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Have you ever had tapeworm or a similar type of digestive parasite?

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no, can't say i've ever tried, what do they taste like?

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I heard models ingest tapeworms to stay thin. Big if true.

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Big if true indeed

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more like thin if true

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I had a tapeworm(s) once. I was part of a team developing a breed of corn tolerant to high altitudes, and our test area was in a mountainous region of southwest Brazil. I had been there for several months when I noticed I was losing weight. At first I chucked it up to being in a foreign country, but I began to grow weak and lose energy. I went from 190lbs to 155 in the course of maybe 10 weeks. At this time I had constant muscle cramps, my hair was falling out, and I was racked with anxiety that I had cancer. I was sent home and as soon as my doctor saw me he ordered a battery of tests and prescribed me about a half dozen pills. One of these was for the treatment of intestinal parasites. The morning after taking it I go to take a shit, and I shit out 3 feet of silky white worm. The fun part was the worm was much longer than 3 feet, so I had to pull the remaining 8 feet or so out by hand. I could feel it move inside me as I tugged, and it was as horrible as it sounds. There were also a bunch of little white ones that looked like mini spaghetti noodles. To this day I have no idea what I ate that caused all this.
tl;dr- Never go to Brazil.

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>I shit out 3 feet of silky white worm. The fun part was the worm was much longer than 3 feet, so I had to pull the remaining 8 feet or so out by hand.
w e w

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Did you just flush that sucker down the toidy?

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when I did my military service, we had to go to some war games facility in the woods, and the lieutenant or captain then said to us 'one of you has got a tapeworm because we found some tapeworm segments in the toilets' but it wasn't me

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they checked the shit in the latrines for tapeworm segments?

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Is it worth it to give myself tapeworms on purpose so I can eat like a pig every day without getting fat?

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There was a news report about two teenage fat cows doing that a couple of years ago where I live. They had to be hospitalised.

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They probably just assumed what they saw. Officers are just as retarded as the enlisted types. Trust me.

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haha weak looser
I have always lived in Brazil and never been even sick or had shit like that

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t. tapeworm

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I feel deeply uncomfortable right now.

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did you fry the worms afterwards?

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You can actually do that. Just make sure you don't get a parasite that infest your other organs or brain.

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t. tapeworm

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congratulations on copypasta, you just made an everlasting one.

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The way I used to live, I am probably teeming with parasites. Hasn't gone noticed by myself or physicians thus far though.

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>tl;dr- Never go to Brazil.
Way ahead of you.

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I assume you’re retarded because you don’t know the difference between a captain and a lieutenant.

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i guess in the late 1800's or so you could just order the dried heads from a catalog and swallow them to stay thin

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