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I'll start:
>he's a 20 year old 'struggling musician'
>sleeps until noon, goes to sleep at about 4 in the morning
>strums his guitar and sings like a gutted pig
>never cooks, unless its canned ragu and undercooked pasta (offered me some once, after a month of eating my food while I'm at work)
>never takes out the trash, I've gotten used to it and do it because I dont want a disease
>comes begging like a child when he needs something, like a loaf of bread or 'hey man can I borrow like umm two eggs'
>now I keep my non-perishables in my room and cook lunches and dinners together and keep them in my camping thermos unless I eat out
>at least he doesnt steal things, only reason I give him an ounce of respect

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Ragu is good tho

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>asks if i want anything from the store
>give $5 and say a litre of milk pls
>comes back with 4 litres because "it was cheaper"
>gives me less than $1 back
>mfw i'm pouring 3 litres of rotten milk down the drain

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>move in with roommate
>suggest we split groceries since we will eat together every day at supper
>his cart is loaded with fruit snacks, pizza pops, and other shit
>tell him I’m not splitting groceries anymore
>I cook supper for us out of food I bought
>after supper he tells me I should do the dishes
>I tell him I bought the food and cooked it, how should I be the one to do the dishes
>he said because I was the one who bought it and cooked it, so it was my responsibility
>he didn’t need to eat it, he could have bought some pizza pops
>the next day I moved out because I wasn’t on the lease
First and last roommate, lasted just under 24 hours...

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View rommateism as a temporary situation. Get disposable plates, bowls, cups, and utensils. Have one pot and pan. Only buy what you're immediately going to eat. Keep the fridge stocked with beer to encourage a burgeoning mutual positive relationship.

Y'know, human shit.

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nah dude, gnash your teeth and run away like a real adult would

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Just drink more milk?

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>idiotic moron
>everyday he buys a BK long chicken
>piece of shit always argues that it's better than the McChicken
>be me
>buy my usual sack of ten McChickens
>stupid fuck asks to borrow one and I oblige
>look of shock on his face "wow, this is good!"
>smugly watch him gnosh on the McChicken, the look on his face is pleasure and confusion
>c-can I have one more?
>typically would say fuck off get your own sandwiches, but I am not a monster, he needs to learn the truth as well
>Allow him to have one more McChicken
>Watch him eat it, wipe his mouth, and go on
>Think the idiot will stop with his long chicken bullshit
>He still buys the long chicken every damned day, but now asks to have one of my McChickens

Piece of idiotic trash, he just couldn't admit it was better and stop his stupid ritual. He was also a fucking ginger

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OP here, lemme tell you about fucking pans.
>buy teflon pan, somewhat expensive, but its mine so what the hell
>dipshit 'borrows my eggs again', okay, lets see what happens next
>' you fry eggs dont you anon? well i use butter, i like it more. i think you should find a pan for frying your eggs, since this will be for butter only'
>dude what the fuck are you saying, i bought the pan, its mine, you have three pans in the flat from before, whats wrong with them
>'nothing, nevermind'

The little shit is so passive but submissive its a joy to watch sometimes. I get in the bathroom and take a nasty shit seconds before he has to shower (on rare occasions, mind you) just to hear him squeal in front of the door 'i n-needed to go somewhere anon, w-will you take long? - yes. im taking a shit. - 'o-okay..'

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I don't get it

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how about
>buy your own shit
>if they touch yours they leave

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If you were a true alpha you’d walk in and shit while he’s showering.

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you just sound like a whiny bitch

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i prefer the long chicken but its overpriced

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A.G.P.A. is that you?

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So I bought a pan for myself and the little shit occupied it and even tried to order me around about the whole thing.
its like we live in a world where things work out perfectly all the time, right?
Thats gay, man. But if I had to, for some odd reason, I would have to do that.
>critiques someone on a mongolian cave scribbling board
Truly a full circle, right anon?

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Do people actually do this?
Also, who uses the bathroom without locking the door?

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a what now? nice dub dubs

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>Also, who uses the bathroom without locking the door?
People who dont have crippling social anxiety, i.e. normal people.

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What I don't get is why would a pan be "for butter only"? Also, doesn't everyone fry their eggs in butter?

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Hey kid, get over yourself.

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Not shitty, but
>only eats microwave meals and pizza
>refuses to learn how to cook anything other than pasta

At least I have the kitchen to myself for the most part

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Because the little shit doesnt understand the concept of private property. When kids are spoiled they believe the whole world revolves around them. Then they start living with someone who doesnt take their shit like mommy does(I'm just temporarily there, I dont give that much of a fuck), they get angery angery babies. Thats why he thought something I bought will be evenly distributed with him

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>pizza pops
dude what

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suck a big fat dick, kid

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Pizza Pops are what people in other countries call Hot Pockets

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>buys all his food from the same overpriced shop of the same brands, no exception
>Cooked the same 2 meals every week when it was his day to cook for a year
>Always finishes cooking in less than 15 minutes because all he does is cook pasta and throw pre-cut vegetables and meat in a frying pan
>Vegetables always undercooked
>When he bought any stuff that's not pre-cut he cuts in huge pieces
>We live with 3 people in total, he never took out the trash since he moved in over one year ago
>Still dares to be the only one to complain about the amount of trash piling up but never takes the hint to bring it downstairs
>Never cleans off table after he eats there
>Leaves his dishes for others to clean when he's going home over a weekend.

Honestly it's all to minor to complain about and risk escalating things but it stacks up.

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At least I don't passive aggressively bitch about my roommates on a Saturday afternoon because I'm a little kid, kid.

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How the shit is that thing even remotely related to a pizza?

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I was lowkey trying to find out if OP was my roommate posting about me. Half of those things apply to me if they are overexaggerated

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>its like we live in a world where things work out perfectly all the time, right?
if you don't have to rely on him, then buy all of your own shit and do not let him touch any of it. if he touches it, he's gone. if you do have to rely on him for anything, you have no reason to bitch about him. you are pathetic if you let your roommate step all over you. there are hundreds of other people you can split rent with and if you can't go a month without one, you deserve this hell.
when I was dorming for college we had to come up with roommate cooperation plans and I told every single one that if they touch any of my things, I'll report them. some moved out, some didn't. at least I wasn't a passive aggressive child for 4 years.

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I do this cause I share a bathroom with roommates and if they gotta use it while I’m showering or vice versa I’m not gonna tell them to get lost cause I’m not a socially stunted freak.

My roomies and I walk in on each other all the time. Though I also have an advantage of being a dude living with chicks.

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Looks like a calzone

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>be shitty roommate
>live together with 2 roomies
>picked the smallest of the 3 bedrooms, naturally it's a trash heap cluttered with empty water bottles and paper notes
>the other two clean the bathrooms, do probably more than 2/3 of the dishes (granted, we have a dish washer)
>they vacuum the house and mop the floor
>all I do is cook half the time, do the occasional dishes and buy various ingredients, secretly undercutting the actual price I paid when we split the bill
>they are fine with me
how do I even get away with this

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they probably talk shit about you behind their back like OP and 90% of people in this thread. you've been branded as the shitty roommate, there's no way back

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Can't be helped. I repeatedly ask them whether I do enough in the household and they say it's fine, so what can I do other than just trust them on it?

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sit back and enjoy it

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>Be student in halls
>Share a kitchen with 9 other people
>Only ever meet 7 of them, 3 chill people and 4 shitty bitches
>Bitches NEVER clean their shit, just take clean stuff off drying rack and use it
>Eventually their stuff grows mould and gets binned
>I keep my stuff in my room or in locked draws
>This goes on
>One time I am cleaning my shit in the sink, I cooked something big so have plenty of dishes
>Bitches are also cooking
>Right in front of my face they start pulling my dishes off the drying rack and try using them
>I tell them to get the fuck off my shit
>They start freaking out that someone dare tell them to not do something, saying "Its clean and you're not using it" "Don't be selfish" "Their everyone dishes" and shit
>Take my shit back by force and tell them if they ever touch it again I will burn all their food

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burn those roasties my friend

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>Roommate constantly makes disgusting dishes, leaving stacks of greasy dishes and utensils strewn across the kitchen and eats two bites before leaving the pot/pan sitting around for me to find days later
>I stay up a lot later so I don't feel like I have any right to call him out for it

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>having roomates

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bermpin fr lulz

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Have you tried r9k

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you can freeze milk you fucking wasteful shit

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>the pan story
okay, understandable
>bullying him just because
yeah, no. fucking die.

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t.Shitty roommate.

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Is this porn?

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Long chicken is better

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> buy house
> no roommate
> walk around naked all day

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This desu, I can’t even live with friends.

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>Have to take a shit
>A bodily function that literally every human being must do
>Be taking a shit
>Roommate asks if I'm done
>Answer him directly
>S-s-stop bullying y-y-your roommate, anon!!! ;( ;( ;(

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>buy my usual sack of ten McChickens
at least your roommate isn't a fat piece of shit.

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>be me
>bam bam bam almost done
>”i literally have a turd half-way out of my ass, squeezing as hard as i can, i’ll wipe as quickky as possible once it’s completely out of my body”
>no response; never interrupted again

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>Complete task in bathroom and exit
>Find roommate has taken as many personal belongings as he can carry and moved out in a hurry

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here's a cool one
>be collegefag
>live alone
Cooking some ribs about right now, and will be ready in an hour. Saturday night with mah ribs, and beer that I bought, and it's still in my fridge because no asshole roommate is gonna take it.
It's lonely tho

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it my wife

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too often i find these threads are made and most of the people who post these threads are spineless women who can't into confrontation

>> No.10419136

invite some bros over man

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some social interactions simply arent worth it. if OP works all day and comes home to an infantile roommate, who is he to undo the years of spoiling/not educating someone elses child.

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>doesnt cook so doesnt fuck your shit up
>asks to borrow small things if hes out
>sleeps a lot
>doesnt take out the trash

What a nightmare OP, how have you not murdered him yet?

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how was it less than 24 hours if you ate supper together every night?
when you have room mates, freezer space tends to be scarce
I used to come home from shopping to dind my freezer drawer stuffed full of slices of bread, leftovers and bags of ice so I'd just bin it all because they werent going to use any of it anyway. I dont know what it is with women that they have freezers full of frozen food and then go and buy more frozen food. Eat the shit you have first. I stayed behind an extra couple of days on my last day of college and absolutely pigged out on all of the shit they all left behind

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The situation has never come up were Ive needed to lock the door to the bathroom. Ive lived with about 25 different people over the years.

>> No.10420315

I'd be fine with all of that stuff because it's all really just related to being a bit lazy. But ripping them off is a total scum bag move and speaks more to your character than the other things, and it says that you're an untrustworthy liar. I'd be pretty pissed at you if I found out, and would no longer take you at your word.

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I never lock the door but at most I'm usually only jerking off into the tub so who cares.

>> No.10421415

>Frozen poutine cyst
>comparable to based Pizza rolls
Hell nah

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kill yourself

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Sounds like you're the shitty roommate lmao.

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you both sound like faggots, especially you

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>kitchen's empty
>go in and start cooking
>after a few minutes like 6 of them come in and start watching ru paul on one of their laptops
>some of them stand in front of the fridge and the sink for no apparent reason despite there being nearly ten chairs in the kitchen
>get pissy when I start doing the washing up since it makes noise
only 3 more months

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itt normies fell for the roommate meme only to reach the shocking conclusion that it's not actually pleasant to live with random people

>> No.10421640

its literally the worst

>> No.10421641

Just fuck already anon

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My old roommate had his sister crash with us for a minute. She had just returned from India for some school nonsense and when she came back she was just cooking up a bunch of nasty shit 24/7. Throwing carrots covered in this horrible chili paste in the oven and stinking up the fucking place.

>> No.10421773

I confronted once and the guy seemed like he was going to punch me

Long story short normies know how to gang up on you and manipulate the situation

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>sleeps until noon, goes to sleep at about 4 in the morning
I see no issue with this

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>i only like to clean my dishes when I need to use them so all of my dirty dishes are on the side
>roommate bugs me incessantly about cleaning them
>tell him it's my kitchen too and I can do what I like
>leaves passive aggressive notes on the fridge when I take his shit
>keep taking anyway

He accused me of leaving actual shit on the toilet seat. Turned out to be a different roommate though.

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the poutine was a shitty limited edition meme I still see in convenience stores because nobody I know has ever bought a second box. most flavours are pizza related. pepperoni, three cheese, deluxe, Hawaiian, canadian. That said I still pick up Pizza Rolls every time I go south of the border. million times better.
imagine being so emotionally stunted you need people around to have a good time. I'd cook a value pack of ribs or thighs or something every weekend in football season to have a nice meal with my beers and have leftovers for the week.
>m m muh I liek having rommates bro is fun u jus need frens jus b urself

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move out pussy, we don't care

>> No.10422543

fuck those people

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i lock the shitter door, kids often barge in
and, no i’m not going to beat them or punish them or etc
it’s just easier to lock the door

>> No.10422771

So, you're the shitty roommate, right?

>> No.10422878

I don't get why ya'll are so autistic, I share all my cookware and dishes with my housemates, if you can't trust them to be responsible how are you trusting them to pick up half your rent

>> No.10422892

>Trying constantly to lose weight by "doing keto" but in actuality is even fatter than before because all he eats is meat and cheese stuffed into a single low carb tortilla
>Meat and cheese grease everywhere on the stove, and bits of crusty cheddar around the burners and on the floor
>Has so many dishes that there is barely room in the cabinets for my own stuff, yet only uses paper plates and napkins
>Put the biggest possible case of beer in the fucking vegetable crisper drawer of all places, but isn't drinking any of it because muh keto
>Leaves dirty dishes in the sink for weeks, and then leaves clean dishes on the drying rack for another week or two after finally washing them
>Left coffee in the coffee pot (I don't use it) for weeks growing mold
First and last time I room with a redditor, is2g

>> No.10422949

why don't you try talking to him and teach him how to cook vegetables

why don't you try talking to him and tell him to move his plates, ask if you can have his beer, and maybe take some initiative and pour out the coffee if its growing mold

Most of the problems in this thread can be fixed with actual communication which you autists seem to be incapable of. Maybe try taking out garbage too if it's piling up and mention it passive aggressively. No one is going to break their shitty habit if they don't get scolded for it.

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For me its Vodka Sauce™

>> No.10422987

post his music

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>be at this "party house" owned by a friend during summer
>~20 or so people drinking, grilling, smoking, having fun
>really big house too
>wake up at like 6am in the morning feeling like shit due to hangover
>look around the house
>holy shit it's a disaster zone
>bottles, cups, food, trash scatered all over the place
>someone sleeping on a couch
>go running for half an hour hoping people will start waking up when I get back
>nope, everyone still pretending to sleep(it's hot as fuck, most of them are awake by my guesstimate)
>start cleaning because can't stand the maychem
>sloooowly work my way through the main 2 rooms and clean them up decently
>move most of the dishes to the kitchen and start cleaning them(no dishwasher)
>about 20 min in I'm maybe halfway through all the dishes
>some people come down from upstairs to get water, I start hearing people taking showers
>great, someone will help me, there's still plenty of glasses and plates around the house
>"oh anon, you're so productive, you've already cleaned a bunch"
>"hey, no problem, can you get for me some more glases and stuff?"
>they begrugingly bring me just a few and then go outside to chill with beers
>spend another 30 min cleaning the rest of the shit
>everyone is already outside starting the party all over again
>mfw it was all a Sisyphean task
At least the owner of the house thanked me a bunch after he woke up. There are still nice people out there. Not too many though.

>> No.10423503

Hellish. Party houses are the absolute worst. Everyone is a lazy commie except they don't even pull any weight. You become the nanny state.

>> No.10423527

ITT: I'm a beta let me tell you about it

>> No.10423535

kill yourself

>> No.10423553

>roommate makes egg sandwiches every day
>splatters grease or some shit all over the stove
>I used to be fanatic about keeping stove and kitchen counters clean
>gave up because of daily grease splatters
>roommate adopted shelter dog because he's away from home and "lonely"
>dog is dumb as a sack of fucking hammers, but likes me a lot and is generally pretty bro
>roommate never bathes dog
>can smell him approach when he enters my room
>dog hair on counters, on furniture, find one trapped in the band of my underwear one day
>move kennel while vacuuming one day
>mountains of grey, decaying dog hair (dog has black hair)
>allergies constantly
>keep roll of toilet paper at my desk constantly for runny nose because tissue boxes can't keep up

>> No.10423593

>be at a house that isn't yours at a party you didn't throw
>clean it
Why? Just go home.

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>we all bring our own dishes to the apt. when we move in
>roommates won't do their dishes
>rotten food and mold all over their shit in the sink after 10 days, smells awful
>I throw all their dirty stuff in the trash
they spend the rest of the year eating off paper plates. I guess it worked out for everyone, though

>> No.10423698

You sound upset :( Company is healthy and interactions can build you up to be a better person... Plus they could always chip in for the ribs so you don't have to spend so much money

>> No.10423704

They smell holy shit wash your dishes

>> No.10423711

>no dishwasher
Nah that's you bitch, you just don't know it. Soon they'll start fucking you because you're such a bitch.

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File: 25 KB, 450x450, b9fb63d9-9d42-4da8-81c3-4af9247df617_1.cac9a5db6415237e082976ce10b4f285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bertolli > classico

>> No.10424886

>took half your belongings, the kids and your dog too even though she didn't want him in the first place

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>this entire post

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>living with a redditor

>> No.10425074

Eeeh, not in this case, this was in eastern europe where most people are anti-communist. But definitely a lot of spoiled kids.

Several reasons:
- Because I liked the house owner
- Because I intended to cook in that kitchen that day and wanted it to be clean
- Because cleaning for me a is a form of meditation

Now, that's not very nice. I did tell them later that I expect them to pull their weight when cleaning, and the next day it was much better(also probably partially because first day is the worst for hangovers).

>> No.10425110

>tfw I have to choose between having no kitchen or having roommates and a kitchen.
I enjoy the solitude but I don't want to eat out all the time.

>> No.10425119

you're a good guy anon

>> No.10425125

this honestly, I've heard of maybe 1 story of a good roommate and that was just because he was never around. The fact that some universities force random roomates is fucking ridiculous

>> No.10425146

get your own studio once the contract runs out. can't stand having roommates, much less neighbors

>> No.10425159

>have roommate, share kitchen with dorm next to us
>me and roommate enjoy cooking, basically control the kitchen on our own
>other kitchenmates have meal plans, have used the kitchen a handful of times to use the fridge or microwave
>me and roommate fill kitchen with spices, sourdough starter, dry goods, etc.
>roommate making pasta from scratch when I hear kitchenmate ranting and raving about racism and how he feels threatened

roommate had apparently said "rigatoni", and the bitchmade faggot kitchenmate thought he said "nigga-toni" and unironically started crying, as in tears coming from his eyes, about how [college town] is so racist towards [half] black "men"
roommate just started laughing at him and finished rolling his pasta after closing the door to their dorm. it was really bizarre, haven't seen the kitchenmate since

>> No.10425167


>> No.10425215

hot pockets are a better name desu

>> No.10425241

>"I feel lonely"
>"invite some people over"
>"wow how emotionally stunted do you have to be to enjoy company every once in a while"
Nobody said anything about being unable to have fun alone, but that anon said he was feeling lonely right now. You'd have to be emotionally stunted to be unable to enjoy yourself around good company.

>> No.10425307

>move in with friend when I get a job in my field
>fuck yes, away from parents, cool roommate, gonna be awesome
>not terrible but not awesome because there were issues in the kitchen specifically
>would use my knives and not wash them, letting them crust up with filth
>would use my nonstick pans on high heat and use metal utensils while cooking food, scraping the coating
>pans and knives were pretty cheap from Walmart, he disrespected my shit but it was easily replaceable
>tries to weasel out of doing his half of the dishes whenever possible
>talk to him about these things and it changes for maybe a week but always back to the same shit
>final straw was when he abused the crown jewel of my cookware, a really nice high-end stainless steel pan that I autistically maintain in like-new condition
>come home from 12-hour shift and charred chicken remains are hard-crusted on
>keep everything I care about in my room when not in use until I move out when lease is up
>puts a hole through the bathroom wall in a drunken stupor not one week after I move out
Glad I got out of that arrangement

My aforementioned roommate sounds like you in many ways and because I cannot trust him, I keep him at arm's length these days. There will come a day when he needs the kind of help I'm no longer willing to give and you might be that person to your roommates. Users get theirs eventually.

>> No.10425411

kill yourself

>> No.10425521

>housemate is a cool dude
>my dishes pile up in the sink during midterm/finals week
>I tell him that if it's uncomfortable for him I can clean them up but would rather study
>nah dude it's cool
>sometimes he does my dishes too

a-am I the bad roommate?

>> No.10425530

wash your dishes you dirty fuck

>> No.10425542

You can't drink 4L of milk before it goes bad?

>> No.10425554

not everyone is a fat fucking milk guzzler

>> No.10425558

If it's getting to the point where stuff he wants to use is dirty because you haven't washed it then yeah, you're a shit roommate.

>> No.10425685

fuck off faggot, I weight lift and run 15 miles every day, never put on a pound

>> No.10425687

These are formative years for your sociability. Be careful or you might end up lonely forever.

>> No.10425719

>eats your food without permission
>"doesn't steal"


>> No.10425727

>japanese cats look asian

>> No.10425818

>lifting to maintain your current weight

>> No.10425836

i do that too. after a week it goes in the trash. nobody ever said anything

>> No.10425840

oh jeez what an annoying kid

>> No.10425898

My last roommate was pretty shitty:
>Be in the last two quarters of university
>Decide to say fuck it and move in with two friends on the main drag which is notorious for partying
>Have a really chill setup, custom beer die table, two grills, three fridges, a deck for sitting and drinking, the works basically
>"We need a fourth"
>Enter Roommate A
>Roommate A doesn't go to school, just works full time as a waiter
>Has a dog, dog constantly barks and moans, the yard is always littered with dogshit despite how many times we ask him to pick it up, rarely walks the poor thing
>Loves taking mooks or chops (weed and tobacco mixed together in a bowl), which means tobacco and other shit all over the coffee table and floor of the living room because he insists on wringing out cigs instead of just buying a pouch of tobacco and stinking up the house by smoking inside constantly despite being reprimanded for it on multiple occasions
>Days off consist of playing a mind-numbing amount of vidya and drinking plastic handles of vodka with store-brand soda or Four lokos starting at whenever he wakes up and until 3-4 in the morning playing video games with his loud coworkers
>Dishes and grills were always a mess and piled high, would frequently leave out half-drunken cups of the soda-vodka mixer, the number of flies and ants that the place attracted was Africa-tier
>Towards the end, he started being late on paying rent on top of all this

So glad I was able to graduate and bounce out, I'm also expecting to basically get nothing back on my security deposit.

>> No.10425905

I remember living alone, shit was a mixed bag, you get lonely, but you'll miss the amount of personal space you had when living by yourself.

>> No.10426047

Kys degenerate

>> No.10426063

Good lad

>> No.10426096

Bullshit. No one lifts and runs 15 miles just to be able to maintain eating mcchickens.
1/10 for making me reply/

>> No.10426202

Stick your head in the oven.

>> No.10426227

>he's not on GOMAD
goddamnit dude, also good lord, where did you find 4 liters of milk for less than 5 dollars?, where i live a liter is like 2 dollars

>> No.10426484

That ain't Bertoli.

>> No.10426527

some of us are too retarded to get better jobs to afford it

t. retard

>> No.10426540

holy shit are you me? i literally clean up during the party too if i'm fucked up enough on alcohol

>> No.10426551

>had one roommate who ate nothing but cereal and kraft mac and cheese (and was completely fucking mental, but that's another story)
>had another roommate that cooked, but would never do dishes, and would pile his dirty, moldy dishes outside the kitchen door and then eventually, after months, take the garden hose to them before bringing them back inside. He also left used condoms stuck to the carpet in his bedroom.

>> No.10426575

Collect all his dirty dishes and put them in his room. While he's there of course.

>> No.10426621

You can get small, plug in appliances. Toaster ovens, hot plates etc.

>> No.10427029

If cleaning is meditation and you love it you wouldn't have been so angry that nobody helped you and you wanted to use that kitchen not anyone else so why you mad bro keep larping though

>> No.10427204

i lived my gf and three other females. I swear females are gross man

one girl would cut raw fuckin chicken on the counter, the garbage would overflow and they would just get a bag and fill it up next to the full garbage can, milk would rot in fridge instantly because they was so much shit in the fridge, dishes would overflow like mad

>> No.10427216

I wasn't angry, where did you get from that that I was angry? Projecting much?

>> No.10427628

Why would I teach him? The guy is 21. I should mention it when eating I guess. You should always taste your food before serving it.
It's not that much, just stuff from one meal. Being passive aggressive is not worth it.

>> No.10427725

it takes me like two weeks to force down half a gallon
and i love milk
you're fat

>> No.10427790

who else is reading this thread to see if their roommate posted about them

>> No.10427908

>big party
>get back from run at 6:30am
>people still not up

>> No.10428507

Why the FUCK would you ever live with other people? Even friends start to get me irritated with their little habits if they're staying around for more than a day. How can one man clear his throat so many times in an hour?

>> No.10428533

I bought my own house and I have a few spare rooms, my friends keep asking me if they can move in.
I politely tell them to fuck off.

>> No.10428535

it's called a "moke" my friend, the rolled equivalent would be a "spliff", or a mixture of both tobacco and marijuana

>> No.10428537

Moving in with friends is a good way to start hating them

>> No.10428545

Damn milk drinker.

>> No.10428657

>The fact that some universities force random roomates is fucking ridiculous

goddamn fucking seriously
why do they do this
I am there to learn not socialize and make fucking friends

>> No.10428781


these morons really believe fat people guzzle milk

>> No.10428835

either keep them in your room or clean them so you don't clutter the place up for everyone else :/

>> No.10428885

Spliffs are cool, it's just some tobacco for taste and so it burns more evenly, I don't get how people take mokes, that shit looks and smells awful.

>> No.10430380

I feel you, brother, people need to realize their rooms are the only reasonable space one should take up for extended periods

>> No.10430385

>wagie mad he didnt follow his dream
hehehe keep paying my neetbux while I make art.

>> No.10430395


>> No.10430397

>where i live a liter is like 2 dollars
Holy shit anon, where do YOU live? I am not the one you asked but I live in southern Germany and milk here is around 59 eurocents per liter.

>> No.10430408
File: 107 KB, 500x637, 1505471297025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10430433

Let me guess your penis also 12.5 inches long and do you make eight figures a month.

>> No.10430460
File: 177 KB, 432x415, imouto vomit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He also left used condoms stuck to the carpet in his bedroom.

>> No.10430585

>throws dirty dishes and glasses in the garbage
I don't even understand it. It's more work to take the trash bag out to the curb than to just put them in the kitchen sink. I'm the one who washes them, anyway.

>> No.10430610

Not really a shitty roommate, I still consider him a good friend but

>moved out of the house at the beginning of March, paid for the month
>taking his slow ass time moving shit, basically grabbed what he needed immediately and left everything else.
>room still full of shit, stuff of his all over house, didn't really move anything this week.

It's more annoying than anything else, me and and the other roommates are leaving that room open anyway, but fuck we want to turn the damn thing into a game room.

Plan is, next week we just gonna box up all his stuff and throw it in the garage.

On the brighter side, now that we only have three people in the house the kitchen is always spotless.

>> No.10431788

>living with family
>sister only knows how to cook 2-4 dishes
>paella, pre-cut vegetables and chicken boiled with rice in veg stock, always watery
>pot roast with yams, she just puts it in the slow cooker with red wine
>premade pork tenderloin, all you do is pop it in the oven
>spaghetti, she never shocks the pasta and always tries to scoop out the sauce with a slotted spatula
>even though we're low income she constantly eats out or only buys premade food unless she can do a dish above or, me or my mom cook
>takes forever to do dishes and doesn't do them properly
>scrapes food into the sink instead of the trash, puts pots, pans and utensils on the drying rack even though food is still stuck to them and puts dishes covered in food in the dishwasher

Worst of all;
>use a teaspoon to stir coffee and tea
>me and mom always wash it off after use and keep it on the counter
>sister uses it, never cleans it and places it back on the counter

>> No.10431996

>tfw comfy house with friends
>share chores and cooking and play vidya together
>no arguments
Feel blessed reading some of these desu

>> No.10432317

>finally got my own apartment
>no more roommates ever. I'd sooner sell my boipucci for rent than ever have a roommate again.
Dunno if anyone remembers the maggot apocalypse story but that was my experience. tl;dr foreigner housemate is a slob, wake up one day to a living carpet of maggots over the entire kitchen, he was drunk and passed out, refused to help me, I had to pick up all the maggots with paper towels to try and save the house from becoming a fly breeding ground. Increased incidence of flies for months afterwards because some found the vents before I could catch them.

>> No.10432362

>lived in townhouse style dorm in college for one year, worst year of my life, private bedroom but shared common areas
>worst nasty pig cunt ever, fat cunty bitch with perma bitchface
>total slob, always left bathroom a mess
>cooked these disgusting mexican dishes that were 80% grease 20% salt, air was saltier than the pacific ocean afterwards
>stole my food
>always accused me of shit
>accused me of stealing her disgusting scented XL tampons one time (I don't even use tampons because I'm not a loose holed whore)
>like 4 other bitches in house, always leaving mess all over and dishes in the sink
>I always wash my shit because I have a total of 2 bowl, 2 plates, and no meal plan, whereas everyone else did have a meal plan and usually a full dining set their mommies bought them brand new
>come home one day
>pile of dirty dishes in front of my door
>not even my fucking dishes
>take the whole stack downstairs and throw them out the backdoor
>they shatter
>dirty pan and mug full of molding coffee on counter
>throw them out back door as well
>check weeks later, shattered pile still outside, no one has touched it
>no one asked where it all went
>one of the cunts ate the entire bunch of bananas I had just bought the day before, the entire fucking bunch
>leave a note calling her a fucking cunt
>turns out her mother was visiting and read the note
>they were all sobbing and called the RA on me
>I didn't get in trouble
>they didn't touch my food again

>> No.10432373

what is it about sharing a place with other people that make them a shitty person? why would you ever touch somebody else food? why wouldnt you wash your own dishes? why wouldnt you clean up after yourself? did they just move out of mommys house???? this shit is unbelievable

>> No.10432397

If you value any of your friendships then don't move in with them. That shit is a friendship killer.

>> No.10432510
File: 147 KB, 750x1242, 1505249437594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been on this earth long enough and never even thought about this.
Cannot be unseen.

>> No.10432513

>rotten milk
sour milk is still perfectly fine for baked goods. Makes delicious waffles.

>> No.10432581

>I don't even use tampons because I'm not a loose holed whore
m8 what? tampons come in all sizes.

>> No.10432611

the problem with milk in the modern era is that it's all filtered and pasteurized so it doesnt really go sour right, it just grows mold

that said, expired yoghurt is a perfect addition to pancake batter.


>> No.10432651
File: 111 KB, 531x800, 1522688982484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know whats a special kind of hell? A bad couple.

>buy a house
>gf's married friends need a place to stay
>they dont want to live with their parents any more
>offer them a room for 500$
>they bicker fucking constantly
>he gets henpecked into oblivion, everything he is doing while cooking is wrong
>"You cut the pieces too big!" "Those are too small!" "You need to cut those the other way!" "ITS GONNA BURN!"
>she constantly shits on him for being a vegetarian
>use my aeropress funnel to put gas into her car
>uses metal utensils while cooking in my expensive sauce pan. had to fight with them to get them to stop and use the silicone utensil.
>buy limes for my recipe, and for mixed drinks later
>"Oh, our recipe called for lime but I didn't buy any at the store, we never manage to use a whole one, and don't cook with it often, we used yours sorry"
>all of my wat and rage

>> No.10432654

im a messy guy myself but i at least know how to do dishes. having lived with roommates, i've seen now that these wild stories are actually not that far-fetched

me. this thread is fucking spooky. we are all sinners. no one is pure


that actually explains why ive never seen Hot Pockets here in Quebec

>> No.10432659
File: 52 KB, 463x316, whatthefuckrocket.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>use my aeropress funnel to put gas into her car

>> No.10432671
File: 80 KB, 626x960, 1522934819616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

her car wouldn't start on a -15 degree day, she suspected it was out of gas. She sent her husband walking to the nearest gas station to buy a can of gas in just a coat.

He came back, hands ghastly and shaking, while we were prepping to jump her car... the real reason it wouldn't start. But they couldn't find a funnel, so they grabbed my aeropress funnel, used it, then tossed it in the sink, didn't even rinse it. I had gotten it days before.

>> No.10432699

I gave up on doing the dishes and trash. I was the only one who ever did them, and now I'm seeing just how much my roommates are willing to cake the house in their filth before they crack (or I do).

There is a pile of garbage next to the refrigerator that is taller than I am.

>> No.10432713

This only raises more questions. Don't fuel jerrycans have spigots? Why didn't the man have gloves and a proper coat? Why do you own an aeropress but not normal funnels? why did they need a funnel at all even given a normal jerrycan like for water or soy sauce?

this but when it gets that bad I do take it out. ive stopped doing dishes though. i just wash whatever i use immediately anyway

>> No.10432715
File: 59 KB, 438x639, 1502829980072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me in college apartment
>have 3 roommates
>first time living in an apartment
>we all buy groceries together and split the check
>hey maybe communism isn't all that bad
>one roommate leaves the agreement, gets his own food from his parents every weekend
>ok we can split it all 3 ways
>another roommate drops out of the communal system
>remaining roommate tells me it's not worth cooking for two
>we all buy our own groceries now and don't share
>our fridge is full as fuck
>mfw communism failed
>mfw I lost 10 lbs during one semester of communism

Looking back on it I'm actually glad we all buy our own food now. My roommates eat a bunch of processed garbage, and I've managed to gain back most of the 10 lbs I lost this semester as well as eating healthier and learning to cook a little.

>> No.10432729

>Don't fuel jerrycans have spigots?
Not all of them do.

>> No.10432737

>shitty cook decides to make potato skins
>is also high as fuck
>decides that he is going to disconnect smoke detector
>and also take a nap during cooking
>burns apartment down
not my roommate thankfully

>> No.10432738

it sounds like what happened is that communism works and you would have died like the useless dog you are

>> No.10432747

they were gonna fuck your brains out and then clean all of your dishes because they were just tryna provoke you this whole time by not cleanming their shit t

t. women pro

>> No.10432860

My roommates are normes who have never heard of the malaysian bug enthusiast's board known as 4chan.

>> No.10432875


>never takes out the garbage
>almost never washes his dishes (only does it when he needs it, and will wash only the item he needs)
>takes a clean glass, drinks from it, then returns it amongs clean glasses without washing it
>sometimes eats food that isn't his without any permission
>walks indoors in shoes, even though he never fucking vacuums
>leaves almost all of his foods on the table open to dry out or rot

these are the first things that come to mind, pretty sure there's more things that I forgot. He's a decent person interestingly enough, but a very shitty roomate.

>> No.10432941

100% agree. How your friends are when they're socialising and how they are when they're in their own space are staggeringly different; you don't want those worlds to collide

Lived with a total of 6 different people over 4 years; after learning to despise 5/6 of them, I made sure the 7th was someone far enough removed from my immediate circle. So much more mutual respect since we didn't owe each other the minor allowances you afford your good friends, and at the end of the day, I knew I wouldn't be too upset if things went sour. Best living situation I've had

>> No.10432953

highly autistic

>> No.10433041

hehehe "art"

>> No.10433051

Shit dawg don't ever take shit for granite

>> No.10433306

>accused me of stealing her disgusting scented XL tampons one time (I don't even use tampons because I'm not a loose holed whore)

So you wear what is essentially a big bloody diaper? That is fucking disgusting.

>> No.10433343

My lazy af flatmate who has never taken out trash since living with me, today:
>Looks like someone took out the garbage
Me: yeah I guess
>It was so much
>Well good that it happens

I wanted to strangle him right there. If you're going to be a lazy fuck, I can accept it but don't make arrogant comments about it like you own the place.

>> No.10433446

>submissive its a joy to watch sometimes
you want to fuck him don't you

>> No.10433781

Bin that teflon pan, kid

>> No.10433804


>shocks the pasta
don't tell me you run water over your pasta like a retard

>> No.10433818

>disgusting scented XL tampons
I’m sure your bloodsoaked rags smell just as bad, if not worse.

>> No.10434088

>he doesn't get unpasteurized milk from local farmers

>> No.10434301

>he doesn't have a lactating big tiddy gf

>> No.10434658

>mfw it's 3usd/L here
living in asia as a milk drinker is suffering

>> No.10434695

Both have their pros and cons. Living with good, trustworthy, fun, clean housemates is the best and you usually end up being friends for life. There's nothing as awesome as having someone to have a beer with after work and shoot the shit.

Having your own place is pretty sweet though too; no noise, no drama, can walk around in your underpants all the time and don't have to worry about shit like having to share a bathroom or kitchen.

>> No.10434706

>Taking longer than 2min to shit
You're one of those "take your phone in with you and settle in for a 45min poop" people aren't you? Do you take 45min showers as well?

>> No.10434707

These are formative years for your self. Be careful or you might end up dependent on others for a sense of "sociability" forever.

>> No.10434720
File: 23 KB, 377x390, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10434735

>having friends

>> No.10434742

Honestly if you were in the middle of exams and wanted to just focus on studying if be cool with it, all long as you weren't slacking off drinking beers or never cleaned up after exams.
We're all human and all get that occasional one week or two of the year where you don't have time/motivation to do anything else.

>> No.10434751

This. The course work is easy as piss provided you pay attention in class and start your essays early. Uni is about making connections. I graduated uni 13 years ago and she of my best friends to this day are college roommates from back in the day. We all have kids and families now in different countries and still find time for the occasional hangout on Skype.

>> No.10434774

I used to be a housekeeper and can confirm that women can be way dirtier and more gross than men. At most the guys would just leave dirty work clothes on the floor.

>> No.10434786

Box up all his shit and tell him he has a week to come get it before it gets thrown out.

>> No.10434793

is it really possible for a female not using tampons?

>> No.10434809

I used to live in 3 bedrooms with 12 people and can confirm it's worth coming to some sort of communal agreement. We had 12 bottles of milk, 12 dozen eggs, 12 containers of butter/margarine, 12 bags of cheese, 12 sets of sauces and condiments and both fridges were always full.

>> No.10434876


>> No.10435212

Jesus Christ op, this sounds like my roommate. He's trying to be a professional musician, stays up super late, makes noise, never fucking cleans dishes if he cooks. I'm the only person who ever cleans, leaves hair in the drain, etc.

He also eats like shit. Like he eats junk food and takeout all the time. I've scarcely ever seen him eat real food. So yeah, I understand your struggle OP.

>> No.10435464

>not evening answering the question

You really are a whiny bitch, I'm surprised you aren't bffs with your faggot roomate.

>> No.10435504

do you perchance live in a group home?

>> No.10435536

You have to be over 18 to use this site.

>> No.10435548

i know a guy who used to call all asians "pans", because they look like they were hit in the face with one. i guess it's a cross-species thing.

>> No.10435561

I'm sorry, your post does not have the minimum required amount of Food & Cooking. Please try again on /soc/.

>> No.10435578

You got some roasties mighty pissed off with that tampon comment, lass.

>> No.10435588

>wake up one day to a living carpet of maggots over the entire kitchen,
How tf does that happen overnight?

>> No.10435599

>a female roomate that isnt completely disgusting

You are a good person based on this fact alone.

>> No.10435662

yeah, if you don't keep the door open while you take a shit, you aren't well adjusted. Most people continue to socialize while pooping, or share the bowl with a bro.

>> No.10435753

I want to fuck his GF rather interestingly, but not him heh. I once had a dream his mom came while his GF was sucking my dick and got angry, but thats a whole other level of Freudian shit I dont want to get into

>> No.10435777

>Be in dorm freshman year of college
>Dorm is apartment style, so we have our own bedrooms and our own kitchen in the room
>One of my roommates is an Italian
>Usually knows his shit about cooking but is dumb as fuck otherwise
>Kept making jokes about stealing my nutella one too many times for me to start worrying
>Would get mad at anyone who didn't use his so-called superior Italian ingredients
>Got actually mad at roommate for making noodle bowl
>One time at 1am he thought it would be a good idea to make s'mores in the oven
>basically put a layer of graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and more graham crackers in the oven
>set the fire alarm off for the entire dorm, ruined the pot he was using
>Another time he was cooking some sort of steak
>Used way too much spice and burnt the fuck out of it, basically completely black
>Set the fire alarm off again, claiming he barely cooked it or spiced it
>Whole dorm smelled like burnt herbs for days
>Never cleaned his utensils or pans, would leave dirty shit in the sink and on the stove

He was super annoying. I was glad when he dropped out

>> No.10436117

>takes a clean glass, drinks from it, then returns it amongs clean glasses without washing it
No way. You are lying and or a schizo imagining things. Nobody does that.

>> No.10436127

my family unironically does this

>> No.10436404

>Eats the last of a food I bought
>Replaces it, but puts his name on it.

>> No.10436425

I do that at my office when I have a cold

>> No.10436493

this was a good read.

>> No.10436549

>being a dude living with chicks.
Only situation where it's fine desu.

>> No.10436593

Yes, pads and menstrual cups exist but all of them have different flaws. Other anon also made a misconception about tarpons because the label on the box refers to the amount of liquid it absorbs, not its size. Using different sized tampons is like using an overnight or extra long maxi pad during the heavy day of a period.

>> No.10436598

Yeah, been there. Rubbed every tortilla in my ass. He ate them all.

>> No.10436670

>But if I had to, for some odd reason, I would have to do that
No shit, spuckler, that's the premise of having to do something.

>> No.10436717

>Never put on a pound
(You) fucked yourself out of some serious gains then

>> No.10436737
File: 15 KB, 480x360, hqdefault_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Roommate doing me a "favor" by washing dishes
>Left wood handled steak knives in the water
>put my antique teapot in the dish machine
I told him not to touch my shit, but I don't know what I expected from someone who didn't know how to do laundry

>> No.10436768

Don't leave out dirty dishes, you slob.

>> No.10436807

People on /ck/ can't imagine people being open and honest about their feelings and then also being nice. You're fine guy, he said you were fine so you should believe him, no reason not to. He did your dishes to be nice, maybe do something nice to say thanks or do them for him sometime?

>> No.10436920
File: 278 KB, 500x281, at the dr.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If it were cleaned and properly stored then that wouldn't have been a problem.

>> No.10437066


>> No.10437125

>Thankfully I wasn’t bitten, but I was freaked out and still sometimes jump out of bed in the middle of the night for no reason and attack my sheets.

>> No.10437865

>have roommate
>buy bananas, usually last me 4 days
>with him in the house they last one day
>keep having to buy bananas
>tell him over and over again to fuck off my food because i'm not gonna waste 60 bucks a fucking month just on bananas with him around
>doesn't listen
>break his coffee maker while he's getting little caesars for the 3rd time this week

dumb cunt. wish i had the money to live alone

>> No.10437950
File: 499 KB, 388x520, 1523293533997.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine being this much of a cuck. Just imagine it.

>> No.10438004
File: 17 KB, 463x513, 1523060227621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Humans are complex anon.

>> No.10438106

> I am there to learn not socialize and make fucking friends
Not even memeing here, but that is the actual point of college. So you can grt connections with other people.

>> No.10438155

Camp the bananas. Next time he takes one throw his ass on the ground and take a stun gun to his nuts while screaming "I told you to lay off my bananas FUCKHEAD".

Alternate idea: spike bananas with super-hot hot sauce.

>> No.10438187
File: 459 KB, 1500x1021, 68625855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In college I once bought a bottle of Bailey's coffee creamer. Shit wasn't alcoholic in the slightest. Woke up the next morning to find it completely drained. Apparently one of my roommates was so smashed that night he had mistaken it for actual Bailey's and drank the whole thing.

>> No.10438318

i might end up just hiding them in my nightstand

>> No.10438326

Fucking lol

>> No.10438382

Best part is that he either blacked out doing it or was too embarrassed to tell me. I remember asking him that morning if he knew anything and he acted(?) all clueless, then I went to my other roommate to see what he knew and told me "Yeah, he was drunk as hell last night asking me if I wanted some Bailey's.".

>> No.10438467

Mcchicken doesn't taste better, it's just way cheaper

>> No.10438500

Are you a cutie boy?
This may have some relation.

>> No.10438503

>autistic person doesn't know he's autistic

>> No.10438560

you're the piece of shit roommate in this scenario

>> No.10438585

>have an autistic roommate
>dude barely cooks but he bought some expensive teflon pan
>I constantly use it and let him know even though I have my own pans, and I always tell him I'm cooking eggs without oil or butter
>"y-you use butter right?"
>just stare at him and tell him no, even though I am using butter, just to fuck with him
>I'm also cooking and eating his eggs even though I have my own
>dude has the worst diahria and bowel movements, like an actual disease, and it takes him at least 30 minutes in the bathroom
>see him headed to the bathroom, wait one minute to make sure it's not just a piss
>"dude hurry up I gotta go" every single time
>finishes up early and looks like he's in pain, I think I got him to shit his pants in his room once because it smelled like shit in our house but whatever
Dude is such a pushover

>> No.10438617
File: 18 KB, 500x581, 1368713327649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bullying people with chronic diseases

>> No.10438626
File: 64 KB, 537x720, 1520180409556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> I got him to shit his pants in his room once


>> No.10438651
File: 1.73 MB, 3600x1887, longchicc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. The BK long chiggen is the most flavorful, juccy, fast food chiggen samwich (for me)!

>> No.10438652
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>Make great food with my roommate
>Clean the apartment together
>Throw great parties for our friend circle together in our apartment
>Smoke weed and play vidya together
>Go on drunken adventures in the city during night
>"hey Anon can you deal with y and I will clean x" "Sure thing Anon"
>Bros for life

Why do you live with shitty people instead of a good friend with mutual respect?

>> No.10438669

>Smoke weed

>> No.10438681

Plus she doesn't put up with shit from bitches. I had a girlfriend like that a long time ago. It was pretty great watching her police cunty women who thought they should always try to take advantage of men by default.

>> No.10438728
File: 193 KB, 300x300, awW2PVO2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am not forcing you to smoke it anon, let other people do what the fuck they want with their own life inside their own house.

>> No.10438730
File: 394 KB, 778x1018, Penn-Jillette.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not ocasionally and safely using drugs in moderation to enhance an experience

>> No.10438739
File: 75 KB, 101x266, huh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what the fuck

>> No.10438742


>> No.10438746
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>> No.10438752

you are both fags
you are both in denial when you say its good
i hope you both die soon

>> No.10438756

is he your son?

>> No.10438758

Trip report now.

What happened

>> No.10438765
File: 82 KB, 657x527, weed apustus passaa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You sure sound angry anon, maybe you need to chill out a bit more?

>> No.10438771
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Look at these sheltered babs. Do you guys even drink?

>> No.10438782

i choose not to because its overrated

>> No.10438822

Lived with my best friend for 2 years.
Never had a real problem. Maybe a few petty squabbles, but none that weren’t sorted in the same conversation they were brought up.

I’ve sort of become a bit codependent though. Not sure how I’m gonna live alone

>> No.10438838


Now what happened when you smoked weed

>> No.10438846

i turned into a giant faggot

>> No.10438872
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>I knew thats what caused it!

>> No.10439017

>two housemates
>housemate "rage cage" is very nonconfrontational but lets anger build up
>housemate "chill bill" is vague and has his head in the clouds
>chill bill constantly steals ingredients at first
>takes the most expensive ingredient in the house and replaces it with the cheapest brand
>tell him clearly and politely what he can and can't take out of my stuff
>rice, legumes, spices, milk, eggs, bread, etc. are fine as long as he makes sure we always have enough
>other ingredients are okay if he's running short but I'd prefer he buy his own
>have absolutely no problems with him from that point
>rage cage doesn't speak to chill bill about this
>gets really angry but does nothing
>have to listen to his angry rants every single night

>> No.10439072

tell rage man to stop being a fucking pussy and actually talk to people and then hit him in the face

>> No.10439132
File: 210 KB, 815x350, BKlongchickenheader1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for me

>> No.10439289
File: 30 KB, 625x379, article-0-16BBD782000005DC-154_634x384[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10439306
File: 2.68 MB, 4032x3024, 5D5E6744-AF42-4ECD-9729-17852CEB5B74.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I lived with two girls who ended up being the most disgusting people I’ve ever met. They would leave dirty dishes for up to a week, clumps of food and drops of liquid all over the stovetop, counter, and floor. At least 90% of the dishes, pots, silverware and pans were mine and my girlfriend’s (we lived there far before them), and they would leave them dirty and unusable for so inconsiderably long. I have never seen such arrogance and comfort in ones own shit, it drove me to nearly ripping my hair out - especially when trying to communicate with them.

I’d ask them,
>can whoever has their dirty dishes in the sink clean them?
and either get no response, someone passing the buck, or in-person - an eye-roll. God I wanted to punch the bitch so badly, bit my tongue so many times not to. They would never take the trash out, would never CLOSE THE FUCKING SHOWER CURTAIN WHEN YOU’RE DONE JESUS FUCKING CHRIST GUYS YOU BETTER FUCKING DO THIS IT ISN’T FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE AND PREVENTS MILDEW. They would never use a coaster on MY
coffee table, and would put hot plates/bowls on the wood and damage the coating the table has.

They were just so awful and not open to changing their shit habits, and even typing this out is making me angry. They made ME feel crazy with my simple requests to making sharing a living space more tolerable
>use a coaster
>wash shit after using it
>clean the counter/stove after using it
>close the shower curtain when you’re done
>don’t let the trash pile up
YOU SHOULD BE USING AND CLEANING THINGS WITH THE IDEA OF MAKING IT SEEM LIKE YOU NEVER USED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. HOW FUCKING DIFFICULT IS THIS TO GRASP? HOLY SHIT. I can’t believe I put up with it as long as I did, such little things like the cunt leaving her vegan smoothies in MY FUCKING CUP in the fridge for days/weeks. I hate her so much, the horrible things that I wish would happen to her/them. Oh man

Dumping pics I took when moving my shit out

>> No.10439312

White people food is so bland they find carrots cooked in chilli paste to be strong.
Eks dee

>> No.10439325
File: 2.47 MB, 4032x3024, A4C14F0F-312D-423D-AF98-6BF63510766F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10439336
File: 2.26 MB, 4032x3024, 83B72043-BD92-4004-BC97-D4F792700528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10439347
File: 2.63 MB, 4032x3024, 6A06E1AC-1D59-4F35-881B-765163D8D3AE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10439353

For me, it's the long chicc. The other long meat!

>> No.10439373
File: 2.93 MB, 4032x3024, 8F9DEBF3-4609-4307-8900-2AE58DBFC976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There were countless times where the sink was literally unusable with how many dishes would be stacked in it, and the strainer with the “clean” dishes in it was usually full of shit that still had grease streaks and chunks of food on it.

It was so common for them to leave produce in the fridge and out on the counter for SO long that they ended up like this. How the FUCK are you this careless? HOW? I felt so deep in the fucking twilight zone guys

>> No.10439388
File: 2.36 MB, 4032x3024, F32AA422-127C-408D-B72A-DD1645881080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Floor was always fucking gross, especially the kitchen. Always sticky or wet with crumbs of food and shit all over the place

>> No.10439399

what the fuck is that

>> No.10439554

That was the Chinaman that was always clogging up the garbage disposal w/ rice, wasn't it?

>> No.10439574

thanks honey

>> No.10439632
File: 226 KB, 1391x521, burger safe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sounds like you need one of these bad boys

>> No.10439661

I've had my fair share of roommate horror stories, but none of them cook and so I am a much more appropriate bad roommate to discuss.

Good things I do:
-Do 90% of the grocery shopping
-Cook ALL the food. Two egg and canned biscuit breakfasts a year aside maybe.
-Garden and provide fresh herbs, fruit and veg
-Keep stringent standards regarding cooking hygiene. Raw meat care, handwashing, not using the same sponge for everything, the basics.

The awful shit I do:
-I hate doing dishes and won't until forced by lack of utensils
-I make all the dishes, since I do all the cooking. I will leave it until the weekend if no one else gets it.
-I track dirt in the house like a child in a mop commercial
-I leave tiny bits of food and herbs and seeds and even hardware like drills and string everywhere, including the cluttered kitchen counter

There is one roommate lazier than me, but he leaves no messes besides cereal boxes everywhere. He'll re-use the same bowl for cereal and cup for coffee and makes less dishes than all but one other roommate, who refuses to use anything but paper plates. Paperplatez is disabled and annoying to have in the kitchen, Lazyshit takes hours to do dishes and is annoying to have in the kitchen ALL DAY to do a simple sinkfull. Then there is the Cheesemonster. He is my glorified dishwasher, and like a traditional dishwasher does a pisspoor job of it, but the convenience is too good to care. He must have a fucking taste disorder, because all food needs cheese, hotsauce, or vinegar added to it to be enjoyable to him. Even cheesy or vinegary foods need more. He will also haphazardly throw leftover cooked veggies in old pickle juice and forget about them until I harass him months later.

I'm still probably the worst roommate.

>> No.10439717

if you are aware of your bad habits, why don't you try and correct them?

>> No.10439791

Because I feel like I still put in more effort than the rest of them and can't bring myself to muster even more effort to change. Absolutely shitty attitude, but no one complains about me to my knowledge. Likely just a thin layer of silent resentment.

Also, I'm fairly polite regarding other things and avoid many faux pas listed in this thread, such as having no shitiquette or being a drunk/loud/personal space abusing roomie.

>> No.10439793

>keep stringent standards regarding cooking hygiene
>leave tiny bits of food and herbs and seeds everywhere, including the kitchen counter

yep, adds up

>> No.10439811

1st shared apartment - All four of us are lazy boys, all are awful in our own ways
2nd shared apartment - I'm slightly more adult, roommate is a board school child who teaches me the meaning of having a bad roommate
3rd shared apartment - My girlfriend has tamed me, we are the clean, good roommates. Our roommate (who came with her) is unbelievable filthy, as in garbage smell wafting from her room filthy.
4th shared apartment - My and girlfriend. My domestication is complete, perfect living situation except times when I'm lazy and leave a mess.

>> No.10439831

Eh, I spent uni with 3 roommates and I'm only still friends with 1 of them (who I was friends with prior anyway). Some people are just more comfortable alone.

>> No.10440893

I've had it happen the same afternoon on Straya.
We had meat lovers pizza for lunch and just left the box sitting on top of the garbage (it was nearly full and we were going to take out the garbage after dinner) and by 4pm kitchen floor was covered in maggots.

>> No.10440909

>mfw Irish Stew Autist is back
Do you exclusively drink Apple juice?

>> No.10440932

they feel fucking amazing, its like compressing a high into 15 minutes

super addicting though and smell fucking terrible

>> No.10440938

I remember when you posted this last time

>> No.10440955

How do I get back at shitty roommates that I hate and am stuck with for 2 more months?

>> No.10441168

>she constantly shits on him for being a vegetarian
What's the problem here?

>> No.10441181

He doesn't sound autistic to me. He sounds like a gentle soul being taunted by an asshole.

>> No.10441508
File: 44 KB, 729x531, bepis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Why do you live with shitty people instead of a good friend with mutual respect?
i for one did for a while but he moved out probably because im a shitty roommate

but even then all he would cook was prepared food from a deli counter, and when i left for a military course, he obviously didnt do the dishes even once because i found rusty cutlery in the sink, and my Lucky Mug(tm) was still in there and full of coffee from the night i left and had to abandon my coffee because i was running late for the airport shuttle. i'm 99% sure dis boi he dont drink coffee

but all is forgiven for he is fun to hang out with and it's worth having to do dishes more often than usual

>> No.10441522

i had it kinda the other way around - it was my long term GF who was the complete slob and unhygienic. put me off of living with women for some time

>> No.10441526

become a better person and leave their problems for their future SOs to fix. fuck if im fixing the spoiled brat I'm forced to live with, let his future GFs lose their minds if they want

>> No.10441539

Holy fuck, I remember you from the last thread too. Did you make a fucking pasta that you just paste into these threads or are you still this hyped up about all this?

>> No.10441599

drink more milk fag

i easily go through 3 1.333333333333333333 L bags before it's all gone bad

>> No.10441605

>It was so common for them to leave produce in the fridge and out on the counter for SO long that they ended up like this.
my roommate does this. ive given up on my kitchen or kitchen implements ever being usable ever again. my cutting board is all black on one side and the other is stained red from sauces

>> No.10441610

i wouldnt be surprised. i myself always find dirty glasses in the dish rack or even in the cupboard

>> No.10441825

Step 1) Dont be a cunt, it makes YOU the shitty roommate
Step 2) Be a fucking adult and talk to them
Step 3) If you're a puss puss and first 2 steps dont work, talk to the landlord and get them evicted if they're making the place messy.

>> No.10442842

I've tried taking to them, they are unreasonable. But alright I will just suck it up and laugh in my new place soon.

>> No.10442850

Lmao at femanons complaining about the tampons. Great post

>> No.10442997

Kek totally worth losing a bottle of creamer for the story

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