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I for one can't wait to see all the replies about leaving the booth without breaking all the eggs.

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took me to the end of the webm to realize its kimchi

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I enjoy these, or when they mix colors into candy or taffy.

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Those unironically look better than the ones my mom makes.

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Your mom should never be allowed near eggs again.

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holy shit, haven't seen Simply Sara on here in like a year or so, bitch is hot as fuck

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If you wait long enough even old memes can be fresh.

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Sweet merciful Christ.

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No, no she is not.

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wow, when everything mixes together, it just kinda turns into a vague shade of brown! sounds familiar, but I just can't place it.

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>2 tbsp of vinager
oh no no no
it's like the reverse version of 2 vodka shots webm

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oh hey I put a bit of pickle juice in mine too
but holy shit that amount of mayo and mustard good lord

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the food looks horrendous but those fat roastie hands are erotic.

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Not to mention that she boiled those eggs to bejeezus and back.

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i used to hate tasty but then /ourguy/ babish said that tasty is cool so i dont hate tasty anymore

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I run a business in the same market that egg webm takes place. There's a little door/hatch underneath the counter that he crawls through the side of every day.

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t. babish

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>pink slime

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the chick that takes the bite out of it looks like bailey jay

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story checks out

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>Not waffle house

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>Waffle House
>Not Dennys

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I do not say this lightly, kill yourself.

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thise are the weakest fucking tacos ive ever seen
the taco truck down the street packs them with beans and meat

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Hell I'd take an IHOP over a fucking Waffle House.

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Get you some black man Mexican food.

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What is this?

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japan is a fucking circus

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That's Korea.

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doing god's work

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Kimchi prep.

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I thought I was the only one...

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i admire her so much

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You sir, are a Communist.

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Don't breathe this

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t. can't even tell gooks from nips

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isn't drinking not allowed in iran, like UAE, and Saudi Arabia?

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tried to use a hardees gift card at mcdonalds

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Was he batin'?

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In the video he honks the horn right then

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They honked the horn at her to try to scare her so she said fuck off.

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I never like these "prankster". They never work in a shitty job like that to understand the shit they went through.

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These would be amazing after a few drinks

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Wouldn't she get fired or at least reprimanded for this even if he was being a prick?

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oh no she might get fired from her minimum wage job! who else will hire her to work in fast food?!

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I'm pretty sure she did get fired. But to be clear, it wasn't the carhorn. It was an air horn which can seriously damage your hearing.

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Depends on the area. If it's in the ghetto like it probably is then nothing will happen. But who gives a shit? Just get a different no skill job.

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Getting someone fired because you were acting like a dumb faggot on purpose is not something to excuse.

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It depends on your reaction. This girl got tons of donations from the internet and the douche in the car got fired from his six figure job and is now homeless and on benefits.

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130 IQ liberals are the most obnoxious people on Earth

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>As of now: Adam Mark Smith, 37, who worked for an Arizona-based medical device manufacturer, was shamed after the 2012 YouTube video was posted showing him berating employee Rachel Elizabeth.
The video which expressed his disdain over the firm’s anti-gay marriage stance went viral, and left him unemployed and forced to lose his home.
Nearly three years later, the married father of four is still searching for a job and his family previously had to give away possessions before he was hired and fired again, according to ABC.
At the time he was working as CFO for Vante, Smith was earning $200,000 annually and had more than $1 million in stock options, but he said it was all taken from him when he was fired.
His 2012 firing was reported on the same day as the counter-protest against Chick-fil-A’s Appreciation Day as thousands of gay couples flocked to restaurants to kiss during the summer of 2012.

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>it's just american "cheese"

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>if it's square it's processed American cheese
I'm glad most people aren't as profoundly stupid as you

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so this is the power of diversity

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miracles do happen

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>perfect, consistent square cuts of dyed fluorescent orange "cheese"
>not american cheese product
Loving every laugh

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>had more than $1 million in stock options, but he said it was all taken from him when he was fired.
Land of the "free"

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Freedom does not mean freedom from consequences. An employer is free to fuck your shit up if you wrong them.

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>the original soyboys can't stand whiskey
Color me surprised.

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t. loyal goyboy

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Watch the video again
>dyed orange
Oh nevermind, I didn't know you're retarded, I'm sorry. I honestly hope you get the help you need to succeed in life. It's a shame you'll never be able to learn about different cheeses due to your disability but I believe in you anon!

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Is this a cheese thread?

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>he actually thinks american "cheddar" isn't dyed because thats what ameriblobs are used to
>he actually thinks ameriblobs use annatto seeds in their everday "cheddar cheese product"
Imagine being so uninformed about your own "country"

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Please stop replying to the europoster.

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>watch the video again
I did, and they're consistent cut squares. They also look like plastic. Try again amerishart

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im literally in love with this girl

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My lips can't curl any harder.

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That.....worked so well.


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wanna see a live chicken used in one of those

>> No.10376161

>1 cup sugar
>in a salad

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Yeah and it's fucking delicious pink slime, suck a dick.

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wtf is wrong with his arm

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I want to unironically eat this exactly one time. Not an American either

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>I guess I'm part of the working class to the bone
Why did they give them jack, why why why.

>> No.10376235

Have another child sex ring in the works yet nigel?

>> No.10376238

>wtf is wrong with his arm
He's a nigger.

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she buys her spices at the dollar store cuz you can get them cheaper there

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Ha ha ha
berry funni XD

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Anyone here make sauerkraut? How hard/easy is it to get a bunch of cabbages and make it yourself?

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Go back to /a/.

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Yeah boi, that wh*Toid be mad, don't be raycis to niggaz.

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Acquiring a bunch of cabbages is the hardest part.

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kys for posting that cancer

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Thank goodness there is justice in this world. Dumbass ITS JUST A PRANK BRO Chads thinking they can get away with shit like this.

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>this fat bastard is jealous because he can't get a mobility scooter in his shithole nation

>> No.10376396

>his little bitchy attempt to flip the cup back at her

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>Aussie's have the fattest wallets
That's old news, mate. Nobody carries a wallet any more. Just a plastic card.

>> No.10376429


It was about all Americans, not just black ones

>> No.10376434

learn about salt and water

>> No.10376436

Why are fags so vile?

>> No.10376476


Does the chicken actually enjoy this?

>> No.10376477

>b8 on meme
try to be less useless m8

>> No.10376481

toned muscle definition
you'll get there someday anon

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>I'm a really nice guy by the way and i'm totally heterosexual

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>exactly one time
>Not an American
no shit

>> No.10376566

>complaining about anime on an anime image board
get your ass back on reddit faggot

>> No.10376569

youtube 'brad kimchi'
good starting point
join in the infrequent fermentation generals for more

>> No.10376574

Simply Sara, you my boo, but I'm not sure I approve.

>> No.10376596

>start a charcoal chimney

>> No.10376725

How to basic did this better.

>> No.10376741

Oh Gumball what are you doing?

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I'm repulsed, but strangely attracted to you.

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>chips and cheese with red onions
Not only is this not the most popular drunk food (which is just a kebab or pizza like everywhere else) but not once in my fucking life have I seen someone eat chips with fucking red onions on it.

>> No.10376793

>wasting sushi rolls
fuck off, they're not easy to make..

>> No.10376800

Is she still alive?

>> No.10376808

>why are americans so fat?

>> No.10376809

>handled by a nigger

>> No.10376813

It's buzzfeed, they just thought of a fast and fatty food from each country and made a shit video. In the 4 countries I've gotten drunk in it was as you said pizza/kebap/burger.

>> No.10376817

yeah, he gets a massage and a free haircut

>> No.10376818

did they really sort them out just to mix them back together for this webm?

>> No.10376822

I thought that was one of the onahole videos from the thumbnail

>> No.10376833

>people find this funny

>> No.10376841

>(you) do

>> No.10376844

>wasting food


>> No.10376854

fucking pretentious fuckwads

>> No.10376869

>putting butter on your burger let alone that much


>> No.10376872

up voted my /pol/ friend very ebin

>> No.10376884

because USA

>> No.10376896


*because flyover usa


It's the same red states who claim that they hate muh gibbs and then have an excess of butter because of all the government dairy subsidies, and then end up turning that into their food culture and becoming the exact people who they complain about when they don't have insurance and end up in the hospital at 33 with the rest of the country paying to keep their retarded lard asses alive.

>> No.10376901


Butter makes everything taste better, it's a fact.



>> No.10376918

>cheese sauce
>raw red onions

what the actual fuck

>> No.10376928

only if your hands are as fat as the oven mitts in the webm

>> No.10376962

lmao are you joking
muslims drink and do drugs more than most people no matter where they are
they are the biggest hippocrates and degenerates there are

>> No.10376966

nah thats what happens when you're too fat
you arms get than groove where fat doesnt sit and the other fat slouches over

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File: 563 KB, 400x289, [ANGRY ARDANIAN NOISES].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel you, man.
The people who make those yellow squares have probably never even heard of truckles.

>> No.10376971

drinking is unironically one of the most soy things to do though
>wahh i need my bottle mommy wahhhhh life is too hard i need to drink it away wahhhhhhh

>> No.10376978

you take some cabbage and put it in water
just change the water every day since sauer kraut is literally just half rotten cabbage

>> No.10376983

>people eating
more like hipsters eating

>> No.10376988

deity I want this to be me

>> No.10376992

you're literally not seeing anyone eating

>> No.10376995

Vinegar, you fucking retard.
It's pickled cabbage, not rotten cabbage.

>> No.10376997

Literally all of this stuff is inconscequential

>> No.10377000

Can't fucking believe they got Bailey Jay and Andrew Anglin to be in this bullshit video.

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File: 2.77 MB, 1280x720, knife skills.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It wasn't funny when he did it either.

>> No.10377010

no anon you're not the only one, there are plenty of young men saturated with soy and BPA these days that look like borderline females, so don't feel embarrassed about how you look

>> No.10377016

its actually not even cabbage its just straight up slime
eaten by the niggers of white people

>> No.10377017

t. never had a good glass of cognac after work while chilling in a good chair

>> No.10377019

>responding to soyposters

>> No.10377021

Is this behavior okay because theyre japs? Because thi is tragic

>> No.10377022

That looks fucking fantastic after a few beers.

>> No.10377023

t. never had a glass of self esteem

>> No.10377025

Dumb bitch over cooked those eggs. I thought it was fucking Avocado

>> No.10377034

>double stuffs it into her mouth
Fuck, I am so turned on right now.

>> No.10377037

You're right, my bad

>> No.10377041


>> No.10377046


>> No.10377050

literally everything they had was a terrible representation of what it's actually supposed to be

>> No.10377055
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>non flyover state

Bet you love the taste of cum in your mouth faggot.

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File: 668 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180331-134122.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tried searching him
>wrote a book about his journey
>Saw his social media pages

God damn those number are just sad

>> No.10377075


I work in a kitchen and have never worn one of those dumb gloves and this triggered me more than probably anything I've ever seen in a webum thread.

>> No.10377076

fags btfo by themselves once again

>> No.10377080

Annato seed is what you dye cheese with... Good yellow cheese isn't dyed at all.

>> No.10377081

Not a single HSP (Halal Snack Pack)?

>> No.10377085

I've never understood this kind of mindset. We'd eat shit if it was delicious and didn't make us puke.

>> No.10377089

Ew, Americans. Go to a fucking butcher jesus.

>> No.10377091

>newfags getting triggered by the word "nigger"
Reddit might be more your speed.

>> No.10377095
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There is literally nothing more soy than being or buying your meat from a butcher

I buy my meat at walmart because I'm not a faggot

>> No.10377098

I bet the people that made this praise raw dung beetles and shit as "food for the future."

>> No.10377100

That's not what he's saying retard, it ISN'T the shittty dyed American "cheddar" because that's what that shit is trying to look like you fucking Ameritard

>> No.10377103

Retards will actually take this bait. I miss when people lurked for a year first.

>> No.10377105

it is though

>> No.10377106
File: 66 KB, 500x533, 1522145561913.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>B-But going to a place where you see the animal turned into the food you're cooking is alsowrong!

>> No.10377108

Newfags and phoneposters took over a few years ago.

>> No.10377109

It literally isn't though. You'd have to be a fucking redneck burger to think cheese that colour isn't perfectly normal in real countries.

>> No.10377112

im actually a cheese expert from europe
you're a faggot and i hope you die
its literally yellow plastic

>> No.10377118

they're so cool. I wish i were like them.

>> No.10377122

You are saying these is no such thing as orange cheese because fake cheese exists. So by that logic there is no such thing as cheese because tubed squeeze "Cheese" exists.

>> No.10377124

gotta keep up the impression that Mexico is a high class hipster paradise bro

>> No.10377126

your mom is fat and gay
fuck you

>> No.10377129


>> No.10377135

Naturally orange cheese is not a thing you idiot, look it up.

>> No.10377138

This. Spain, Ireland and Scotland the foods were all variations on kebabs. A hogie if you want to be petty. Also
>Japs ordering Ramen when drunk

>> No.10377144

Who said natural? Dye is not the same thing as saying literally all orange cheese is Ameritard plastic cheese slices. Plenty of food is dyed, that doesn't make it fucking American plastic shit.

>> No.10377145

Not that anon but...
>im actually a cheese expert from europe
No you aren't.
Cheddar (which is what is in the video) and American Singles (which is what you are talking about.) are two distinct cheeses.

Stop being a fucking retard.

>> No.10377147

enjoy the ban :)

>> No.10377148
File: 147 KB, 419x480, 1521114131565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not real cheese though. It's machine cut and looks like plastic. Real cheddar isnt floppy and shiny. Maybe it's cheddar that isnt aged, in which case it's likely not real cheddar. Stay mad and fat, ameriblobs

>> No.10377155

He's low quality bait. In Scotland we fucking love orange cheese.

The only ameritard here is you anon. Most countries have dignity, and that's from a place that likes it's fucking cheese orange.

>> No.10377156

Jokes on you fagmotron this is my work computer and today is my Friday.

>> No.10377164

real cheese is illegal in scotland retard
thats why you love fake orange cheese

>> No.10377167

Convince me that you aren't wearing a skirt right now, scotcuck

>> No.10377170
File: 68 KB, 701x596, Fuck off cunt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are you so mad? Did daddy leave you for a bottle of wild turkey?

>> No.10377178
File: 15 KB, 400x400, 1505739484519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He thinks Scotland is the irish pub in his local amerimall
M8 there isn't a fucking city for a hundred miles of local farms, who would even enforce that?

>More leadlicking Americans
Kilts aren't skirts, that's the thing retard Americans wear on "omg we're so irish" holidays. A kilt is the toga looking thing you wrap around yourself like an idiot. Nobody fucking wears them outside of royal funerals or some shit because they're stupid and inconvenient.

>> No.10377185

ireland here, this video is garbage. nobody eats this champ.

>> No.10377188

None of those are remotely true to be fair.

>> No.10377189

So it’s definitely dyed and I see no reason to think it’s anything other than American... are you going to challenge that it’s processed? It clearly is. What are you trying to achieve here? It’s clearly shitty dyed American cheese.

>> No.10377191

>he thinks that after everything I've posted, that im american
>he thinks kilts arent skirts
Scottish education....

>> No.10377192

I dislike these pretentious videos
just could have showed stock imagery

>> No.10377193
File: 40 KB, 603x462, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

actual original samefag here
im very insecure and my dad hits me even today at the age of 32 still living at home

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File: 253 KB, 1200x1200, strome_traditional_kilt__67501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So you're saying that adding dye to something makes it plastic, processed slices from Ameriland?

>He thinks that he isn't American when he has no idea about food or culture
This is not a full kilt. This is a skirt. This is what Americans wear and call kilts. Any shop that sells just these is mocked for being American (Or English) shite.

>> No.10377204

>can see that a piece of supposedly 'cheddar cheese' is machine cut into squares, floppy and shiny (unlike real cheddar cheese), and that this likely means it's not real and subsequently dyed with food colouring and not seeds (and the fact that its in a 'Tasty' video)
>"No idea about food or culture"
Scottish education....

>> No.10377205
File: 142 KB, 457x640, c2a10ff298141d89a4e547004584102d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually addendum. Most shops that have these that ARE Scottish are TARTAN shops. We do have a retarded culture of "claiming" tartans. Those are the things used to display tartans.
THIS is a full kilt, and nobody fucking wears them because look at this monstrosity. Piper uniforms don't count.

>> No.10377206

not him, but please provide us with an image of a kilt then

>> No.10377213

Anon we aren't discussing your meme videos. I could give a shit what some facebook cook uses. You said all orange cheese is american sliced cheese. You're a retard mallrat for that.

See >>10377205
The bottom half includes troussers/pants, unlike the half kilt which is literally worn bare-arsed like a skirt (At least around here) and that whole mess is connected. The first picture is what wankers wear at weddings and Americans when they claim to be Irish. Not that kilts even come from Scotland but none of our culture does.

>> No.10377214


>> No.10377216

>doesn't know the difference between a kilt and a great kilt

>> No.10377219

>Anon we aren't discussing your meme videos. I could give a shit what some facebook cook uses. You said all orange cheese is american sliced cheese. You're a retard mallrat for that.
Never once said that. Put the whiskey down and point to where I did, you subhuman lowlander

>> No.10377220

>Great kilt
Or as it's called, Kilt. The "skirt" is a half-kilt and has absolutely no culture what so ever. You rent them premade with somebody elses tartan like tuxedos. They're only for tourists or neds.

>> No.10377223

the fact that you're now admitting it's dyed is a backtrack. you were denying it at first.

orange pre-sliced cheese is not a very common thing to buy in the UK. people buy shitty dyed cheddar in blocks but not packs of slices.

the video is clearly american. the bundt pan, the ingredients used, the types of sandwiches made, all make it very clear that it's american.

it's probably not as highly processed as a kraft single. but it's not real cheddar.

>> No.10377227

No true Scotsman: the post

>> No.10377229

Sorry you implied you were too fat to cut cheese into squares as well.

Nope. I said someone ELSE claimed it wasn't dyed then that dyed didn't mean plastic in the next post.

>> No.10377235

This is a very valid point, I'll give you that, but it's not quite accurate. Scotsmen do wear them. Pretty sure we get Scottish trannies and crossdressers too though. A Scotsman wearing a skirt doesn't make it a kilt. A kilt isn't a skirt. The skirt is a half-kilt that's primarily for tourists and assholes.

>> No.10377236

>Sorry you implied you were too fat to cut cheese into squares as well.
whether or not it is possible for anon to cut perfectly square slices of cheese, i think it is ludicrous to suggest that the slices in that video were handcut.

>I said someone ELSE claimed it wasn't dyed then that dyed didn't mean plastic in the next post.
but no one said dyed did mean plastic.

>> No.10377239

The kilt is a skirt. The full ensemble is the great kilt. There's no need for tears.
>Sorry you implied you were too fat to cut cheese into squares as well.
It takes a sub 100 IQ lowlander to summarise what I said as this

>> No.10377252

Yes he did, as quoted. I have no stake in some facebook meme video
Yea but it's not. Americans can't speak English, let alone understand it. See "Could care less" and "skirt" to mean "Half-kilt"

>> No.10377274

I liked the variety, but those dishes were prepared like shit

>> No.10377276

what the quote says is not what you think it says. sorry you can't read.

>> No.10377280

It explicitly states it is American "cheese" because it is perfectly sliced and dyed.

>> No.10377282

i just realised they cracked a raw egg into the ramen


>> No.10377288

it states that it is *recognisable* as american cheese because it is perfectly sliced and dyed, not that there is an inherent causal relationship between those two things you mong.

>> No.10377299

this video sucks

>> No.10377304

Good girl.

>> No.10377305

Nope. Not even a little. It explicitly states that it is ridiculous to imply it isn't American cheese for that reason.

>> No.10377307

my FUCKING god!

>> No.10377310

why did you emphasize that part?

>> No.10377315
File: 307 KB, 720x480, Carl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10377327

it is ridiculous to imply that. those features are highly recognisable as belonging to american cheese.

>> No.10377331

>Backtracking while still being a wrong fatty
Go back to your "European cheese expert" job amerilard.

>> No.10377338

I don't even know what you're arguing. I never watched the wemb, let along argued anything about the cheese there in.
You implied using annoto seed is a sign of a high class cheese. That makes you retarded.

>> No.10377353

Milk very high in beta carotene with no fat removed can make orange cheese.
That's why dyes are used in the first place.

>> No.10377361

it does not make orange cheese. it produces a yellower colour, not orange.
not backtracking. what you're doing is a very typical autistic retort. trying to argue about strict logical implication because you don't want to acknowledge a simple fact in front of your eyes.

>> No.10377365


You're a retard

>> No.10377371

you're a faggot
orange cheese was made to make fun of donald trump by liberal jews

>> No.10377376

>Shelburne Farms' clothbound cheddar has a bright yellow color
the article literally refers to a 'fraud which gave rise to bright orange cheese'. are you really this bad at reading

>> No.10377377

Autistic is getting defensive over a video we agree is shit when I made it incredibly clear what I was claiming, you are repeatedly changing your defense. You're also wrong, Orange cheese is a thing they use yellow dye to get rid of as much as the other way around.

>> No.10377380

there is no naturally orange cheese, and the cheese in that video is american, shitty, and dyed. thanks for playing

>> No.10377383

but how do they get out of there without breaking the eggs?

>> No.10377398

You're welcome, what's our prize for BTFOing you so hard?

>> No.10377407

you lost in the most cringey fucking fashion possible but it was fun while it lasted.

>> No.10377411

>Multiple BTFO's from multiple people
>Claims to be a "European cheese expert
>Calls other people cringe
This is my favourite Ameritard freak out ever

>> No.10377417

there was not a single btfo from anyone and it's cute how you think your side is 'multiple people' while my side is one person. no. several people can see the cheese in that webm for what it is: shitty, dyed, american faux-cheddar. if there are some retards who don't understand how natural pigments tend to work, i feel for them, but they certainly are not BTFOing anyone.

>> No.10377425

>Several people can see the cheese in that webm
Which is irrelevant to your hilariously btfo'd claim

>> No.10377426

which claim?

>> No.10377456

>wow a food video makes me racist

>> No.10377465


What the fuck is pretentious about that you cunt?

>> No.10377466
File: 28 KB, 442x509, 1512401607880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw im the original poster in regards to this cheese argument
>mfw some autistic failure has twisted my point so much that he thinks im calling all orange cheese american "cheese product"
>mfw hes even defending the obvious cheese product in the relevanr webm as being not-fake "cheddar cheese"

>> No.10377471


>> No.10377477

>wasting this much money
People that do shit like this need to be hanged.

>> No.10377536

I never liked to cheer on MattStonie because he just seemed like a DYEL manlet, but after a while, it became pretty clear he was the true GOAT of eating.

>> No.10377547

They're extremely easy to make.

>> No.10377565

Please die.

>> No.10377580

For you.

>> No.10377612

that is not fuckign döner kebab, fuck buzzfeed for being the reason american döner is such utter fucking overpriced shit.

>> No.10377616

For anybody. What, exactly, do you find difficult?

>> No.10377618

The disgusting, slimy looking Asians are usually corean.

>> No.10377619

Please try not to be retarded when you post here.

>> No.10377627

They're only used by fast-food chains that can't handle all the medical bills when their employees are too retarded to use knives properly.
I almost got fired from my first job years ago for not wearing one.

>> No.10377643

Post his penis.

>> No.10377646


>> No.10377648
File: 33 KB, 600x679, 1515942965091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10377654

8=D 1:1 size

>> No.10377656

>Milk contains beta-carotene, the same natural pigment that gives carrots their orange color. Pasture-fed cows produce milk with higher beta-carotene levels in the spring when their diet consists of fresh grass. As a result, their milk produces cheese with a deeper yellow color.

Not him but low quality cheese is dyed so you can't tell they made it worse. Being a naturally orange or yellow cheese indicates a higher quality

>> No.10377657

oh yeah?
why is grass green then?

>> No.10377658

no cheese is naturally orange. find me one. i'll wait

>> No.10377674

Yellow is close enough.

>> No.10377675

These people can vote

>> No.10377676


>> No.10377679


>> No.10377685

i rest my case. this whole argument has been so fucking retarded

>> No.10377699


>> No.10377743

What... Was that?

>> No.10377757



I should have stopped watching there.

>> No.10377821
File: 465 KB, 656x846, 1516165100548.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please end our suffering Kim.

>> No.10377887

>Jack Daniels
gtfo with that shit

>> No.10377888

Someone should really mention how fucking racist they are for making these assumptions with zero effort or research. Literally based on stereotypes.

>> No.10377894


>> No.10377907

>oh no that looks unhealthy
>better post some pasty white dudes singing about how boring they are

Fuck your shit, video related

>> No.10377931

You're both faggots and we're all going to die eventually.

>> No.10377963

You gaylords are alright. Don't go to work (McDonalds) tomorrow.

>> No.10377979

Good for her. I'd like to shake her hand.

And also to have sex with her.

>> No.10377997

I think we would get along nicely :^)

>> No.10378127

our guy is Chef John

>> No.10378136


>> No.10378145

Looks like a fairly accurate review of Jack. I don't see the problem here

>> No.10378163
File: 78 KB, 720x397, fire attack JUST.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>eww pink slime yucky!!!
Why are vegans such retarded children? All your plants are literally grown in shit btw.

>> No.10378175

Also I fucking hate the "drunk food" meme.

>> No.10378186

>muh pol bogeyman
lmao @ being this triggered, dumb libcuck.

>> No.10378195
File: 98 KB, 600x400, bolinho de aipim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

brazilian here, they've got it wrong
acaraje is specific to one region of brazil (the northeast), the far you get from northeast, the hard it is to find a place to eat acaraje
our drunk food would be probably pic related bolinho de aipim (manioc dough + dried meat or minced meat) or coxinha (potato dough + shredded chicken)

>> No.10378273

It’s not a pro-vegan video. It’s just some clickbaity ‘look how gross all the food you eat is’ list article in video form

>> No.10378287

>Adam Mark Smith
Also he had to adopt kids. Dude quickly fucked his life up because he was a dick.

>> No.10378322

how does he do that without breaking the egg

>> No.10378328

i used to work in a BWWs and they try to force you to wear these things. they are damn near useless, enforce very dangerous habits (while not wearing them), and make your hands super clammy. i would deliberately hide, lose or throw the gloves away. waste of money and effort by the company.

>> No.10378332

the irish drink more beer

>> No.10378338

this would be great after drinking liquor

>> No.10378346

i've seen this band live at least 3 times.

yes, they played this song every time.

>> No.10378350

>people buy fake honey
>not honey from local beekeepers
you deserve to get cancer from your shina imported shit if you're that stupid

>> No.10378351


>> No.10378355

how does he get out without breaking the eggs

>> No.10378378

>thinks they were unsorted at some point, resorted, and then put into the machine to be shuffled again


>> No.10378380

there's literally nothing wrong with anything in this video

>> No.10378384

except the honey thing, assuming you actually want honey and not sugar syrup
but just buy real honey from a beekeeper and you're good

>> No.10378387
File: 2.86 MB, 640x642, 1521365342385.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10378434

they're called Mediterraneans
don't worry, you'll never be as happy as they are

>> No.10378448

>meat trimmings
And this is supposed to be bad? I didn't realize hotdogs can be such a balanced meal.

>> No.10378476

it's still against shariah and therefore illegal in Iran, faggot

>> No.10378493

>hurr guys i don't know what employer-granted stock options are
kill yourself

>> No.10378494


That looks good. I'll need to do those rolls as well again.

>> No.10378595

who the fuck gets sniffed up and thinks about food? nigga should off himself right quick

>> No.10378783

>Septum piercing

These fucking liberal cunts really all look the same.

>> No.10379066

>Later, on 4chan
"So I ran into this dumb SJW feminazi wage cuck, I played an innocent prank on her and she called me a fucking white male and threw boiling coffee all over me. I calmly pointed out that she got her job over a qualified man because her manager was jewish. She was struck dumb by my intellegence, luckily I'm 6'7" and we fucked all night after that..."

>> No.10379163

Had one of these in Firenze fucking years ago when hammered! I tasted so fucking good. Thanks Anon

>> No.10379178

>Chips, onion, aoli and cheese sauce
The fuck? Literally never heard of that in my life. Cheesy chips sometimes but that is just shredded cheddar on chips w/ vinegar and its not that common. Brits eat two things when shitfaced, Doner kebabs and Pot noodles

>> No.10379296

this is fucking shit. You usually go to kebab here is spain because its the only shit open at 5 am unless you live in the mediterranean coast.

>> No.10379397


>> No.10379561

>newfags confusing 4chan lingo with low-effort "le nigger faggot eks dee" posts

>> No.10379769


>Asian food

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