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Have you ever dropped your food? Tell me about it.

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>drop chili dog
>covered in hair and nasty shit from carpet

Meh, I washed it off and ate it

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I dropped a pizza once

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I dropped an entire frozen pizza, cheese side down on a dirty tile floor. I was drunk and unwilling to make something else, so I scraped it up with the cardboard circle it came with and ate it.

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>put fork in food on plate or bowl
>move hand
>pic related

you all are some nasty fuckers

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My rule: if it falls on the ground and still has to go in the pan, it’s good. If it falls and has been cooked already, it’s trash.

I’m not a very hygienic man

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I've dropped knives, expensive ones. I also once dropped an entire hotel pan of food, someone bumped me and WHOOP down it went and I got some pretty bad burns as a result. It was like a soup but I forget exactly what it was.

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dropped a bottle of honey and it broke.

it makes me sad even now

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The only time I ever yelled at my gf is when she dropped a cheesecake

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honestly only thing I've really dropped in the past decade is toasted bagels and yes they always land butter side down

if I drop a french fry on the carpet though I'll usually blow off the pubes and still eat it

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>be me many years ago
>probably like 10
>fat little 10 year old goes to the kitchen at night
and makes some farfalle alfredo
>excited as fuck, this is my favorite meal
>i had fucking nailed it too
>absolutely delicious
>walking out of the kitchen with my big ass bowl of pasta
>parmesan and parsley on top, looking fantastic
>golly gee i'm excited
>grab empty pasta box to throw away
>put my foot on the pedal to open the trash can
>fuck it up
>big glass bowl of delicious pasta lands on the floor and scatters


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I once fried some slices of ham with some feta cheese. Improvised dorm meal. While sitting down I accidentally shoved the plate off the edge of the table and it hit the 70s linoleum print floor and shattered. I spent the next 30 minutes hunched over in my office floor picking up spam pieces with a fork out of the shards.

The particulate and dust crunched between my teeth. I later vomited it all in the sink.

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my mom dropped a 20+ year old bottle of Madeira she'd bought 20+ years ago in a no-longer-existing wine merchant's on the island of Madeira and had been saving for one of us to get married or something, and had to call me to dispose of the wreckage because she was crying too hard to see the glass shards on the floor.
that wasn't a very fun day

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Big tuff scary Alfa male

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how much was it worth?

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Fucking pussies, I think it's nasty but I have to it eat it because I am poor as fuck. The struggle is real.

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Of course not.

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I dropped my thing of mac n cheese getting it out of the oven a few days ago. I still haven't bothered to clean it up.

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