

>> No.10440592
File: 33 KB, 764x645, squished pepe with doggy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get bloodwork done at doctor's office
>results say my liver and kidneys are perfectly fine

Wew, time to have a drink to celebrate.

>> No.10440599

bought an 18 rack of rolling rock for the incoming taper. i think i'm gonna do 9-6-3 and be done, at least for a few days. legitimately out of both money and unnecessary items to sell. alcoholism has really taught me to embrace minimalism

>> No.10440630

when you start drinking actual serious levels of alcohol

>> No.10440646

>tfw full on relapse after 3 weeks sober

Just got to the strip club

How expensive is rehab? FUCK

>> No.10440651

Not cheap....

Less expensive than going to the strip club and blowing 300$ every weekend for 20 years though.

>> No.10440682

I live in a third world country. I'm visiting the most run down club in my city. It's not as expensive as you think. More like $70 USD twice a week.

>> No.10440690

good luck. shrooms are (too me at least) a lot kinder than cid. would also recommend dmt but that's a different kinda trip. apparently ketamine is helpful too but I never tried and K-holes are whack shit to watch someone experience. stick with the natural

>> No.10440707

I shit my guts out today and a bottle of whisky or gin lasts me two nights drinking if I make it. I bought four Young's double chocolate stouts because I like them and drank them on top of Bushmill's new(?) red bush. Am I closing in? Is this where I slow down?

>> No.10440732
File: 277 KB, 690x960, 219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10440736

clean up and do not do that because you will not like that.

keep your job or get a better one.

>> No.10440749
File: 323 KB, 498x380, 1522622633234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw the stories about Philly ghetto hole in the wall shakeybutts with girls with gunshot/stabbing scars

>> No.10440762

Essentially. I also have a trashy Bimbo Fetish, so it works for me. A girl was just giving me a lap dance and straight up offered anal if I pay a small fee and have coke.

>> No.10440771

It's mostly a joke and I'll be sober 5 days when I crash. My job is shit and I'm looking for a better one already. Really have very little to lose now and need to seriously shake things up or it's looking a dry dive off something tall at 40. I've already got some dj and music gear and am going to get back to practicing and uploading my mixes. DnB used to be big where I live and I think I could find somewhere to spin a bit on the side if I hustle and network a bit.

>> No.10440786

I'd have egyptian shit in me then. The toes go shorter like that but it's like a rounded downgrade more than a slant. I'm english and french by heritage. The chart is literally retarded horoscope shit like the other guy said.

>> No.10440802

You're asking and you already do this. Yes you're alcoholic dude it's not a big deal. I've been one for 10 years now. Change if you want to or can.

>> No.10440820


>> No.10440844
File: 18 KB, 500x500, nikolai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based death grips vodka posters

reporting in

the nikolai is strong in me.


>> No.10440847

Don't do it brother. What skills do you have? You do tech support, but do you have tech skills? Upwork etc brother

>> No.10440857
File: 2.18 MB, 3488x3488, IMG_20180412_003418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nothing like having a girl who stinks of weed bounce her ass on your alcoholic cock and lick the inside of your ear while you try to remember if you locked your door.

>> No.10440868

Checked and best of luck

>> No.10440876

Pretty basic tech skills. I'd rather be doing administrative work again. Preferably with minimal customer interaction. Freelancing is dogshit and I'd be better off panhandling than that.

>> No.10440881

Fuck you I ain't Greek!! I am super Nordic with some Irish (blame them for the drinking)
All's I know is a long 2nd toe is good luck

>> No.10440890

First hear this. Forensic scientist can determine race by bone. Now hear this. Who the fuck knows who made this chart.

>> No.10440891


>> No.10440902

Thanks man. I just so happened to check this shit right now.
I think I'm ditching work and am gonna make a harmonica song tomorrow. I see my whole family tomorrow night and I am gonna try to give them a whoo.
I really hope I can turn some heads, if not, fuck it,, they didn't deserve to hear my shit anyways

>> No.10440908

Didmt mean to be so supreme, sorry. Just if they dont like to hear it, then they aint my crowd

>> No.10440915
File: 34 KB, 393x492, jw_red.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In Japanese Folklore, Haradashi is a creature with a face on its belly. Haradashi appears to sad and lonely individuals, particularly those who are at home drinking alone. In exchange for Sake, it will perform a "belly dance" to cheer you up

>> No.10440917

Jk and I'm giving it to them anyways! My cousin it is hot. You degenerates.

>> No.10440921

man, there is absolutely nothing about strip clubs that appeals to me

>> No.10440934

Uh, okay. When I was deep in my depression freelancing was all I could handle. Set my own hours and I could tell people to fuck off. I then used those skills and started my own business, making me into the non-poorfag alcoholic I am today.

I understand. I didn't like it easier. I started coming here as the only place I could get a drink alone, since having alcohol in the house inevitably led to me drinking all of it. I was confident I wouldn't see friends and family at a run down strip club. Then it became titillating when I realized it fulfill my trashy Bimbo slut fetish. I'm also not in America. American strip clubs suck. Here it's full touching, it's understood you fuck in the back. It's about $2 USD per song. They play porn/sports on the TV and there are lots of games to play that either feed my ego or turn me on.

Ignoring Strippers feels good, having them grind on my cock for money feels good, hearing them tell me their dreams feels good. Fucking them feels really good. Turning them down when they offer to fuck feels good. Being alone with selective company feels good.

That's just how it is for me.

>> No.10440935

Fuck the door. Just remember you got $4 for 2 breakfasts sammies

>> No.10440947

there is something about pounding cold, cheap, shitty beer that really gets to me. i don't do it often, but fuck, do i enjoy the process

>> No.10440970

Based. Thanks. Now I'm looking forward to that, but not sure I'll stay up. Since I haven't drank in 3 weeks my tolerance is lower than before. I'm really craving hash browns but nowhere serves those till around 6 ;_;

>> No.10440973

>no waffle house nearby
i feel sorry for you now anon.

i'm drunk as a skunk boutta walk down to waffle house with my flask.

>> No.10440993

Just woke up, bought 4L of 7.5% beer yesterday, chugged 3L fast and fell off the chair, finishing the last one and gonna go to shop again to get some more.

>> No.10441011

Good for you, I was sober in my teens all the time but still wanted to kill myself, maybe I need to start drinking 1L of vodka per day for a few months untill i feel really sick, and then when i stop for a month I will feel good not remembering how i used to feel before, only remembering how I felt when I was drinking

That's a really great idea to trick your brain and quit drinking

>> No.10441017

If you can't make hash browns you don't belong in ck

>> No.10441022



>> No.10441071
File: 111 KB, 531x800, 1518746454654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>stop drinking for 8 weeks
>last night buy my usual amount of booze
>drink most of it
>wake up today feeling like shit
>buy more alcohol after work today
Am I retarded

>> No.10441095

Hi guys, I'm not a heavy drinker but I do party and drink pretty hard on the weekends, in addition to smoking.

The thing is, I crave alcohol and cigs when I'm doing my everyday, mundane life at work. I want to party, I want to drink to the point of becoming aggressive (I became aggressive today on work).

I don't know what to do, I don't want to stop drinking, but I want to be able to control myself.

>> No.10441098

What a shame

>> No.10441099

I found that drinking till i was overdrawn and had maxxed out my credit cards curbed my drinking.

Have you thought about adopting a more expensive tipple of choice?

>> No.10441146

You sound lonely. You need to find a girlfriend who stalks you 24/7 and controls you because you can't do it yourself.

>> No.10441157

I'm making them now anon, thank you for the encouragement. Drunk cooking has gone badly for me in the past, so lets hope I survive.

>> No.10441202
File: 187 KB, 774x960, 1519691669637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well I'm wrapping up at 4 am, guess I'm not getting much done today

>> No.10441246

I'm probably just sore from hitting the gym, I haven't reached the point of drinking all day, all week yet, probably because I can't afford it

>> No.10441252

Are you doing weights or cardio? What's your current goal? I haven't lifted in a few years and I'm signing up to a local gym tomorrow. Keen to get hooked on exercise again.

>> No.10441262

looks like i'm hitting the food bank tomorrow

>> No.10441279

why? same here btw :DD i ran out of food yesterday had 7 euros left panicked and went to buy alcohol

>> No.10441296

which country?

>> No.10441311

$6 in my wallet and -$70 in my bank account. i'm "actively seeking employment"

>> No.10441374

psilocybin and dmt won't help you, they're retarded and chaotic drugs, you'll barely even know who/what you are. LSD is the drug you want,

>> No.10441444

No, you are not retarded. You checked if I still makes you feel like shit. It does.

>> No.10441454
File: 278 KB, 600x596, 1516923375997.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm gay!

>> No.10441509

How many of my boys drink rum?

My gf says she'll leave if I keep drinking. She's not the first one who wanted to leave over some drugs, but I love her. I loved them all but I love her more.

Sad. I got weed and I love getting crossfaded with my girl. Something sad about the whole thing.

Almost done with another bottle. Girlfriend disgusted. She left a while ago.

Fuck the shine

>> No.10441530

Did you write half that paragraph, continue drinking, then write the rest?

>> No.10441537

Rum is my go to. Drinking some cheap 54% rn.

>> No.10441557

Yeah forgot I had the thread open. Sharp pains in my upper abdomen today. First time they've been that high.

My man. I like a lower abv so I can drink more. Around 35%-40% is the sweet spot. What rum you drinking?

>> No.10441576

It's just a no-name generic rum that I find to be the best cost-benefit ratio. As for abv, I like it that strong, since it helps me keep a steady buzz, by not being able to drink that much at once, or I can forceably drink faster to really get drunk.

>> No.10441687

are you the ethiopian dude who used to post bathroom selfies all the time?

>> No.10441748

All i have is a Liter of 80% Korn. How do i get drunk of that without getting sick of it first?

>> No.10441766

What other ingredients do you have? Korn works well in a Mexikaner, you could put it coffee, I find it's taste too strong to mix with most other things.
Otherwise, Augen zu und durch.

>> No.10441810

God damn I think my health is completely fucked. I can't work anymore without getting really fucking ill when I get back from work. Should I see a doctor?

>> No.10441942

Hab meinen Ice-Bonbon Korn angebrochen, es dreht sich schon alles.

>> No.10441944

Dilute it to 40 and drink it like any other liquor

>> No.10441952

I used to be able to do that, but then i puked one too many times from alcohol and since then my body recognizes that stuff as poison.

>> No.10442053

Great job! It gets easier as time moves forward. Just abstain and you'll sleep better.

>> No.10442078

Dude i wish you the best!

>> No.10442095

Thank you for the anons who said weed was a good way to stop drinking. I also intend to stop with smoking weed now, and it seems 100x easier than when i tried to stop drinking.

Go figure.. some people call it a gateway drug... lol

>> No.10442348

Obviously yes

>> No.10442368

Quit drinking then you lucky cunt

>> No.10442374

How do I get my dad to drink less?

>> No.10442384

I'm not an alocholic yet, i get shitfaced like once a week.

>> No.10442430

What (if anything) do you guys like to do to your cheaper whiskeys? I like it straight or with a splattering of sparkling water.

>> No.10442477

Rum pure or with cola if it tastes bad
Vodka with orange juice or cola
Whiskey pure or with water, but i never bought a cheap whiskey in my life.

>> No.10442493


By cheap I meant stuff like Johnnie Walker Black Label or in that price range. Not sure if that is considered 'cheap' - maybe 'affordable' is a more appropriate term.

>> No.10442601
File: 31 KB, 700x400, swtingbullets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10442639

I like to mix Korn and Vodka with Apfelschorle (appeljuice and sparkling water mixed at 60/40) and have been doing so for years now.
Mix it 50/50 with 40% vol. Vodka, sipping that at a nice pace with a nice cold Pilsener is my go-to.
Or was. 4th day sober.
But be sure to use the original recipe from St. Pauli, others can easily suck ass. That one only needs to say "add Korn to taste" and it's perfect.

>> No.10442673

How much can you guys drink and still wake up the next morning and be 99.5% fine? Trying to figure out where I'm at.

I drank 1760ml of 8% beer last night, then a pint (568ml) of 4.8%. I woke up this morning feeling a bit sluggish but it passed in about half an hour. I'm usually a whisky drinker though and on a night I was drinking would probably drink 500ml+ of 40% over a couple of hours. When I get up the next day it's the same, feel shitty for at most an hour then I'm fine.

I'm obviously not on the level of most people in this thread but where does this put me?

>> No.10442924

1 L 30% for 12 euro's or or 70 CL 40% for 14?

>> No.10442944

I think it puts you in the stage where alcohol hasn't ravaged your body systems yet so you're still pretty resilient. I wouldn't ever tell anyone to stop, but it will get worse if you keep this up, it's just a matter of time. But that being said I wish you well and have a good time.

>> No.10443001

yeah its so hard to say depending on your age, experience, weight, gender and even genetics. what i can say is that if you keep this up everyday it WILL catch up to you. Every. Single. Time. and it only gets worse with time. good luck to you.

>> No.10443010
File: 328 KB, 1080x649, aesthetic violence.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not good at making Mexikaner, I just dump vodka (Badener, so not a fan of Korn) tomato juice, some worcester sauce, tobasco, pepper, salt and a bit of lemon until it's drinkable but I'd never consider mixing booze with Apfelschorle, kinda sounds wrong imho, like a Vodka-Radler

>> No.10443065

>it's 10am
>already blasted

>> No.10443099

t. american

>> No.10443132
File: 87 KB, 476x446, startstreetsweeping.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have work in 4 hours
>cracked open a beer
>am writing in my little pocket notebook all the beefs i have with my department
ive lost my shit on my boss at least twice on facebook lately. i know that im gonna be brought in to Have A Talk and im gonna detail the reasons that they are why I drink

>> No.10443149

I do mostly strength training, I find it more enjoyable than cardio

>> No.10443173

>blaming cultural heritage for drinking problem
Muh genetics

>> No.10443188

We call it the Marijuana Maintenance Plan for a reason. It's maintenance. Don't drink another drop alkanon the only danger with the MMP is the dudeweed meme that doesn't have to be a thing if you're at all older than 20.

>> No.10443202

Have a conversation with him. Be open, honest, non-judgemental, and certainly not at all cynical. He won't want to listen. Understand you will never be able to change him. Be there to help if/when you can.

Good luck it doesn't get easier.

>> No.10443207

Probably not a good idea to smoke mounds of it every day either. I used to get horrible insomnia, fatigue, and total loss of motivation when I quit the DUDE. Nothing in the realm of full alc WD but still not a party.

>> No.10443215

Like Monk.

Straight, no chaser.

>> No.10443224

Stop skipping drinking practice ya lightweight

>> No.10443237

Smoke when you're having the cravings. If you aren't completely OCD after a couple of weeks you might work your way thru a bowl a day. Just something to change the scenery helps tremendously.

t. native of pot friendly state of the union

>> No.10443322

Straight. It makes me feel hard like my favorite characters on TV when I drink it out of a glass and throw it back. It's so silly how shoes like Mad Men fuel my addiction.

>> No.10443351

There's no whiskey thread so I'll ask here.
Thoughts on Black Velvet whiskey? I just noticed it in a local store, I never saw a Canadian whiskey here before. Is it shit? It's kind of cheap.

>> No.10443406

Fancy lad. I’d say neat, rocks and/or some soda water or maybe a whisky sour if you feel fancy.

Rob Roys are nice as well. Cocktails are a bunch of work though, I can only do it for the first drink or two.

>> No.10443407

It’s shit

>> No.10443446

It's just probably neutral.grain ethanol with additives for color and "flavor".

Just drink vodka if you aren't going to spend money on real whiskey. Caramel color is brutal on the ol temple in the long run.

>> No.10443448

it's purely mixer-tier whiskey, really shitty. whiskey is my liquor of choice, but there are very few fifths of whiskey south of $15 i think are worth buying. at that point i'd probably opt for cheap vodka and some cranberry juice instead

>> No.10443452

Those are rookie numbers. Back when I was a bigger alcoholic (I failed out of college as a result) I'd drink 1.75 liters a day over about 4 hours every night.



>> No.10443475

Alright, thanks lads.

>> No.10443514

Hello all, checking in. Damn, long thread. I'll go through it slowly from the top. Currently have numb fingers on my left hand from passing out on the lounge, and trouble walking due (I think) from falling asleep on the shitty dining room chair. Hip and thigh is killing me.

I'm glad to be in the presence of my kind of people.

>> No.10443531
File: 3.00 MB, 3000x4000, 15235649424031682662241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is my shit. One per night

>> No.10443533

Think I'll have an early night and enjoy a few warm cans of Stella.

>> No.10443542

Hang in there anon bro. You don't want someone to do cleanup, that's why it's called non melancholic.

>> No.10443560

Get your forklift license. Nothing like death and destruction caused by heavy machinery to keep you scared sober... For a while....

>> No.10443567

Keep it up mate. Give us hope.

>> No.10443576

Fuck you, you piece of shit civillian. Go back to plebbit and get blown by another neckbeard, you chicken shit cum gargling cuck.

>> No.10443581
File: 356 KB, 615x663, 94d1af788c2cb07a74bb57f971c2e3f5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>10443132 here
>2 hours now
things are going to come to a head and my life is going to end

>> No.10443584

>>Unable to take food

Welcome to the ride.

>> No.10443605

Another dumb fuck. Plebbit. It's in you're DNA. Fuck your pissant taint licking boi pussy back to there, you fucking amateur. Suck the Zucc, stay away from us. We ain't leigion. We just the ones who'll smash your head with a bottle to get our next fix. Go white knight elsewhere, cuck.

>> No.10443621
File: 156 KB, 660x495, prescription ethanol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder what hospital vodka is like

>> No.10443625

Try with Coke for that confectionary feel.

>> No.10443634

Nothing like a mummy's boy IPA drinker to tell us how it's done.....

>> No.10443642

I can't stop drinking. I don't know what to do.

>> No.10443645

stop it dude please

>> No.10443665

>>Serious arousal

Wtf? Haven't been dragged to hospital...yet. They got hooch there???

>> No.10443674

Apparently, taper, and naltrexone if you can get it. What's your poison, and how often is it?

>> No.10443676
File: 17 KB, 256x256, hitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just stop drinking.

>> No.10443677

somehow transitioned from a whiskey/rum drinker to a vodka drinker

>> No.10443679

Call in sick. It's too late for today, try tomorrow.

>> No.10443684

It's only for one hospital in Canada

>> No.10443688

You get hooch in a hospital if your body will literally shut down without it, and even then you only get enough to keep you from going into shock. You don't get to be drunk or even get a buzz.

>> No.10443707

try living in Massachusetts

>> No.10443708

That's price point, and the fact that vodka has the least calories. Seriously, how often and why. Hell, unless you're next door to me in Sydney (And you ain't, I know him), you're never gonna see me or the rest of these shmoes. So I'm having a few shots of the cheap clear stuff myself as the sun rises on a fucking hot day here that I'm gonna sleep through... I'm listing mate.

>> No.10443711
File: 87 KB, 572x439, ebed6811d2c0de46e3c47560c8b1c937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's too late for today,
i paid the price to roll with it

"Behave or be slayed cuz I will be damned if mine ever decays // Forever on attack // gut check the blind // Game recognize game is tight // Bow down or get banged for life // Cuz I.. am.. known for it"
~CSEC, 2008

>> No.10443715

Damn. Call me a nafa then. But I don't ski or give handjobs.

>> No.10443729

Ok. Go hard then son. Get some grub into you, and shower too. Off you trot. Good luck, and a toast to your good fortune!

>> No.10443767
File: 751 KB, 1979x1865, 9547ba0a59ee06223c2db629cc18947d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Behave or be slain!

The fucking gas lines on our pistol sim get in the way of proper stance, and the whole shooting sim is in the way of our workspace. When I still had an access card, I could have wrenched out the P226s and C7s but I'm a good boy who doesn't intend to do nuffin.

But then again, in the future there's no pardon from the past.

I thought maybe I'd finally found a job that things don't go badly all the time, but I was wrong as usual.

>> No.10443773
File: 90 KB, 640x640, 1445994599920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not him, but I do. It can be a pain sometimes, but

>tfw 3 awesome breweries within walking distance of me

>> No.10443780

Anyone else got the shits with captcha?

>> No.10443782

same. it's a doozy

>> No.10443801

What's /ck/ bump limit again and why do I suddenly smell shit?

>> No.10443802

my poison is binging anything.. mostly beer and wine. one turns into ten. ten turns into blackouts a few times a week.

there are days and weeks where I go without booze but I cave every time the impulses are so strong.

my shrink has mentioned naltrexone as well as antabuse. however I know I'll slip up so antabuse seems like a no-go.

>> No.10443808

I've tried many, many, countless times. I keep going back.

>> No.10443816

the brewery scene is crazy around here

>> No.10443819

Maaaate... I said go hard, not postal. You are who you are. Own it. Apologise, but don't grovel. If you can stand by your work, then you got some breathing room. If you can't... Well, you can't.

I don't know where your headspace is right now. Just remember, them, and you, all have family. Just get through the day without family being called, and everybody gets to have another shot.

>> No.10443827

Idk.... But I'm on my second bottle and even I think it's weird.

>> No.10443838

I've done nothing wrong. My main beef is that there is not even enough work to ever end up doing wrong.

We do so little that our actual workspace has been taken over by the bosns' rifle sim, which we COULD play with since we're a trade that is also likely to do rifle stuff, but we don't because, uh, stuff. but we could use it to since our trade can do boarding party, and we can kick them out because we should have control over computer gear. neither has happened because our department is a joke that never does any real training

>> No.10443843

If your shrink (I'm non melancholic depressive, so drinking is cheaper than seeing a credited phychologist) is suggesting Naltrexone, take him up on it. You apparently don't have to stop drinking, you just take it and the urge apparently goes away. Need to see a quack myself to finish this 9 month bender I been on.. so go for it!

>> No.10443859

good luck my dude. I'm definitely going to try naltrexone.

and yeah I spent a week in the hospital a month ago for my wicked coke and booze habit. since then have kicked the coke and haven't looked back. but the drinking has persisted. I was on saline and magnesium injections the whole time and my kidneys were in bad shape.

I need to get through this. I'm better than this.

once again, good luck

>> No.10443866


Our department has been a joke for a long time, and has had a notorioiusly high attrition rate, even on top of the usual CF Reserve attrition rate which like 104% or something

> Just get through the day without family being called,
We're not children. This shouldn't be a threat. People shouldn't even be living with their families, let alone having them be called about poor performance at their job.

>and everybody gets to have another shot.
Not if you get shot first.

>> No.10443867

If you ain't done wrong, you good. But shower and eat, then go do your thing. Hope it goes well.

>> No.10443871

I don't know how people even do hard drugs anymore. The 90s-early 00s were still okay but now I'd be terrified of getting a fent/bath salts does and either going full zombie or ODing. I think a big part of my drinking is missing the great times I had in the late 90s. Good on you for kicking blow at least.

>> No.10443873

You too bro

>> No.10443897

Um, hey. Pisshead from Sydney here. CF reserve, actual guns... I'm just another Al/ck trying to support. If you want to talk outside of here, I'm more than happy. But I think it's outside of my pay grade.

I honestly don't understand the situation you're in, but if you think that talking to someone can help, I'm your guy. I'm in a hole myself, misery loves company, so if you want someone to help you climb out, let me know.

And for fucks sake, if I'm making it worse, say so. I'll be gone.

>> No.10443906

thanks. it's easy to dive into when you have the money but when that dries up forget it. I was so wasteful I still can't forgive myself.

the potency and risk of the blow was part of the experience. not cool. glad to be off it though.

>> No.10443908

Ho shit, there's only so many bridges, storefronts, cars and streetsigns that I can take....

>> No.10443914

What are your favourite drugs other than alcohol?
Definitely LSD and Ketamine for me, both make me temporarily stop drinking and are very fun.

>> No.10443918

Man, at least with piss you know the quality.... Blow goes between 10-90% with the rest made up by Tide....

>> No.10443919

do whatever you want; it won't help right now, but being a helpful person will be good when you inevitably meet another commonwealth nigga.

>> No.10443925

>taking drugs
Fucking degenerate.

>> No.10443927

If Special K stops you drinking, there's a good chance you may be Bipolar. There's a lot of research at the mo regarding that. If you haven't seen someone, it might be a good idea.

>> No.10443937

The E I used to take years ago that I was getting a 6 for 90 deal on. Whatever the fuck was in those things made me feel like Superman getting a blowjob and I never ever wanted to sleep. Never seen colors that vibrant since. I used to stay awake for two or three days, crash for 8-10 hours then start back up again. All while going into work every morning and somehow getting through. Ah to be young again.

>> No.10443938

Fuck you cunt. Go back to /b/ and jack off over the loli threads you get a hard on over. This place is not about judgement. So fuck off back to your middle class cuckworld and let us get on with this.

Unless your mommy told you to say that :D

>> No.10443945

MDMA but I haven't tried many. I've got some acid lined up for the weekend and I've never tried it before. Lowkey hope I have a bad trip.

>> No.10443954

Ik. But when shit goes down, we helpful to all niggas, not just the Queen's bitches.Good luck bro, toasting you now.

>> No.10443957

You ever vacationed in hell? Because that's what a bad trip is like. Just enjoy it and try not to have too many preconceptions you twat.

>> No.10443959

benzos but it's hardly a drug and it's similar to alcohol anyway, without the nasty side effects

>> No.10443962

Vacation in hell sounds interesting. Even better if I don't come back.

>> No.10443971

Well it's more that I throw up when mixing a lot of K with alcohol, but the next day I generally feel pretty happy and feel like I can be fine without drinking.

Blacked out for 12 hours or so after trying some xanax for the first time, never bought more again

>> No.10443976

>Blacked out for 12 hours or so after trying some xanax for the first time
is this really a bad thing though?

>> No.10443977

Hey, he gotta fall before he can realise how hard he hits his face. He's gonna do it anyway, we can't stop him.

>> No.10443981
File: 1.16 MB, 1197x1200, raep imminent.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not just the Queen's bitches
it's nice to know that the commonwealth isn't all royalists. Honestly, really. I'm so fucking sick of royalists.

>> No.10443982

holy shit painkillers and aclhol go together well
how did i not discover this long ago

>> No.10443990

That's the research (feeling good afterwards, not going hard the next day).
Try talking to someone. Talk is cheap. And cheaper than booze (if you're in the US).

>> No.10443991

Anon, I'm not sure if that's such a good idea...

>> No.10443997

One or the other. Your liver won't take both. Live to drink another day!

>> No.10443998

stop while you're ahead

>> No.10443999

i'm feeling great
not even that drunk desu

>> No.10444011

Where the fuck are you going to get coke

>> No.10444015

>Blacked out for 12 hours or so after trying some xanax for the first time, never bought more again
holy shit, how much did you take?

>> No.10444016

Well I dont remember what I did, but my kitchen was in a right state and I drank a lot more than I usually would have as well

Thats pretty strange, I'll check it out, thought it was just the side effects of the ket desu

>> No.10444020

Fuck 'em. The prob is, which cunt is going to be head of state? The last pollie we liked still has the record for 2 pints in a row (12 seconds), everyone else since him has been a cocksucker. So nah, till we get a pisshead back, referendum regarding the constitutional monarchy won't pass. So instead, we drink! And dream! Nightmares, mostly.

>> No.10444028

The booze just sits in my stomach and I felt awful even drinking a single beer when I tried this. Probably a blessing I can't get off on pain pills.

>> No.10444030

Ffs, you would think that Google's self driving cars would be able to recognize a motherfucking storefront by now!

>> No.10444037

And here in Quebec, the last time we had someone we didn't like, they got fucking shot at with an AK knockoff.

I like quebec just for that alone, that people are so politically active that they'll shoot people, but I spend a lot of my time shaken, and I obviously am anxious about spending so much of my time in a shaken state.

>> No.10444039

Naltrexone. Ask about it.

>> No.10444055

I'm not that far gone and I'm drinking for the first time in 5 days today. Got ten beers for tonight and feeling pretty good right now.

>> No.10444059

Psychiatrist, not Psychologist. First one talks, second one throws pills at you. You know which one is better.

Also, look up crufad social phobia, and ideation. If you don't have ideation, that's good. You got a better mental health system than here, use it mate.

>> No.10444068

Started of with 1mg (so half a 2mg pill) when i woke up i only had 1 left so i must have taken 3 and a half.
I'm not buying anymore again, I think I either threw the last one i had away or taken it and forgotten about it though.

>> No.10444069

Just make sure you eat. And tomorrow, get up. Don't stay in bed.

>> No.10444077

oh yeah sounds like a heavy dose

>> No.10444079

Hi mods. Ta muchly, appreciate your lattitude.

>> No.10444090
File: 75 KB, 596x470, it begins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've got lunch with family and will be fine.

Lol a .5 mg mixed with drinking will make me go full blown amnesiac wacky style. Research shit a bit before you guzzle it. I only really enjoy stims mixed with beer myself.
>mfw doing the Lance Vyvanse Dance and chugging beer

>> No.10444102

you're welcome

>> No.10444115

Good good. You might not like them... But when they're gone, you'll miss it.

Have a good day, mate :D

>> No.10444145

Well I did research it, only had 0.5mg but then I just had more and I dont remember doing, luckily I was just at home and didnt do anything too stupid.

>> No.10444172

Ok fellas and the members of the cuter sex, I rolled past 24hrs on booze, and today it's going to be 35 (that's 95 f for you persons who have to listen to Trump)... I'm gonna make like smarter people than me and try to sleep for a few. It's been an honor. Remember, Al/ck isn't about judgement, it's support. Judgement is for plebbits! Good luck, hydrate, antacids and the odd nibble of food. Never forget, and never drink low percentage alcohol!

>> No.10444201


>> No.10444234

Anon-kun, please try to make it to bed next time. Or if you're prone to passing out in other rooms, keep a few pillows near by. At my worst I had an air bed in my living room that I'd kind of fall into if I was too far gone to walk. Be safe!

>> No.10444238

This is very specific but it tastes like a shittier stoli.

>> No.10444515

There is NOTHING like getting wasted on PBR and having a tranny prostitute suck your cock, balls and asshole. Holy fuck. First time doing some fag shit was last night. 10/10 would repeat.

>> No.10444564

wtf anon

>> No.10444630

If you list that you smoke in your medical history, they offer a nicotine patch if you're going to be there for more than a few hours.

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